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    Custom Cursor Help

    August 29, 2014 by RandomUser24

    I need help for custom cursors. This is what I mean.

    Cursors that don't look like your operating system's cursor but look like different cursors.

    Tell me where to put the cursor code in on the comments below.

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    Ultimate Dark Carnage

    Greetings fellow contributors, I am Ultimate Dark Carnage, and I am going to show you a tutorial on how to create a presentable main page. If you want to learn how to create a presentable main page, you are reading the right blog. Here are the tips on creating a good main page:

    This section shows you what content is recommended on the left column, and where should they be placed.

    This part of the tutorial shows you what item should be on the left column. Here are the following items:

    • Banner: The banner is the logo that goes on top of the main page. The image must be at least 200 × 200.
    • Welcome Section: The welcome section lets you know what the wiki is about, and welcomes you to the wiki.
      • Slider: The slider is a gallery that is used to navigate t…

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    Aldo The Fox

    Hi, I'm Aldo The Fox of the Tokupedia Project, I am a weirdo American who likes superheroes from Japan in addition to the big names at Marvel and DC.

    This blog is for all you manga fans out there who might be having trouble with Parent Pages.

    It is a bit hard to do a page when you only have three options, especially when they don't always match up what your genre is. Fortunately, I tinkered with the Templates a bit and have a custom made one for you that I would like to share with the community! Now you can give information on your favorite Manga to the masses!

    General Information
    Title(s): }
    Publisher: }
    Original Run: } - }
    Length: }
    Description: }
    Similar Literature: }
    Genre(s): }
    Availability: }
    Content Information
    Content Labels: }
    Violence: }
    Language: }

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    Can someone help me?

    August 21, 2014 by Muchacha

    Hi. I am an administrator at Encyclopedia SpongeBobia and am wondering how I could get a bot there so I can do multiple edits at once and things like that. The name of this would be "Jakebot", after me, of course. Thanks!

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    redstone projects :

    August 21, 2014 by Octipus1234


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    The Great Lord David

    Hello, everyone. I´m The Great Lord David and I´m presenting my very first blog. As many of you know, Sock Puppets are one of the greatest problems both Wikipedia and Wikia have to deal with however they are handled the same way. The question is, how to catch them?

    Over time, it has become clear that there are many factors and evidence that can actually relate accounts in some ways and effectively contribute to the discovery of these malicious users. This blog post pretends to expose the situation and present every major evidence and factors that link sock accounts together in order to catch them with relative ease plus how to deal with every phase of the discovery of a sock puppeter.

    R: Anonymity is both the greatest strentgh of the interne…

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    Hello everyone, I'm making my first blog post about how someone should react to a block.

    The correct way to react to a block When you look at your profile and it says that you are blocked, react in a calm way, go do something else, and eventually you'll learn from your mistake and when your block expires, hopefully you'll be a better user than before.

    The incorrect way to react to a block If you get blocked, here are some things you should not do:

    • Gloat about it
    • Call the admin that blocked you an insult, just because they blocked you doesn't mean they're idiots
    • Create a hate wiki about the admin that blocked you
    • If you were blocked for being underaged, don't complain that you were joking about your age, the COPPA law exists beause some creeps like …
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    Rider ranger47

    This post is incomplete,i will finish it another time.

    I often hear users complain about losing their text formatting when copy pasting from another site or there text editor (notepad etc.) in this blog post,i am going to show you how to get that back,along with some instructions on how to change text in general.

    There are several ways to do this,i will go over them now,you can:

    This is the way most users make their text appear in bold,to make your text appear in bold,click the bold button (as shown in the images below) and type what you want to appear in bold when you're done,click the button again,and you will return to normal text.You can also highlight existing text and click the bold button and it will have the same effect.

    There is,howev…

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    Hi all.

    As you can see, I am Xermano, a Wikian who enjoys keeping vandalism off wikis. Along with being a Wikian, I am also a Wikimedian who fights vandalism across Wikimedia projects. I am here today to share my vandalism fighting skills with you.

    I started this blog series because I think that vandalism is no joke and take it very seriously. In this series, I will show you how to classify vandalism, how to report it, how to remove it, etc. Every now and then, I will ask a question in my blogs. The answers will be revealed in the blog the following week.

    I've done enough talking already. Let's get to the fun stuff.

    The most important thing about anti-Vandal work is figuring out what edits good faith edit and which are vandalism. good fai…

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    The Vhampster

    Hi everyone! I get a lot of questions about what I do in addition to random friend invites on Steam. First of all I would like to point out what this blog post has to do with Wikia.

    Well if you ever find yourself as the "first responder" to something new in videogames and such, you'll know that it takes both dedication and passion to keep people informed. Sometimes, this leads to a lifelong hobby or simply a one-off. Regardless, everyone who shares their experience with the world is a valuable community member. It takes initiative to make a path where there isn't one. Often Steam guide-writers, Wikia editors and bloggers ask the same questions as readers: "Where did we come FROM?" How do we get THERE?"

    So without further ado, let me exp…

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