• Starrblade1983


    December 17, 2017 by Starrblade1983

    This is the first holiday without my grandmother, it is so hard for our family knowing she is in heaven watching down on us.

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  • Zacadoodl1200

    Hi I am new

    December 16, 2017 by Zacadoodl1200

    Hi my name is Zacadoodl1200 and I am new

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  • Mead-April-Dufour

    I have to reply users's message wall, edit pages and upload images and videos but it was blocked by WinslowOddballs456, i needs to contacts him. What will i do?

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  • ShatteredMirrors

    A Warm Welcoming

    December 15, 2017 by ShatteredMirrors

    Happy holidays! I'd just like to introduce myself, because I am new to this Wiki, nonetheless I am new to FANDOM! Now, let's start with a simple introduction.

    Hello, my name is Ana, but you can call me Mirrors if you'd like. I am a newfound female artist looking forward to set my introvert and social awkwardness aside and come out and chat with people. I've been on the internet for at least a solid 5 years, and I'm looking to expand that! I have many goals and wishes that I would like to complete, but I can't do it without you.  I hope you can help me on this journey to really become a part of the internet, and it can start with a simple welcome.

    Some of my likes include:

    • Candy/Any form of dark chocolate
    • Nature
    • Cats
    • Video games
    • Meat (I would neve…

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  • GalaxyGirlGigi

    Hi! I am Gigi! I had a lot of adventures in my life. I also went through hard times. First, My divorce view, my mom left my dad because he always loved my grandma and grandpa more than my mom so she had to take us away from him. I still visited him until I was nine, but I never see him anymore because when I was nine, he got married. I always thought it was my fault but, it wasn’t. When I was going through a hard time, I was a little lonely when my brother went to see my dad, so I got my husky, Ben. My mom, Tammy, let me have him because she saw I was sad with no friends. Now, Ben is my loyal dog.

    Next in my life, My trip to Vietnam:

    I went to Vietnam at the beginning of 2017. It is super hot there when it doesn’t rain and it is a little …
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  • Kitsunes97

    Hello Wikians! I'm Kitsunes97, and I would love for everyone to know about Natsume Yuujinchou Wiki. It's a wiki about manga/anime. They deserve more help like popular manga/anime wiki: Naruto Wiki, Black Butler Wiki, Blue Exorcist Wiki. It is popular manga/anime that every fan ever seen and very beautiful manga/anime.

    It follows Takashi Natsume, an orphaned teenage boy who can see spirits, who inherits from his grandmother the notebook she used to bind spirits under her control and he meet powerful yokai Madara, who he calls "Nyanko-sensei" or sometimes simply "sensei," promising him possession of the Book of Friends once he is dead.

    So far there is two admin, and 639 pages on the topic, but we're growing by each characters! The "Natsume Yuu…

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  • Kitsunes97

    Hello Wikians! I'm Kitsunes97, and I would love for everyone to know about Kamisama Hajimemashita Wiki It's a wiki about manga/anime. They deserve more help like popular manga/anime wiki: Naruto Wiki, Soul Eater Wiki, Blue Exorcist Wiki.

    It follows human girl gets kicked out of her apartment by the debt collectors and is now homeless. She meets a strange man hanging from a tree because he is being chased by a dog. After saving him from the dog, she learns that the man's name is Mikage. Upon learning about Nanami's current situation, in a perfect example of how good deeds are rewarded, he gives her his home as a token of his gratitude. She accepts the offer because she is homeless. When Nanami arrives at Mikage's home, she is shocked to see …

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  • Kitsunes97

    Hello Wikians! I'm Kitsunes97, and I would love for everyone to know about Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Wiki It's a wiki about manga/anime. They deserve more help like popular anime/manga wiki: Soul Eater Wiki, Naruto Wiki and Black Butler. It is comedy manga/anime and have dragons.

    It follows office worker Kobayashi gets ready for work, she is greeted by a large dragon right outside her front door. The dragon immediately transforms into a young human female in a maid outfit, and introduces herself as Tohru.

