• Aaron Eom

    Introduction Beacon technology has started growing rapidly in the mid-2010s and has been used worldwide.  Beacons started in 2013 when Apple first introduced iBeacon technology.  The trend has been mostly with the retailers delivering promotions and relevant information to their customers via their smartphones with beacon technology.

    It is anticipated that beacon technology will grow rapidly in the coming years as more mobile devices adopt the technology.  This paper will discuss the use and benefits of the technology while pointing out issues related to law, ethics, society and security.  Furthermore, future development will be discussed.


    Beacons are inexpensive, small Bluetooth radio transmitters that can be easily attached to a w…

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  • Mugmanfan123

    about life

    February 22, 2018 by Mugmanfan123

    well mostly in this blog i dont know but im kinda lemurs mugman im not jacob lenard so dont ask me if im jacob lenard or not because im not jacob lenard so idk i been in school alot dont ask why because IDK so maybe i been on other sites or just watching youtube videos but i dont know so maybe or sometimes ill go on live chats some times so i dont know but i guess thats all with my first blog so maybe i have a little more writeing to do because tomorow i have SCHOOL i dont know but schools good good good so maybe ill be on other stuff like i dont know so maybe sometimes in mornings or I DONT KNOW maybe ill be in weekends or i dont know so maybe thats all guys bai! 

    i dont know

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  • TimmyQuivy

    Fifteen years ago I started editing my first wiki and it’s been a fun journey ever since - contributor, administrator, code developer, and for many years now FANDOM staff. Wiki coding now comes as naturally to me as breathing (and even easier than breathing today, when I have a cold!), but there was one thing that took me a long, long time to understand - bots.

    For the first few years of wiki editing, I heard people use the term “bots” a lot and it was unclear to me what that meant. Were there literally robots sitting at an office somewhere editing wikis? Were bots set up once and then run forever? Did they take breaks to dream of electric sheep? How did I get a bot for my wiki? For that matter, why did I need a bot for my wiki?

    Today, I'm g…

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  • Thetjspencer

    IT wiki

    February 21, 2018 by Thetjspencer

    Hey welcome to my blog. The purpose of this blog is entirely academic, I'm just going to post my research paper on the topic of facial recognition technology and privacy. I hope anyone reading it can get something out of it, hopefully it can convince people to think critically about the future of our security.

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  • Anand 117

    Hi all

    February 21, 2018 by Anand 117

    Hey people, 

    So I'm Anand Jayaram, an 8 or  15-year-old stuck in a 28-year-old body. I'm currently a freelance journalist that currently maintains a music blog, but also contributes to sections of anime, video games, and technology. I worked in two big organisations India Today and Indian Express in Delhi for about two years. I thrive on music, video games and anime like Dragon Ball Z and even got myself a PS4 Pro only to discover that I had to upgrade my TV. I live on video games and cannot survive without my daily dose of anime, music and technology. I love fandom and been a regular follower since 2014. 

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  • Tindermystery

    What I Am Doing

    February 21, 2018 by Tindermystery

    I have decided to share my experience of testing out Tinder with the world. Based on articles I've read, it's time to test out try to understand the different opinions people have about the dating app!

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  • Manyusingh

    Cyber physical systems

    February 21, 2018 by Manyusingh

    Cyber physical systems are used within crucial organization that need a cyber-security framework with common terms to guarantee resiliency and access risk. They are also defined as electronics systems that operate as a single, self-contained device, or interconnected network providing shared operations. Aviation cyber physical systems can be observed as the formation of related physical objects which have ideal reversible or irreversible behavior. The problem is that we need a combined model that represents both physical and cyber characteristics with higher reliability.

    Architectural Analysis and Design Language (AADL) is the way to go because it condenses numerous characteristics of cyber physical systems. “It provides quantitative analys…

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  • Mibrahi


    February 21, 2018 by Mibrahi

    Drones were first built in the early 1900s for military pilots and gunners to use as target practice. Today the military remains the leading user of drones. But as drones have become smaller and more affordable, people outside the military have begun to use them. Drones bring together several technologies that have transformed modern warfare: highly efficient engines, advanced sensors, global positioning systems, instantaneous communications, and, in the case of the larger ones, missiles. They make it possible for the operator to identify, monitor, and then strike a target thousands of miles away.

