• Gaming carly 101youtube channel

    Shadow high is a roleplay by annabel youtube channel and gaming carly 101. her dream was to make video. she love make video for YouTube she love watch roleplay like heartbreak from it just steve. yandere high from itsfunneh. my passion,aphmau series and cursed, magiclicas it gave her idea to make roleplay and she also edit her video see if it good or not she does many live stream pls watch gaming carly 101 iand fallow your dream love you guys so much

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  • AnhTuyet512

    Cùng khám phá các nhà hàng, địa chỉ nổi tiếng nhất Sài Gòn. If you have a comment to override for your friends and your friend nhé!

    TukTuk Thai Bistro xây dựng cho mình một phong cách hoàn toàn khác biệt. Gợi cảm hứng ngay trong tên gọi, tuktuk Thái Bistro is one of góc nhỏ Ron ràng places you cảm nhận tròn vẹn sự tinh tế of an châu Á hiện đại qua “hương sắc”  ẩm thực Thái Lan đầy cá tính, ...

    Getting source from the following food in the city of the Column of the restaurant, the following dish at this always make you unexpected by the same family family đa dạng: Mắm Thái, which, garlic cay garlic, chua chua xoài xanh , thơm lừng lừng, Kaffir, nồng nàn hương sả, giòn rụm cá trê chiên xù, sừn, đu đủ khô,…

    Distance: 150.000 - 200.000 vnđ / ngườ…

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  • Random n stuff

    1.With Thanos Marvel has created a complex and compelling villain worthy of his enormous role in the latest Avengers film. This is no small feat considering the MCU has long struggled to accomplish that with their bad guys in much more intimate films. So what made the Mad Titan such an interesting and nuanced character that has resonated so strongly with audiences? Thanos has something in common with the MCU’s other best baddies: he’s so close to being a hero.

    2.Thanos cares about something bigger than himself. He doesn’t want power for power’s sake, or to achieve something that will lead to him being honored and revered; he wants to fix a real and horrible problem in the universe. Thanos saw firsthand on his own planet what happens when ci…

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  • Random n stuff

    we all know Thanos from infinity war well if you are a big Marvel fan you would well if you are a really big marcel fan you would have heard of the fate stone and do you know what he could do with the fate stone and this is  all true wipe out the whole universe because time means you can change time of  anything involing time which inculdes the time the unvirses will die out  and fate means disappearance or just death so if he used the time an fate stone he could wipe the whole universe out with a click of his finger because if had those two stones he could change the TIME of the univirses FATE because he could cahng the tim of the unversies  fate and cause the fate with the fate ston but of course thats not happening becaus ethe fate ston…

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  • Adassuriya

    Meghan Markle

    May 21, 2018 by Adassuriya

    Meghan Markel is most Popular Actress in the US, She is a Very lucky girl, She married Prince Harry.

    This is Meghan Markel Wiki and Bio

    Birth Name - Rechal Meghan Markel

    Date of Birth - 04 August 1981

    Stage Name - Meghan Markel

    Husband - Prince Harry

    Meghan Markel net  Worth - $ 30 Milians

    Age - 36 years

    Nik Name - Meg

    Favorites food -  Pasta

    Favorites Drink -Wine 

    Meghan , Peeress of Sussex could be an informer Yankee role player and a member of brits royal house, she was born and raised in la, California.

    Meghan Marke Wedding Photos

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  • Ogrencikozu

    Öğrenci Kozu

    May 21, 2018 by Ogrencikozu

    Öğrenci kozu kelimeden de çıkarılacağı üzere öğrenciler için bir koz olmayı amaçlamış eğitim platformudur. Bu yüzde de sloganımız “Öğrencilerin Eğitimdeki Kozu” olarak belirlenmiştir.

    Öğrenci kozu diğer sitelerden farklı olarak tamamen özgün içerikler oluşturmayı amaçlar. Diğer birçok sitede olmayan rehberlik ve temel sorunlarınıza cevap verecek projeler üretme eylemini gerçekleştirir. Bu içeriklere menümüzden ulaşabilirsiniz. Bazı içerikleri sizler için listeleyelim.

    Sitemizde çoğu eğitim konulu web sitesinde olduğu gibi YKS konuları hatta diğer sınavlarında konuları mevcuttur. En güncel haliyle paylaşmayı; kaldırılan konular ve güncel müfredatı dikkate alarak hazırladığımız bu içeriklere şu kategoriden ulaşabilirsiniz: TYT-AYT Konuları


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  • Yuma10000

    I know I mess up big time but I remember I help you be the admin from kc undercover wiki because it nice to help user.

