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  • Makeathing

    Starter culture

    January 20, 2017 by Makeathing

    A multi-disciplinary game in which a piece of creative work forms the beginning of a chain of artworks by individuals working in any medium or genre.

    1.     You receive a ‘creative product’ (either physically or through access to it on the blog) and access to the blog.

    2.     You make a ‘thing’ in response to any of the blog posts

    3.     You add your ‘thing’ to the blog (or send pictures to the blog admin)

    4.     You pass your ‘thing’ or a link to it to your chosen successor


    Any medium, genre, discipline or style is equally welcome: music, words, visual art, sculpture, soundscape etc., whatever you’re comfortable in.  The only stipulation is that it needs to go into the blog.

    The rules

    The rules are similar to brainstorming;

    ·       No negativity

    ·     …

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  • Judith15M

    Ámbitos de validez LGE

    January 20, 2017 by Judith15M


    La jerarquia de las normas juridicas en México se fundamenta en la Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos  de 1917, está por encima de cualquier otra ley (federales, estatales y municipales). Cualquier disposicion en materia educativa deberá estar subordinada por la Ley Generela de Educación. 

    Regula la educación que imparten el Estado-Federación, entidades federativas y municipios. 

    Validez temporal Validez personal Validez espacial Valides material
    • Terminacion total de la vifencia. (Abrogar)
    • Terminacion parcial de la vigencia. (Derogar) 
    - Expresa y tácita. 

    Responde ¿Que, quienes? va dirigida o tienen derechos y obligaciones. 

    • Educando/Alumno
    • Educador
    • Autoridades
    • Escuelas e instituciones
    • Padres de familia
    • De las pe…

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  • Mal Bertha

    New Elnella Wiki

    January 19, 2017 by Mal Bertha

    Hi guys. I am Mal Bertha and I made an Elnella Wiki. It is a wiki about the love team of ABS-CBN Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona. Whomever wants to edit in this wiki, please join me. Click here to go to the site.

    Mal Bertha (talk) 17:46, January 19, 2017 (UTC)

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  • 18vervainxena

    Year 2014, The Vampire Diaries Season aired on the Philippines and I was hooked with the story plot and twists. I'm an incoming Grade 9 student and it had been a great conflict with the timeslots because my class starts at 6 in the morning. As it ended in the middle of August, it became a habit to insist on the channel of our local network to air The Vampire Diaries Season 2, and it did. By December 2016, the show got up and dubbed on our local language. I was also following the characters especially the love triangle team, Stefan, Damon and Elena. I wish the continuous seasons are about to be aired too! 

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  • DerpsCat

    Fandom: What I Been Doing

    January 19, 2017 by DerpsCat

    Back a long, time ago, I created a Fandom Account!

    And on that day, something evil, dark, and terrible rised from the depths of the earth. A vandaliser appeard and wrecked every page of this wiki he found. It was a terrible fate, and he was banned across the entire Fandom Network, to only recently come back.

    Of course, sadly, that was me. But when I came back I was gentle and kind, like a fluffy kawaii rabbit. I came back to help my favorite wiki's, meet friends and more. And on that day came a question to you all, what have you decided to change for 2017?

    Thanks for reading, and Best of Luck, - Derps.

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  • Adam Carey
    Adam Carey is the Vice President of Revenue Strategy at Fandom powered by Wikia. Do you have any questions or feedback for him about how we've been cleaning up advertisements so far? Read this blog (Part 2 of 3) and then leave a comment!

    Earlier this week, we started a conversation with you about how ads work on Fandom. I think the message was pretty clear: we know, like you do, that ads on the site could perform a lot better. There's too many of them, and that can clutter the page and even cause site performance issues. One of the ad types we introduced you to was programmatic ads, which represent the most common form of ads on the web.

    How we've cleaned up programmatic ads so far is the focus of today's blog, and, on Friday, we'll talk more…

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  • Rappy 4187

    Here are the latest technical updates on Fandom. Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Tuesday and Thursday - today's notes are for tomorrow's site update. Also note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights.