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  • Masonight

    With such vast amounts of technology incorporated into every dynamic of autonomous cars, it is a major focus for security and cyber security teams to get a jump on. There is a lot of potential in the field of security regarding autonomous cars.


    Autonomous cars have been at the forefront of the car industries advancement. With benefits that are of great help when fighting against the numerous deaths caused by personal error in accident every day. Self-driving cars also can be more environmentally friendly with calculated technologies that control speed and fuel consumption. While the current use of these cars is at a minimum and legislation is still to be determined there is a bright spot light on the ethics and security of autonom…

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  • Frankydark3

    el wendigo

    February 21, 2018 by Frankydark3
    • ==el wendigo informacion origen historia y mas==


    El wendigonota 1​ es una criatura mitológica que aparece en las leyendas de los pueblos algonquinos de la costa este y de la región de los Grandes Lagos, en Estados Unidos y Canadá. Se le describe como un ser humanoide de aspecto bestial, al que usualmente se le relaciona con el canibalismo, tema considerado tabú entre los pueblos amerindios de esta parte de América del Norte. El origen del mito podría estar relacionado con historias acerca de casos de canibalismo sucedidos para sobrevivir a los duros inviernos de esta zona del continente.

    La leyenda presta su nombre a un supuesto término moderno, psicosis por windigo, síndrome caracterizado por la presencia de síntomas tales como un…

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  • Pandilla2195

    Write five personal reasons for learning English.

    I am learning English because ...

    b) I want to visit the U.S.

    c) I like the british people accent and the way they talk it.

    d) I want to understand Hollywood movies in their original language.

    e) I want to understand interviews and articles about science and music that are written or spoken on english.

    f) I want to travel around the world and be able to talk with people from another countries.

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  • ScratchyJ

    Programming Tutorial Wiki

    February 20, 2018 by ScratchyJ

    Please join my wiki please I am waiting for so long and no one came.

    I've been waiting for someone to join my wiki, but no one joined. They weren't interested :( so I am going to look for someone to join.


    A wiki that has the tutorial of programming(It's not done though)

    I will be waiting for someone to join...

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  • Panthermic

    I am Panthermic, and I'm looking for users who share an interest. I'm interested in the battle-royale genre that has recently become popular with games such as PubG and Fortnite. I'm interested in starting a wikia based on this genre, where each user enters an amount of characters for a battle royale event. From there, a post will be made, and updated every 3 days with the happenings in the event. The goal is for your character to come out on top and win, and the only way to do this is give them advice through comments. Give good enough advice to gain the edge over others. 

    This could also play out as a roleplay wiki if desired. If giving the first option where giving advice isn't enough control, you could directly control your character if…

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  • JK55556

    Hi everyone!

    I am JK55556, an active user of many wikis. Today, I am going to advertise my 2,500 page Flipline Fan Customers Wiki. I did a blog post on this a year ago, but that was when I didn't really know how to write. :) I also did one in 2016, and I really didn't know how to write back then either. 

    Flipline Studios is a company that makes restaurant-simulation games. There are many games that they make, ranging from Papa's Pizzeria (Pizza) to Papa's Cupcakeria (Cupcakes) to Papa's Scooperia (Cookie Sundaes). Basically, there are about 100 different customers that come in on different game "days" and they order their food. Your job is to make their order as good as possible. The better the order, the more points you receive. The more po…

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  • Greaver08


    February 19, 2018 by Greaver08

    Woooh waht a start this is. Time to really input all my paper works. :D

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  • Americhino

    Join the Paladins Wiki!

    February 18, 2018 by Americhino

    Hey everyone! I'm Americhino, and today, I'm here to introduce you to the Paladins Wiki!

    "What is Paladins?"

    Paladins is a team-based shooter with deep strategy elements and in-match character progression through decks of collectible cards. These cards amplify and augment a character’s core set of abilities in many interesting ways. Paladins will be free-to-play and is currently in open beta testing for PC, Xbox and PS4.

