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  • JanSap909

           Для начала давай расскажу тебе об моём аккаунте. Этот аккаунт создан 2016 году. Если тебе интересно то можешь подписаться на меня.

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  • Katherine667

    R some time ago in the live of God, he referred to the entire TI6 offseason after only one national team is still adhere to the training, they are IG.V. Give and always directly proportional to the MDL in qualifying, IG.V straight all the way through the upper bracket championship, the cut end of this month Xiamen line game. This time, the most dazzling array IG.V undoubtedly Injuly, the upper bracket finals excellent play two bat is even more perfect, "Green Bat Wings" sign again with the hero of his name.
    At the current MDL Chinese qualifiers, Batrider total of eight ranked first in all debut hero, while also winning a staggering 87.5%, game fans t shirts in addition to IG.V, LGD.FY, VG.J, EHOME and other teams equally value this hero, al…

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  • IrisIsBestPrincess

    Santa Tracker Wikia

    September 25, 2016 by IrisIsBestPrincess

    Hello! I am here to present the Santa Tracker Wikia ( ). It is a wiki about Google Santa Tracker, a tracker run by Google Inc.

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  • AllHailPeterTSW

    I've seen that millions of users have been blocked on wikia. Because of young age. Just why?

    Probably this is the answer: Kids can't handle social media. Probably a stranger would harass you if you were a kid. Or many more.

    I'm only 7 (DON'T BLOCK ME!). And I used to be bad. But now, The ultimate Peter now harasses the trolls and others. (Sorry, that has to do nothing about this blog post.)

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  • BearKnight

    Why I joined!

    September 24, 2016 by BearKnight

    I joined to establish a wiki around all of my fantasy ideas and hopefully collect them into a story! Wish me luck!

    My interests so far include art, programming, working (still trying to get some employment though), story writing, and fantasy literature (scifi as well). 

    Let me know if you need anything, or simply wanna be friends; I'm open to both.

    (disclaimer: I do not own my avatar, And any rights belong to its rightful creator)

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  • Escfidel

    Concepto de Bullying

    September 24, 2016 by Escfidel

    Concepto de Bullying

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  • Sonic2007 This is a wiki for you. Start your edits here! Meet the president of the wikia, Sonic2007!

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  • Herzjitu

    So, I was just reading an article from my former high school where a backpack was being given away to a person who was nominated as the most influencing team member of the cross country team. Sorry, I don't have any freebies to give away, but I do want to bring to light some of the Wikians who have been most influencing on this Wiki- past or present. Some of us don't get along at all, but I'm hoping that this blog might raise some questions as to what standard we're holding Wikians to, and who is exceeding those standards.

    Yes, you can nominate more than one person. :P

    • TK-999
      • "SS37, we have definitely gone a long way. You've had my back through absolutely everything. In addition to that, you've progressed as a civil member since I first met y…

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  • SilverDollarTemplar
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  • GenocideSans

    Is Rey Luke skywalker's daughter? many say yes and many say no some say it's a Possibility that she could be.

    But think about it..Rey said that she's been waiting for someone to come back. And in my opinion i think that Person is Luke. Another little hint that i think it might be true is when Luke's Lightsaber responded to rey. I mean i could be wrong.. but who knows for sure

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