    You help me with my fanfiction story.

    I did this secret message but I can’t doing on the blogpost.

    It might cause trouble for three of us.

    I was going to write this secret but I didn’t want to embarrass star.

    That why I need her fanfiction pm with star heard this secret message.

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  • Dory1994

    memoria conveniente

    May 21, 2018 by Dory1994
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  • Javiera Ravelo

    Un total de 24 selecciones estaran en el Mundial Femenino 2019 entre el 7 de junio y el 7 de julio de 2019. Habrá seis grupos de cuatro selecciones, con los dos primeros y los cuatro mejores tercer clasificados alcanzando la fase de eliminatorias. La Seleccion Chilena ya esta clasificada para estar en la cita mundialista por primera vez en su historia.

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  • Angelicministries


    May 20, 2018 by Angelicministries

    "In Baenje, everything grows, but mostly everyone dies. Isn't that ironic. Baenje means growth, but almost everyone that goes to the island never makes it back.It should not be called Baenje, it should be called Muerte. A place of death. Ya, that sounds fitting." ~Makhi

    "I am a shadow of who I once was." ~Farah
    In this town they are known for: their strong men, men not afraid to shoot a gun or throw a weapon, girls unnaturally obedient, and their technology. But all of this comes with a price. When boys hit seventeen, they are sent to train for a year then they are sent to Baenje until they turn twenty. Girls are sent to a facility the moment they first bleed and stay there until men ask for their hand in marriage.
    In Baenje, the woods are t…

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  • Angelicministries

    A young boy named Chris is in 6th grade has a problem of stuttering his words. When a boy named Jason starts bullying him he wants to die, but with the help of Jason and Chris' crush,Tara, the bully stops.

    Help to end bullying.
    If someone is being bullied and you are witnessing it every day be like Tara and stand up to the bully to help its victim. Because if you don't do anything, the kid that was being bullied will not be there the next day.
    What bullying someone can do:
    1. Depression 2. Cutting 3. Drinking or smoking 4. Being a bully themselves 5. Suicide Read more >
  • Angelicministries

    "I close my eyes and dream about the girl who I used to be. The girl from long ago who never once in her life endured such nightmares and Hell, I try to be the girl who laughed easily at the jokes her mother said into her ear. A little girl who was all smiles and never worried about anything and trusted everyone. I try to be that girl again, I try to find her, but she is buried to deep into the depths of my soul. I can feel no part of her...I can no longer hear her heart beat...I can no longer hear her laughs. The girl from long ago is dead and she can never come back" ~Zoey

    Zoey came back to earth from the flames of Hell. Unfortunately, the demons from Hell follow her everywhere she goes by giving her nightmares and reminding her that she… Read more >
  • I Love Blue 02

    (G)I-DLE Wiki

    May 20, 2018 by I Love Blue 02

    Hello Wikia Users! Today, I'll introduce to you the (G)I-DLE Wiki!!! (G)I-DLE Wiki is an encyclopedia fansite about the new South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE. First of all, who is (G)I-DLE? Aside from being the newly debut South Korean girl group, they're also from Cube Entertainment, the home of popular K-Pop groups like CLC, BtoB, Pentagon and its former artist 4Minute. (G)I-DLE was consists of 6 members: Miyeon, Minnie, Soojin, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua.

    . Currently, the wiki has 25 articles, 761 edits and 6 active users. Hope to see you there ^_^
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  • RRabbit42

    The philosophy of these blogs is "Everything is adaptation". It's impossible to list every type of adaptation because of it. But here are some examples that you may not realize are adaptations.

    Stage name, pen name, pseudonym, married name, professional name, nickname, pet name: Changes to how you identify yourself.

    Sequel, prequel, mid-quel, spin-off, remake, reboot, reimagined, inspired by a true story, based on actual events: Taking an existing story and changing it to re-tell the same story or add onto that story.

    Parody, homage, allusion, mashup: adapting your idea to reference another story, person, place or something else:

    • "The Dude" and "The Stranger" from The Big Lebowski appearing in a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode.
    • Candace…

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  • RRabbit42

    The philosophy of these blogs is "Everything is adaptation". It's impossible to list every type of adaptation because of it. But here are some examples that you may not realize are adaptations. Part 2 covers topics related to writing, as well as resources about professionally adapting stories.