    "Cards?" ]] Yep. In my opinion, it's one of the most unique things about Paladins that sets it apart from Overwatch or TF2, for example.

    Cards are special, champion specific item that players use to buff the champion's set of abilities. Cards are only useable by the champion who unlocks them; for example, a Viktor could not use…

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  • Amperios197

    Welcome to an advertising blog, whose main function is to give important data in the advertising art, such as behind the scenes and drawings of iconic ads that made history, such as from that apple announcement of 1984 to the announcement of Chanel Number 5 with main protagonist Nicole Kidman

    I know that now a specific wiki has not been created to reserve more information about those iconic ads that is why this new space was created

    everything can have a certain evolution, that is why we have created a small group of research more specific to the subject

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  • TheShinyLucarioMaster

    I am mad right now! A FANDOM User prevented me from adopting Purple Sheep Wiki. They didn't read/ignored my blog post and now I have to wait till next week!

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  • Cal-Boy

    FANDOM International Force

    February 15, 2018 by Cal-Boy

    FANDOM is a multi-lingual company and we're hosting wikis in more than 100 languages. Although most of our users are from the US and other English-speaking countries, people probably don't realize that there are a large number of users who love to experience FANDOM communities in a form dear to their hearts and homelands. According to Google Analytics, about 40% of unique visitors to wikis on FANDOM in 2017 are English users, and the rest come from other languages, including 14% in Spanish, 8% in Russian, 7% in Portuguese, 5% in French, 4% in German, 3% in Chinese. Is that surprising to you? To help and support such a large number of international users, FANDOM has a large group of International staff and volunteers who serve our communiti…

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  • 机智的小鱼君

    Happy new year!

    February 15, 2018 by 机智的小鱼君

    Happy new year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    机智的小鱼君⚡️(给我留言☎️) 16:03, February 15, 2018 (UTC)

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  • 机智的小鱼君

    Happy Dog Year !

    February 15, 2018 by 机智的小鱼君

    Happy Dog Year!!!☎️]]) 13:14, February 15, 2018 (UTC)
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  • 李仕韬

    I want to make friends.

    February 15, 2018 by 李仕韬

    Hey guy I want to make friends in this website.Because I am a student I want to make my English be better.I'm 14 years old and I'm from china.I like sports and reading I think we have a lot of common language.We can talk about anything.I might have a lot of grammar mistakes.I will try my best to learn and correct.I would be very happy if someone would like to be my friend.

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  • Mr Enchanted


    February 15, 2018 by Mr Enchanted

    Hello Guyz...  I am Mr Enchanted.  I am new to this wiki.  I am a 15 yr old guy who runs a small youtube channel where i put my gaming contents.  Especially i upload Minecraft Videos.  But soon i will move to other games.  If you wish you can check out my youtube channel .  Currently,  Its name is TheEnchantedGamer but soon i will change it. 

    Thank You

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  • RedYoshiNation

    Check out my show!

    February 14, 2018 by RedYoshiNation

    Hey guys I made a show a month ago and it is growing popular with 1000+ readers! Wow! pose on the RIR intro]]

    Please check it out on my wiki, and please do not destroy it. 

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  • Injustice night Terroizer

    Yes or no I wanna know

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  • AaronAnzers

    For All FNAF Fans

    February 13, 2018 by AaronAnzers

    Now if you guys have a bunch of questions that you would really like to ask Scott Cawthon (the creator of FNAF) just leave them  in my mail I am going to make all of these images below here dedicated to most FNAF characters so what you want to do is in the beginning of each email you send say the name if the character and what you want to know about them. And it doesn't just have to on the animatronics. ex. purple guy: and so on. or fnaf 4 boy: and so on and if the page isn't up then still send and i will bring the page up. But I want bring it up until I get messages.

    Here I will help you all understand some of the things that have been nicking at your brain while playing the FNAF games I can answer most of them but I can't promise you that…

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  • Lovingtech6043

    hey guys

    February 13, 2018 by Lovingtech6043

    at last my first website is made :-) x

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  • EnderChas

    ban stories

    February 13, 2018 by EnderChas

    Recently, I managed to cope with a permanent ban from one of my favourite wikis. As much as I saw the ban as unfair, I eventually came to grips with the fact that the admins definitely would not unban me anytime soon, or even shorten my block.

