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  • Pinkgirl234

    Hello people! This is Pinkgirl234 once more.

    Today, if you are reading this and are interested, say one tip or advice that will be helpful to a certain number of users or every user. I will tell my advice:

    If someone is threatening or annoying or in short trolling you or something like that, ignore them. I know this tip has been said all over and over again many times but not everyone does listen to this though. I should not forget to say this too, but if the troll goes to far, then report them. Just don't feed the trolls. They only want people to give them attention so do the opposite: don't give them any attention.

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  • Hotspot

    Which Design is best?

    August 29, 2015 by Hotspot

    So, I made the Kya Dark Lineage wiki.. a long time ago, and I kind of just left off the face of wikia back in 2010. After stopping by another wiki a month ago, I thought, I should really fix up the Kya wiki! Especially since, it's such an unknown game; the better the wiki is... the more new people will come and learn about the game and possibly become interested in it. I'm still working on it, and I'm not necessarily ready to really advertise it yet. But my problem is, I made a navigational box for it, and then I was like.. well. .. it's nice,, but this design is nice too! So now I have three navigational boxes that all have their own charm and I have no idea which one to actually use! =_="

    To see all three navigational boxes, check out my …

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  • Zmario

    Share Your Knowledge

    August 24, 2015 by Zmario

    Hey everyone, Zmario here. I wanted to create this blog post so any user would be able to share their knowledge when it comes to being a member of Wikia! Feel free to post in the comment section any information you think other Wikians could use to their benefit. Try not to post duplicate tips!! I will be recording the information below. Remember, have fun! Something you think is basic Wikia knowledge could be something someone didn't even know, so don't be afraid to post!! There is no limit on how many things a user could post, so put everything you know out there!!

    The Wiki Wealth Database so far (I've already provided one tip):

    • Zmario - MediaWiki:Createpage-with-video is the default page layout when creating a new page. You can edit this t…
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  • ForestFairy

    How do you resolve conflict?

    Time and again, we hear of clashing in the Communities. Clash of Clans comes to mind! :) Conflicts can happen everywhere in life. These strategies work not only here at Wikia, they work well in other situations, like school, work or in your private life and relationships.

    Conflict is accompanied by emotions. You know what I am talking about.... You have a different opinion and before you know it, you are in an intense argument. You possibly feel anger creeping up and there are things being said that you may regret. Often, you can feel the conflict lingering on the horizon, when your opponent does not share your values, steps on boundaries, disrespects the rules and so on.

    • You feel like you are being treated unfair…

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  • Pinkgirl234

    This is Pinkgirl234, who created her second blog. 

    Anyway, a lot of us users have been editing and going around in the Wiki network for quite a long time: months, years. Heck I have been a Wikian since November 2014 actually and I know a lot of stuff quickly.

    Now the question is: Do you enjoy being a Wiki user?

    The answer to that, for me, is yes! Yes I do enjoy being a Wiki user! I enjoy it. A loooooot actually.

    I enjoy helping people in the best way I can as well as sharing what I know and befriending people. Besides, it is usually in my nature to be friendly and helpful.

    So reader, do you enjoy being a Wiki user?

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  • Gguigui1

    Hey there,

    This is my first blog post in English. Today, I'II show you the good sides but also and chiefly, the bad, dark sides of JavaScript (JS). As you likely know, JavaScript is a significant share of any Web Site code as it is the code which works with so 99.99% of websites use JS ; just a proof among others:

    A site with JS disabled The same site with JS enabled

    Wikia is also part of it. However, in Wikia, local wikia admin can customize their wikia with JavaScript. And this feature has gradually turned out to be seen as indispensable, with pure code or verbatim, for a majority of communities and to manage easier and quicker any wikia. For instance, here is my current wiki activity view:

    and with JS disabled, a lot of features disappear (c…

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  • MrBreada

    The Harsh Blog Post

    August 8, 2015 by MrBreada

    Hi, I'm MrBreada, and today, I will be harsh. (Keep in mind this is a joke.)

    Q: Help! I'm underage but I really want a Wikia account! What do I do?

    A: Deal with it, kid. Wait a few years. Go play outside.

    Q: Help! I'm permanently blocked from a Wiki! What do I do?

    A: Go somewhere else, rule breaker! It's your fault.

    Q: Another user was blocked globally. Why?

    A: Because you're nosy.

    Q: Can I use chat in monobook?

    A: No!

    And that's all my harsness for today. Thank you.

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  • Deadcoder

    Hello, I'm Deadcoder. Most of you know me for my work and episode review blog on the Code Lyoko Wiki. But today, I'm blogging about a serious matter that's important to every Wikia user, from anon accounts to Wikia staff, to everyone in between: Security. In this post, I'll post 5 security tips that you can follow to make your communities safer.

    0: Use HTTPS whenever possible. Most links that go somewhere other than the same website start with a set of letters, followed by a colon and two slashes, such as "http://", "https://", or "ftp://". This is the Protocol of the link. Whenever possible, use https instead of http. The difference with https is that the transmission is encrypted and authenticated. This means that third party scum "NSA" h…

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  • TheFallenOneGOTH

    Recently, I have been hearing of attacks on Wikia through Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki's forums. First of all, I would like to hear from an administrator on Wikia or a first-hand witness of the supposed "hacks" and tell me if this is all true, and possibly give me reliable sources. I do not know whether or not this is true, because I've been very inactive lately. Here's a summary of what I heard on the FNAF Wiki about the hacks:

    1. A couple days ago, FNAF Wiki announced redirect attacks. (Source:
    2. A few days prior, Wikia was supposedly led to a porn site via a popup. (Source:

    If you haven't known already, I have 9 wikis. And wit…

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  • Oliverwestern

    Blog One

    July 28, 2015 by Oliverwestern

    Hello, my name is OliverWestern, and I am from the UK. Most of my friends call me Wills. I also go by the name Krypton1986, after the fact that I was born in 1986, and that my favourite show, originally on ITV Granada, is called The Krypton Factor. On Wikipedia, I am also known as Kangaflora. In my spare time, I like to help out on Wikia to ensure no vandalism goes unpunished by fixing articles that have been vandalised, removing posts that are deemed offensive, remove categories that are deemed offensive, make them more Autistc-friendly for Wikia users with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome. This helped me earn Bureaucrat status on GoAnimate v2 and GoAnimate v3 wikis. I have Asperger's Syndrome, which makes it more difficult for me to sociali…

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