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  • Andreagrete2305

    Ved brug af denne introduction forbundet med web køb, er der i dag rigtig mange ting, der kan gøres via nettet.De mest kendte smykkefirmaer fra diverse lande har online foretning med kunder verden over. De mest kendte virksomheder på nettet promovere smykker såsom sølv øreringe , ringe, halskæde osv..på internettet. Det gør det lettere for den enkelte person, der ønsker at købe lidt smykker til enhver lejlighed samt dele med dem med andre der ikke har tid til at besøge de fysiske smykke butikker samt udvælge et par fine ting.

    Nu til dags er det blevet mere almindeligt at købe smykker på internettet. For det første kan det spare dig en masse tid. Du behøver blot at gå på nettet og søge på få hjemmesider under søgeordet smykker. Her får du ad…

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    May 27, 2017 by INSERTUSERNAMEHERE88


    Epithet ???
    Alignment ???
    Race ???
    Laterality ???
    Gender ???
    Age ???
    Birthday ???
    Blood Type ???
    Personal Data
    Birthplace ???
    Affiliation ???
    Occupation ???
    Base of Operations ???
    Family ???
    Favorite Food ???
    Hair Color ???
    Eye Color ???
    Height ???
    Weight ???
    Power Keep it brief
    Hobbies ???
    Forte in sports ???
    Weapon ???
    Fighting style ???

    Insert Character's name here

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  • CaiCai12


    May 27, 2017 by CaiCai12

    Wikia just turned from Fandom to FANDOM.


    See this for example: Help:FANDOM

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  • PureMaiden

    Trying Hard

    May 27, 2017 by PureMaiden

    Hi Guys! I really plan on trying hard. I am still hesitant whether I should make a facebook page for all recommendations I have for you guys, whether it be manga or anime. But since I am still adjusting to the blogger lifestyle I decided to put it on hold for a little while since I have a facebook page going onn right now. Although I will try my absolute best to do it. It may not be much but I also plan to insert some out-of-topic tips there too. In any case, I will still keep doing my best so that I can get the support of you readers. Have a nice day!

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  • WiseGirl209

    Im new here...

    May 27, 2017 by WiseGirl209

    How is everyone today? I'm a stranger to this site but That doen't matter, does it? i'll figure it out sooner or later. . .


    LOL, Jk, im so lonely D;

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  • TheNinja811

    Hi, I've noticed that recently, whenever the try to visit a wiki I've created like the, they all seem to be broken. They just show links. Please help, thanks.

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  • Gatto3Luciana

    Hola a todos les cuento que habrá una gran sorpresa en #GatoenConcierto

    no se lo pierdan y no olviden adquirir el nuevo disco :)😀

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  • Linus Spacehead

    Hello, Fandomers and Gamers alike!

    I am Linus Spacehead, founder of the Days Gone Wiki, I founded the wiki on the 14th of June 2016, mere minutes after its reveal at E3. The wiki has risen from humble beginnings with users coming and going all the time, sadly, there are only two active editors on the wiki at this current time, myself and The Demon In Me. That's where you come in...

    About Days Gone

    Days Gone is an upcoming open world horror survival game set in the Pacific Northwestern region of America, developed by SIE Bend Studio for the PlayStation 4. The game was announced at E3 2016 and will likely be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2017.

    Players control Deacon St. John, a drifter, and former bounty hounter who would rather live a …

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  • Yuma10000

    I heard Justin bieber's fans might kidnapped him and so he won't make to his two concerts. Those fans might still protect him against terror attack.

    I know this a faked rumors!

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  • Michinelle Uzamaki

    Life hacks

    May 26, 2017 by Michinelle Uzamaki

    Rub deodorant it you get blisters from your shoes To get ink off clothes use milk Use coke to get rid off rust

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  • DareVibez

    Call Of Duty WW2

    May 25, 2017 by DareVibez

    We all love call of duty and of course we were all excited when we heard about the release of the trailer COD WW2, it was an amazing look especially that little sneak peak of a gameplay and on top of that a TEASE of the new multiplayer. Out of everything shown there we did not see any tease of Zombies, we all are a fan of zombies we did see a tease later on days later though. The face of a nazi zombie, i mean the way it was created a sight worth seeing it was pretty creepy and graphics were amazing that is what im talking about this is what we are mostly waiting for we hope the trailer of zombies will be released soon. A video ive seen where they speak to the creaters of COD Sledgehammer one fan in the audience sees the nazi zombie photo b…

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  • Lennon82

    Dear, little journal thingy Iggy got me. Iggy told be take take this with me. I'm walking in Dry Bones Park. Wow. A portal just opened a little guy that looks like me. Blue shell, 4 spikes, orange skin, and red belly. He said Laja. I will call him Laja. I feed him well I'm concerned about him I'm not even capaturing Peach! Now he can speak. I asked him if he wants his own castle. He said no I want to be with you so we may grow together I was amazed.