    The story behind the ban is a story the admins refuse to listen to. Anyways, I made this blog post so you guys could comment with your ban stories, and whether you accepted the ban, or protested.

    My ban was because in November me and another user (who shall not be named) quarreled over a YouTube video i had made about one of his stories. He accused me of plagarism and even when I finally deleted it, I feared he had a grudge of some sort against me so I alerted the wiki owner (who shall also not be name…

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  • Eli Mantis

    Hello, all!

    February 13, 2018 by Eli Mantis

    Hey there, fellow fans of whatever franchise! I'm new here, and though I've come to the Wikia many times for information, I've never actually made an account. So now I've decided to make one, and for anyone visiting my profile, I'd like to give you a bit of an introduction. I'm super into drawing and creating my own characters, but I also love various franchises that have always been inspirations, and I hope to help make information on those franchises as accurate as possible.

    If you want to check it out, here's my Deviantart profile:

    Thanks, and I hope I can be a positive contribution! :)

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  • Mead-1992-25

    I need to re-open this thread and I need help to unblocks my accounts on Mr. Peabody and Sherman Wiki.

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  • EnderChas

    Recently, I was permanently banned on one of my favourite wikis. I am not posting a link. I spent almost a week mourning over it, feeling bad and pleading to be unblocked or at least my block shortened. I later realised the admins definitely are not going to budge.

    I decided to do some research on wikia bans, and I saw a post saying 'How to get unblocked' so I read it through. I had apologised to the local admins, promised to change, but they still were not even considering to shorten my ban.

    So I decided to move on. There was a ton of other great FANDOM communities that would love someone like me to help contribute, and maybe in the future even to have me become an admin. So, put the past in the past, and find a new community where you quic…

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  • Snickityfox

    Tips For animal jam

    February 12, 2018 by Snickityfox

    Must know tip 1. Work your way up. many people try to cheat their way to the top and lets be honest, that doesn't really work. trading is the main example, rather than cheats and codes and hacks try actually tradeing for once. start by finding an item you want play adventures to earn prizes (hard mode return of the phantoms) and then trade those off for something you would like.

    Must know tip 2. Explore. many people don't bother exploring because they don't think theres anything too explore, well there atually is. in brady barrs building lost temple of zios there are quite a few videos on spiders snakes etc. if you find that and get the snake throne, spider web hammock and the others comment.

    Must know tip 3. ...WORK IN PROGRESS...

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  • Kitsunes97

    Hello Wikians! I'm Kitsunes97, and I would love for everyone to know about Digimon Fusion. It's a wiki about anime with English dub with no Japanese dub.

    Digimon Fusion follows Mikey Kudo, a 7th grade boy who has a strong desire to help others. One day, he hears a mysterious voice and heads into a nearby alley to find a dying Digimon, Shoutmon. His desire to help the creature causes a mysterious legendary device called the Fusion Loader to appear in front of him.

    So far there is no admin, and 227 pages on the topic, but we're growing by each episodes! The "Digimon Fusion" series is one that won't die off easily, as fans everywhere love the episodes & Freeform is absolutely showing an interest in keeping it going.

    If you take an interest in Di…

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  • Kitsunes97

    Hello Wikians! I'm Kitsunes97, and I would love for everyone to know about Digimon Frontier. It's a wiki about anime with English dub with no Japanese dub.

    Digimon Frontier follows 5 main characters merge with ancient spirits known as "Legendary Warriors" to become Digimon themselves and save Digital World from Evil Forces.

    So far there is no admin, and 83 pages on the topic, but we're growing by each episodes! The "Digimon Frontier" series is one that won't die off easily, as fans everywhere love the episodes & Freeform is absolutely showing an interest in keeping it going.

    If you take an interest in Digimon Frontier English Dub Only, feel free to stop by!

