• FeruEnzeru

    I would like to join three wikis that involve rap music, voice actors/actress and misheard lyrics.

    Ones like:

    • Rap Music
    1. Rappopediai?
    2. Or Rap Music Wiki?
    3. Or Encyclopedia Rappica?
    • Voice Actors
    1. Voice Actors Wiki
    2. Or Voicepedia?
    • Final
    1. Misheard Lyrics Wiki

    I really need your help for it by sending me links.

    If so, comment here and i'll be pleased to read and see it.

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  • Pnstudios

    We are always making Nerf Gun videos, such as Nerf Wars , Nerf First Person Shooters, and Nerf Zombies with acting, doing action Nerf, & going on crazy adventures. My Nerf videos are packed with visual effects, action, and tons of Nerf guns!  If it's Nerf War, Nerf FPS, Nerf Zombies, and Nerf Squad, you'll find it here!

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  • BlackCat Satan

    You know that movie the Hunger Games? Yeah, Divergent is WAY better! Hi, i'm kaden, and this is why Divergent is way better then the Hunger Games. First off, Tris Prior is a better lead character then Katniss Everdeen. She is a daring, lovable character that everybody wants to be. Also, Four is way better then Peeta. He looks better, is 

    a more attaching character, and is a hard-to-get kind of character. He is super daring, has a brave heart, and loves even though its hard. Peeta is just a boy Katniss gave bread to when he was sad. LAME! I think she only liked him because he saved her, and he liked her. Another point is the story line. The story is so attaching, and you get really into it. (BTW i'm spoiling something in Three...Two...One...…

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  • Nickelidiot


    October 2, 2017 by Nickelidiot

    I'm looking for admins for a special project of mine.

    All applicants must be: familiar with 90's Nickelodeon, must have knowledge of 90's cartoons, or must have grew up in the decade itself.

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  • Ebeinhart104

    I think it's awesome that Apple announced the new iPhones will have facial recognition technology in the front facing cameras! It's going to be so much easier to unlock your phone and text your friends! But what about the security of my information on my phone...

    Could someone who isn't me access my phone? I keep important information on my phone that I wouldn't want people to see. Could they use a photograph of me in order to unlock my phone? Would it be able to hack or infiltrate the software and make it so a different face is able to unlock my phone?

    What about other cases of this technology being used? Are pictures of me being taken while I'm not aware? Through surveillence cameras in 7/11? or security cameras at ATMs? Those pictures cou…

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  • NinjaoftheREDclan

    Hello, my username is NinjaoftheREDclan, or sometimes Diamondheader, or Diamond, today, i'm going to introduce to a new wiki i made last month, me and a group of other editors been working on it for almost two months, it's still currently developing, but it's getting more advanced. About the wiki. Alternative Countries Wiki is an online wiki where you can share your geographic ideas, this includes countries,continents,states,territories (posessions), and cities, not only that, you can share ideas of countries in an alternative universe! we also have our own discord server, which is somewhat new, we also have help pages to help you on the wiki, there is also extra tags, such as "New Editor" "Inactive "New Account", etc, and some colored tag…

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  • Valremathras

    The Ministry Wiki

    September 27, 2017 by Valremathras

    Hi. My name is Valremath910 and I'm bureaucrat of a community wiki called The Ministry Wiki. (The name's taken  from a classic 90's wrestling faction as I thought it was a cool name.) The Ministry's a new fun community where everyone can join and get to share ideas, tell stories, give personal opinions and more!

    We plan to have some fun events as well in our wiki every now and then so that everyone can play a part and get to have fun in this extraordinary wiki. Of course, when you join, you can do what you want as long as you follow our Code of Conduct which gives you the rules here at The Ministry Wiki. As long as you follow our rules, your experience here at The Ministry Wiki will be excellent. 

    I would like to have more people join our wi…

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  • Sannse

    Admin Philosophy Revisited

    September 22, 2017 by Sannse

    This is the first in a series of six posts about admins on FANDOM, adapted from past posts written by Sannse.

    These are some thoughts about the things that I strive for when I'm on FANDOM. My aim in life is to try to avoid adminitis and to follow the example of the best admins around.

    Admins are role models. They are the people who others want to be. They lead by example, showing how it's possible to stay polite and reasonable in the most heated dispute. They are the ones that others trust and try to emulate. They choose their words and actions knowing that they are demonstrating good practice with everything they do.

    Admins are supportive. They are the person that everyone turns to in a difficult situation, the one who brings calm and reason …

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  • Ericstargamer

    Zapstars Magic Academy

    September 17, 2017 by Ericstargamer

    Hey! My name is Ericstargamer and I'm here to ask you a question! Do you like wizard schools that teaches you magic? Then come over to the Zapstars Magic Academy Wiki Its a wiki about a new original series I made that is currently just a roleplay series on wattpad but soon it will have its own story!

    Zapstars Magic Academy is about a 14 year old boy named Ace Drago who gets enrolled in a school that teaches magic to kids and teens. He and his friends Zeke Kooper and Rosie Planter will learn all sorts of magic spells like Elemental based magic, Healing Spells, Light magic, Summoning spells, and more! The school is set in a modern fantasy world where anybody can learn to be a wizard! All students who attend Zapstars will have to pick one of t…

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  • Criminalcasefan321

    Meet Arnold Wiki

    September 16, 2017 by Criminalcasefan321

    Hi everyone. My name is Criminalcasefan321, and I would like to share my new project, Meet Arnold Wiki. I'm making this so you can get all the information you want about the Meet Arnold series, a trending series on YouTube!

    If you have watched the Meet Arnold series, or are just interested in making a great community about something awesome, please join me. So far I've written just 11 pages (mainly on the episodes), but I want to make many more. My goal is to have a page for each episode, each episode gallery, each transcript, each character and many many more!

    I would love you to add a page to the Meet Arnold Wiki, or to help with incomplete pages. Perhaps, a completely customized skin would be great! Or you could send me a message, I would…

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