• Mi9 agent

    Mi high wikia

    July 17, 2018 by Mi9 agent

    in: MI9, SKUL, KORPS, Saint Hearts Zoe EDIT SHARE Zoe Zoe pose Information Full Name V.9.5.Z.0.E.6, Zoe Nickname V.9.5, Zoe Gender Female Age 16 Eye Color Green Hair Color Auburn Network Relationship Dan Morgan Skills Gymnastics, Advanced Combat Occupation M.I.9 Spy, Student School Saint Hearts Faction M.I.9, SKUL (former), KORPS (former) Enemy SKUL, KORPS Production First Episode The Fall of SKUL Last Episode The Final Endgame Portrayed By Natasha Watson Zoe was part of the M.I. High team in Series 6.

    Contents[hide] Biography Personality M.I.9 Trivia Gallery BiographyEdit Clone of the Mastermind, trained by SKUL, later recruited by M.I.9 , believed to be a successful clone, but later revealed to be another failure.

    Zoe is also known as V.9.…

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  • Toji-san

    Shichisei no Subaru

    July 17, 2018 by Toji-san

    I hope this allowed, hey guys I wanted to tell you about this new anime that I recommend fans of AnoHana and Sword Art Online should watch. Also I recently adopted the wiki and it has a new design and it is nice, but I'm the only active user, heck I'm the only user and the anime is not really known but I hoped I could recruit active users. Thanks for your time.
    The link is w:c:subaru

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  • BertH

    Today, all communities have a new tool available to use: Announcements. This tool directs all recently active members of the community to a specific page or post via a notification.

    Announcements is a replacement for both Forum’s ‘highlight’ function and Community Messages. Those older features require a recipient to visit the community in order to see a notice. With Announcements, the notification is delivered to the recipient no matter where they are on FANDOM.

    Announcements notifications are sent to users on both the wiki and Discussions if they have contributed to either in the last 90 days. The notices are delivered via the notifications system currently used by Discussions, and will be displayed on mobile browsers. Very soon, Announceme…

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  • Zenki7

    Hello and welcome to my blog.

    At first, I answered to a forum post, but I now decided to make this a blog instead to give out some tips.

    So... This blog was initially just about promoting people to bureaucrat status and a story from a friend, where a promotion went terribly wrong, but I decided to also add a section about things, that make a good admin/user.

    I did this to provide a counter-example to light things up a bit, as most admins aren't as bad as the bad sheep, that my friend encountered that the other day.

    As you know, the bureaucrat is one step up from admins. If you are a wiki founder, you will have admin/bureaucrat rights by default, but if you are a wiki founder or admin/bureaucrat, you will also be able to make other people admin…

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  • Zombothepigman

    am no threat but i get angry about being called a dog am a bunny not a dog

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  • Claudionmc


    Este Wiki es dedicado al juego para móviles Stellar Age. Guía en español, pequeñas explicaciones y algunos datos adicionales sobre el juego.

    Datos básicos

    El juego Stellar Age es un juego MMO de estrategia para dispositivos Android e iOS desarrollado por Crazy Panda. Actualmente el juego se encuentra en varias fases de equilibrio, actualizaciones y adiciones de elemtnos.

    El estilo de juego es inspirado en juegos online de estrategia espaciales como Ogame, pero con un gameplay mucho más interactivo.


    Empezamos el juego en un planeta completamente propio. El objetivo del juego es recolectar los tres tipos de minerales que existen en el espacio (metal, polímeros y antimateria), y con ello desarrollar nuestro planeta, mejorar e…

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  • Spongy The BFDI Contestant

    Why was user blocked from FANDOM? Can a fandom staff member please unblock him because he did nothing wrong, and he's very nice to me!

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  • Agusmercado0


    Muchos de ustedes debe conocer a Bangtan Sonyeondan mas conocido como BTS. 

    Si bien tiene muchas canciones que son muy buenas, pero en esta entrada les diré cuales son para MI las mejores :D

    10: Go Go

    9:  Silver Spoon

    8: Don´t  Leave Me

    7: Dope

    6: Mic Drop

    5: Cypher pt 4

    4: DNA

    3: Anpanman 

    2: Fake Love

    1: Blood Sweat and Tears

    Y tú ¿ya las has escuchado?