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  • Evanfox


    May 25, 2017 by Evanfox

    my life is playing video games after school i love marvel comics i play roblox more than ever now i have friendz on here and on roblox animal jam poptropica and minecraft. i live to watch movies and watch gamplays of any game it makes me wounder. i like foxs and creepers from minecraft.

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  • Evanfox


    May 25, 2017 by Evanfox

    i have too names on roblox one is yellowfox6 and the other is fox668. if u want to help me out ill buddy u but, my name is evan as on my profile im a gamer i have a pitbull named princess. i have a wii a playstation 1&2 and a XBOX. my favorite animal is a fox.

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  • Carlened83

    Math is a part of everyday life.  Every minute we are approached by problems which need solutions.  Math comes in handy there.  However, the way in which Math is taught is very crucial.  This will make or break the students interest in the subject.  So we as educators need to explore different ways to enhance the teaching/learning experience.  

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  • PyroNacht

    What A Leader Is

    May 24, 2017 by PyroNacht

    Hi guys! Today, I wanted to go over a topic I have written multiple blogs as a semi-link to, but for the sake of generalization, I decided I would provoke the discussion of leadership as whole. I realize I have gone into some topics, such as bonding as a community and the difference between leaders and admins, but why not cover the whole umbrella pertaining to them?

    I have been in several Fandom communities throughout my 5 years, and there are some Wikis that are genuinely ruled with an iron fist by a sole admin. When I mention these Wikis, I'm not referring to the ones with clear policies and a badmin- I'm referring to the Wikis with one person taking full charge and ruling everything; not counting others' opinions. In my eyes, that is not…

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  • Rappy 4187

    Here are the latest technical updates on Fandom. Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Tuesday and Thursday - today's notes are for tomorrow's site update. Also note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights.

    Recent mobile app updates are listed on Apps Technical Updates, and detailed site CSS-related updates can be found at

    • While today is a quiet release in terms of user-facing updates, improvements are always being made on the backend - for example, this release will include performance-related tweaks to several queries that can help avoid spikes in server load.

    Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below. And if you have additional bugs to report, please …

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  • Thestoryofmylife1102

    Monday (ENTRY 1 part 1) In this facebool account, im going to be posting bits about my life everyday, hope ur interested, read along. Get to know my life, how it always has it's ups and downs. How life may not seem how you imagined when you were a kid. Here goes my story. Hope you like it......

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  • Joker lover


    May 24, 2017 by Joker lover

    everyone please follow me and i will asure you closer about joker

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  • Chatnoirfan04


    May 24, 2017 by Chatnoirfan04

    In my opinion, everyone kinda puts the flawless halves of Adrien and ladybug on pedestals. Marinette and chat noir show the perfections as flaws. Each of the two sides of the super heroes both have their own ego, their own theme, and their own hidden flaws. If we look at sweet clumsy Marinette for example. She has flaws that everyone can see, although her alter ego has the same flaws, she doesn't show them.

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  • EkanoL


    May 24, 2017 by EkanoL

    Hello! I am Ekano, a wannabe Physicist who has been studying hard. I do hope to be good with helping character tiering. Please, leave advice if you want.

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  • Ekano


    May 24, 2017 by Ekano


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  • JoltWeedXD

    Globox is a Busy Boy, he did it with his wife half a million times and has like 100000 children, hes a big blue frog who cheats on all his wives, many call him a Satellite Dish Mouth Twat. he says its respectful, he likes it, hes a Busy Boy, he must be rich people say, he has too many children, he pulls broccoli out his mouth and says "HERES THE BROCCOLI I ATE EARLIER" then his friend looks at him and says theres no shame in being scared, so he goes he hue he hue he hue heh!, then he dies 

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  • Rayhanul1011
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  • Sonicveemon2000

    Sonicveemon1000 is the leader of the team and a less kind half digimon who always draw in his imagination in his digital dimension and he will fight against the evil nemisis named cinos his backwards twin!!!!!So go to all of his teamates to joinn the team.

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  • BlunderDip52

    I've been a member of the Steven Universe Wiki since March 30, 2017, but I've been a member of Community Central since April 13th. So...hello, everybody here!

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  • Serafina Shore

    This is my Greek Mythology blog! Look here for reference on: Greek myths, Legends, their gods.