    So far there is two admin, and 119 pages on the topic, but we're growing by each characters! The "Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon" is one that won't die off easily, as fans everywhere love characters & Freeform is absolutely showing…

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  • Kitsunes97

    Hello Wikians! I'm Kitsunes97, and I would love for everyone to know about Sony Pictures Animation Wiki It's a wiki about Sony Pictures Animation movies. They deserve more help like wiki: Dreamworks Wiki and Disney Wiki.

    Sony Pictures Animation have best and upcoming movies: Open Season, Surf's Up, Hotel Transylvania, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Smurfs, Goosebumps, The Star.

    It have 692 pages on the topic, but we're growing by each characters! The "Sony Pictures Animation" is one that won't die off easily, as fans everywhere love characters & Freeform is absolutely showing an interest in keeping it going.

    If you take an interest in Sony Pictures Animation, feel free to stop by!

    I hope you enjoy the wiki, maybe even check out the seri…

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  • TheWearyandHeavyLaden

    Hi there! I'm your fellow Wikian user, TheWearyandHeavyLaden. I created a new Wiki called Cybersix Fandom Wiki a few days ago, it is meant to compliment its sister Wiki, the unofficial Cybersix Wiki. Its still fairly new and I'm working on the bones of it first, however, I hope some fans will add more content and contribute to the community.

    Cybersix was a popular 1992 comic book series, it was adapted into a poorly-received 1995 live-action television series, and adapted once again as a well-received 1999 animated television series.

    It follows the titular character of Cybersix who is part of the Cyber Series, they are genetically-engineered super soldiers created to take over the world through force. However as the young children grew they …

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  • Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls

    Being blocked is most often a disadvantage because it blocks access to things. You really need to take the time to make sure it doesn't happen again once it expires because no one wants a record. But let's say you have been blocked. "How do I deal with this?" "What do I do that corrupt madmin who did this heinous act?!" "How will I live?" Eh, this blog answers that. It's in the title. Was probably gonna mention it.

    • If you've been blocked for a finite amount of time, I suggest waiting until that time expires and maybe using that time to refresh on the rules of that wiki to make sure you don't get yourself blocked again.
    • Do NOT make another account. This is a violation of the Terms of Use. That account will also be blocked for an infinite amou…

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  • JustLeafy

    Hey guys, my name is JustLeafy, and I am going to promote and advertise about my wiki.

    JustLeafy's Wiki is a wiki that contains my fictional content and my code, such as CSS, JS and templates, all either produced, collaboratively produced or suggested by me. It also features minigames, and sections for code help for my templates/CSS/JS.

    I have made a lot of fictional content in my head, and the amount of articles about the fictional content in is not even 1/5, meaning that a lot more fictional content will come in the future!

    The goal of this wiki is to gain views and make people interested, fascinated, entertained and amazed by my content. I would like to share my originality and creativity to others, to prove that I have at least a certain …

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  • Nerfmaster8

    How to spot a troll

    December 13, 2017 by Nerfmaster8

    Many times we all have to face the daunting task of a disruptive user that will not leave a wiki community alone whom repeatedly returns and abuses open proxies. The biggest questions of all are: What should you do?, What to do if you screw up tactics wise & How to recover?, How to regain control of the situation as it nears obvious signs of spinning out of control?

    To answer the first question: What should you do? If you have properly warned and then followed up with a block, just ignore the user. Revert their actions if they return and block for evasion. If the user harasses at CC, notify the CC team otherwise inform Fandom staff of cross wiki harassment with links to relevant threads. The most important is don't fall for bait, do not res…

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  • Shiki-Akiyama


    December 12, 2017 by Shiki-Akiyama

    Glad to be here on wiki. I can't wait to check out the work of others and start on my own projects.