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  • Ewix

    Kiedy 3 sezon?

    July 16, 2018 by Ewix

    Cześć.Chciałabym zapytać kiedy wyjdzie 3 sezon serialu Miraculum Biedronka i Czarny kot w polskiej wersj jęzkowej. Jeżeli ktoświe upszejmie prosze o info 

    Miłego dnia :)

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    1.       Participación ciudadana: Al no trabajar actualmente las humanidades en los procesos de educación, se perderá el interés por las mismas restando la importancia que tiene las humanidades para una formación y para el desarrollo de la humanidad, creando indiferencia sobre la importancia de ser una persona con valores.
    2.       Solidaridad: En un ámbito en el cual no se cuente con un aprendizaje previo e inclusión de humanidades en la formación, no se tiene en cuenta el cuidado del otro ni el apoyo mutuo entre las comunidades y no se compartirían las mismas obligaciones, los mismos intereses, no habría compromiso con el otro y no se tendría una contribución a la cooperación del bienestar con los demás
    3.       Responsabilidad social: No…

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  • Salina.xx

    Sofia Del Junco

    July 16, 2018 by Salina.xx

    Sofia Gallardo (née Del Junco) is the eldest daughter of Cayetana and Ignacio Del Junco. She is the elder sister of Andrea and Irina as well as the mother of Arturito Ignacio Gallardo. She is married to Arturo Gallardo.

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  • TraQFrg1

    Hello! I'm Looking For Spiked Wristbands You Can Donate To Me For Free Or Maybe Den Betas, Spiked Collars Or Other Rare Items. If You Can Trade Me As Well I Would Love That. I Can Under Trade As Well If You Are Nice

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  • 763492 is back

    Two new wikis

    July 15, 2018 by 763492 is back

    There're two new wikia websites for all of you editors to join and edit, but follow the rules before you do so.

    • Awesome Theme Parks and Attractions Wiki 
    • Worst Theme Parks and Attractions Wiki 

    Also, please become bureaucrat and admins while you're at it.

    Here are the new sites

    • [1]
    • [2]
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  • 763492 is back


    July 15, 2018 by 763492 is back

    Just testing

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  • Johnstevehostingreviews

    This is testing blog.

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  • Enderdudegaming1

    Um Hello Veenster7 I Have Something To Say I Am Innocent I Never Was Immature Someone Hacked It And Start Being Immature I Was in Canada And Someone Hacked My Account So I Was Angry At This Until I Got Banned From Veenster7 Please I Am Innocent If You Want To See Who Hacked My Account Here!

    I am Proven Innocent Cause Veenster7 Keeps Banning Everyone With The Expire Of Infinite Veenster7 If Your Reading This It's Because FirstDellSpectre Hacked My Account Please Veenster7 Unblock Me I Had To Make A Fanfic Named Meeting Chloe Please And I Am Not Badge Hunting Please Veenster7 I'm Proved Innocent I Just Arrived in America And This!? It's FirstDellSpectre Who Started Saying Weird Comments I Just Wanna Make Fanfics And I Am Never Immature? And H…

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  • Camelliasalazar55555
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  • TFCBelloni140

    So... It's been a while since I started creating my Book Series since September 14th, 2017, and it needs to be finished in 2 years (September 14th, 2019).

    I started to get a little feeling that this may be adopted as a Wiki when it came out, but it's really a fanfiction, you'd say... But I'm wondering about the storyline since it also talks about real-life worldwide problems, too.

