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    Ultimate Dark Carnage

    Greetings fellow Wikians, I have found out that there seems to be some technical difficulties with the chat feature as of late. The crash was suppressed a few months ago, but somehow the chat crash has returned. Many wiki's chat have been crashing in the last day, and some users were experiencing some unfamiliar things going on in the chat. Some regular chat users see some users that they have never seen before. Some users also get sent to another chat, and that chat does not match the URL. It can annoy many users, as they might have to refresh multiple times, but do not worry, because I am sure that the engineers are working on the solution to the problem soon. Here is the list of glitches:

    • People seeing random users in chat. Example: This ra…
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    I see some admins on wikis, when a user is supposed to be infinitely blocked, instead giving out a 1 year block, or something else, because they don't know how to block users for INFINITE. Today, I will tell you guys how to give users infinite blocks.

    All you have to do is, on the block user screen, in the "Expiry:" section, choose "Other time:", and in the box, type infinite, or indefinite. Then, click "Block this user".

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    Where Benjen Went

    October 12, 2014 by WhereDoBenjensGo

    Where did Benjen go? The Most Interesting Man in the World, Archer, Ron Burgundy and even Tyrion Lannister have pondered the question "where do whores go?" We assume the answer must be #WhoreIsland, and we think Benjen Stark, the missing uncle to the Stark kids on Game of Thrones (and a TOTAL warrior dude/bad-ass) has found it. There, we believe, he's hiding out...waiting for Winter to pass. In honor of Benjen, we vow to watch ALL the shows and movies, read all the books and comics, and play all the games hoping to find some clues to his whereabouts. 

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    Roranoa zoro

    Anime/Manga Hub

    October 11, 2014 by Roranoa zoro

    Hey everyone! I think we need an anime/manga hub or atleast a sub-hub on the updated global navigation considering there are hundreds numerous wikis(active ones) of this kind. If you agree with this,just post us which wiki(anime-manga obviously) are you from.

    Also w:c:onepiece is wrongly categorized as "Lifestyle" instead of "Entertainment",might've been a glitch/mistake.There might be other wikis wrongly categorized too.

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    I originally wrote this blog post as a comment on Sannse's blog post User blog:Sannse/The Zen Admin, but due to its length, it's movement from the original topic of that blog, and one of the replies I got to the comment there, I decided to make it its own blog post.

    I would like to start this message by saying that I absolutely hate using the block button and will try my hardest in most instances to resolve a problem without it, even if it means more anger is expressed in the short term. I just feel that a user is more likely to come back and be productive if problems are talked out rather than just having them banned straight away. I just feel blocking goes against the idea of "assume good faith" unless the user is blatantly and obvious…

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    If a bureaucrat is being disruptive on your wiki, you can block the bureaucrat. Basically, just take away the bureaucrat's admin powers, and block the bureaucrat for infinite, including IP block! From there, they won't be able to unblock themselves or re-admin themselves.

    Anyway, here's just some little advice. I tested this with Wikia user 452 on my wiki, and the test worked.

    If the disruptive bureaucrat uses this method, you can send a VSTF report or contact Wikia.

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    Mia and Me Wiki is the free encyclopedia of Mia and Me. Join us to build a magical world of information on Mia and Me!



    It's about Mia and Me, the 2012 mostly-animated some-live-action television series. I am currently an admin and bureaucrat there. This wiki needs more users.

    The Wiki's goal is to become the best free encyclopedia of Mia and Me, and become a wiki with a good, helpful and friendly community, too.

    Are you confused because this show is animated and also live action?

    Or is it because of the Unicorns? Or Elves?

    Well that is all what Mia and Me contain! Mia and Me is a 2012 television series. Although it is mostly CGI-animated, this series also shows in live action.

    The show starts as a 12-year-old friendly …

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    NOTE: Crossposted from my personal blog on advice from Wikia Staff, modified slightly for posting on Wikia.

    Around a year ago, All The Tropes opened for business with the bold and daring plan to create an alternative troping site for the disenchanted ex-TV Tropers to trope on and for those who didn't want to get anywhere near Fast Eddie or his minions because they didn't want to edit on a wiki where you can get banned for the dumbest reasons and where perversion and some of the more sad aspects of fandom pollute the internet with messed up drivel.

    Our goals were lofty, but we decided that to stay open for more than a little while, we had to radically alter our approach if we wanted to avoid the perversion and fail that has rightly made TV Tr…

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    Thank you, Wikia

    September 10, 2014 by MaintenanceRequired

    I feel as if the Wikia team isn't thanked enough for their enormous effort in making Wikia, and so, this blog is for everyone to take a moment and thank the Wikia team for their huge contributions in creating Wikia.

    Thank you, Wikia. I have been a part of this site for a few years now and I have greatly appreciated all you guys have done for everyone involved in this community. You have allowed this young man from Australia and many other members of all ages come together with at least one thing in common; some sort of passion for expressing creativity and working together to provide the ultimate database in different areas. I have been able to do just that since I have been here, accomplishing much more than I would have ever thought I wou…

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    This is totally unfair :(

    September 9, 2014 by Muchacha

    You probably all know about what's going on over at ERB. Well, I linked some Spinpasta users to ERB chat from Spinpasta chat. Then the trolls from ERB started wreaking their havoc at SPWC, during a trial to bring CPWC back. I was the first one accused, since I also had a "Spanish" username. I tried to tell everyone that I never linked the trolls to SPWC, but nobody listened and I got banned from that chat.

    I did not bring the spammers to SPWC, I only linked to ERB from SPWC, so I really don't know how this happened unless Lei or someone else mentioned Spinpasta, unintentionally bringing the spammers. Yet they refused to believe me and banned me for 2 weeks.

    Now drama's going to stir up on SPWC (the reason CPWC got shut down) and the trial wi…

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