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  • JoePlay

    Creating Your Wiki’s Design

    December 12, 2017 by JoePlay

    In my previous blog post, I described the process of requesting assistance from FANDOM staff to help with your wiki’s appearance. This time, I want to talk about customizing your wiki’s theme yourself.

    I’ll start with the question: What exactly is the theme, and why would you want to customize it yourself? Simply put, your wiki’s theme is its overall appearance, from the background image and wordmark to smaller things like the color of buttons and text links. One main reason to do it yourself is knowing that you have control of many aspects of your wiki’s appearance and can change or tweak things whenever you want.

    First and foremost, you want to ensure that every visual detail of your wiki accurately and appropriately represents your communi…

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  • ThePhoenixGhirl

    Toram Online Wiki

    December 12, 2017 by ThePhoenixGhirl

    Long ago an earthquake, known as the cataclysm, started to pull the world apart. In a hurried attempt, the 12 gods used their power to bring the world back together. However, the world was not the same. After the nations where destroyed the Four Tribes formed four groups.

    900 years later, when monsters start to roam the land, a young adventurer (the player) came to the world. This adventurer would meet many people, go on exciting adventures and fight an unknown evil that is ever-growing behind the scenes

    Toram Online is one of the best mobile MMORPGs available. With stunning graphics, a unique 'skill' system, hundreds of players online 24/7, thousands of different character design options and an intriguing story, it's hard to find a better g…

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  • SonicKnucklesFan92

    Hello everyone, SKF here! So recently I emailed the fandom contacts and I asked if I can have a wiki that I made for someone, but now I find it pointless now, so I asked if I can have it deleted completely, poof, gone, like it never existed! But I got a reply back, saying I can put it up for adoption... Here's the problem. The wiki is only and only with that person, I can't picture it be adopted by another person who doesn't know anything. It's original based that needs to be erased. What if I made a wiki with a typo or it should be taken down completely.

    I just want it completely shut down, dead. Is all. The user I made the wiki for, is a dangerous unstable person I met, and I want to erase what I did for him. Now it's not worth keeping up…

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  • Baka As I'll Ever Be


    December 12, 2017 by Baka As I'll Ever Be


    If you are reading this I'm so glad I caught your eye!

    I am a fellow Sushi that just started this new website. 

    The reason that I started this website is because:

    1. I was bored

    2. It caught my eye

    3. I wanna make friends T.T

    Tbh all I want from this website is to make friends becuz I wanna grab peoples attention, no I don't want popularity and I don't mind if I get it I just wanna tell stories about my life and also talk about some shows or some animes etc.

    So I wanna begin with the basic

    Some people ask me "Yo Sushi, Sushi.Why is your name 'Sushi'?

    The answer is simple: I love, LOVE sushi.

    The first time I tasted Sushi, my mind exploded and I was like "Holy shit...This is delicious!" Sushi is by far my favorite food.

    I also want my blogs to b…

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  • Poke82

    Net Neutrality Danger

    December 12, 2017 by Poke82

    Hello FANDOM, if you're reading this than you should know that you site is in danger.

    The new FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, plan to roll back the rules of Internet Freedom and give big cable companies the power to control what we see, and post what we post.

    You must stop that cock before it's too late. To save Net Neutrality, go to and join an online protest.

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  • HellsingAdvocate

    So, I guess I have a blog now. 

    I'm a really opinionated person, so finding things to write on here won't be an issue, but I never thought I'd be running one of thse. It never seemed like something I would do, but I kinda like the idea.

    Anyway, some things you should know about me going foreward.

    • I study Psychiatry. I want to get my doctorate someday, because psychiatric science is my lifes' passion. It feels incredible to learn how the mind functions.
    • I sometimes draw porn.
    • I'm as queer as they come. Trans Nonbinary, Pansexual, a rainbow glitter soaked nerd.
    • I'm mentally ill, Autistic, and diabetic, so my body is kinda fucked up.

    So yeah, that's the important stuff. You'll learn more about me the more I post.

    See ya around.