    Anyways, I posted this first on Dark Parables Wiki: The J&K Book Series will be released on September 14th, 2019! | Dark Parables Wiki | TFCBelloni140's Blog

    What do you think? Is it possible to adopt this one? Lemme know your thoughts :)

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  • Koagoatboy

    Mass protect

    July 14, 2018 by Koagoatboy

    I finally got mass protect if anyone needs help with it check this page out 😄😄

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  • Remuslupinpotterfan230128f



    Full Name Rowena Ravenclaw Birthday Medieval era (exact birth date unknown) House Founded Ravenclaw house Skills Extremely skilled witch, known for her intelligence and wisdom Death Legend has it that a broken heart contributed to her early death

    “We’ll teach those whose intelligence is surest”

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  • Remuslupinpotterfan230128f

    Helga huffulpuff

    She was a kind hearted and a sweet person.she chose the loyal and patient people in her house. She was known for bringing house elves. She had a golden cup which was later made a horcroux by Voldemort.she was best friends with Rowena ravenclaw.

    Helga Hufflepuff fact file

    Full Name Helga Hufflepuff Birthday Medieval era (exact birth date unknown) House Founded Hufflepuff house Skills Food-related Charms. Many traditional Hogwarts recipes originated with her Hobbies Cookery … Read more >
  • Remuslupinpotterfan230128f

    Salazar slythrin

    Salazar slythrin was the founder of slythrin house and one of the founders of the school of magic named Hogwarts .he was best friends with godric Gryffindor another founder of the school. He only wanted pure bloods to attend the school, whereas godric wanted muggleborns too.slythrin was cunning as it is one the qualities of the slythrin house . After when godric wanted muggleborns to attend the school he had a drift with rest of the founders and before leaving he. Ade the chamber of secrets which would be opened one day by lord Voldemort and he would be the one to banish muggleborns. Read more >
  • Kaluhi


    July 13, 2018 by Kaluhi

    El bullying es el maltrato físico y / o psicológico deliberado y continuado que recibe un niño por parte de otro u otros, que se comporta con crueldad con el objetivo de someterlo y asustarlo, con vistas a un resultado favorable para los acosadores o simplemente a satisfacer la necesidad de agredir y destruir que suelen presentar.

    El acoso implica una repetición continua de las burlas o las agresiones y puede provocar la exclusión social de la víctima.

    - Tiende a originar problemas que se repiten y prolongan durante cierto tiempo.

    - Suele estar provocado por el alumno, apoyado por un grupo, contra una víctima que se encuentra indefensa.

    - Se mantiene debido a la ignorancia o pasividad de las personas que rodean a los agresores y las víctimas s…

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  • Remuslupinpotterfan230128f

    Godric Gryffindor and Gryffindor house

    Godric Gryffindor was/is the founder of Gryffindor house as well as one of the founders of the magic school names "Hogwarts". He was best friends with Salazar slythrin who was the founder of slythrin house and only wanted only pure bloods to attend the school , godric opposed him as he wanted muggle borns to att3nd the school as well.Godric made his hat the sorting hat which sorted students into their houses.In his honor his birthplace was known as "GODRICS HOLLOW"
  • Remuslupinpotterfan230128f

    Marauders map and its founders In the third series of harry potter "the prisoner of Azkaban" shows the most significance towards the marauders map and its founders. It was made by lupin , Sirius , James and Peter . they made it while they were at Hogwarts. All of them were Gryffindor. Their marauder names were moony, wormtail , padfoot and prongs.

    REMUS Lupin: marauder name moony

    Was made prefect Werewolf


    Best friends with all animagus


    Best friends James and lupin animagus

    JAMES POTTER: marauder name prongs

    best friends were Sirius and lupin animagus Read more >
  • Drleevezan


    I would like to let everyone know about the Scrooge McDuck Wiki. It's a wiki about the Disney Duck franchise, chronicling everything, from the comics, to the cartoons, to the new DuckTales series (and the old one, for that matter).

    So far, we have two active admins, and a few contributors, and over 1000 pages! We could always use more editors, so if there are any fans of the Disney Ducks looking for a wiki to edit, come and help out! 

    I hope you take a look at the wiki and maybe even become an active contributor!

    If you have any questions about the wiki, you can contact myself or the head admin here and here, respectively.


    Drleevezan (talk) 23:48, July 12, 2018 (UTC)Drleevezan

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  • Glittrerkawaii

    The last episode of Miraculous Ladybug aired was season 2 episode 16  and the next episode going to be aired is season 2 episode 17 and it called the reverser.

