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  • BxdMachine

    Roblox Stars

    May 28, 2017 by BxdMachine

    Crap, ROBLOX' Youtubers have fucking ruined the game. People may love them, but damn..they get a lot of 'unknown' hate from many of the 90% of ROBLOX users. It's bullshit. Yes, they may have inspired others to play ROBLOX', but most of them are just little 9-year-olds who think ROBLOX Youtubers are the best thing EVER. So many others on this game have made ROBLOX a better place with entertaining games, for instance, they joined near 2006-2014. When Youtubers found out about ROBLOX, they've destroyed it. Front page games are mostly what the youtubers play. 

    This shit should stop.

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  • GameShakersWiki

    Wanna see Cree Cicchino (Babe) doing some sweet dance moves? Just click the link above to see for yourself!

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  • GameShakersWiki

    1. What is Babe's last name?                                                                          3. What was is the 1st GS game?

                                                                                                                           A. Llama Llama Spit Spit

    A. Carano                                                                                                          B. Sky Whale

    B. Carrano                                                                                                         C. Octopie

    C. Corono                                                                                                          D. Psycho Beach Mummies

    D. Don't Know                                                                      …

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  • Fatah Games

    Wie ik fatahgames

    May 28, 2017 by Fatah Games

    Hoi ik ben Fatah Games mijn naam is Fatah Ansari mijn geboortedatum is 25-07-2005 ik ben in Bangladash gebooren nu woon ik in Nederland Amsterdam ik wil heel graag beroemd woorden als Enzoknol.Als ik 200 Abonees hebt dan komt op elke donderdag om 07.30 een Vlog op een Games video en op Vrijdag om 08.00 een voetbal,prank of een Challenge video ik hoop dat jullie het leuk zouw het vinden En Als jullie wat vraagen heben stuur dan dat vraag  op deze email dan zeg ik altijd EEN DIKE VETE LIKE EN DOOOOOOOI

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  • Teenagegirl100


    May 28, 2017 by Teenagegirl100

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  • Teenagegirl100


    May 28, 2017 by Teenagegirl100

    well hi im teenagegirl100

    I would like you to know that im here to give you tips on a teenage girls life. Also to help the teenage girls to get though there teenage years.

    Life is not all about what other people think of you, its about what you think of your self.

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  • TheCreepyKidReader

    Do you all remember the popular show from Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants, It was the number 1 hit show from Nickelodeon and because of that, Spongebob became the face of Nickelodeo. For me, i watch the show myself and i loved it. But now, i don't watch that show anymore after i saw this episode. It was called, Spongebob's Nightmare.

    I was 25 at the time and i was walking down the road. When i was going to go inside my house, I saw a red van that was open and there was a lot of stuff right beside the van. It was one of those sale things or whatever it was called. I walk to the van and i saw a old man sitting on a chair right beside the van. He ware a red shirt and black jeans. He had blue shoes on, and was reading a newspaper. I walk clos…

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  • Djdiamondx

    Just Joined

    May 27, 2017 by Djdiamondx

    Welcome to my first blog post! Here I will post:

    -The latest things I'm researching about

    -My latest CP fashion tips

    -My latest CP igloo tips

    -What's happening~ my CPPS life

    -CP Island reviews

    -and much much more!

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  • Zambiealex

    ARMS Wiki

    May 27, 2017 by Zambiealex

    Have you ever wondered how it feels like to fight with Stretchy Mechanical arms without your arms being chopped off? WELL, NOW YOU CAN!

    Arms is an upcoming fighting video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, which is set for release worldwide in June 2017. The game differentiates itself from the standard fighting game, as up to four players can choose a fighter and battle using a variety of extendable arms to knock out opponents in a three-dimensional arena.

    I, The founder of the wiki Co-ordinatly invite you to at least help out in the wiki. There are over 8 Characters to play as, Over 10 Weapons to unlock and 1 jar of craziness!

    It will be out on June 16th so really, I cannot wait for the Silly-ness to happen!

    Up …

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  • CaiCai12


    May 27, 2017 by CaiCai12

    Wikia just turned from Fandom to FANDOM.


    See this for example: Help:FANDOM

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