    • We will fix an issue where pressing the 'Escape' key in the Monobook editor could cause the edit area to be blanked.
    • We recently fixed an issue where page names ending in '?' did not load correctly when linked in Discussions.
    • We recently fixed an issue where portable infobox images were not being resized correctly. If you still see this problem on any articles, a quick edit should get them back to normal - otherwise, they will fix themselves as article caches update in the next few …

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  • Shaddick

    Feel free to post your comments, like, suggestions... or whatever u want Shaddick to know

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  • Аделина 55


    История случилась с бывшей женой и ее отцом. Отдыхали они летом на даче. Она тогда еще девчонкой была. А дача - не дача даже - а домик однокомнатный с верандой. В Подмосковье. Так вот. 

    Собралась жена бывшая (в те годы девочка-подросток) с девчонками и мальчишками истории страшные травить. Ну и всплыла история кладбища, где якобы всякое творилось. Подбадривая друг друга, решили сходить к кладбищу. Ну такая бравада подростковая: "А нам не страшно". Сказано - сделано. Подробно не буду описывать, суть в том, что когда шли по леску, что прилегал к кладбищу (дело вечером было, но не стемнело еще), позади них резко горн затрубил, отчего они перепугались и рванули обратно в деревню. Но вовсе суть не в этом. 

    Естественно, бежали они бы…

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  • WMegamisama


    January 18, 2017 by WMegamisama

    Hi I'm WMegami ^_^

    Today I created my own Wiki for DaN project. I think it will be v useful for me in future.

    Thank you Wiki.





    Wiki ありがとう!


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  • Florian Schartner

    Quadratische Pyramide Skizze:


    a = Seitenlänge der Grundfläche

    h = Körperhöhe

    ha = Seitenflächenhöhe

    s = Außenkante

    Eigenschaften der quadratischen Pyramide:

    Eine quadratische Pyramide ist ein Körper mit ganz besonderen Eigenschaften.

    Sie hat eine quadratische Grundfläche und eine Spitze oben.

    Die Höhe der Pyramide ist die Strecke zwischen dem Mittelpunkt der Grundfläche und der Spitze.

    Die Grundfläche ist ein Quadrat.

    Die Mantelfläche besteht aus 4 deckungsgleichen Dreiecken.

    Eine Pyramide mit quadratischer Grundfläche hat 5 Ecken, 8 Kanten und 5 Flächen.

    Formeln der quadratischen Pyramide:

    Oberfläche: O = (a*a) + M oder O = a² + a * ha * 2

    Volumen: V = (a*a) * h : 3 oder V = a² * h : 3

    Mantel: M = a * ha * 2

    Pythagoras der quadratischen Pyr…

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  • Wiz22001


    January 18, 2017 by Wiz22001

    Парил легко под облаками Изгнанник Рая высших сфер, Плыла земля материками, Искал приюта Люцифер. Летел к Земле, не зная, кем он Без Света станет и Тепла, Любимец Бога, ныне Демон, В полёте сжёг свои крыла.

    Пронзил стрелою твердь земную, В горах тем вызвав камнепад, И в сущность он ушёл иную, Создав свой мир с названьем Ад. Бог не забыл своё созданье, И не был с Люцифером мил – К нему был послан с наказаньем Архангел светлый Михаил.

    Изгнаньем Демон утомлённый С послом не в силах совладать, И Михаилом побеждённый, В оковах обречён страдать. Тяжки рубиновые цепи На протяженье сотен лет – Но Ад – не прерии иль степи, Не видел Демон солнца свет.

    Остановилось время в Аде, Не слышно щёлканья минут, И меркнет память об усладе – Его к Престолу не вернут, Тускнеет облик перво…

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  • TheLunar2

    Don't Miss It!

    January 18, 2017 by TheLunar2

    Don't Miss Japan Main Wrestling's Wrestlfest 10 Featuring Styles, Kevin Steen and Will Ospreay.

    Match Stipulations
    Tyler Oaisis vs Brian Cage vs Orlando Jordon vs R2-9 (c) Fatal-4-way for Grand championship
    El Genrico vs V-X Singles Match
    Rodrick Strong vs Brian Kendrick Singles Match
    Prince Demon vs Juno Morrison vs Young Hardy Singles match for Grand Title Shot
    Phenomenal Omega (Styles and Kingston Omega) vs Geniesis Scotch (Adam Scotch and Nigel Geniesis) Tag Team match for JMW Tag Team Championship
    Kevin Steem vs Kota Bushi No Rules Match
    Tyler Black vs Shinsuke Nakamura Winner gets to choose between JMW 7 Conteinents Champion Ship or International Championship
    Matt Sydal vs Liger Singles Match
    Yui-Yui vs Allysin Kay (c) Ladder Match for JMW Wom…

