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  • Charles12310

    Hello! I am Charles, back again with another wiki project I would like to share with you!

    Ever since then, I have been a very, very LARGE fan of cars. I liked everything from luxury to sports cars. This has inspired me to make the Ford Motor Company Wiki, a wiki about one of the vehicle manufacturers: Ford.

    I originally wanted to make a wiki about all of the vehicles in the world, until I found out about Autopedia. They have over 11,000 pages of cars and creators. However, upon inspecting many of the pages, it seems like it has been...a bit incomplete. Some articles do not even show the latest models of vehicles! I do not wish to adopt it however, for I do not know the users there. Neither have I ever edited there. The only wiki I have adopted…

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  • Minato826

    India Wiki

    May 19, 2017 by Minato826

    Link : India Wiki

    Hello Wikians / Fandom users

    Here i am promoting India Wiki, It has been recently adopted by User:Clash.Bikash.

    About wiki

    India, a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal on the southeast.

    Wiki as the name says its about India, Country , Wiki is set be a directory of things that are interesting about India namely Interesting places, things happening in India, India has a weather pattern which is helpful for travelling any time in a year, you'll see more people helpful and always reliable wh…

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  • PyroNacht

    Hi guys! Tonight, I wanted to go over a topic I haven't really discussed, as it isn't typically my area of expertise. However, there's been a couple of things lately that I've been immensely thinking about, and so I figured I would go over those ideas, and they are about the difference between a leader and an admin.

    I know I already touched on what makes a good admin in a previous blog post, but I wanted to reiterate for the sake of this post. Essentially, an administrator of a Wiki is an individual who has received rights to block and promote users, amongst other things. They are known to participate in vandalism clean-up, as well as nurturing the Wiki growth.

    Truth be told, I do not believe all administrators to be leaders. The reason why …

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  • PyroNacht

    Hi guys! So, lately, I was going through my older contributions on my home Wiki- we're talking basically 2012-2013 here. Anyway, so I was going through some of my edits, and I realized that many users share a similar situation to mine: they were either reverted or modified often, sometimes even removed completely in later times. I know some people have the habit of taking these circumstances personally, so why not write a blog about it?

    When you edit on your Wiki, what do you usually do? Do you find yourself adding a citation to a previously-unknown mention with a needed source? Do you find yourself reverting edits of mass vandals? Or maybe even, do you find yourself placing your own input on discussion and whatnot? Either way, regardless o…

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  • PyroNacht

    Community Bonds

    May 17, 2017 by PyroNacht

    Hi guys! Today, I wanted to go over a rather broad topic, which is basically the Wiki Community bonds. This isn't necessarily a blog about how to expand your community as it is to maintain a generally-good atmosphere in a pre-existing group. However, not many people know how to keep good communications open, in the event of drama (which is inevitable). I will be covering similar aspects in this blog- particularly pertaining to friendship.

    Take a step back for a moment. Think about all of the communities you have been in- regardless of if they have been from Fandom or not. Consider the fact that many people with shared interests tend to form groups and express their experiences and contributions- which is the basic foundation of what Fandom …

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  • PyroNacht

    I am writing this blog off of three hours of sleep.. Hi guys! Today, I wanted to discuss how to change your agenda, and I honestly debated between developing this blog or not. Mostly because while people are beings of habit, change is extremely fundamental in the process of growing up. I've already touched on a few topics like this, like contribution and legacy in particular, but I wanted to go over the generalization.

    When people join a website like Fandom, they typically have an intended purpose in mind. For example, when I joined Fandom in May 2012, I was essentially running away from a couple of problems in my real life. As a child, I had found that I better coped with my emotional pain when I left it aside and helped out other people. …

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  • PyroNacht

    Being Safe Online

    May 16, 2017 by PyroNacht

    Hi guys! I've been putting off this blog in particular, because other topics had captured my attention. But today, my friends, is the day you finally get to receive my personal thoughts as well as a general how-to on being safe online: moreso here on Fandom!

    I already covered in a previous blog about why we need COPPA, but why do we need safety online? Well, for those of you who read my COPPA blog, I elaborated on the fact that nobody is safe on the internet. You never quite know if the people you're befriending are the people you believe and know them to be. There have been many cases in history where people have found themselves in very bad situations (for the sake and of the nature of this blog, I will not detail further), solely because…

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  • Annabeth and Percy

    So throughout my time on Wikia, especially on this wiki, I’ve experienced many users seeking answers or help with whatever it is they need. I’d say most users ask any user in general about their problem and how to solve it. But then there are some users who only seek assistance from the admins/moderators of the wiki mainly on chat.

    Why? Because they’re moderators, therefore, they’re most likely to know the answer to whatever questions you have, in regard to this wiki, about Wikia in general since Community Central is the center of it. Most of the time, that is probably the case. However, there are other users who frequent this wiki often, who are not moderators, that could provide you with the same answers to your questions, regardless of w…

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  • PyroNacht

    Promoting Your Wiki

    May 15, 2017 by PyroNacht

    Hi guys! Man, I was originally going to write about Privacy- been putting that off for a while- but a new topic has captured my attention as of late, and that is how to promote your Wiki. I've seen the question being asked a ton in Chat, so I figured now would be an ample time to describe how to build your community through various means.

    I certainly hope you all were not expecting me to jump right into a massive list of ways to promote your Wiki (yet), because one of the first steps to creating a solid Wiki community is having a solid foundation for what it is. Make a couple of templates or something and gradually create the basis of what your Wiki will stand for. If your Wiki is centered around a television show, for example, make a few t…

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  • PyroNacht

    Hi guys! Today, I wanted to go over what I consider a "forgotten" concept here on Fandom. In our times in chat, we often overlook the fact that we are not assuming good faith- for instance, whenever somebody with a semi-shady username enters, people assume they're there to troll. So, without further ado, I'd like to discuss the topic of Assuming Good Faith.

    As covered here, assuming good faith is believing that somebody who might have made an error is not doing anything out of ill will. Essentially, the fact of the matter is, assuming good faith means you are giving somebody the support that they are not trying to be a burden on the community, but rather, attempting to help it in some form. However, many people tend to believe the worst in …

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