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  • Kayem-san

    Fiction Foundry

    August 18, 2016 by Kayem-san

    Hey everyone, I'm Kayem. I'm an admin at Fiction Foundry and I'm just here to promote it. We've been around since 2009 but we've really never had a steady user base. Fiction Foundry is a wiki for your own stories, characters, shows, TV channels, video games and whatnot, the only thing is that whatever you create can't be related or based on any real life media. In other words, we don't allow fan-fiction.

    Our history's a bit silly and some content is a bit cringy but if you can get past that then please check us out. Our current community isn't very large, or very active (or nice but that's besides the point), so I'm hoping by creating this blog we'll attract some creative types and build a productive community.

    Thanks, and sorry if the blog wa…

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  • MoshAbsolute

    Requesting Help...

    August 6, 2016 by MoshAbsolute

    Hi pls help me with a problem, My notifications has been bugging out. Everytime I look at my notifications there seems to be always 1 that's beside the bell, when I hover to it there's a notif. saying "left a new message on's wall". Sometimes it becomes 2 or 3, and whenever I hover on it, old unmessaged threads become visible, also when I open it nothing was ever done to it. Please Help me.

    here's a pic:

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  • KurwaAntics

    Notification cards

    July 31, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    Should Wikia give the option to let users replace email notifications with notification cards? For example:

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  • Mika-Miku

    [text like this means in my head]

    • I like trains 
    • Name? Who needs a name with a profile pic like this? [oh ok it's required *types name*]
    • Put dispenser here/Pootis Spencer here/We need a dispenser here 
    • Durp/Derp
    • My name's your face and I care what your taste in music is. 
    • What's 9+10+2? 23! [what if there was twenty three trains?]
    • If you post dumb videos I'm gonna unfollow you. 
    • I'm getting a new computer soon. [soon: I DON'T HAVE IT YET IT'S COMING SOON] 
    • What is {insert thing here} [i do know what it is but i only know half of the description] 
    • YOU SAID HIS NAME WRONG [get it right peeps play underswap and you'll understand my point] 
    • I feel like an idiot but: {something i don't know} 
    • (somebody laughs) (laughs the same way) OH MY GOSH WHAT HAPPENED…
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  • CoolGamer23

    If a user on your wiki was banned and they want their ban appealed, here is a simple ban appeal page for admins.

    All content is from the Dream Logos Wiki.

    Every once in awhile, a user will face a ban. Bans are mainly caused by violating the wiki's rules.

    Moderators and administrators are trained professionals and do not ban accounts for no reason. staff can check the reason why you have been banned and we will know exactly what has happened. As such, we very rarely have any reason to remove a ban from an account.

    You can contact the banning admin on Community Central to appeal a ban that is more than one month in length, and we will review the situation. However this does not guarantee that your ban will be lifted.

    When appealing, you must pre…

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  • Imnew7373

    This is strange. When I was adding a photo I noticed a error/glitch happening. The language is changed to Russia strangely. 

    Here is a photo:

    Note that the photo has russia languge instead of original languge.  Do you know how this will automatically work back to english? Thanks,

    • Imnew7373 (talk) 19:43, July 23, 2016 (UTC)
    • P.S:The wikia I went was Logopedia.

    It could be hacker destroying this

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  • Squirrel719

    Hello! I am an admin of the Biomes O' Plenty Wiki. For much of 2015, the wikia was abandoned and empty, mainly because the mod was inactive, but now me and the bureaucrat have revived it with adding a theme and the mod is updating regularly again. But there aren't enough editors, there's only really me because the bureaucrat is unable to edit right now, there are plenty of viewers though (25.6k a week!). We need more editors!

    We need 48x48 icons of each of the items, and pages for things that don't have pages, and more screenshots of the new update biomes! I also want an active chat and people that are reliable to promote to rollback and moderator.

    Gwiwer, No MLG in my presence pls. 12:54, July 19, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Aldo The Fox

    Hello! Aldo The Fox here, I am one of the admins of Kamen Rider Wiki and I have good news!

    Get Your Game On! The next Kamen Rider series is almost here!

    Kamen Rider has had a busy year, with 2016 being the franchise's 45th anniversary and several projects tied to that celebration. Such projects include a recent Battride War game, multiple events in Japan such as displays of the props and suits at a museum for a special exhibition and the return of Hiroshi Fujioka as Kamen Rider 1 in a recent film.

    But the party is soon going to end for Ghost, as on October 2nd, the hoodie wearin' spook who uses historical figures and emotions for his powers will go off the air and let his successor take the wheel.

    Traditionally in the recent entries of the Hei…

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  • Alaric Saltzman


    July 14, 2016 by Alaric Saltzman

    Hi! I'm a bureaucrat from The Vampire Diaries Wiki. Last week I made a poll for our visitors so that they can vote for their favourite characters, pairings, episode etc. Some users had voted multiple times and it's not fair. The poll was made via kwiksurveys. Can you recommend another site which blocks multiple voting or suggest me what should I do? Subtract those "fake" votes and announce the results or cancel the previous poll and make a new one? Maybe on Google Docs? Thanks.

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  • Candadian Angel~

    Hello. I'm the Candadian Princess, Sabrina (you must know me already though). I am asking for your help for Candadia Wikia, because it just have 21 pages.

    • Fix typos.
    • Add more photos (Hmm, I think those characters should wear fairy clothes, green coloured clothes and some padlock-themed clothes, that would be nice!)
    • Promote the Candadia Wikia.

    Please promote! I will make a Digital Drawing Contest soon. Have fun~!

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