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  • Djdiversion

    mi mundo

    January 17, 2017 by Djdiversion

    mi mundo 

    mi nombre es irene y tengo diesiseis y no soy person b@d solo no me conocen porke 

    si me conociern sbrin ke soy muy buen person y soy moroso ,confible y tmbien tengo 

    sentimientos igul ustedes y no me gust ke me dign ke soy b@d person y igul loskiero

    porke son como mi segund2 femely y unke me dign coss fes los voy kerer siempre

    (tr@t@ @ otros como kieres ke te tr@ten)


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  • Miraculous4life


    January 17, 2017 by Miraculous4life

    Hi you guys!!! I talk anbout the best show eva Miraculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be posting every Saturday!! Follow me please and like all my Miraculous deeds!!!!

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  • Ilovepie1011

    Bob Evans

    January 17, 2017 by Ilovepie1011

    I went to Bob Evans today and I went to get my blood work I was over due on it it was ok though it didn't hurt really oh well if you any questions for me or any ideas for my next blog just comment and ask me questions or tell me what I should do for my next blog later bye.

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  • Ilovepie1011


    January 17, 2017 by Ilovepie1011

    All Macy's will  be shutdown soon I don't really  know why  I just heard about a few  weeks  ago and wanted  to post about it comment  down  below with  with  any questions about this blog or the other one. bye

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  • Ilovepie1011

    This is carliy and your watching teen  hot  wire I am pretty  sure  that  you guys  have all heard  of  the Disney  channel show girl  meets  world girl meets world has been cancelled Rowan  Blanchard the girl who  plays  as Riley Mathews says  that the  show has impacted her life and that it has helped her grow  up more and she will miss it very much no to the girl Sabrina  carpenter  the girl  who  plays  as Maya  heart on  the show  girl meets  world she says  that she has loved being on  the show  girl meets  world and her and Rowan Blanchard will miss doing  it for you all but it might go on  a different  network my name is carliy it's not my real  name I can't  tell  you it but if  you like the show  girl  meets world and you want  t…

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  • FandeNalux33


    January 17, 2017 by FandeNalux33

    Bien que je pense que cet article a déjà pu être posté un milliard de fois, je le fais quand même.

    Et bien, et bien. 

    La question est la suivante :

    Quand, peut - être Lucy découvrira que son âme soeur Natsu-kun était E.N.D à votre avis, quel serai ça réaction?

    Il peut y avoir pleins de choses, j'en ai déjà un tas qui viennent à mon esprit >//<

    Bon, sur ce Tchus 

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  • Pinekids

    How to Quick-Drop

    January 17, 2017 by Pinekids

    Quick dropping is the act when you want to place down troops really quickly. It is ideal for making huge pushes and defense. To quick drop, select the card you want to place down with one finger and hover over the place you want to place that card, and with the other finger, hover over the card you want to select next. Since you want to place them both in about the same area, tap the pre-selected troop onto the battlefield, and in quick succession press the card you were hovering over with the other finger and place it in the same area. Since you already have your finger in the same spot when you placed the first troop, just tap it in the same spot. For example, if you only have minions and zap to counter the baby dragon, quick-drop the za…

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    Here are the latest technical updates on Fandom. Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Tuesday and Thursday - today's notes are for tomorrow's site update. Also note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights.

    • Discussions Insights will become available for admins and moderators. You can read more about the feature on this forum thread. The data on the page updates every 24 hours.
      • In the near future, we will be making some small improvements:
        • The community avatar and discussions header images will display on this page
        • Displaying the exact tally for values that are greater than 999 (currently those show as "999+")

    Recent mobile app updates are listed on Apps Technical Updates, and detailed sit…

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  • Samanthaconaway

    It is super sad that girl meets world is ending because girl meets world has taught us that we should be who we are and not hide are selfs

    Samantha conaway

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  • Brandon Rhea
    Click here for Part 2 of this blog series!
    What questions do you have about advertisements on Fandom powered by Wikia? Read this blog (Part 1 of 3) and then share your questions in the comments!