    The next spoiler is an episode called style queen this one is about how Chloe's mother yes her mother gets humiliated by Gabriel Agreste and is transformed into Style Queen. Determined to get revenge she attacks Adrien, can Ladybug manage to defeat Style Queen without Cat Noir?

    The episode called Queen Wasp is about how Chloe transforms into Queen Bee to impress her mother but ends up getting akumatized. Can Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat this superhero-supervillain? Can Marinette get the miraculous back?

    The episode called Sandboy is about how Marinette has to go somewhere without Tikki…

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  • LitOne08

    Heroes: Origins

    July 12, 2018 by LitOne08

    Paul Infini is your average teenage boy who loves spending time with family and friends. He likes sports but is also a very hude bookworm. One day he started haing weird dreams and started seeing strange visions that he saw in his actaul life. This drove him crazy, so crazy that he decided to run away from his family. On his way out he saw a couple of his friedns on te road too and told them what happened. They said the same thing was happening to them and then a strange portal that came out of nowhere sucked them and teleported them to Dair. Dair is an alternate reality were pain and suffering is the only wasy ofn life. Meldark, the ruler of Dair and the overlord of countless dark dimensions, captured Paul and wanted to killl him. Paul as…

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  • TimmyQuivy

    In the first half of this year, FANDOM has been steadily rolling out HTTPS to more and more of our network.

    HTTPS is a protocol that encrypts data being sent through a webpage, as compared to normal HTTP, which sends data in plaintext. FANDOM has already been encrypting and securely transmitting personal data - such as your login and password details - for many years, but it’s increasingly a web standard to transmit all parts of a website over HTTPS. That’s why we’ve been working to get our entire website HTTPS-compliant.

    A few months ago, we finished making logged-in users able to use HTTPS on all single subdomain wikis (i.e.wikis without a language identifier, such as, compared to, first using an…

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  • Месть Боту

    Был на приёме и пока анастезия начинала своё дело, разговорились про алкоголь, он поведал историю из своей молодости (больше похожа на байку, но в реалиях нашей страны, вполне может быть правдой) :

    Друг был, говорит, у меня в 90-е. И купил он тогда ваз-2105(07, не суть).. Ну отметить надо и ходом запихал в багажник ящик водки. Но так как время обед, заехал домой пообедать, перед тем как машину на учёт ставить. Сидит, значит, кушает, а в окно глядь, а машины нет... Звонит копам, так мол и так, а они спрашивают :
    -г/н какой?
    - А его нет, не успел... 
    -Нууу, мужик, особо не рассчитывай, что найдём, но данные оставляй...

    Проходят сутки, звонок от копов:
    -такая-то машина ваша?
    -вроде моя... 
    -приезжайте на якоби(пляж на Ангаре у нас такой), опозновать …

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  • Месть Боту

    Довелось мне побывать в стоматологии по ДМС в районе метро Пушкинская.

    Заезжаю на территорию, где доброжелательный охранник (О) говорит мне:

    О: - Парковка платная, 150 рублей час.

    Молча соглашаюсь. Охранник просто записывает номер моей машины в свою тетрадку, руками поднимает шлагбаум и я паркую авто.

    Доктор возился как раз около 2-ух часов. После приёма выхожу из клиники и, прямой наводкой, иду к довольно обширной будке-пристанищу слуг сканвордов. Стучусь, захожу внутрь. Меня встречает уже другой охранник (О2).

    Я: - Мне бы это, оплатить чтоль...

    О2: - Давай реще... 500 рублей и вали!

    Я: - Ну ведь у вас парковка 150 рублей в час!

    О2: - И?!

    Я: - Посмотрите по «журналу» - когда я заехал? Номер машины ...