    • Zeus: sky god, king of the gods
    • Poseidon: Zeus's brother, sea god
    • Hades: Brother of Zeus, Poseidon, god of the Underworld
    • Hera: Wife of Zeus, goddess of marriage, motherhood, and family
    • Athena: goddess of war and wisdom, virgin goddess
    • Artemis: daughter of Zeus and Leto, goddess of maidens, childbirth, hunting, the moon, archery, virgin goddess
    • Apollo: twin brother of Artemis, god of the sun, poetry, healing, plague, archery, light, warmth, music, more
    • Aphrodite: goddess of love, and beauty
    • Ares: god of war, son of Zeus and Hera
    • Hestia: goddess of the hearth and family, virgin goddess
    • Dionysus: god of wine, theatre, partying
    • Hermes: god of theives, travelers…
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  • Clairechu03

    I just have a few questions.

    1) Does San actually like Milo as a lover or is it just one of the emtionas input by Maddie Ahn or the chips that Chacha ordered Zavi to put into San?

    2) Will Crimson Vine make another appearance later in the story? Or is she completely destroyed by Nano?

    3) Who actually is Sue (Paul Lee's daughter/Milo's classmate)? I think it was revealed that she was tied to Maddie Ahn's company.

    I would really appreciate it if someone gave me one or more answers to these questions.

    Thank you.

    Clairechu03 (talk) 03:13, May 23, 2017 (UTC)Claire

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  • Scoop21

    Big Brother Wiki

    May 23, 2017 by Scoop21

    Hello, everyone! I'm Scoop21 of the Big Brother Wiki. Today I would like to inform you about a great wiki community that doesn't get the attention it should.

    Big Brother is a reality competition show that puts a group of housemates (or houseguest) in a house for a predetermined amount of days in order to evict their fellow contestants in order to win a cash fund. Now when it first premiered, it was just simply a social experiment, but nowadays it is a fight for glory with strategic plays and moves.

    Currently, there are over 54 different versions of the show based in various countries and regions. So there is a high possibility that there may be a version in your country/region that you watch or hear about. If you would like to help us all out…

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  • Addemup9001

    Hello everyone,

    I am here to tell you about an old wiki that I am reviving, called When Worlds Collide. I guess you could call it a collabrative fanfiction in which every fictional universe crosses over. The wiki has more information on the story, of course.

    As of this blog post, it has 16 pages, most of which were made and edited by me. Most of those pages are stubs, and I am calling anybody else who is interested to help fill them out.

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  • Writer Kanisha

    Writer's blog

    May 22, 2017 by Writer Kanisha

    Here's the story, i'm a writer, how has been writing since the 6th grade, so far I have written spiderman, mlp, spongebob, fairly oddparents, phineas and ferb, once upon a time, glitter force, wander over yonder, and many others.

    Tv: once upon a time,Batman the animated series, atomic betty, most of the characters from nicktoons

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  • Brandon Rhea

    In March we tested a brand new design for the page and article headers, the area of wiki pages that includes wiki navigation and important article actions like the Edit button. The test involved targeting users with the new and old designs to see how each one impacted traffic and how visitors use the site. Before the test started, we hadn't updated the header area since 2011. It looked out of date, lacked a modern feel, and left a lot to be desired.

    We're happy to say that the test was a huge success and we're releasing the new headers on all FANDOM wikis during the week of June 12th!

    Community feedback was very positive, and so was the data we collected. The community response was so positive that we kept the test headers up even after we h…

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    Here are the latest technical updates on Fandom. Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Tuesday and Thursday - today's notes are for tomorrow's site update. Also note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights.

    • Recently, we fixed an issue that prevented the 'GoogleDocs4MW' feature (which allows you to embed Google Spreadsheets) from working.

    Recent mobile app updates are listed on Apps Technical Updates, and detailed site CSS-related updates can be found at

    • We are currently rolling out a significant update to the iOS apps which adds Discussions notifications, among other tweaks. See Apps Technical Updates for more info.
    • We will increase the number of available result…

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  • RamsNotes31

    RamsNotes 31

    May 22, 2017 by RamsNotes31

    Hello iam RamsNotes 31 Iam Just newbie

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  • Ren ryuuguu


    May 22, 2017 by Ren ryuuguu

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  • PyroNacht

    The Wikian Compass

    May 21, 2017 by PyroNacht

    Hi guys! Today, I wanted to go over a less "concrete" subject for this blog. I will be discussing the moralities of a Wikian, essentially the moral compass. Most of this blog will be surrounding community interactions, as well as my personal experiences.

    A moral compass is a tool that everybody on this planet possesses. Some people tend to utilize the darker side of their moral compass, which emphasizes their desire to cause havoc or inflict trouble upon others. Many of the individuals I tend to encounter, however, desire peace for their communities, but they go about some situations in a regard that can be deemed troublesome. These are the people I wish to reach out to, today, because not all actions show everything, nor do all words expos…

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  • Pandypaws800

            If you did not know this is an art blog! I will be drawing from books. I enjoy adventure books, but if you enjoy Fantasy, or Realistic Fiction I will draw you a picture from that book.