    To the right are examples of a basic idea: types of food, footwear and a logo for a company. They are all distinctly different from each other but they all share the same source. Each one is an adaptation of that basic idea.

    Cooking is a universal adaptation that everyone is familiar with. The simple act of making toast or heating up soup alters the flavor. And when you combine foods, you adapt them to create new flavors. Peanut butter and jelly, choco…

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  • RRabbit42

    In the blog about getting your fan fiction accepted, I talked about how fan fiction can become spam. To prevent that, you don't go from wiki to wiki, plastering your fan fiction everywhere. It needs to be kept separate from the official information and you need to make sure that where you do put it is appropriate. If you spam your fan fiction, it can damage your reputation and then people won't want to read it because you're being a nuisance.

    There are other things that can damage your reputation to the point people might not want you around any more: abusing multiple accounts and inventing information.

    Having more than one account is allowed but may not be a good idea. It is also possible to create new accounts even if you get blocked on a …

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  • RRabbit42

    As covered in other blogs in this series, fan fiction is something we need because it's a form of creativity that can lead to new stories, ideas and inventions. A lot of it is mixed in with the facts about a subject and it's not identified as fan fiction, so it gets treated as false information.

    The simplest definition of false information is lying. If you add fan fiction that you don't say is fan fiction, that's a type of lying where you don't mean any harm by it because you just want to add something you like. If you add information that you know is wrong, that's deliberate lying and it will be viewed as vandalism, which will damage your fan fiction.

    The middle ground is what people who want to add fan fiction and administrators need to wo…

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  • RRabbit42

    This blog, "Don't crush their dreams", could just as easily be called "The lost cause". This is something every administrator is going to come across: the point where you have to make a decision as to whether a user can stay on a wiki. It's the point where harm now could change into potential good.

    With vandals and trolls, it's usually easy to see the harm they're doing. The decision that they don't need to be there any more is also easy. If your wiki has a block policy, then you've got a standardized way of dealing with the level of disruption they're causing. If you don't have one, make one. Look at the block policy of the Phineas and Ferb Wiki for ideas on what topics to cover and how to deal with them.

    The people that are adding fan fict…

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  • RRabbit42

    Other articles in this series have talked about where you shouldn't add fan fiction, so this one will cover some of the places where it is allowed and would be welcomed. It obviously can't be a complete list of fan fiction wikis, but it will help you get started and show some of the interesting variations I've come across.

    To start off, I'll repeat what I said before: blogs. It's generally allowed that you can put whatever you want in there as long as it doesn't violate the wiki's rules and policies. To get there, move your mouse over your avatar at the top of the page, then click on View Profile and then click on the Blog button.

    You'll be able to start a new blog there and you can add your fan fiction character or story idea. If you put a …

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  • RRabbit42

    So you've got your idea for a character or story you want to be a part of a show or movie or book series that you like. You want to share it with the world. But you do and you get stomped on because of it. Why does this happen?

    Some of it comes how you share it and some of it comes from what administrators have to deal with. Before we get to the first, let's cover the second.

    Administrators have to deal with a wide variety of people on their wikis. There's the ones that have a lot of knowledge on the subject and can fill in a lot of details. There's the ones that don't know as much, but they're enthusiastic and passionate about the subject. There's the brand new people who have just learned about it and will make a few mistakes, but that's o…

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  • RRabbit42

    In dealing with fan fiction over the years, I've seen some common themes in what people have created. These should only be considered mistakes if a person is trying to pass off their fan fiction as a fact. For example, inventing a sequel for a movie. If they don't identify it as fan fiction, then it usually gets treated as false information.

    For everyone else that is honest about their fan fiction, use this list of mistakes to avoid with reasons why so you can figure out how to make it better.

    As covered in another blog, people who don't identify what they're adding is fan fiction risk having it viewed as deliberately lying. If you first say "I made this", then most people would be willing to let it stick around but maybe in a different mann…

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  • RRabbit42

    How do you like my adaptation? I know, it's not very good. I couldn't get Kaylee's or Shepherd Book's skin quite right, I didn't have metallic color pencils to do Serenity cargo area in the background properly, and Book's cloak was actually black instead the light gray I used.

    Maybe I should try again.

    How about my other adaptation? That's my Perry the Platypus Piggy Bank. I made it based off the show Phineas and Ferb. It's actually the second one I made. One of my co-workers bought the first one for her grandson. Someday, I'd like to make more and see if I can send them to the show's creators as a gift.

