• RiverdaleOpinions

    Riverdale: Season 1, Episode 1: The River's Edge:

    I started watching Riverdale one year after its release and by the time the first couple of seconds of the first episode started and the first mystery was unravelled I fell in love with the show. I came back from school every day very excited just to start watching the show so  I could catch up on all the episodes. The choice of characters, plot, setting and scenery was absolutely perfect. The whole show in general caught my eye straight away.


    (If you still have not seen season 1, episode 1 then do NOT continue reading!)


    When the episode starts with a new high school year it made me for some reason relate to the show. Of course a new student (Veronica Lodge) joined the…

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  • Toby Lee Rogers

    Profile Picture

    March 18, 2018 by Toby Lee Rogers

    My profile picture isn't showing up. I've reloaded the page multiple times, but it's still not showing up.

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  • Miles Dreemurr

    My fan character Ancester Miles is an ancestor of tails from that lived for 2319 years due to an incident that prevented him from aging. He is calm, not easily offended, sometimes sarcastic, and hes a good fighter and person towards people. He will tolerate other people until they disrespect or befriend Miles. He is willing to go fight and die at any price, hes slightly faster than tails running at 718 miles an hour. He has never met sonic not yet anyways, he is at least half the strength of knuckles. More about his back story, at a young age Miles had his 2 tails removed for being feared around the village he lived in, but in exchange he was granted a little more speed than he originally had which was 578 miles an hour. As a child he was …

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  • Miles Dreemurr

    This scene in Sonic X is by far the saddest moment in sonic history, when Tails finally found true love but had to lose it in a tragic way, but heres my question, WHY THE HELL HAS NO ONE BROUGHT IT UP INI RECENT YEARS. I mean sure Sonic X was questionable but really people Tails actually found someone he could be with but it was taken from him so it was short lived. After that moment Sonic and the others returned to their home world and planted one of the seeds Cosmo released(no pun intended). And the series ends, and to me it was a massive cliff hanger. For the build up for Tails and Cosmo being together in the end was completely ruined, thanks Sonic Team and 4Kids. Right now I want people to discuss this moment so SEGA can actually make …

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  • Rogue maltron


    March 17, 2018 by Rogue maltron

    this blog post has been closed

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  • Toby Lee Rogers

    So I'm Like Wondering What The achivement points are used for. What are they used for? Stupid Iphone 4! The typing is legit SLOW!

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  • TheLiveArtist

    About me 👍

    March 16, 2018 by TheLiveArtist

    Hello i am TheLiveArtist, i usually am drawing or studying, and when im not doing either of those i like to game and role-play sometimes, if you have any suggestions for me on what i should draw or a game i should play let me know by commenting on this page.


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  • MemoryAngel

    A guy named NCBall keeps vandalizing my wiki, and making new account so on do so, how do I ban them so that they can't come back under any account?

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  • Monkeyk

    Odd Username Acronyms

    March 15, 2018 by Monkeyk

    Something I've been thinking about...a lot of our users have awfully funny username acronyms. Not trying to offend anyone here, just noting them.

    KentMeetsWorld-KMW. Sounds like a radio show. :p

    PurpleIsGood-PIG. ....self explanatory. LOL!

    OrkMarine: OM. Om nom nom.

    ToaMeiko: TM. He's trademarked o3o

    Master Ceadeus 27: MC27. ...hmmmm who does that remind me of...MC..Hammer? :P

    LovelySweetDreamer: LSD. Another self explanatory one.

    Cook me Plox: CMP...hmmmm reminds me of something, can't think of it. Sounds like an explosive tho. o.o

    UkantorEX: UEX. uhh just sounds odd.

    AmberTempest: AT. At where? o.O

    I might add more later. But that's all for now.

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  • Cliffordthomas

    The Green Arrow

    March 15, 2018 by Cliffordthomas

    i world like to see a crossover with the flash where the green arrow gets thrown back in time and swaps places with robin hood and the green arrow has to keep to the story of robin hood . Robin hood ajusting to moden times for a full season working on swaping them back.

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  • Wikikinetic

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to mention that I started a Celeste Wiki (located here). This wiki's goal is to be a comprehensive database of all important information relating to the critically acclaimed game Celeste. If you have any interest in reading such a wiki, adding information to it, or just watching it grow, it exists now, so you can do any or all of those things if you feel like them! (Also, that second one—adding information—would be particularly appreciated, since the wiki is very small right now and could use a lot of help.) Anyway, just letting everyone know here. I hope that someone here will find this announcement to be useful! Wikikinetic (talk) 05:07, March 15, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Sannse

    The Diversity of FANDOM

    March 14, 2018 by Sannse

    FANDOM is a diverse and complicated community. We all have different likes, dislikes, and ideas. We also come from many different places and cultures, and are varied in race, sexuality, gender identity and many other beautiful ways.