    I hope you enjoy the wiki, maybe even check out the series (unless you watch it already…

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  • Trøubled

    Getting Started

    February 11, 2018 by Trøubled

    Greetings! I am new to Community Central, and I'd just like to introduce myself. My name is Trøubled, but you can call me Ann if you'd like. I enjoy various activities such as riding my bike and using a bow to shoot arrows. I love reading and writing, and in fact; I'm a hobbyist writer. I've been reading and writing at a very young age, and I have much experience from proper terms to correct punctuation.

    • Where did you find FANDOM?

    One day while strolling along the internet, I began to have a little fun searching. Eventually, I came across FANDOM after searching for FANDOM in all caps so I could check the Wikipedia page and learn. However, I stumbled across this place! I created an account and decided to press Edit Profile. That brought me her…

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  • FreaksterDeekster


    February 11, 2018 by FreaksterDeekster

    Hey guys FreaksterDeekster here. I know for a first blog we’re talking about a scary topic. Those with depression aren’t going to get it. They don’t feel the pain We with depression do. For me personally it feels like I’m drowning. I’m screaming for help but, no one helps. It’s silly really because I hide that I’m depressed. I’m often silent when I’m screaming inside. Sick of crying, tired of trying, yes I’m smiling, but inside I’m dying. I’m supposed to be on antidepressants but I lost them. I’ve been without them for about two weeks and I feel fine. Am I really fine though? I feel empty. I either feel to much, or not enough. I’m either to clingy or I push everyone away. They just don’t get it. I can go on for weeks pretending I’m fine, b…

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  • Reiji115

    Diamond Forest

    February 11, 2018 by Reiji115

    Hace muchos años había existido un chico súper hermoso su nombre era Alan, las chicas lo amaban... a cambio los chicos lo odiaban por que sentían celos. pero ese chico era muy, muy banidos; siempre presumía su belleza y engañaba a las chicas, una noche estaba con una y a las 2 semanas ya follaba con otra, su historia no es digna de contar ya que era una persona horrible pero bueno. un día el simple mente fue a un bosque cerca de la cq en la que estaba con una chica el ya babia que le aria pero el durante las muchas veces que había entrado no conto conque en ese bosque estaban unas personas con habilidades sobre humanas, todos ellos eran The Forest. el mismo construyo una "cabaña para el amor" el mismo donde estaba con las chicas; después qu…

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  • RavenRiches

    My Trades!

    February 11, 2018 by RavenRiches

    Hello This is going to be my first post. This is a trade I got while playing Animal Jam, wasn't sure if fair but still accepted ;)

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  • Nikkii.xx


    February 10, 2018 by Nikkii.xx

    Hey, I'm Nikki, and I just made my account :))

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  • Shina.mad

    Viki vs DramaFever

    February 10, 2018 by Shina.mad

    Hace algunos días me preocupé 

     Rápido Rápido rápido ¿Cuál es la mejor application to see doramas? 


    Bueno en mi punto de vista me encanta leer manga y ver anime, pero aun así me gusta mucho más y tengo algunas dudas sobre cuál es mejor y qué más rápido que una base con mis investigaciones 


    Para mi es una de las mejores aplicaciones y la tengo en mi celular, pero me ha dado cuenta de que tiene una desventaja gigante, pero por ahora vamos a señalar sus puntos buenos: 

    ' Ventajas' (* '∪' *)

    Muchos contenidos : lo que me gusta es que siempre están sacando contenido nuevo, tanto novelas coreanas como japonesas, tailandes, chinas y hasta americanas (✧∇✧) ╯ ✧∇✧ ✧∇✧ (✧∇✧)

    Aprendizajes:  si, aprendizaje. Esta es la forma perfecta para Aquellas Person…

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  • Altered Ink!Sans


    February 10, 2018 by Altered Ink!Sans

    hi..... im Altered Ink!Sans... Call me Altered... I don't want to be called "Ink" all. got it? ok.