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  • GalaxyRosie117

    Arctic Fox craze

    December 11, 2017 by GalaxyRosie117

    Is it just me or are you excited about Arctic Foxes coming to Jamaa in Play Wild!?

    Arctic Foxes are only on animal and my friend recently got three free animals! Become a member now and you will get

    1. Arctic Fox

    2. Snow Leopard

    3. Arctic Wolf

    He also got an ice armour! Maybe it was free or just an unopened promo..

    Anyway stay tuned for Arctic Foxes in Play Wild! Bye now and Jam on!

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  • Ursuul

    Smart Templates: Categories

    December 11, 2017 by Ursuul

    Do you hate manually adding categories to your articles? Do you dislike even bothering with categories at all, but still need them to organize your pages? Sit down, then, because with a bit of work you can make such tasks a thing of the past.

    MediaWiki software has tons of intuitive functions built in to every Wikia that you can use to program your templates to do everything for you. We will look specifically at how they can be used with your templates to make them categorize pages for you.

    The best templates for this are templates that are used on many pages & have many parameters; Infoboxes typically. For example, if you have an Infobox that is used on all pages that are “tanks,” & you are trying to organize tank pages by their rank, then …

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  • GameGirl3603

    This is me~!

    December 10, 2017 by GameGirl3603

    This is me. I love internet, gaming,and star wars! DONT JUDGE! I hate spelling PERIOD! welp... I don't care if this was a short blog. WAIT! quick edvise if you like some one...JUST DO IT! PEACE!

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  • Qubit2222


    December 10, 2017 by Qubit2222

    On Wii Sports Wiki, a user named Blaze Bro. was inserting false information and harassing me. I blocked him, but he created a second account called MamaKrabs86 and did the exact same thing. I blocked him again, but I know that he's just going to create more accounts and screw up the wiki even more. WHAT DO I DO?

    (any suggestions would be great)

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  • Danknoodles


    December 10, 2017 by Danknoodles

    Hello all you people is I danknoodles. Yes I came up with the username myself, Any way I am a huge saw movie loving 15 year old and hope I can continue this blog 

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  • 867239

    |origen = Estados Unidos de América |año = 2014 }} Hi everyone. Here I have a dubbing proposal so that The Dubbing Fan publish it in Doblaje Wiki, dor my birthday N° 18, I'm years old in December 11. Please I thank you to the users who participate in Doblaje Wiki.

    Note: The Infobox hidden the description and images, you can watch in edit, Thank you.

    Imagen Personaje Actor de voz original Actor de doblaje
    Henry Richard Gere Víctor Trujillo
    Jack Austin Williams José Antonio Toledano
    Babe Ruth Chazz Palminteri Herman López
    Cindy Henry Cyndi Lauper Cecilia Suárez
    Dr. Acosta Danny Aiello Arturo Mercado
    Lefty Gomez Luis Guzman Ricardo Hill
    Thurman Munson Paul Simon Francisco Céspedes
    Madre de Jack Lucie Arnaz Cony Madera
    Padre de Jack Joseph Gian R…

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  • Smitten29 Au

    YouTube uploads

    December 9, 2017 by Smitten29 Au

    Hey guys, Smitty here! So this my Youtube uploads blog, so I hope ye enjoy!

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  • AngelPlaysRoblox

    Yep! I had my b day party on ROBLOX. Jeez. Hardest thing I have ever done! Gave me head aches to! But here is a reflection of what I did at my party and the process.

    It started off that I wanted to celebrate my birthday on ROBLOX because I just really wanted to host something xD.

    I decided my theme was going to be “BallRoom” but. Even tho I am a dev I said to myself I could never make a ballroom :/. So I got a dev now these people told me oh we will make it for free! I was super happy 😊.