    Advertisements. We all have a lot of feelings on those. They're a big part of the internet, and they're how companies like Fandom are able to make money to support the site. We haven't talked to you about advertisements that much in the past, so we're giving you a big look into advertisements on Fandom this week. In our first two blog posts, we'll talk about why we have ads—we're an ad-supported business, enabling us to operate and continually improve the largest entertainment fan site in the world, free of charge to you—as well as what types of ads …

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  • KaylaLove4Sims

    Hey there

    January 16, 2017 by KaylaLove4Sims

    HEY THERE :)

    My name is Kayla, aka KaylaLove4Sims. I'm a huge Sims fan. And I especially love XUrbanSimsX, aka Jenn. I have been subscribed to her youtube channel for 3 years now as of this month. I am proud to be a part of the Suga Squad. If you have never watched her content yet, I highly recommend you check her out! She is the funniest and most genuine simmer out there. She is definitely one to bring your spirits up when you're having a rough day. Not to mention her sassy personality and her amazing story-telling abilities, keep all her LP's interesting.

    I wanted to create a fandom page to keep XUrbanSimsX's fandom page up to date. To anyone else that might happen to be a fellow suga buga, welcome to my page. :) I hope to create family tre…

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  • LapislazuliPERIDOT

    mi bienvenida

    January 15, 2017 by LapislazuliPERIDOT

    Hoy es mi primer dia y quie que me digais cuales son los wikis de los siguientes animes:

    Ranma 1/2


    Detective conan

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  • JustLeafy

    Just asking.

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  • Weaponx419


    January 15, 2017 by Weaponx419

    Old Man Logan #16 did not dissapoint. With Jeff Lemire writing and Andrea Sorrentino returning to pencils. These two make a powerhouse creative force. In my opinion, Old Man Logan is one of the best current publications Marvel has to offer. Lemire is continuing to add to the mythos of OML that Mark Millar created a few years back. Sorrentinos art style is gritty, stylistic with a hint of realism. From sweeping vistas to heavy action pieces, Sorrentino captures it all, down to the subtle nuances if emotional expression during dialog exchanges. If you havnt been reading OML or comics in general and are interested. I reccomend picking up #16. In this issue we start on a new story arc where Logan is in space, he confronts an old enemy, and we …

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  • Oliverwestern

    Creativeness Wiki

    January 14, 2017 by Oliverwestern

    Creativeness Wiki is a Wiki founded by User:.mynameischrome. designed for allowing wikians to put their projects on there that they want to use on their own wiki as well. Unlike Creation Wiki, Creativeness Wiki has been a lot more welcoming than Creation Wiki, and if you have a project that you want to put on there, but do not want others to edit, a template will be provided to inform other users that only you are permitted to edit your project, and you can also stop those who you do not want to see editing your project without permission. I've been on it for a few days now, and if you like to create Fanon Projects based on your favourite fictional characters, I would recommend this wiki. …

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  • Tykmony

    Puppy Dog

    January 14, 2017 by Tykmony

    I love babies,puppies,kittens,all animals,papa louie.

    love Babbies amout


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  • MLG Doge II

    Hi everyone. My name is MLG Doge, and I would like to share my new project, The Cute Doge Wiki. I'm making this so you can get all the information you want about doge, my favorite meme! I love to see all the colors of these wonderful insects and want to give everyone a chance to enjoy them too.

    I started getting interested in memes some years ago, just from looking at those that visited my computer. Since then I have gone to the important videos playlist and seen many other species,. I was lucky enough to see and photograph a Nutshack last year, that's the most endangered butterfly in the computer. I also took the photo that's on this blog. It's of a cookie (Dogeus Cookieus)

    If you love memes, or are just interested in making a great communi…

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  • MrBreada

    January 12th, 2017 marked the date of the Nintendo Switch Presentation, hosted from Tokyo for the world to see. With this presentation came the rise of tons of information about Nintendo's upcoming console, the Switch, as well as its games, information about its controller, its price, among other things.

    So, naturally, I've started to work on my wiki, Nintendo Switch Wiki, to add as much info about this new console as I could. However, currently, this wiki is a one-man job. I'm doing my best to offer detailed, encyclopedia-level information about the Switch and everything relating to it, but it won't be easy on my own.

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  • MentalChicken


    January 12, 2017 by MentalChicken

    Hi! I have created my own wiki, and since I have no where else to promote it, I thought I could do it here!