    You might be wondering why I am calling a page from a coloring book and a hand-made toy adaptations. That's because they are. The first picture…

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  • PyroNacht

    Hi there, everybody! I apologize for the huge delay, but life got busy! As per my previous blog post, I am here to post the voting round. Some categories had a massive voice for particular people, but as I felt it would not be fair without a vote, I included them here regardless!

    People that were nominated will be in the categories below- if there were more, but less people voted for them, then they were automatically eliminated for simplicity sake. If there was a tie.. well, then I added them all. :P

    Unfortunately, multiple of the same people were nominated for different categories and polls don't seem to work well with that, and so if you desire to input a vote, feel free to comment on this blog with your votes; so long as you are okay wit…

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  • MilitiaForce

    Boxing Wiki

    May 16, 2018 by MilitiaForce

    Hello everyone, I'm MilitiaForce and I'd like to ask you to join my newly adopted wiki, The Boxing Wiki, Its about everything related to Boxing, however I need help because most articles are badly written or copied from Wikipedia.

    I joined the wiki on May 2nd, because I have been training Boxing for a month. Its a quite interesting sport really, and cool too. If you are training Boxing, like it or just like joining communities in general, please join you would help me a lot. It has 531 and one active user. Thanks!

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  • トビー・リー・ロジャース

    I've made this blog out of my own experience when I got impersonated for days straight and reading posts about my friend, EnderChas, being impersonated for a long time.

    Impersonators are trolls. Trolls that needs not reaction whatsoever. 

    Impersonators will do many things. They'll make others lose their trust in you, they could end up making you leave FANDOM, they could say bad things that'll leave a scar on you, or get your ban increased by saying/doing bad things on a wiki that you're banned on, the worse is that they could get many users to report you and you end up getting globalled, an infinite ban, or even disable your account. No one wants any of that. If they go that far and they end up getting a staff member to globally ban you, jus…

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  • That guy with no face

    Looking for new editors for my wiki, which called No face wiki which about chacraters with no face

    Here the link to the wiki

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  • Alwaysmore2hear

    The main page of a wiki serves as the gateway into a community’s best content. An effective main page should highlight the most important and popular content while also being inviting. One of the recommended elements of main page design is a visually pleasing navigation gallery with prominent images highlighting the most popular and important pieces of content. And we are now recommending that navigation galleries be one of the first things a user sees when arriving to a wiki’s main page.

    In recent research on the Game of Thrones and Arrowverse communities, FANDOM found that navigation galleries are by far the most engaged with elements on the main page, getting more clicks than anything else on the page. In fact, these galleries received b…

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  • JustLeafy

    Flow Free Wiki

    May 15, 2018 by JustLeafy

    Hello. My name is JustLeafy and recently, I have founded the Flow Free Wiki.

    The Flow Free Wiki is a wiki that describes/will describe about everything in the Flow Free App, including the levels, colors, packs and the expansions. There is no confirmation if I will include the information about the packs and levels from the expansions (I won't, because it would be too much work, anyway), due to the fact that the wiki was built intentionally for the original Flow Free App.

    There aren't pages for Flow Free levels themselves, because levels themselves don't provide too much information, and otherwise, I would create like 5000 pages. This is why I make a page for every 30 levels. That way, people can retain information of many levels at the same …

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  • Wikikinetic

    In a recent article, Fandom mentioned the Celeste wiki. This was confusing, because the wiki linked was not originally about the game Celeste – it was about something else called Celeste. There is a different wiki—the Celeste Game Wiki—dedicated to the game, with a fair amount of content. Recently, people have added some Celeste game content to the non-game Celeste wiki, making its topic ambiguous, and dividing the community effort.

    I propose the following actions, to clarify things:

    1. Merge the Celeste game content from the Celeste wiki into the Celeste Game Wiki.
    2. Archive the non-game content from the Celeste wiki into an appropriate location on the Celeste Game Wiki. (There is very little of this non-game content, and it appears to be dormant…
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  • Chocotale2007


    May 15, 2018 by Chocotale2007

    Hi it’s Sue

    So .... sup? Welcome to this wiki. Read more >
  • Julia Finitevus

    Fandom News

    May 13, 2018 by Julia Finitevus

    Okay, so I'd like to know- is writing Fandom articles (the things that you see in the feed below a page on another wiki) restricted to staff only, or can anyone write an article? Because I'd like to write one myself. Thank you.