    Couple days later I am asking this person to make the game...she says she is busy. Ok I say. Then it has now been a week and I feel like I should not trust her. So. I try to make my own game. I am so happy I did coz I joined a game she was on and she and gues…

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  • Tyjanee12

    DNA criminal justice

    December 8, 2017 by Tyjanee12

    DNA:deoxyribonucleic acid,a self-replicating material present in nearly all living things organisims as the main constituent of chromosomes.DNA is the carrier of genetic information

    DNA be use for different things like criminal justice to help solve crimes.DNA made it's way in court in 1986.police in England asked molecular biologist Alec jeffreys,who had begun investigating the use of DNA for forensics,to use DNA to vertify the confession of a 17 year old boy in two rape murders in the English Midlands.Crime scene be linked to other crime scenes the use of DNA.In criminal cases obtaining samples from crime scene evidence extracting the DNA and analyzing it for the presence of a set.

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  • IsaiahScribblenauts

    Hello! I'm still working with my new Wiki, link Brofist Media. It is a Wiki for gathering information about the Outerminds game, Pewdiepie: Legend of the Brofist.

    I am still awaiting players who know the game from left to right to help out in a way and grow the wiki.

    It is already sprouting, but it requires more visitors and editors to keep the wiki growing. So please join!

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  • Faith232

    Overwatch Review

    December 8, 2017 by Faith232

    Hi! I am going to be writing my personal opinion on a video game called Overwatch. I LOVE this game. It is so fun for me to play. I pretty much play every day. My mains are, Soldier 76, Sombra, Junkrat, Tracer. Baston, and sometimes Mercy. My favorite is D.VA. I would deffinetly recommend this game to everyone. This game is so fun and still expanding. If you dont agree with me that is ok because my writing and my blogs are all about my opinions. This is my first blog so sorry if I suck. Sorry for my spelling as well. Bye!

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  • Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls

    We are all aware of the achievements. You know the badges you get for edits somewhat? It used to be in the wiki features. Now, you have to bribe-I mean ask Staff to enable them. So why should you or should you not use badges?

    • Editor morale - Hence the name, achievements can give one a sense of achievement and a badge can show dedication hence improving the editor's morale.
    • Improved community - If there's a reward, some may want to start editing and it might even be able to grow your wiki.
    • Competition - As opposed to competing for who has the highest editcount, hence causing cheats by userpages, you can have competition for who's on the leaderboard and usually badges are given for mainspace edits.

    • Cheating - Cheating for badges can be an issue …

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  • Justanotherherorpg

    New programmer

    December 7, 2017 by Justanotherherorpg

    ello! I'm Nuke (Well that's my main name)

    And I'm a new programmer, and this is my first game ever so I am in need of many new items, sprites and other suchs things. Every so often (However long that maybe that'll be up to time) i'll post a few Photos, Videos and other forms of visible content however that takes time and games are no exceptions this is mainly due to school and how i'm a solo developer so I don't have a lot of time out of my day to continuously program codes.

    I also will follow others any term of service you guys may provide, and i'll be following my rules from here on out  (This is not for you but rather for myself)

    1. Always follow this site's (Fandom) rules and terms of service, while also following other creators (You in a…

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  • Sims4girl

    Nice to meet you!

    December 7, 2017 by Sims4girl

    Sims 4 how do I promote my sim? I mean he/she works really hard and I don't know why I can't just get a promotion! This is how:

    1st- CTRL+SHIFT+C

    'What does that do?' IT opens up the 'cheat' console so you can well, cheat.

    2nd type in- careers.promote (Example: careers.promote Doctor)

    3rd- Hit enter

    YAY! Your sim is now the top of it's career, time to go party!

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  • Pandora-senpai


    December 7, 2017 by Pandora-senpai

    Pandora es mi nuevo proyecto como escritora aunque por el momento no lo he publicado, en estos momentos estoy trabajando en el borrador aunque tengo en mente muchas ideas que podrían poner en marcha la historia

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  • JoePlay

    ]] Do you want your wiki to look great, but aren’t sure how to make it really shine? At FANDOM, we’re committed to improving the experience of creating and managing a wiki. Part of that support is offering expert help to wikis. I’ve been working on wikis for over 10 years, and I'm your go-to person for reviewing and fulfilling requests for design help.