    This is my wiki:

    I need help designing my home page and I would like anyone interested in my wiki to come and have a look. 

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  • Rappy 4187

    Here are the latest technical updates on Fandom. Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Tuesday and Thursday - today's notes are for tomorrow's site update. Also note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights.

    • We recently fixed an issue where the 'Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary' preference was causing issues when creating pages via the VisualEditor.
    • We recently fixed an issue where some tabbed images in portable infoboxes were not behaving correctly.

    Recent mobile app updates are listed on Apps Technical Updates, and detailed site CSS-related updates can be found at

    • When editing an infobox in the VisualEditor, image inputs now provide direct access to …

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  • Brandon Rhea
    Do you have any questions about the evolution of the Fandom powered by Wikia experience? Read this blog and then share your questions in the comments!

    Fandom is an ever-evolving company. It has been since Day 1. Over the last year in particular, we released our news and stories and Discussions experiences, rebranded the site, introduced you to Service-Oriented Architecture, and released the Community Page. We're looking forward to another big year in 2017!

    Smart changes are important and necessary for any web platform, which we talked about back in 2015. For Fandom, that's been important for three big reasons: we evolved into a more immersive fan experience where you can discuss, publish, and collaborate in ways that aren't found on a simple…

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  • .mynameischrome.

    Hello everyone, I've recently created a new wiki named the Creativeness Wiki. It is meant to be a creative home for content created by anyone (our guidelines for creation are here). Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve the wiki. Thank you!

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  • Rowletbeak

    Games Info wiki

    January 10, 2017 by Rowletbeak

    Hey everyone! I was just promoting my Wiki,the Games Info wiki. You can find the link on my profile. [http]]

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  • LapisLazu102


    Avatar Kodi:A young Earthbending Trainee.He is the next Avatar after Korra.






    Zang: Zang is a young 'Firebender in training' even though he is young he won't let that stop him.!



    Bending:Firebending. Sub:TBA


    Boshi:(BO-SHEE-I)- Boshi is a young female Airbender.She dosen't talk much but can still fight!





    Avatar Korra's time has passed.The next Avatar a young Earthbender named Kodi has risen.After a Spirit Attack  Republic City A Shift happens through out the whole Planet. Chaos has consumed the majoirty of life In the Chaos feeds Vaatu..While going to check on him Avatar Kodi Accidently releases Vaatu.Vaatu Finds a young Human and Merge…

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    Here are the latest technical updates on Fandom. We hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday break!

    Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Tuesday and Thursday - today's notes are for tomorrow's site update.

    Note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights - this is especially true of today's update, as it has been a few weeks since a major code release.

    • We will fix some issues in Discussions around encoding and rendering of non-Latin characters, for URLs used in posts.
    • An issue where searching in lowercase could cause search suggestions to disappear will be fixed.
    • An issue that could cause the VisualEditor to unintentionally remove sections of article content was recently fixed.

    Recent mobile ap…

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  • Lechocho

    Updoot Numero Dos

    January 9, 2017 by Lechocho

    First off, let me start by saying sorry for the short post (recent)

    Second, can somebody tell me if "Dos" is actually the right word for "two"?

    Third, let me just say that my life is awesome.

    Let me elaborate on that third part. By all means, my life shouldn't be awesome. School is boring, too many projects, and I've got a science test next week. But hello? Christmas just happened, and I'm rolling in bread here. New stationary, clothing, but that's not the best. I've become much more technologically advanced, let's just put it that way.

    Phone? Check

    Sick headphones? Check

    Even sicker laptop? Double check.

    So yeah, my life is pretty awesome. Not including that I scored major flirting points with a crush. Not that he needs to know that, of course.


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  • TheSwordWillCome

    Hey everyone. My name is Sword. I want to promote one of my wiki's which I am hoping to get more contributors. 

    The name is The Joker Fanbase Wiki aka A wiki about the Joker(my favourite character of all time).

    The link:

    The reason I want contributors to my Wiki is because I want a active community that edits and adds photos and other stuff.

    Basically, I want the Wiki to be good.


    • The Joker (obviously)
    • Other Batman Universe Vilians 
    • The Jokers Appearances
    • Other Joker and Batman related stuff


    Most of the photos will be Joker or Batman related. That's it


    The videos will be Joker or Batman related.

    So, hope I can get active contributors! Have a nice day!