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  • Skyline97

    I noticed recently that a lot of users have been reacting BADLY on getting blocked from a wikia, and they would start blaming the Admin or Bureaucrat who blocked them as "unfair". Yes, I am aware that thers's bad admins and bureaucrats, but often these users who get blocked tend to not look at theirselves on why they get blocked, so I'm going to give you some examples of how NOT to handle a block.

    This is the most common example I've seen of users not handling their blocks well. They start attacking the user who blocked them, and it's bad for them because the user who blocked them can extend their block, or even permanently block them from their wiki. Also, it leads to the admins from Community Central to warn them, and then blocking them if …

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  • EarthlingnAkumi

    Recently, there was a blog post made by a user detailing their list of steps that they would personally use to stop vandalism. While their method works, in my opinion, better steps can be taken in order to stop vandalism on your wiki. Here are some methods that I compiled, and which ones I think are best.

    If vandalism on your wiki is urgent and needs to be taken care of immediately, contact a member of the VSTF.

    A classic, and the one that most fandom staff advise you to use. This is one of the best methods for vandalism that you could use. It's simplistic, yet at the same time works well. While not what I personally would do, it works, and is a backup method for something if my other method fails. Here's a scenario where this would work wel…

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  • Lidialex


    May 11, 2018 by Lidialex

    Los Beatles fueron un legendario grupo de rock que se formó en Liverpool, Inglaterra, en 1960, y pasaron a transformar la música popular como una forma de arte creativa y altamente comercial durante la próxima década. Los Beatles fueron una de las bandas más populares de todos los tiempos. los componentes fueron John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison y Ringo Starr. Aqui algunas canciones:

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  • Cdswalkthrough

    Detective Conan (名探偵コナン Meitantei Konan), is an ongoing Japanese detective manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. It was serialized in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday on January 19, 1994, and has been collected into 94 tankōbon volumes.

    The tankōbon volumes of the manga have sold over 200 million copies worldwide, making it the fourth best-selling manga series.

    The Wikia needs contributor and should go and help out the current admin is very busy with other thing and have very little time on the wiki and only one contribute is Ralph Laureno though dedicating he can't edit this wiki all by himself there should more contributor and people should who are a fan of Detective Conan should go and contributor Detective Conan is a pre…

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  • Bellawesomeness


    May 9, 2018 by Bellawesomeness


    click there for slideshow 

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  • Luchofigo85

    Chat is a feature that allows us to connect with others users who want to talk about the content of the wiki, discuss guidelines, projects and even share a nice off-topic conversation with another person. Despite being used all over the internet, there are some people that still don't understand what is the proper etiquette in a chat. Which is why the figure of the chat moderator is a key component if we want to have a healthy and drama-free environment.

    When you are a chat moderator, you are not a cop, you are not a class of security manager or a superhero, you are a user who gained the trust of both the administration and the users to always ensure harmony between users inside a chat. A good chat moderator is someone passionate and unders…

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  • Kippy777

    Hi, I looooove books. I read all kinds of them. If you have a question about something or someone I might be able to help you! I also want you to try answering some questions too!

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  • Pnut5923

    Cuphead Wiki

    May 9, 2018 by Pnut5923

    Cuphead Wiki really needs some work will people plz come and help out?

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  • SammyNWIKI

    I think I would be qualified as an admin on this wiki. Pal Life Wiki.

    Why? Because I'm the only person who contributes on it.

    (Note, I created this wiki with an older account called ILikePie236, but I forgot the password to it)

    Anyways, promote me on the Pal Life Wiki, and see the contributions I made on it.

    BTW, I expect to be unbanned from the chat too.

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  • Grk12

    Produce 101

    May 9, 2018 by Grk12

    Country Local title Network Season and group Mentors Host
    China Produce 101
    (创造 101) Tencent Season 1, 2018: Current season Chen Jiahua (1)
    Hu Yanbin (1)
    Luo Zhixiang (1)
    Wang Yibo (1)
    Zhang Jie (1) Huang Zitao (1)
    South Korea Produce 48
    (프로듀스 48) Mnet Season 1, 2018: Upcoming season
    Lee Seung-gi (1)
    South Korea Produce 101
    (프로듀스 101) Mnet Season 1, 2016: I.O.I
    Season 2, 2017: Wanna One Kim Eun-young (1–2)
    Park Ji-young (1–2)
    Bae Yoon-jung (1)
    Kim Hyo-jin (1)
    Kim Sung-eun (1)
    Hwang Dong-hyun (2)
    Kwon Jae-seung (2)
    Lee Seok-hoon (2)
    Shin Yoo-mi (2) Jang Keun-suk (1)
    Kwon Bo-ah (2)
    Thailand Produce 101 Thailand
    (โปรดิวซ์ 101 ไทยแลนด์) True4U Season 1, 2018: Upcoming season Read more >
  • Itsabbycoggins65098

    Hi, I'm Abby, and I would like to talk "RuPaul"s Drag Race" because there are times where people say it's a great day to be a drag queen.