    Never call me Ink. Read more >
  • DangerousGrande18


    February 9, 2018 by DangerousGrande18

    As ya'll know Ariana Grande is known for her suprises, she is also known for creating the best albums known to date.Since the start of the first year Ariana has teased us a snippet  of her fourth album with the lyrics adding "You can feel it, feel it" and it also has currently deactived her (which you can no longer access). As we wait for any updated information we are left to wonder as to what to expect for the year of 2018.Dangerous Woman was a huge success and other singles as well such as "Greedy" & "Into You" some of her hit well known singles.Ariana has always been a triple threat and is known for being in the show business, since Ariana was a child she began her music career in Broadway where she has started her f…

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  • Rogue maltron

    hey fandom i have an announcement to make i shall be leaving fandom for like a month or 2 because of school next week bye everyone

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  • MacaAle


    February 9, 2018 by MacaAle

    Hey whoever you are! My name is Macarena and I, obviously, don´t live in Narnia. I´m a latina girl who loves English and loves the US, and hopes to be the best surgeon in all the freaking world.

    I intend to write reviews about basically everything you can imagine, and write my personal posts. About life, and not a very good one. First of all, I´ve got to tell you that I´m a supernatural criature fan (thats why I dedicate my life to The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, The Originals, Shadowhunters) and I love to see tv-shows or series, or however they are called. Those that have tons of episodes and make you laugh, cry, hate and fall in love.

    I´m very happy right now, and I´m feeling so positive that I want to share my positivity... just kidding. I…

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  • TimmyQuivy

    At FANDOM it is one our goals to give you, our user base, as much control over your account as possible. We provide our users scores of switches and buttons in Special:Preferences to customize your content tools, offer you the ability to add your own custom scripts, and even let you pick your own editor. We also give you easy access to the basics of account control - making sure you can change your email, set your password, and choose what emails you receive from FANDOM.

    And now today, we’re giving you the power to change your own account name. FANDOM is pleased to unveil the next step in user self-service tools: The User Rename Tool. FANDOM has offered users the ability to rename accounts since 2010, but this required staff intervention to…

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  • Shadowpaw of Blackclan

    About me

    February 8, 2018 by Shadowpaw of Blackclan


    Im Shadowpaw, of Blackclan.

    Call me Shadow.

    My real name is Giovanna, but i like to be called Shadow.

    A little about me:

    I LOVE to draw and read

    I am HOH (Hard of Hearing), i have moderate, to moderatly severe hearing loss.

    I wear Hearing aids (BTE)

    I LOVE cats

    I'm learning Chinese

    I like wearing hoodies

    I get bored easily

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  • Diesel0307

    Hello everybody of FANDOM! I am Diesel0307, and I want to share with you all this new project that I've been trying to work on. It is called the Nested Wiki. I wanted to make this because I really enjoy the browser game, Nested. It's a really great game that I believe should have more popularity due to how creative it is! And, so, I wanted you all to know about the Wiki I made about it!

    If you didn't know already, I made a Wiki for the game called Nested. Nested is a browser game made by the French progammer, who also made the game Cookie Clicker. The game itself is about clicking on tabs and exploring a randomly generated universe through text! It is very interesting so I thought I should dedicate a Wiki to it. I created the Wiki last year…

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  • PaiPaiBai


    February 8, 2018 by PaiPaiBai

    I have a black nm(non member) pirate sword so if anyone wants to offer on it please do it would very kind 


    jag me if im not online about it

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  • JustLeafy

    Hello guys. JustLeafy here and today, I'll be guiding you on Special:WikiFeatures. In that special page, there are optional features that can be added into your wiki, to enhance the wiki experience.

    There are two categories of wiki features:

    • Normal wiki features: These are the wiki features that are complete and don't expect anymore development anytime soon.
    • Labs: The wiki features in this category are still experimental or in beta.

    Note: Anybody can view Special:WikiFeatures, but only admins can toggle the switch of the features (enable or disable these features).

    • Polls: Enabled by default, it gives the user the ability to add a poll.
    • Blogs: Blogs allow users on your wiki to create their own blog posts, and it can also add the ability to add an…

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  • 24ssims


    February 7, 2018 by 24ssims

    this is my first time on fandom and im amazed it is the most wonderful thing ever and  it's so cool that evryone here likes anime as much as is do.thank fandom

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