    С недовольной миной начинает листать и, спустя …

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  • Mi9 agent

    Frank London

    July 12, 2018 by Mi9 agent


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  • Babybad2018

    '--Babybad2018 (talk) 05:19, July 12, 2018 (UTC)Bold textSo, I am reviewing Winx club season 1. In this season, bloom discover she is a fairy and goes to alfea school for fairies to learn about her powers. The trix want the Dragon flame she possesses. They take it and try to take over the magic dimension but loose because they didn't truly take it  because shes winx club now so its only fair that she starts with believix. It seems hard to take it. Bloom finds out she is last heir to the throne of domino. It was a planet destroyed  by the three ancient witches. Bloom also finds out she has a sister named Daphne. She makes new friends named Tecna, Musa, Sky, Brandon, flora, Riven, and stella. Sky is her boyfriend and also prince. The trix tr…

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  • BestUsernameEverCreated

    This happened to me, but not exactly. My sea serpent went back ONE level, which isn't as bad considering the other problems I said, but I thought I should just say it, even though it was just 'probably' because it didn't save,

    My good friend also lost ALL of their advanced pollenators on thier farm, but luckily they got them back, by talking to some dev's on Discord.

    People are furious, and sad about all of this happening. Some people get their stuff back, some don't. We just hope they fix this glitch soon.

    Tell me if anything weird or any of this stuff has happened to you on this game, and I 'may' be able to provide you with a reason, or some help.

    The dev's are working hard to fix this, and help the people get their stuff back. We just need …

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  • Tophertaylor0830


    July 11, 2018 by Tophertaylor0830
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  • GirthyGallusDomesticus

    Being misunderstood? No.  Witnessing their blithely accepted erroneously perceived impact.

    As the uphill skier it is my obligation not to injure those lower afield on the hill.

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  • MLPCustomCharacters

    Name: Rose Spike

    Type: Griffin

    Gender: Female

    Characteristics: Sweet, kind, loving, loves animlas, peaceful

    Colours: Dark Purple, Hot Pink, Pastel Pink, Pastel Purple

    Eye Colour: Red

    Name: Rose Spike

    Type: Griffin

    Gender: Female

    Characteristics: Sweet, kind, loving, loves animlas, peaceful

    Colours: Dark Purple, Hot Pink, Pastel Pink, Pastel Purple

    Eye Colour; Ocean Blue

    Rose Spike (1,2) is a kind, loving griffin, she would always lend a helping hoof to a pony in need and help her enemies (in certain things). She spends most of her day sitting my the pond feeding the fish and animals, making daisy chains and admiring the sun-rise sun-set and the clear water. She is pacient and loves making new friends just like Pinkie Pie! She has yet to have more inf…

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  • StarWarsFan18

    I made a wiki about a month ago and here it is

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  • StarWarsFan18

    Help Needed

    July 10, 2018 by StarWarsFan18

    This is a topic for Admins and Wiki Founders. How can wiki founders create badges?

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  • Taiyewo

    Captain Marvel is known to have enhanced powers such as durability, strength and the ability to fly. But that’s not her only badass power, she can even fire energy missiles from her bare hands. Unlike most Marvel heroes, her massive durability means that she can actually fly through the space and even travel through  the quantum realm.

    With Thanos cruising around and terrorising the galaxy, it’s not hard to see how Captain Marvel could be useful to the Avengers. But what is the quantum realm?

    The Quantum realm is an alternate dimension which is only accessible through magical energy, using a sling ring. This could give her a serious advantage over Thanos, despite him having all six infinity stones.

    Additionally Captain Marvel has experience i…

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  • Tiattxox

    You might be asking “who/what is Shazam?” and “How can he possibly save DC from their past Motion picture flops?” *cough*batman vs superman*cough*

    This mysterious Superhero has been around since 1939. Formerly named Captain Marvel. That's right, a character who has been around almost as long as Superman and Batman, and who beat both of them to the screen with Republic Pictures'  The adventures of Captain Marvel, hasn't been seen in theatres in almost 75 years.

    So why is he called ‘Shazam’ and not Captain Marvel ?

    In the '60s, Marvel Comics trademarked the name Captain Marvel for their own Kree alien superhero, which meant when DC licensed the Fawcett characters in 1972, they had the Fawcett character named Captain Marvel, but couldn't call the co…

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  • Beavx0

    What truly is fascinating about Marvel’s Jessica Jones is that it doesn’t insist on having her multiple traumas completely define her. Whilst she is truly affected by her time with mass murder and rapist Kilgrave, the rage and determination to stop his actions are one of the things that make Jones a real character in a real setting/battle – moving forward. 

