• LittleFluff


    July 18, 2018 by LittleFluff

    Let's do a Roleplay.

    These are the characters that you could choose from.

    • Blocky (BFDI)
    • Eraser (BFDI)
    • Leafy (BFDI)
    • Firey (BFDI)
    • Spongy (BFDI)
    • David (BFDI)
    • Four (BFDI)
    • X (BFDI)
    • Stapy (BFDI)
    • Foldy (BFDI)
    • Dora (BFDI)
    • Mario (Nintendo/Mario)
    • Luigi (Nintendo/Mario)
    • Princess Peach (Nintendo/Mario)
    • Sonic (Sonic)
    • Tails (Sonic)
    • Gumball (Gumball)
    • Darwin (Gumball)
    • Anais (Gumball)
    • Any Penguin (Club Penguin)
    • Any Puffle (Club Penguin)

    And the only ones that only admins can act like...

    • Bowser (Nintendo/Mario)
    • Knuckles (Sonic)
    • Isabelle (Nintendo/Animal Crossing)
    • Tom Nook (Nintendo/Animal Crossing)
    • Blathers (Nintendo/Animal Crossing)
    • MR. Resetti (Nintendo/Animal Crossing)
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  • Claudionmc


    Este Wiki es dedicado al juego para móviles Stellar Age. Guía en español, pequeñas explicaciones y algunos datos adicionales sobre el juego.

    Datos básicos

    El juego Stellar Age es un juego MMO de estrategia para dispositivos Android e iOS desarrollado por Crazy Panda. Actualmente el juego se encuentra en varias fases de equilibrio, actualizaciones y adiciones de elemtnos.

    El estilo de juego es inspirado en juegos online de estrategia espaciales como Ogame, pero con un gameplay mucho más interactivo.


    Empezamos el juego en un planeta completamente propio. El objetivo del juego es recolectar los tres tipos de minerales que existen en el espacio (metal, polímeros y antimateria), y con ello desarrollar nuestro planeta, mejorar e…

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  • TFCBelloni140

    So... It's been a while since I started creating my Book Series since September 14th, 2017, and it needs to be finished in 2 years (September 14th, 2019).

    I started to get a little feeling that this may be adopted as a Wiki when it came out, but it's really a fanfiction, you'd say... But I'm wondering about the storyline since it also talks about real-life worldwide problems, too.

    Anyways, I posted this first on Dark Parables Wiki: The J&K Book Series will be released on September 14th, 2019! | Dark Parables Wiki | TFCBelloni140's Blog

    What do you think? Is it possible to adopt this one? Lemme know your thoughts :)

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  • Drleevezan


    I would like to let everyone know about the Scrooge McDuck Wiki. It's a wiki about the Disney Duck franchise, chronicling everything, from the comics, to the cartoons, to the new DuckTales series (and the old one, for that matter).

    So far, we have two active admins, and a few contributors, and over 1000 pages! We could always use more editors, so if there are any fans of the Disney Ducks looking for a wiki to edit, come and help out! 

    I hope you take a look at the wiki and maybe even become an active contributor!

    If you have any questions about the wiki, you can contact myself or the head admin here and here, respectively.


    Drleevezan (talk) 23:48, July 12, 2018 (UTC)Drleevezan

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  • StarWarsFan18

    Help Needed

    July 10, 2018 by StarWarsFan18

    This is a topic for Admins and Wiki Founders. How can wiki founders create badges?

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  • Super Dulceria Salas

    Los globos de latex tienen una duracion de 5 a 6 horas

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  • Auric Drake

    Hi, I'm currently the sole admin, sole bureaucrat and most active contributor to the Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut wiki:

    There's a lot of things that need to be done on the wiki, including filling out incomplete pages, adding categories, adding images, adding new pages etc. Any help contributing would be welcome. 

    For advice on how to start contributing, take a look at my blog post first:

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  • DarkWolfr

    Minecraft Fan Wiki

    June 26, 2018 by DarkWolfr

    Hello there! And I will be sorry if this isn’t informative enough, my apologies...

    Hi, and I am DarkWolfr, otherwise: DarkD. I’m the founder of the Minecraft Fan Wiki, a wiki(a) about ideas of what to add to minecraft. As you might know, Minecraft is an infamous 2009 game, made by Markus ‘Notch’ Persson.

    Anybody can edit, add, and contribute to my wiki! Well, that’s all for now, bye!

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  • EarthlingnAkumi

    Hello all, I'm back again with another wiki promotion! My last one went very well, so let's hope this one gains me more contributors as well!

    I'm the only current administrator for the Mental Health wiki. It's a wiki about all things mental health related, be it mental disorders or tips for dealing with mental disorders. It's not a place of doom and gloom, it's a place for coping and feeling better about yourself.

    I didn't create the wiki myself, but the main administrator gave me rights, and I'd be happy to pass on rights to other responsible editors. The reason I joined the wiki and want to see it grow is because I feel mental health is just as important, if not more, than physical health. You need to keep a good balance of the two to live…

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  • SumWin123

    Here's a question I want to know the answer to: Why do bad things happen? I know it won't be easy, but let's just try it.

    So, is it just a coincidence? Has it been predicted? Is it just luck? I encourage you to give an answer to this, and other things like this that'll ask you something.

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