    Most of our differences don't cause issues on wikis unless someone is involved who objects to our group. For example, age and religion don't generally have a strong influence on how someone edits on a wiki, but we have seen problems with people prejudiced against those groups. Be careful not to blame the target of attacks in such cases, and remember that a varied and interesting wiki comes from a varied and interesting community. You don't have to like everyone, or even approve of them. But that doesn't stop you…

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  • Jefryddyyss

    Hola todos!

    March 14, 2018 by Jefryddyyss

    Espero que a todos les agrade tener una nueva persona aqui , quiero agregar que estare al penddiente de todo lo que sepa del juego para ayudarles a actualizar la pagina lo mas posible en el menor tiempo, tambien les informare sobre nuevas funciones , avatares y de nuevas novedades , como ya lo mencione antes , en el menor tiempo posible , incluyendo las traducciones de ciertas cosas y de todo lo que pueda. yo espero que podamos llevarnos ben todos y de unos a otros tratarnos con respeto. Y eso es todo , nos blogueamos luego.

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  • Laclale


    March 13, 2018 by Laclale

    Wiki Love Badges is cuttently needs steakes.

    But think about it. There are people who can not edit it even if you want to edit every day in the world ... with consecutive dates.

    I want people like that to get Wiki Love Badges.

    If you aglee, please comment.

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  • TheAmazingCrafter

    Please check out my wiki, Vehicles Around the World Wiki! I need people to make and edit pages about many vehicles, such as cars, trailers, and more! Plus, I am looking for a couple of admins, so you can be an admin!

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  • Bbcsherlockian

    I haven't been using Wiki much lately, but I found a welcomed alternative to the Wiki iPad app.

    I will continue to use the desktop version of Fandom, though.

    It's called Amino, and it was mentioned by the Cartoon Universe channel in one of their Miraculous Ladybug videos.

    It feels a little bit like Tumblr except the fandom are more fluid and it's easier to find the posts you like because they are chronological and under an Fandom Amino named by Show/Book/etc.

    I love that you can join however many Aminos fandomscas you like and you can have a different feed, background, image gallery,username and Profile for each one despite having one account.

    Come say Hi if you are thinking of Joining or have an Account already. My username is Le Talkatif Cha…

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  • TickleMeTeal

    Hello, it's Teal again and welcome to another blog.

    I'm going to talk about a serious issue that's effecting everyone, fan shaming!

    But what is fan shaming? Well fan shaming is something mistreatment and bullying just for enjoying something. Fan shaming is normally accepted as bullying, but in a lot of book and anti bullying websites, enjoying something is not included in the defence of race, religion, sexuality, weight, height, face sculpture, gender and ethnicity. Maybe we should add opinion to the list.

    Fan shaming can come from both haters or other fans. Some haters may bully people for being a fan of a franchise they don't like. Here's a scenario to explain what I mean. Rosie the Cat really likes Anime. Her favourite anime is Lucky Star,…

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  • Luna spy


    March 10, 2018 by Luna spy

    I'm Luna I speak English and French I play games like Tf2 and other games but I do love playing with new people my favorite class is Spy I hope this was enough information about me.

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  • TickleMeTeal

    As an Animal Crossing fan, I am perfectly fine with Animal Crossing haters. The haters have every right to hate Animal Crossing. Unless your MysteryMeister101 the founder of Animal Crossing Lets hate this game. This Anti Animal Crossing wiki is a prime example of how to be an Animal Crossing hater without being a total dick. This wiki should be taken down not because it's anti Animal Crossing. Because it's there to chase Animal Crossing fans away from the game.

    The founder encourages other haters to spread misinformation about the game and hate all Animal Crossing fans, because the founder claims that female Animal Crossing haters self harm because of the game's existence with no proof to back it up.

    The founder is totally against Animal Cro…

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  • Alwaysmore2hear

    Adoption Advice

    March 9, 2018 by Alwaysmore2hear

    So you’ve recently started editing on a wiki about a topic that interests you, and you’ve decided that you’d like to take the next step and become an admin. If there are active bureaucrats, you may be able to simply contact one of them and state your desire to become an admin. But what do you do if there are no active bureaucrats or administrators? If you’re eligible, you can adopt the wiki.

