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    Ranking in major search engines and traffic is the main parameter of success in online business. Traffic is known as visitor number of a website. If you have a website involved in online business then you will be well familiar with these two terms. Ranking is the actual position of website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing on specific keyword or search phrase. As high rank your website get in SERP as traffic increase. This is the main thought that made important to ranking for online business entrepreneurs.

    Each search engine has made its own rules to rank a website in SERP. These SEs have disclosed some parameters on the basis of that you can get high rank in particular search engine. Google, Yahoo and Bing give importanc…

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    April 19, 2014 by Majorfangirltime

    I'm Abi. I'm a huge fangirl. I like BBC, British Youtubers, music, the internet, and books. I'm in most book and TV fandoms. New to this site, so still getting used to everything!

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    So, there seems to be a new trend going on in certain Wikis, where people needlessly revert edits for incignificant or tiny reasons, frequently going by the logic, "If it aint broken, don't fix it" or "It was fine the way it was" sometimes not even leaving an explanation at all. I have deemed that this is harmful for Wikis, and the people using it, and I'm going to explain why. 

    One important thing that needs to be remembered is that, Wikis are made to be expanded upon. It's the very reason anyone can just go and edit it (well, that's not the case on all Wikis, but for most), so If edits are being reverted simply because someone thought it was "fine" the way it was, or that if it isn't broken they shouldn't fix it, it kind of goes against t…

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    Bass playing is an art that needs to be mastered, like any other music form. Be it an acoustic guitar, an electric one, a classical guitar or the bass itself, everything demands you to get acquainted with it. The bass guitar is designed keeping two things as the primary motive:

    a)    The desired tone

    b)    The shape of the human body

    Is your way the correct way?

    If you as a bass player wanted to earn through your skills, it is vital to distinguish here that there is no standard way of playing a bass guitar. Instead, a standard result is definitely present and a pro bass player is marked against the sound quality his/her chords are able to produce.

    You can conduct a research on some of the most successful bass players of the music industry.

    What yo…

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    Yes, the Beatles Wiki now has 666 pages! Appropriately enough, it achieved that status on April 1st.

    Sadly, a page deletion means that we are now back down to 665 pages, but this probably won't last.

    • Note: of course, I am not saying that Jesus is evil; I'm paraphrasing John Lennon's notorious (and badly misquoted) statement.
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    Hi, Y'all

    March 29, 2014 by Splinterhed

    Glad to be here, It would be nice to win the EQ2 prize instead of needing start a new game...

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    I talked with EthanConquistador, he said something quite unknown, a user called "Dickbooger", could anyone give me details on this unusually named user? Any details are regarded amd checked, this user seems quite unknown to the Wikia community, if anyone has information about "Dickbooger" let me know as this is a most interesting development!

    He/She created a page regarding me on Encyclopedia Dramatica stating that I'm "Evil" and not a hero.

    Why would this user ruin my name?

    Is it...A new person?

    I need Opinions regarding this user and fast!

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    Well, here we are waiting for a game with lots of hype before it gets here. My husband has been following all the updates and videos about EQ Next and we are both hoping it is worth it. I love EQII and play on Antonia Bayle. Altaholic...think I have over a dozen characters on one account. Crafting and decorating are my two favorite aspects of the game, but I do enjoy going out and defeating the "bad guys" as well. Here is hoping it is as good as it looks like it will be!

    Hubby just came in and offered to buy me the Alpha license! Oh boy....have been with EQII for about 6 I want to do this? Anyone else out there doing the Alpha? Should I? Read more >
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    Brandon Rhea

    Did you know that the majority of Wikia's views come from readers, meaning people who don't click the edit button or even have a Wikia account? Clicking that edit button for the first time can be daunting—your contribution will immediately be available to the entire world—but there are ways that we all can help break the barrier between reader and editor.

    One of those ways is the recently-launched Wikia University, a quickly digestible source of how-to information for Wikia—including how to make your first contribution. Wikia is also always hard at work making sure our interface is the best it can be, by finding how people interact with Wikia and lowering barriers for entry. But there’s a great deal that local communities can do as well in …

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