    In addition to helping with custom backgrounds, wordmarks, favicons, and redesigning home pages, I am happy to help with the more technical aspects, such as templates and CSS.

    How to submit a request

    If you are an admin of the wiki, first look over the best practices. To receive help, your wiki needs a minimum of 50 pages, a category structure with no uncategorized pages, and a few other requir…

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  • Bskr100

    The 100

    December 7, 2017 by Bskr100
    The 100 is a post-apocalyptic drama televion series.My favorite series.I think ıt's mysterious,different and interesting because ıt science fiction serious.My favorite character is CLARKE.She is clever,beautiful,merciful,protector.She has got yellow hair,blue eyes,long eyelash.My least favorite character Finn.He is very poussoir.Already he died.
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  • HorrorGameLover

    Hello People

    December 7, 2017 by HorrorGameLover

    I am new to Fandom and I just want to introduce myself to everyone! I love horror games like Five Nights At Freddy’s and Bendy And The Ink Machine. I also love playing any game that looks like Minecraft, including Minecraft itself! I am really nice to people and animals of all kinds. I don’t care that much about politics right now. I also play games like Animal Jam and Club Penguin. I play on Xbox, computer, and phone. I will post things like this as much as I can. I am starting to learn my way around Fandom. I will call this the Wiki site a lot!

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  • Savewolf the angel of death

    hi everyone my name is norma but you can call me savewolf i'm 29 years old i live in cherry hill west nj  i found this place while looking for people that love earth final conflict season 5  my faevorite characters are howlyn and renee palmer i wish they had been paired up i am looking for people to rolep lay in yahoo facebook imvu or even in any other place they might think of i would love to roleplay using my own made up character and pairing her with either juda ( fem slash) gren or howlyn i would like to make friends or  anything i am currently singel but looking im bisexual but i would like to meet that special someone weather male or female i write here to express myself without been judged or pytied i wish to make friends and more a…

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  • Swarmqueen

    my favorite songs

    December 7, 2017 by Swarmqueen

    my fav songs:

    and that is, it

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  • PurpleDino101

    Hello there, everyone!  My name is Donzelle Clemons, or Purple Dino101.  I'm a proud editor of Custombarney wiki and since there is no active administrator there, I wish to adopt it and become one.  

    I want to make sure people can edit that site without vandalizing it or adding any inappropriate, sexual, or violent content to it.  I've been a fan of both Barney and Dora for years and it's my dream to team them up...but before I do that I have to start off with making the episodes.  I'm sorry if it's a little plagarized but I don't have time to paraphrase EVERYTHING.

    So my simple request is to adopt Custombarney Wiki.

    Thank you.


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  • RedBomb1

    Generally, if you violate a wiki's policy, you will be issued a block, which prevents you from editing to the community until the length has elapsed. This may seem unfair and I'd understand why you'd be unhappy about being unable to contribute to a favored wiki of yours. However, if you want to be unblocked on a certain wiki, I will give you the following advice on how to negotiate with the blocking admin.

    There could be many reasons why. Common block reasons include vandalism, spam, inserting false information, inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages, abusing multiple accounts, or harassment/intimidating behavior. If your behavior on the wiki does not meet any of that criteria, it is likely that you violated another policy that the wiki ha…

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  • Edwin Shade

    As I was making this blog post I had to remove the links because with them this blog post was automatically marked as "harmful spam". (One wonders why something constructive is automatically labeled spam and yet the blog post area is filled with garbage. Computers aren't the way to reduce nonsense, people are.)