    The so mentioned prospect of killing a person by one’s own will that would lead to a path where there is no return, as avoided by the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, has not stopped the super-powered heroine to stop multiple deaths and more lives ruined, even if it results on risking what’s left of her own sanity and what’s left of her own humanity.

    At the end of the day, tough decisions real pe…

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  • 2 O 4 6 DX

    I'm back. ):

    July 10, 2018 by 2 O 4 6 DX

    Why you all hate me? Is that I have a crush on Match? 

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  • TheAtomicLight

    FANDOM header

    July 10, 2018 by TheAtomicLight

    Boy, is that new FANDOM header redesign ugly. It's a major eyesore. It's going to be real off putting to come here and see that uglyness every time. It's very unappealing and I'm serious about that. It's very unwelcoming. I knew what was there before, that was enough for me and I think that was enough for everyone who's here. I'm sure there was some announcement of it somewhere, maybe these things should pop up as notifications for all users for any changes that will or has occurred. (Not just thru emails or main page announcements.)

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  • Storm And Stormshooter

    Okay I made As a fun wiki where people can relax and muck around and have fun :). You can do lots of things like... Follow the rules. Create fan story's with you fave characters Test some stuff or whatever on a spam allowed page Make friends

    It is only new so help is wanted :) I am planning on only accepting two or three admins at the moment but you can still have fun here

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  • TheKnowGirl

    What if you could have anything you ever wish for. You could be popular, you could date the captain of the baseball team. Anything you want you could have, but everything comes with a price. Every time you make a wish you lose a loved one. You lose everything that made you, you. Everything is perfect now, but what about before. Weren’t you happy then? Weren’t you and your best friends make for each other? Weren’t you happy? Well I guess you weren't because now you have the Baseball captain and your popular. Your happy now, or you think you are but deep down your not. Deep down you know you were happy with you friends. Your true Friends that would laugh when you tripped or when you jumped off the roof of your house in to the pool and they d…

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  • Jessejayk

    What if you could have anything you ever wish for. You could be popular, you could date the captain of the baseball team. Anything you want you could have, but everything comes with a price. Every time you make a wish you lose a loved one. You lose everything that made you, you. Everything is perfect now, but what about before. Weren’t you happy then? Weren’t you and your best friends make for each other? Weren’t you happy? Well I guess you weren't because now you have the Baseball captain and your popular. Your happy now, or you think you are but deep down your not. Deep down you know you were happy with you friends. Your true Friends that would laugh when you tripped or when you jumped off the roof of your house in to the pool and they d…

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  • Jose medoza y Dennis moncada

    Qué es Contaminación ambiental:

    Se denomina contaminación ambiental a la  introducción en el medio natural de agentes de tipo físico, químico y biológico, que altera las condiciones ambientales , provocando efectos dañinos para la salud, el bienestar y la habitabilidad de la vida animal y vegetal en general.

    Agentes que pueden ser químicos (plaguicidas, herbicidas, cianuro, etc.), petróleo, radiaciones, gases contaminantes, residuos urbanos, entre otras cosas. Todos ellos, en general, pueden producir graves daños en los ecosistemas, si bien  la razón principal de su producción para las actividades humanas  asociadas a la industria, el comercio, la explotación minera, etc.

    El ser humano es el principal responsable de la contaminación ambiental: su…

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  • Ssarcastic


    July 8, 2018 by Ssarcastic

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  • Elidenny

    Horror Nightmers

    July 8, 2018 by Elidenny
    • HorrEor Nightmagazines you now on the wiki we are still making books
    • For this tlie in

    We have to save money on the books that we are making but the books will gave you Horror Nightmares coming to life in the books Elidenny might stop the dummy doll called hars The Dummy doll he likes to see bad for me in my head but I like horror movies I am going to show you the title for Horror movies like this one but are New picture for Horror Nightmares.Com the trailer is coming in 2024 yes there will be a of books in  for Horror Nightmares TV series in

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