• NikaAnimeLove

    Anime Yaoi

    September 25, 2017 by NikaAnimeLove

    Я очень люблю яой это прекрасный жанр, он заставляет так волноваться что чувство будто кровь из носа пойдёт.

    Сёнен-ай тоже по своему прекрасны этот сюжет и рисовка просто завораживает. От яойной манги просто "ор ор выше гор" иногда, когда я читаю просто смотрю, на картинки от смущения.

    А какая у вас любимая манга или анимэ будет интересно прочитать

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  • DrDinks

    Hello all,

    Tonight I’ve spent the better part of trying to figure out the new crafting system for Minecraft’s BTU update Also I wanted to go into an older world and check out the layout in creative mode. I finally figured how to get started onon everything, but Imnot doing great on creative mode. Maybe time will tell

    Dr. Dinks

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  • Shinynekoette

    How to Earn World Locks in Growtopia!

    You might be wondering how and why is it impossible to receive them. Here are my ways a tricks to get them easily!

    1. Tapjoy

    (Note: this only works on android or mobile phone) Tapjoy is a series of quest which you have to accomplish to get gems. You might be saying, how do we get tapjoy? Well to access tapjoy you press Earn free gems, and if you want to earn more gems then the one on the page. Press on the top Earn extra rewards ( as known as the diamond. )

    2. Farming

    You might thing farming is boring but hey! If it's for the world lock I would spice things up abit. When you stat off an account you have nothing except a punch tool and a wrench. Exit the starter World and create a empty world that isn't Loc…

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  • Createsans

    Hold on

    September 25, 2017 by Createsans

    Alright... *inhales* So the bureaucrat of the Undertale AU Wikia demoted almost EVERY admin because of an argument started by one admin that most of the other admins had no input on. I'm not entirely sure, but isn't that abusing their rights? Plus, while I'm typing, around 3-4 months ago, former head bureaucrat Undertaleauwikipersonandthings said that I could have bureau rights. I understand they aren't in power anymore, but still. Anyways, my points is, user Alphasaith may be abusing their bureaucrat privileges. I felt I needed to report this to here.

    Edit: The take on it. Alphasaith and MickRunner got into a small disagreement. Alpha decided on 3 admins. I had been an admin on the Undertale AU Wiki for almost or over a year, and a user ex…

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  • Deadcoder

    Help Puerto Rico

    September 24, 2017 by Deadcoder

    As many of you may know, Puerto Rico and several nearby islands have been devastated by Hurricane Maria. Many of them were already suffering damage from the previous Irma.

    • As of today, the entire island's power grid is offline.
    • While some places have generators, most do not have sufficient ones.
    • Flooding has rendered several towns unacceunssable.
    • It is estimated that they will not be able to get power to hospitals for several weeks.

    Puerto Rico has limited supplies of food, sanitary water, medical products, sanitary products, and batteries. While the island did have some ability to develop these things; between flooding, massive wind damage, and loss of power; Puerto Rico's stocks have been mostly lost along with their manufacturing capabilitie…

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  • Rogueforvogue

    Promotion:LPShannah WIki

    September 24, 2017 by Rogueforvogue

    Hi! SO. Um, I was going to promote LPShannah WIki to all LPSfans, LPStube fans, ALice LPS fans, LPSace fans, Jay Jay LPS fans, Hasbro fans, MLP fans, LPShannah fans, JulzLPSOfficial fans, and so many LPS fans and Hasbro fans of all sort across the fandom universe. So here is the link to the wiki LPShannah Wiki

    I am the bureacrat and founder of the wiki. We would also need help with home media and I need to attract viewers because I am the only user who has ever logged onto the wiki except the FandomBot Default and Rappy.

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  • Insanitypup


    September 24, 2017 by Insanitypup

    1. You must be online at least once everyday If your going to miss afew days let us know
    2. Members and Nonmembers are both accepted here no discrimination 
    3. You may not make comments about what genders people chose
    4.  Please be nice and keep fights within the roleplay.

    You have always had a calling to be in the wild. You have always dreamed of your first fresh kill and meeting friends and fight foes along the way. Today you swallow your pride and you went into the wild. It was nothign like you expected and you easyily get lost trying to catch a mouse. You waste time trying to find your way back and it grows dark. Two ghostly white eyes glow infront of you. You hiss and chrage at them but they swiftly dodged as you crashed into a tree knocking yourself…

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  • JohnGojira


    September 24, 2017 by JohnGojira

    Calling all users! I am recruiting users for a Wikia I started: Godzilla, the God Incarnate Wikia. Here is the address:,_the_God_Incarnate_Wiki

    Hope to see some peeps on the Wikia!

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  • Nadekokawii


    September 23, 2017 by Nadekokawii

    Hi i'm Nadeko or kawii I'm a very nice unless I'm mad i'm happy to be here ^_^

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  • Thorinlover

    Hi guys!

    September 23, 2017 by Thorinlover

      Hi guys!

    I'm Thorinlover and i'm a huge Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit nerd! My fandoms are as follows:

    -Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

    -Warrior Cats

    -Game of Thrones (I have only just started the first book, so no spoilers please) 

    -Richard Armitage

    There are loads of other books/stories/films that I love but those are my favourites!

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