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  • Venz412

    Need personal help

    January 9, 2017 by Venz412

    I was bullied at school. How to avoid it? I need help.

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  • Bulto de sal


    January 9, 2017 by Bulto de sal

    Buenas a todos. Vengo a quejarme con una cosa

    ¿Por qué en esta wiki no se permite editar como anónimo? ¿luego wikia no es libre? si no dejan editar direcciones IP ¿por qué hay IPs bloqueadas para siempre? eso no tiene nada de sentido. Gracias por su atención

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  • Lechocho

    Updoot Numero Uno

    January 8, 2017 by Lechocho

    Update! School is about to start, and, well it sucks.

    As usual, grade 8 is boooring.

    Have fun y'all. Peace out.


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  • Beanzoc

    just started gorillaz ocs

    January 8, 2017 by Beanzoc

    OK so i'm doing gorillaz ocs art and they're free just ask over email or comments but i will need basic info like:

    • height
    • hair color/length
    • nationality ( for flag if wanted)
    • outfit idea (ie shirt with skull , cutoff shorts and boots )
    • gender
    • eyecolor

    i will gladly do them i just need that info

    also if you wouldnt mind my wattpad and snapchat are 

    wattpad: zen_the_killer

    snap chat : candytheif12645

    thanks have a great day

    peace out

    Beanzoc (talk) 21:53, January 8, 2017 (UTC)b3anz

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  • Gobble187


    January 8, 2017 by Gobble187

    hi can anyone help my chat wont work and makses the game crash can anyone help ?

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  • Nozomibugk

    To those who randomly stumble upon this blog post:

         I am one of those people who no one pays attention to, so I have gone to my sanctuary, writing. If you are reading this, I will be surprised. You are probably the only one who has, or, matter of fact, will. Anyway, back to why I'm writing this post anyway. Coming up, there is going to be a school talent show! I'm super exciited because someone actually asked me to be in their performance. This is how I was introduced to my current random love, Love Live! For the talent show, we're reenacting Start:Dash. For those who don't know what that is, it's a song from the Anime I was talking about, Love Live. In it, I am going to be Nozomi, one of the characters that adds onto the group that per…

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  • Livingwithinthepagesofbooks

    There are so many books that are being transformed into movies, but are they all worth it? Movies are good, but they’re only 2 to 3 hours long and don’t always contain ALL the information from the book. Because of this, I personally do not enjoy the book to movie conversion.

    Some examples of books becoming movies, primarily the YA books (that I'll be discussing today) are:

    • The Fault in our Stars by John Green
    • Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
    • The Hunger Game Series by Suzanne Collins
    • Divergent by Veronica Roth

    There are amazing books that captivate the minds of teenagers and young adults, but when they become movies, they lose all the essence. I do admit that some, not all, include most information from the books, but it’s just not enough.

    The …

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  • Winter Of December


    January 7, 2017 by Winter Of December

    TheIndependant40, Mantiix, AndreyFD, and Gunshow20, trolls. They have constantly cyberbullied me for the past few months. They made my friend turn against me. They have used my pictures, on a wiki I got closed down. They tried to taunt me on Facebook. I'd report them to Fandom, but I can't get the proof. Everytime I do, I get blocked, or trolled, or it gets deleted. Not even my friend, MonkeyPolice188, believes me. He doesn't even read my explanations. Those 4 trolls, who basically run GTA Myths Wiki, have trolled other users. They've vandalized wikis. Mantiix is even blocked by Wikia until January 9, 2017, probably because his snobby nosed self, wasn't able to keep a user from reporting him with proof. No matter what wiki I went to, they …

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  • Xxwillowfeatherxx

    hello fellow wolves my name is feather i am your leader  of this pack

    ok so  in order to join my clan you must fill out a fotm in the comments below 

    here is a demistration 


    moons / age 17 years old

    description: easy going but if u mess with me i bite 




    theme :remember me instrumental

    breed:mountain wolf

    so if you wanna join please fill out a form below thank u 

    and tell me your user on animal jam so i can buddy u i am xxwillowfeatherxx

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  • LunaThePup

    About me

    January 7, 2017 by LunaThePup

    Hey everyone I want to introduce myself.I will only post about my art.I mostly draw and take photos.My drawings are canines and my photos,landscapes.

    Thank you all for reading 😀🐶🦊🐺

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