    Seeing as Community Central is a hub of Wiki activity meant to educate others about how to improve and start their own wikis, the blog posts on this Wiki should be of a correspondingly related nature. Instead though, I have found a vast majority of the blog posts here to be totally off-topic, and if they were made on other Wikis they would be promptly deleted. When I have to sift through dozens of these unrelated posts just to read wo…

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  • Nickelidiot


    December 5, 2017 by Nickelidiot

    Sorry if I kinda forgot about the last post I did. I will hire all whom responded.

    Anyways, this is kinda crucial.

    Due to the wildfires in CA, the intro I am planning to my cartoon, RIGHT at the final shot has to be edited.

    I guess that does it for this post.

    That's all guys.

    Again, sorry if I missed the post from last time.

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  • Sweethoneyfox

    Red short!

    December 5, 2017 by Sweethoneyfox

    Hi guys So yesterday I logged on to animal jam and I was shocked to find aj gave me an arctic fox which was my dream animal along with a snow leopard, arctic wolf, ice set, winter palace and a pet lynx but that's not all.... I put some items on trade a yellow arctic hood, beta arctic hood, magenta bow and arrrows, art easel (the den beta one) and a light blue fox hat, rare mouse, brown top hat, silver long, magenta spike ect and went to dance in jamma saying "one to ten items of my list for red long" eventually a cute nm bunny with a skunk tail and cat ears came to my den I quickly went after her and she had some short spikes on trade and a few long wrists she told me to pick one so I chose the red as that's my fav colour and it was her be…

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  • GamingMachines Xx

    "Whoa, didn't see that coming." Johnny's main catchphrase.

    Tier: 10-B - 6-B (Human to Continent Level).

    Base Abilities: 

    Super Speed: In the episode, "Rated J for Johnny", he and Dukey ran from the Game Galaxy back to his room in 4 seconds. Easily Hypersonic+

    Extreme Durability: Fell down a cliff and got right back up with no scratch. Survived over 10,000 experiments. Tanks explosions and free falls.

    4th Wall Awareness: As shown in the episode, "The Johnnyminster Dog Show", Johnny looks at the viewers and says that's how you end a story. He stopped a episode from ending twice, episode I mentioned right now is one of them. Second one was when he looks at the viewers and gives them a thumbs up and realizes he left the mower on and chased after it…

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  • Viral Symbiosis

    have a great month

    December 5, 2017 by Viral Symbiosis

    Welcome my name is Symbiosis I, mostly play Starcraft 2 and brood war I love listening to music who doesn't? I'm more of a zerg type if you have any Question's ask them to my wall.

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  • Fireblazeheart

    On the internet, many people scam while sending messages. It's not good!

    Scamming is when people do a trick on another user. Sometimes, scamming can be when someone phishes. Phishing is when a user tricks for there password. They can make websites to phish, or just ask them and say they will make you famous or give you free membership. DO NOT trust someone if they do that.

    If you ever got scammed, report it and ignore!

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  • SHADOWS6128


    December 4, 2017 by SHADOWS6128

    Once there were two different but alike Steve’s one was named Steve and he was the creation of notch.Yet the other Steve was not like he was a long time ago he changed and what i mean by changed was his eyes where WHITE!!! Steve didn’t know what or how this had happened but Steve 2 Said “I’am tired of you notch and you Steve my new name is HEROBRINE!!!” and that was how HEROBRINE was made and legends say HEROBRINE is notch’s dead or desist brother haunting his game.

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  • TitaniaFernandes

    My Random Life

    December 4, 2017 by TitaniaFernandes life isn't so interesting right now but for it to come to the present we must take a turn down mermory lane. 

    My life started April 19th, 2003. I wasn't born normal, I was a big baby. From what my parents told me, I hurt my mother a lot when I was in her woom. How? Well thanks for asking, I'll tell you how. I kicked her very hard where she would cry because she couldn't support the pain. I honestly don't remember a lot from my past, and I cry everytime I want to remember the fun times my sisters mention. When I was born one of the doctors that got me out poked my eye on accident and my left eye opened one week after my right eye did, I'll talk about that another time. After a couple of months after I was born, about 8 months, my …

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