• RiverdaleOpinions

    Riverdale: Season 1, Episode 1: The River's Edge:

    I started watching Riverdale one year after its release and by the time the first couple of seconds of the first episode started and the first mystery was unravelled I fell in love with the show. I came back from school every day very excited just to start watching the show so  I could catch up on all the episodes. The choice of characters, plot, setting and scenery was absolutely perfect. The whole show in general caught my eye straight away.


    (If you still have not seen season 1, episode 1 then do NOT continue reading!)


    When the episode starts with a new high school year it made me for some reason relate to the show. Of course a new student (Veronica Lodge) joined the…

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  • Rogue maltron


    March 17, 2018 by Rogue maltron

    this blog post has been closed

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  • Wikikinetic

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to mention that I started a Celeste Wiki (located here). This wiki's goal is to be a comprehensive database of all important information relating to the critically acclaimed game Celeste. If you have any interest in reading such a wiki, adding information to it, or just watching it grow, it exists now, so you can do any or all of those things if you feel like them! (Also, that second one—adding information—would be particularly appreciated, since the wiki is very small right now and could use a lot of help.) Anyway, just letting everyone know here. I hope that someone here will find this announcement to be useful! Wikikinetic (talk) 05:07, March 15, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Laclale


    March 13, 2018 by Laclale

    Wiki Love Badges is cuttently needs steakes.

    But think about it. There are people who can not edit it even if you want to edit every day in the world ... with consecutive dates.

    I want people like that to get Wiki Love Badges.

    If you aglee, please comment.

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    Hello, I am the founder of the Best Music and Songs Wiki, a wiki about posting why you like certain songs, albums and music artists!

    Me and the few users we have, have been working on new pages. We are currently looking for new editors to join, who would like to start posting why they like certain songs, albums and music artists!

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  • TrumpetofTheSwan

    I know there are already a few out there, but my wiki divides the show into three eras, So if you are a die-hard fan for only one of the eras (Classic Spongebob, am I right?) and refuse to recognize the others as the same show,  then you can just enjoy reading about that one era and not have to think about how Modern Spongbob decimated the show. If you do wander into that section and get horribly depressed, however, you can always cheer yourself up by reading about Postmodern Spongebob.

    So, this isn't a hate-fest for everything after the movie. There's definitely room for those who see something in Modern Spongebob. It's not for me, but it is part of the show whether I like it or not, and should be documented by someone. The bottom line is …

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    Which Editor?

    February 25, 2018 by TheGoldenPatrik1

    There are three main Editors on FANDOM. Each has unique features, advantages, and disadvantages, but which one is the best? This blog will explain both what the different editors are and which is (arguably) the best.

    The first editor is VisualEditor. Enabled by default, it lets users add content, formatting, and images easily and is by far the simplest to use. It also has a "source" mode, although this lacks syntax highlighting.

    • Extremely easy to use.
    • Displays what the page will look like when you publish it.
    • Can result in poor formatting.
    • Can result in sloppy code.
    • Is inefficient at adding, removing, and editing Templates.
    • Does not work well for easy removal and addition of Categories.
    • Loads slowly.
    • Does not support easy cop…

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  • Anand 117

    Hi all

    February 21, 2018 by Anand 117

    Hey people, 

    So I'm Anand Jayaram, an 8 or  15-year-old stuck in a 28-year-old body. I'm currently a freelance journalist that currently maintains a music blog, but also contributes to sections of anime, video games, and technology. I worked in two big organisations India Today and Indian Express in Delhi for about two years. I thrive on music, video games and anime like Dragon Ball Z and even got myself a PS4 Pro only to discover that I had to upgrade my TV. I live on video games and cannot survive without my daily dose of anime, music and technology. I love fandom and been a regular follower since 2014. 

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  • SlimeScriptRPG

    Please join my wiki please I am waiting for so long and no one came.

    I've been waiting for someone to join my wiki, but no one joined. They weren't interested :( so I am going to look for someone to join.


    A wiki that has the tutorial of programming(It's not done though)

    I will be waiting for someone to join...

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  • JK55556

    Hi everyone!

    I am JK55556, an active user of many wikis. Today, I am going to advertise my 2,500 page Flipline Fan Customers Wiki. I did a blog post on this a year ago, but that was when I didn't really know how to write. :) I also did one in 2016, and I really didn't know how to write back then either. 

    Flipline Studios is a company that makes restaurant-simulation games. There are many games that they make, ranging from Papa's Pizzeria (Pizza) to Papa's Cupcakeria (Cupcakes) to Papa's Scooperia (Cookie Sundaes). Basically, there are about 100 different customers that come in on different game "days" and they order their food. Your job is to make their order as good as possible. The better the order, the more points you receive. The more po…

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