    When I first saw RuPaul's Drag Race, I feel like it reminded me of how I told my parents I wanted to be a recording artist, actress, model, and a dancer! I love a lot of drag queens, but the Vixen is my favorite. She may be a drama queen, but I love her for herself and what she does. I feel annoyed for what my parents say about her and me, and they made me think that I am a prom queen bully just like her. I tell myself "What they're saying about you is bullying and it's not okay"

    What my parents say about her is the following:

    • "I don't like her. She's a bully and I can't stand her".
    • "She should go home".
    • "The…

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  • Yanderechan77


    May 7, 2018 by Yanderechan77

    can you change your username?

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  • AztecKing120

    Way of the Fist

    May 7, 2018 by AztecKing120

    Hello everyone, I'm the AztecKing and it's good to meet everyone in the wiki website. The wiki that I'm creating is all about martial arts as I am a big fan of all of the fighting styles from the old ones to the new ones. I believe that all the fighting styles should be created as equals, even if martial arts like boxing and wrestling are considered to called "sports" to the public eye, but in reality they are true martial arts as both of them are the first fighting styles in history. 

     ' ' ' '  

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  • Horse2002

    Hi everyone today I will be talking about The Almighty Johnsons wiki. I have a post on there at

    There I talk about my favortie character and my my favortie character is my favorite. Also I like to think of The Almighty Johnson as real life characters. Plus on the bright side I think Axl is the cutest of all the bothers. and Gia is the coolest of on the girls'.

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  • LittleAnnieFanny

    Those of you who are on the Idea Wiki, a new admin has deleted a slew of personal pages on the Idea Wiki. I found out that my "Ragnarok" story was deleted because "this nazi doesn't want to hear about my personal life stories". Same applies to the Case Study on the incident in 6th grade where someone colored on themselves when they didn't mean to. This is not fair.

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  • PlusUltraBoy


    May 6, 2018 by PlusUltraBoy

    I’ve never been so scared of a website before. There’s so much going on here, is scary yet awesome at the same time! Anyways, I’m new here, oh and the names Deku by the way.

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  • トビー・リー・ロジャース

    Hello, I am looking for some people who are interested, knows, and/or plays the Super Smash Bros. Series. I have made this blog as a desperate attempt to get more editors on the Smashapedia Wiki. Why? Because I am currently the ONLY editor on that wiki. Due to it being inactive (since December 7, 2014) and has no admins nor bureaucrats, it could have been closed or something like that. I happened to stumble upon the wiki one day, and I noticed that there wasn't any recent activity since December 7, 2014. That's almost four years ago! I will be adopting the wiki in 18 days (May 23, 2018). I wanna get it known ahead of time so that I won't have to get it known after I adopt the wiki but I will even after I adopt it. I make one or two or even more ed…

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    Okay, first off all. If you are a member of FANDOM's staff and you are reading this, please don't globbaly block me, because between my second old account and my current account, I've gone from a person who is pretty idiotic to a mroe mature yet kid-friendly person. Second, these are about my two old accounts that I've used FANDOM with, and looking back at them now they are (and yes, I say) garbage. Without further ado...

    So, this isn't my first accoutn. No, it ain't. It's been somethign a bit personal, but if you were on the Mixels Wiki from June to August of 2014, then you probably saw them. These two accounts actually belong to me, so I'll tell you the tale of these accounts I created when I was nine years old (yes, I was underage when I…

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  • Krab67


    May 5, 2018 by Krab67

    I want to report an extremely cruel admin. She is on Prodigy Wiki and her name is Flareonisawesome13. I was searching through Fandom one day and I saw her. Ever since she got elected as beuracrat, she blocks people for dumb reasons. Under her rule that wiki is full of swarers, hackers, and bullies. If she is blocked there I think the new Beurucrat should be Glaciersong. Hope this gets handled!

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