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  • Easternindiatechnosoft

    One of the captivating and blooming industries, travel industry is equipped with various types of effective points. Across the world, there are several travel companies and those are mobilizing several cost-effective and innovative solutions to bloom the technological approach to various marketing campaigns. A travel portal is a very needful entity for a travel agency, so, you should have proper idea about the usefulness of a portal in this particular industry. In this customer centric travel industry, you have to maintain some innovative steps to give your customer a very good experience. 

    A travel portal is a very comprehensive and user friendly web-based online booking system, which is accumulating each and every travel related issues under …

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  • 18vervainxena

    Year 2014, The Vampire Diaries Season aired on the Philippines and I was hooked with the story plot and twists. I'm an incoming Grade 9 student and it had been a great conflict with the timeslots because my class starts at 6 in the morning. As it ended in the middle of August, it became a habit to insist on the channel of our local network to air The Vampire Diaries Season 2, and it did. By December 2016, the show got up and dubbed on our local language. I was also following the characters especially the love triangle team, Stefan, Damon and Elena. I wish the continuous seasons are about to be aired too! 

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  • Barbarasmith0005

    India got freedom from British rule on 15 August 1947 and citizens celebrate that day as Independence Day. They promote democracy to maintain the balance in the nation and give equal rights to the entire population. The whole nation comes together to build a strong and democratic country. But the actual picture is reverse. Real power is only held by the politicians. And the common people only came into picture during the time of the election. They were not able to ask any question regarding the development work and any other.
    But, on 12 December, 2005 right to information act was approved by the central government of India. It gives a right to common man that they fire direct questions to the government and they need to give a reply within …

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  • DerpsCat

    Fandom: What I Been Doing

    January 19, 2017 by DerpsCat

    Back a long, time ago, I created a Fandom Account!

    And on that day, something evil, dark, and terrible rised from the depths of the earth. A vandaliser appeard and wrecked every page of this wiki he found. It was a terrible fate, and he was banned across the entire Fandom Network, to only recently come back.

    Of course, sadly, that was me. But when I came back I was gentle and kind, like a fluffy kawaii rabbit. I came back to help my favorite wiki's, meet friends and more. And on that day came a question to you all, what have you decided to change for 2017?

    Thanks for reading, and Best of Luck, - Derps.

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  • Adam Carey
    Adam Carey is the Vice President of Revenue Strategy at Fandom powered by Wikia. Do you have any questions or feedback for him about how we've been cleaning up advertisements so far? Read this blog (Part 2 of 3) and then leave a comment!

    Earlier this week, we started a conversation with you about how ads work on Fandom. I think the message was pretty clear: we know, like you do, that ads on the site could perform a lot better. There's too many of them, and that can clutter the page and even cause site performance issues. One of the ad types we introduced you to was programmatic ads, which represent the most common form of ads on the web.

    How we've cleaned up programmatic ads so far is the focus of today's blog, and, on Friday, we'll talk more…

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  • Rappy 4187

    Here are the latest technical updates on Fandom. Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Tuesday and Thursday - today's notes are for tomorrow's site update. Also note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights.

    • We will fix an issue where pressing the 'Escape' key in the Monobook editor could cause the edit area to be blanked.
    • We recently fixed an issue where page names ending in '?' did not load correctly when linked in Discussions.
    • We recently fixed an issue where portable infobox images were not being resized correctly. If you still see this problem on any articles, a quick edit should get them back to normal - otherwise, they will fix themselves as article caches update in the next few …

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  • Shaddick

    Feel free to post your comments, like, suggestions... or whatever u want Shaddick to know

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  • Аделина 55


    История случилась с бывшей женой и ее отцом. Отдыхали они летом на даче. Она тогда еще девчонкой была. А дача - не дача даже - а домик однокомнатный с верандой. В Подмосковье. Так вот. 

    Собралась жена бывшая (в те годы девочка-подросток) с девчонками и мальчишками истории страшные травить. Ну и всплыла история кладбища, где якобы всякое творилось. Подбадривая друг друга, решили сходить к кладбищу. Ну такая бравада подростковая: "А нам не страшно". Сказано - сделано. Подробно не буду описывать, суть в том, что когда шли по леску, что прилегал к кладбищу (дело вечером было, но не стемнело еще), позади них резко горн затрубил, отчего они перепугались и рванули обратно в деревню. Но вовсе суть не в этом. 

    Естественно, бежали они бы…

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  • WMegamisama


    January 18, 2017 by WMegamisama

    Hi I'm WMegami ^_^

    Today I created my own Wiki for DaN project. I think it will be v useful for me in future.

    Thank you Wiki.





    Wiki ありがとう!


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  • Proulx.27

    LOMBRICOMPOSTEUR n. m. Composteur qui utilise l'absorption des matières organiques par les vers de teere pour produire un compost appelé lombricompost.

    YÉZIDISME n. m. (de yézidi) relig. Religion monothéiste syncrétique apparentée aux croyances de l'Iran antique.

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