    Adopting a wiki means that you are given bureaucrat and administrator rights to help you improve the wiki and its community. With these rights, you can customize the wiki’s appearance, delete spam, block vandals, and give admin rights to other editors in the community.

    A wiki with no active bureaucrats or admins (no edits in the last 60 days) is eligible…

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  • Breanna Wirth

    About Me

    March 8, 2018 by Breanna Wirth
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  • MewMewKitten


    March 7, 2018 by MewMewKitten

    in my wiki, i want to move an article to one of the one of the things in the drop down menus. I don't know how to move it. Can somebody give me steps how to move an article?

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  • Steinsplitter

    Hi Friends,

    COme on over to share photos on Wikimedia Commons! It is a huge collection of 45 million files currently in the public domain. It means that each and everyone of the files can be used greatly in any situation. That means, you can use it as your desktop background, use it in ads, music, or anything you want. Best of all its free! Come over and share what ever you feel like. We have plenty of needed items, and you're the key to the completion of the goals. Help us on this great project Thank you.

    If you got any questions, ask them here.

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  • 12318549ntuckd


    March 7, 2018 by 12318549ntuckd

    Treat people how you want to be treated

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  • Betterfly2006

    A Clan Awakens

    March 5, 2018 by Betterfly2006

               Hello as you can see I've been alittle doutful in my clan ( Swallowclan Bananabus17 ) some times I feel like and outsider, others , I feel like no one listens to me. That's ok though! I've JUST been told that most people don't like me in the clan because I'm annoying. I do see that and the reason why this is, is probally I get into people's buiness, talk to much, and e.t.c .

               I probally have been thinking this for a while and, probally by the end of this year I WILL get kicked out of the clan. :( It's fine most people proballt won't miss me except Dialloge, Idave, Spottedleaf, Yellowfang241, nvm i realized i have alot of friends.

               Hopefully Derpy85 will let me stay even though ( I'm being honest right now ) I'm…

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    Hello, I am the founder of the Best Music and Songs Wiki, a wiki about posting why you like certain songs, albums and music artists!

    Me and the few users we have, have been working on new pages. We are currently looking for new editors to join, who would like to start posting why they like certain songs, albums and music artists!

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  • RainTheFan-Person

    Heya there!

    I'm Rain, and today I'll be writing about a new wiki, the Legends of Zelda AU wiki!

    This wiki was made for people to share their creations of LoZ AUs and see other people's creations. If you're a Zelda fan, you'll definitely want to join it so that you can be creative and come up with your own AUs!

    We already have 1 AU on the wiki, and we'd love to add more very soon!

    Thanks for reading and we hope this'll get you interested in making an AU!

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  • Aimanjaafar

    Lucifer S03 E15

    March 5, 2018 by Aimanjaafar

    The last scene was very dramatic when Lucifer invited Chloe to the prom she never had. It was one of the most romantci scenes of the series so far. They were so close to kissing but they never did. I always wonder why is it so hard for them to be together even though they were meant to meet up in real life.

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  • TrumpetofTheSwan

    I know there are already a few out there, but my wiki divides the show into three eras, So if you are a die-hard fan for only one of the eras (Classic Spongebob, am I right?) and refuse to recognize the others as the same show,  then you can just enjoy reading about that one era and not have to think about how Modern Spongbob decimated the show. If you do wander into that section and get horribly depressed, however, you can always cheer yourself up by reading about Postmodern Spongebob.

    So, this isn't a hate-fest for everything after the movie. There's definitely room for those who see something in Modern Spongebob. It's not for me, but it is part of the show whether I like it or not, and should be documented by someone. The bottom line is …

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  • Valentin girl

    This blog post is for promoting as well as searching for fans of this special game play. 

    Hello there, . I was inspecting you.

    Have trouble remembering how you came here? Well, let me easse your mind. You were in your quiet comfortable home, when all of the sudden you hear a knock on the door. You go to the doors and open them. The person that you have saw, was a pig wearing a green wig. He then sprayed your face with somniferous and put you in a bag. Now, you are here.

    What? You will call your lawyers?  Well you can if you like, but.... there isn't any signal here. And no Wi-Fi either. (Manical laugh)

    Do you really think I am Ronald McDonald?  No, I am not. My name is Pigsaw. I describe myself as a very handsome puppet, and a extreme crazy psy…

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  • Xiao sharon


    March 4, 2018 by Xiao sharon

    i am sharon do add me as friend i am friendly,kindness ,helpful and please add me in facebook my  name is sharonchanhuiling  thank you for adding me  and follow me in intstgram chan94 live

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  • Banana32

    Hello everyone! 

