• Stacy54 comes back yet again!

    It's been nice going along with you, but I have to retire. In 2020, I will return, but I will be leaving Wikia till then. I will be editing on wikis as an anonymous user, but I won't have an official account again until 2020. Thanks, guys. It's been nice knowing you.

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  • Scrappy The Wolf

    Who is lefty?

    January 20, 2018 by Scrappy The Wolf

    i think that the reson of you salvigeing Lefty is that the puppet found a spare lefty suit,and hid in it,but who is the REAL Lefty

    well if you look closely some animatronics have what i call "a power box" and than rockstar freddy,bonnie,chica,foxy,that bever dude,The music man,funtime chica,and lefty dont have "a power box" so why is that? well i think rockstar freddy,bonnie,chica,and foxy are STILL possesed after so long! they must of found them after the fire in "Freddy Faz bear's horror attrastion" and PG (Purpple guy) must of stuck them in there suits agan,and when the guys upgraded there suits they where still in there! but idk about funtime chica,the music man,that bever dude.But i do have a theory about Lefty he/ might be nightmare i…

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  • Misteriamagic

    its me i am new i need help so can ppl help me i am trying to fit in become popular maybe you can never know never be afraid of anything the only thing to fear is fear itself you create fear make it go u have that power. never et people tell u what to do or what you cant you are your own life take car of it. its what you do that makes the world change show the world you like yourself in you own way. till next time bye

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  • IsaiahV17

    Community Portal

    January 19, 2018 by IsaiahV17

    How do I create a community portal page for my wiki?

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  • BrainDeadZero

    Hello there! I'm BrainDeadZero, and I'm here to promote the New Game! Wikia.

    So, it's a gaming related wiki? Unfortunately, it's not a wiki about new upcoming games. You'll have to search elsewhere for those. This wiki is dedicated to the anime/manga series New Game! by Shotaro Tokuno. Ah, but don't worry. The series does explore some topics on game development.

    New Game! is a slice of life/comedy series that mainly focuses on the character team, the team responsible for making in-game characters, monsters, and NPC's. Our main character is Suzukaze Aoba, who joins a gaming company to become the very best character designer like no one ever was. Oh, by the way, pretty much every character in the series is a female.

    Sounds cool. What exactly happ…

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  • Stacy54

    Do you want to go to this wiki? w:c:whatmighthavebeen-hurricanes

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  • SuperShenron

    Next LR idea Jiren?

    January 18, 2018 by SuperShenron

     I'm not sure if it's been posted or not, but I figured I'd throw the idea out there. How about LR Jiren for a new category to lead

    Extra Terrestrial's ki+3 atk & Def +200% hp +50%.

    3 super attacks based on ki 

    1st: 9 ki "it's done" causes immense damage, high chance to stun

    2nd and 3rd should probably wait until the tournament end but I'm thinking maybe for 2nd: 11 ki he does his red aura thingy with medium chance to attack multiple times 

    • Passive *


    Reduses ki supers by 95 %, following super attack character cannot attack for 2 turn's but gains 5% atk each turn while in meditation.

    • Character links *


    hero of justice

    galactic visitor

    gaze of respect


    oo and use his art when he gut blasts Vegeta from episode 122

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  • Sannse

    Calm Over Conflict

    January 17, 2018 by Sannse

    I've been thinking a lot about conflict on wikis recently. There's a wiki I've been watching (I won't name it) where it seems everyone is fighting with everyone else. There are groups on one side or the other of the argument, and no one is managing to calm things down. Obviously this is affecting the productivity of the community, as well as driving away those who can't stand the bickering. As I tried to think of ways to help them resolve their differences, I found a blog I wrote in 2011 that talked about how to resolve disputes. I'd like to share it with you now.

    One of the earliest wiki principles was "Assume Good Faith". When we're disagreeing, it's easy to think the other person is being malicious or is trying to do harm. Usually thoug…

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  • Eredivisie

    I just sad for blocked in 3 Wikis. But, There's a Admin and who requested ban me. 

    Tim (LightningStriker17) and Chris (CassianDoesAviation) had blocked me. see the logs:

    • 11:38, January 9, 2018 LightningStriker17 (wall | contribs) blocked (wall) with an expiry time of April 12, 2908 (cannot edit own talk page) (Out of Control: Stop trying to come back to this wikia Jane, you are not welcome here with your war-protest trash. You can't fool me.)
    • 18:19, January 6, 2018 LightningStriker17 (wall | contribs) blocked Jane Indo Alessandra (wall | contribs) with an expiry time of Fri, 11 May 2679 23:52:35 GMT(cannot edit own talk page) (Inserting false information: Posting accidents that never happened, making war pages, making up random…
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  • WereWolfGamer2004

    hi everybody

    January 17, 2018 by WereWolfGamer2004
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