              Percy Jackson , Divergent, Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games, and my favorite comment.

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  • JakeGotHacked ROBLOX

    JakeGotHacked ROBLOX

    Is back on his old account personally he is not hacked

    for the rest account name JakeLovesMacaroniandCheese ROBLOX

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  • QuinthecodbeastRBX

    I have been trying to get my rank, wikia contributor, in Treelands, wish me luck.

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  • TheGirlWonder13

    Hi there guys

    May 21, 2017 by TheGirlWonder13

    Hola amigos yo soy nevo

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  • Charles12310

    Hello! I am Charles, back again with another wiki project I would like to share with you!

    Ever since then, I have been a very, very LARGE fan of cars. I liked everything from luxury to sports cars. This has inspired me to make the Ford Motor Company Wiki, a wiki about one of the vehicle manufacturers: Ford.

    I originally wanted to make a wiki about all of the vehicles in the world, until I found out about Autopedia. They have over 11,000 pages of cars and creators. However, upon inspecting many of the pages, it seems like it has been...a bit incomplete. Some articles do not even show the latest models of vehicles! I do not wish to adopt it however, for I do not know the users there. Neither have I ever edited there. The only wiki I have adopted…

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  • Cartoon network character creator
    She is shy, nervous, scary, easy to deceive, peaceful, patient, when they make her angry she becomes a demon, traumatized, half cold, she feels much love for her three sisters and for her planet dungen gunden Read more >
  • Cartoon network character creator

    Brightfire (korouzt'r) is my own character that comes out in the episode "the neurotic" in which the titans along with blackfire travel to the planet of bright fire "dungen gunden" that they are going to fight to the alien destroyer that is able to destroy Whole planets (also a character that I invented) in this episode brightfire does not fight thieves, villains and criminals instead of fighting them sends the guards, she does not fight with the villains because she still does not know how to use her powers, starfire and blackfire Help Brightfire to know how to use their powers to fight the destroyer (not the full potential) titans, blackfire and brightfire Defeated the destroyer.brightfire explains to the titans and blackfire because she…

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  • Kid Danger (Henry Danger)

    I want to be unblock from Chat okay & I am gonna only use one account & that Kid Danger (Henry Danger) & i am gonna Disable all of my other Accounts & i am never gonna make another Account again.

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  • Zeeshan Maqsood

    Taking Tom

    May 19, 2017 by Zeeshan Maqsood

    You may the songs create to taking Tom you are go to the taking Tom 2 and create your video.

                                                     With best wishes.


    More details clik

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  • Areallysnazzyperson

    sup sup kiddos im a canada msp forumer ;) and i just joined. noone will probably see this but whatever. just a small town girl obsessed with the 60s and 20s!!1!

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  • Minato826

    India Wiki

    May 19, 2017 by Minato826

    Link : India Wiki

    Hello Wikians / Fandom users

    Here i am promoting India Wiki, It has been recently adopted by User:Clash.Bikash.

    About wiki

    India, a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal on the southeast.

    Wiki as the name says its about India, Country , Wiki is set be a directory of things that are interesting about India namely Interesting places, things happening in India, India has a weather pattern which is helpful for travelling any time in a year, you'll see more people helpful and always reliable wh…

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  • PyroNacht

    Hi guys! Tonight, I wanted to go over a topic I haven't really discussed, as it isn't typically my area of expertise. However, there's been a couple of things lately that I've been immensely thinking about, and so I figured I would go over those ideas, and they are about the difference between a leader and an admin.

    I know I already touched on what makes a good admin in a previous blog post, but I wanted to reiterate for the sake of this post. Essentially, an administrator of a Wiki is an individual who has received rights to block and promote users, amongst other things. They are known to participate in vandalism clean-up, as well as nurturing the Wiki growth.

    Truth be told, I do not believe all administrators to be leaders. The reason why …

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  • KittiKita

    Steven Universe - Stuck together 

    My opinion of "Stuck Together" was a good impression. I hope that the rest of season 5 is this good. But honestly, Its really just to early on to say if it will be good. but i am definitly hoping that the steven bomb that is very close, is as good as "Stuck Together"

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  • PyroNacht

    Hi guys! Today, I wanted to go over a subject that might be deemed controversial, primarily because as many of you know, chat is my specialty and typical blog focus. However, I feel as if this blog needs to be written because mini-modding has become a major issue lately.

    Mini-modding is a term you will see me use rarely, for a simple reason: I find it downright offensive when it's used out of context. I've been called a mini-mod simply for stating an opinion that happens to match that of most moderators, for example. However, what is mini-modding actually? Mini-modding is where you are constantly taking the opportunity to be a moderator- when you have no jurisdiction to do so.

    I get it. Some people here tend to feel rather entitled to take o…

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