    As many of you may know, a wiki was recently founded in the hopes that anyone who has ever had an interesting dream may be able to share it with people who are passionate about others' dreams. It is known as the dreamy wiki. 

    Background information time! The wiki was founded on February 24, 2018, by MemoryAngel. He has promoted the wiki quite a few times, however it is still in need of more users so they can share their dreams. Even if you only have a few interesting dreams, I encourage you to post about them if you have the time. Anyway, since the founding of the wiki, Memory has appointed a bureaucrat and admin (me), two other admins, and a content moderator. At least three other users have already edited, and the wiki is …

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  • AratashiKun

    Hello, AratashiKun here. And I'm looking for someone to take over moderation positions on the following wikis: Bokutachi wa Benkyō ga Dekinai, Chuuko Demo Koi ga Shitai!, and Criminale!. It is highly recommended that you are familiar with and are interested in these series'. Those who are wishing to take over such positions, it's simple: reply to this blog post. Thanks for reading.

    RinAratashi (talk) 06:27, March 3, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Brackenstem

    Warrior cats ocs

    March 3, 2018 by Brackenstem

    I have quite alot of warrior cats ocs, but ill only tell a few. Nightshade, A black she-cat with grey stripes and spots and yellow eyes. Clovergaze, Ginger tom with darker orange belly, muzzle and eyespots and dark green eyes. Mudfoot, white she-cat with a brown muzzle, feet and blue eyes. Twistedcry, a ginger she-cat with brown stripes, muzzle and belly, green eyes, many scars, a torn ear and a clawed eye. Badgerstripe, black tom with a white stripe going down his back. I might make more of these but this is it for now.

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  • Banana32

    Spirit Halloween Wiki

    March 3, 2018 by Banana32


    I am just going to warn you, if you dislike anything even mildly frightening, you ought to leave now.

    For anyone who does not want to waste time reading all this information, here is the link to the wiki:, however, just to be clear, the main page is currently being cleaned up, so it may be best to just ignore the red link and half-slider for now. There is a poll, however, so make sure to vote!

    How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing well! :)

    Anyway, for anyone still reading, have you ever heard of a certain Halloween store known as Spirit Halloween? If you have not, I suggest watching one of their many eerie videos, and you'll get the idea:…

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  • EeveeGamer1

    About me

    March 2, 2018 by EeveeGamer1

    Hello I am Eve im a girl who loves fnaf,undertale,batim,and more. I have some depression and my enemy is Maggie Parrot.

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  • Indiaesmaralda

    full name: India Esmaralda Christiansen

    other names: esmaralda princess esamaralda (by anna) smaralda (by nicklas) women human  

    favorite food: spaghetti bolognaise

    personality: cute slender talkativity inventive

    alignment: good/neutral 

    appearance: chocolate brown red hair brown eyes slender tan skin

    occupation: school 

    goal: to find her mom 

    home: copenhagen (formely) solroed

    relatives: majbritt (mother) bent (father) joergen (uncle) lisbeth (aunt) nicolas (uncle deceased) britta (grandmother)

    eric (grandfather) goerrild (greatgrandmother deceased) edel (greatgrandmother) lars (great-greatgrandfather)

    karl (greatgrandfather) 

    pets: amigo (dog) mie (cat deceased) kitty (cat) 

    allies: emmalie sabrina oliver 

    enemies: nicklas rasmus rita 

    likes: chocolate …

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  • Shyy16

    first blog

    March 2, 2018 by Shyy16

    Hello, people of the internet welcome to my fandom page! Sorry but I won't be making pages but I will try anytime I can. And that is all I have for you guys byeeeeeee!

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  • MemoryAngel


    I'm Memory, the founder of the "Dreamy Wiki", a wiki about posting your dreams (and nightmares) with the world!.

    Me and the few admins we have, are currently working on making the wiki look good, aswell as adding some of the dreams we've had lately, and in the last few months. We are currently looking for new editors to join, who would like to start posting their dreams!.

    The wiki URL is

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  • Brandon Rhea

    FANDOM's video offerings have grown tremendously in the last year. Last May we began introducing Featured Videos to high traffic wiki pages, and our Studio Video team is producing a slate of editorial and original video programming, such as the recently-launched first episode of FANDOM News. The growing video program at FANDOM continues to position the site as a top destination for audiences seeking more knowledge and depth about their favorite fandoms.

