• KnazO

    Are you an admin on a wiki and come across recurring IP address vandals with slightly different addresses each time? There's a neat less-known type of block known as a Range Block. It is a powerful tool and can be used by any administrator on a wiki, only if the vandal's IP addresses are known. If misused it can wreak havoc on a wiki, so it should be used wisely after necessary checks have been made.

    Let's say there's an IP address called and they vandalise your wiki. So you revert their changes and block them, as usual. However, a few minutes later another IP vandal appears called and they do similar vandalism as the first. You're almost certain they're the same individual since the behaviour and address is so s…

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  • Derekblue1


    August 19, 2017 by Derekblue1

    Hello! I am the admin and bureaucrat of Objectpedia. Most users contributed! You may help us to expand articles. I have added special achievements. I adopted this wiki because I believe it will be useful for the collaborate wikis altogether as a community!

    To get started, you may create your own user page, create a page for the wiki or edit articles. Comment below to discuss about the page!

    Contribute everyday to make the wiki grow more pages!

    Greet hello to any admin, twll them you are new to the wiki!

    Oh another special. I have a WikiFooter if you want to see more Object Show Wikis!

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  • IncarnateParanoia

    I am not a viewer of Game of Thrones. I have just never found the time to get into it, and when a franchise becomes that big it can be very daunting to jump into because you have a lot of catching up to do.

    However, I am very sensitive to spoilers, and know some people who are only now beginning to watch the show. And so I think I can empathize with wikia-users who were only recently starting Game of Thrones and, while browsing wikia minding their own business, found a certain FANDOM article pertaining to a certain death in Game of Thrones' fourth season being advertised on the right of their monitor. I know it goes without saying, but DON'T CLICK THAT IMGUR LINK IF YOU AREN'T THROUGH SEASON FOUR.

    I have done my research into the matter, and am …

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  • RoxLove15

    Leap! Wiki

    August 4, 2017 by RoxLove15

    Hello everyone, I'm RoxLove15 and I have recently created a new wiki for the animated movie Leap!, otherwise called Ballerina in some countries. A link to my wiki is provided below:!_Wiki

    Leap! Wiki is a wiki which is free to be edited by anyone who would like to contribute. As it is a fairly new wiki it does not yet contain many pages but I hope that it can be expanded in the future by members who wish to join this wiki. Leap! revolves around the story of protagonist Félicie Milliner, played by actress Elle Fanning, as she battles to conquers her dreams of ballet. It is a heartwarming movie which delivers a inspirational message of never giving up on your dreams and is a movie which can be enjoyed …

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  • Addemup9001

    Nathan Randall is a normal 16-year-old troublesome Brooklynite from the year 1981. One day, he is thrust into the extremely bureaucratic, multi-universal Empire of the Pantheon (more specifically, the planet Roan, located in Universe 2,107,546,825), where magic and gods are real.

    This is a collaborative writing and worldbuilding project, where you can both create worlds and write stories about them. The stories don't have to focus on Nathan, or even take place in Universe 2,107,546,825 - they can take place in any corner of the massive Empire of the Pantheon, as long as they are original (aka no fan works (they can be inspired by existing works, though)).

    As of this post, there are 14 pages to this wiki (all created by me). It largely borrow…

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  • Killer kev

    The Gifted Wiki

    July 30, 2017 by Killer kev

    Sup! My name is Kev, and I've created this blog to further promote a new wiki that I'm the founder of, The Gifted Wiki.

    The wiki is dedicated to the new FOX adventure/action television series based in the X-Men Universe, it will feature familiar characters such as Blink, Polaris, and Thunderbird.

    Synopsis: Family adventure series THE GIFTED, from 20th Century FOX Television in association with Marvel Television, tells the story of a suburban couple whose ordinary lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that their children possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family joins up with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive.

    In spite of all the screw ups and inconsistencies, the X-Men fra…

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  • Deadcoder

    A little while ago, it was announced that Achievements was being deprecated. Achievements will still be supported, but it will require intervention from Staff to install or uninstall, and development on it has stopped. We do not know for how long this extension will still be supported.

    Reading between the lines, I think achievements will become officially unsupported at some point within a few years. This is a major issue. Many smaller wikis rely on achievements as an incentive to get new users and maintain them. That got me thinking: "if achievements is officially abandoned, what other means do we have to maintain a user population and gain new users?". Here are some ideas I've had to maintain a user population with achievements on its las…

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  • TvShowsAreMyLife

    I know they ended like 4 years ago but Camaya was one of the best couples in Degrassi. They are and will always be one of my favourite ships on Degrassi. Campbell Saunders was Maya's first love and Maya Matlin was Cam's first and only love. They were so cute together, I wish he never comitted suicide since it ended their relationship and effected Maya in a really bad way. I miss this couple so much, I still get tears everytime i watch videos about Camaya or watch past episodes with Camaya scenes in it. I hated the love triangle with Cam, Maya and Zig since it effected their relationship but i also liked it since Maya still chose Cam over Zig. I also hated the love triangle since Tori, Tristan and Maya were best friends and Zig and Tori wer…

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  • Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin

    If you see this, you probably have a wiki. You are unsure what to do.

    To-Do lists can be useful for this, but what stuff to add to a Wiki to-do list?

    • Add categories to uncategorized pages.
    • Add missing info on pages.
    • Removing outdated info and replacing it with in-date info.

    • Check Special:WikiActivity (On the wiki you are admin of) every now and then.
    • Browse through the history of recently edited pages (To check for users who have been acting up.)
    • View the wiki's insights. This should let you know what you need to change and edit.
    • If the wiki has a chat, you can moderate it. (Which brings me to our next list)

    • Moderate the chat.... That's about all Chat Mods do.

    To-Do lists can be useful if you are doing them right. Take this blog as a note, whether y…

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  • Wizardglader


    July 25, 2017 by Wizardglader

    I haven't been on in a while (sorry about that!) And I just wanted to say thank you to all the tips I was given. Also, just wanted to ask a few more questions. (I know, I know, So many questions) Some of them are:

    1. How do you connect IRL's to words? (If that makes any sense)
    2. Can you follow other people Wiki's? And if you can, how?
    3. Can you indent, and if you can, how?

    These, were just a few of my questions. (Sorry if some of them are a little stupid...) Once again, thank you!  

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