    To bring video to an even wider audience, we are excited to announce the launch of the new FANDOM Video home page. This new page provides fans with a go-to destination for the diverse range of video content FANDOM has to offer. The kinds of video you can find on the new destination range fro…

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  • Sannse

    Your First 50 Pages

    February 27, 2018 by Sannse

    I mentioned recently that one of the first things to do on a new wiki is start writing pages. For design help we ask that you have at least 50 pages on the wiki, and that's a good number to aim for. But 50 is a big number! How are you going to get there when all you have is a blank wiki?

    The key thing is to get started. Don't let the task overwhelm you, just pick a place to start and get that one thing done, followed by the next one thing, and then the next. It's much easier to write in bite-sized pieces rather than trying to take on too much too soon.

    The main page of any wiki is a critical one. It's your doorway into your wiki and making it interesting, attractive, and easy to use is an important early task. Of course, you aren't going to ha…

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  • ThegreatPapi

    Undertale DS??

    February 27, 2018 by ThegreatPapi

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  • Toby Lee Rogers

    The Hisekii Wiki

    February 26, 2018 by Toby Lee Rogers

    I Have Created A Wiki Called Hisekii Wiki. It Is Currently In Process Of Being Made. So Far, I Only Have 5 Pages. I Am Still New To Creating A Wiki. Please Come Check It Out And Leave A Feedback Of The Wiki On My Profile! 

    My Message Wall

    Wiki Link:


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  • Moonlight2039
    1.  Think of a Dragon type like Seawing or Rainwing
    2. Decide if you want any special things about your character, hybrid, more speed,e.t.c
    3. If you decide to be an animus with no parents and can never lose his/her soul, your probably going to far....
    4. Once you have decided what kind of dragon, special abilities, parents,e.t.c, think of a name
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  • Adobeygo

    Hello, I am adobeygo, a fan of Wiki and wiki related community. I would like to introduce the upcoming wiki page for Wonderful Island. I am trying to create a brand new Wonderful Island wiki project so as to help more people to know anything about this term.

    Wonderful Island is a farming simulation game like Hay Day. The old master left this island to you before he died. He thought only you could make the island more prosperous and famous. In Wonderful Island, you can plant crops, raise animals and sell products to other players for more gold to develop your island. 

    I will name my wiki as Wonderful Island Wiki later. And my wiki page will mainly focus on the following part:

    • What is Wonderful Island?
    • All features shared by Wonderful Island
    • Wond…
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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    Which Editor?

    February 25, 2018 by TheGoldenPatrik1

    There are three main Editors on FANDOM. Each has unique features, advantages, and disadvantages, but which one is the best? This blog will explain both what the different editors are and which is (arguably) the best.

    The first editor is VisualEditor. Enabled by default, it lets users add content, formatting, and images easily and is by far the simplest to use. It also has a "source" mode, although this lacks syntax highlighting.

    • Extremely easy to use.
    • Displays what the page will look like when you publish it.
    • Can result in poor formatting.
    • Can result in sloppy code.
    • Is inefficient at adding, removing, and editing Templates.
    • Does not work well for easy removal and addition of Categories.
    • Loads slowly.
    • Does not support easy cop…

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  • MandyMeepo


    February 25, 2018 by MandyMeepo

    Hello, I am new here. I hope. I hope this is a safe place to be in. I hope.......

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  • Gangster Nobita X

    New VSTF member

    February 25, 2018 by Gangster Nobita X

    Good day everyone, Today I am volunteering and being chosen to be a new member since 2015 I have been around Wikia for almost 3 years. But first I must discuss with the current VSTF and the staff before I can be invited.

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  • Owendaboss

    I just joined

    February 25, 2018 by Owendaboss


    This is speciffically for Tyce but anyone can read it. I just joined fandom and i feel like this is going to be really fun making characters with my friends.

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  • MemoryAngel

    The Dreamy Wikia

    February 24, 2018 by MemoryAngel

    Hi!, I just wanted to tell you guys and gals' about a wikia I just made, it's called the Dreamy Wiki.

    It's pretty much about sharing your dreams with the world (the kind you get when you're asleep). Everyone can talk about dreams they once had, and dreams they just had. Why should you come on and edit on the wiki? Well.. Uhh well if I can get this going, then you can read about other people's dreams, and write about your own! (may sound lame, but c'mon, dreams are always fun to talk about :) ).

    So yeah, that's what it is.. Come check it out!


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