• Eco The LeafWing-HiveWing

    Are you interested in the wilderness? At Eco's Wild Wiki, the jungle is the main theme! We have articles about the real jungle, but also some articles with lots of imagination, like created animals and even dragons! I created this wiki because of my love of nature, and at the wiki, that's the exact vibe you get.

    The wiki runs smoothly with our trusted powerusers, and we have fun contests that you can win prizes from! 

    Currently, there are 25 pages at Eco's Wild Wiki, but it continues to grow. There's always things to do, like editing articles to make them even better, have discussions about favorite animals (but discussions aren't limited to that!), socializing with other users, create your own sona out of a junlgle animal, and much more! 


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  • TrumpetofTheSwan

    Note: Reposting because the original didn't show up on the "recent posts" page and I'm hoping it will if I leave out all other tags.There's no real way for people to get to "wiki promotions", so having it under that catagory ensures nobody will see it.

    "Well, well, well, a wiki dedicated to fan theories", you say? Even restricted to one fandom, that may sound like an insanely difficult task. After all, fans are coming up with new theories all the time. How will we keep up? Will we document every theory regardless of merit? What's the point? These are questions that may or may not be streaming through your mind right now (I know they come up in mine from time to time). They are legitimate questions, and I will attempt to answer them, justify…

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  • BlueArcher21

    Hello, Wikians! My name is Aidan, aka BlueArcher21, and I'm an active bureaucrat of The CW Wiki.

    The wiki's mission is to provide sufficient information about the television shows that take place on The CW Network. The CW is an American broadcasting network generally aimed towards young adult audiences. The network currently houses twenty TV series including The 100, Arrow, The Flash, Riverdale, Supernatural, and many more.

    In order to reach our goal of transforming our website into an adequate encyclopedic resource, we require a good handful of contributors who are willing to help and have knowledge about The CW Television Network.

    If you have an interest in television or any television series that take place on The CW, you should consider joinin…

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  • Technobliterator

    Most infoboxes summarize an article. By surfacing a few facts, they let readers quickly understand a subject.

    However, particularly on gaming wikis, infoboxes can be much more data-oriented. Infoboxes on these communities are responsible for serving up actual statistics — and it makes them much larger. This kind of data-driven infobox may require you, as an admin, to adopt a different approach.

    This blog will explain how to make your data-oriented infoboxes most useful for readers.

    Organization instantly improves your infoboxes. Group related statistics together, making sure that the most important statistics go first.

    Let’s say you’re designing an infobox for a unit in Dungeons & Dragons. You should lay out the stats the same way the Monster Man…

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  • Withersoul 235

    Hello there, reader of this page! Today I would like to promote a new wiki of mine, the link of which is at the bottom of this blog. Well yeah, not exactly "new" because—

    —I actually created it all the way back on March 23, 2014. Forever ago honestly, and it's hopefully taking off at least almost five years after it's creation! Pretty crazy indeed — I lost interest in running it back in the day, but now I want to pick it up again and get this bad boy to grow.

    This wiki is primarily about Minecraft animations. Think of, for example, Black Plasma Studios, Element Animation, Slamacow, MrFudgeMonkeyz, etc. but also the various song animations, and everyone else of course. In addition, back in the day I — wrongfully — considered machinimas like E…

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  • Golfpecks256

    Wiki adopting tips

    September 24, 2018 by Golfpecks256

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to write this blog as a guide for what and how to smoothly run a community after you adopt it successfully using an adoption request.

    I have had the opportunity to adopt and run multiple wikis, which has greatly improved my community management and leadership skills over time. Therefore, I wanted to share some key components and factors which will be useful if any one reading wants advice on how to successfully adopt and run a wiki.

    When you adopt a wiki, in most cases, you'll be the only administrator on that wiki. There have been times where multiple users have adopted the same wiki (either a merged adoption request or one adoption request made and agreed by two users.) But when you find yourself being the only acti…

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  • Endercat TM

    I Love Writing Wiki

    August 30, 2018 by Endercat TM


    Hey y'all!

    I contribute to a wiki called "I Love Writing". Yes, it does sound dorky, but it is pretty fun! Let me explain some stuff, and you might be interested!

    Some Q's and A's

    What is this wiki really about?

    Yeah, the title gives it away. It for people who really, do love writing. You can post stories and all. Have you been writing a book for like, ever? Well, you can share a quick preview. Or even post the whole book! Users around the world will be able to check this story out. And don't worry! Only Admins can edit this page (they are the only ones who have to un-asked permission too), and no one will mess-up your story! Warning: if you are afraid someone is going to copy your story, please do not post it. If not, tell the users…

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  • Valentin girl

    Hello, I am Valentin girl. This is a blog promoting Rise of the Guardians Roleplay Wiki. I will explain a bit about the Wiki and in the very end, you can also read a story that my friends and I have created just for the promotion. Ready? Let's go!

    This Wiki was created on April 29, 2014, by me. 

    If you have watched the movie Rise of the Guardians that is excelent; for those who didn't, let me expalin it shorty. The movie is about a boy spirit named Jack Frost who lost his memory and start to explore the world. By time, he meet the Guardians of Childhood - North, Bunny, Tooth and Sandman, who protect the children and give them Hopes and Dreams, Joy and Wonder. When they discover that the Nightmare King is teorizing the children with his fear,…

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  • Endercat TM

    It is everyone's dream to make a successful wiki. A wiki everyone will drool over. But how do we do that? Well here is some advice I have from experience! On how to make a successful wiki!

    Before starting a wiki you need to think of a topic. Something someone hasn't already created. Like a fan wiki or something on a new book. The think about the title. Something catchy that will attract people's attention. Example: Then write something on the first page. Like what is this wiki is about. Tip: think is this going to help the community? Is it worth it? If so make sure to write it down.

    All wikis have rules. It varies how many there are. You can have as many as 1 or 2 all the way to 10 or 20. Okay, maybe not that much. But m…

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1
    This is the first part of a two blog series on Vandalism and Spam. You can read the second blog here.

    FANDOM is all about building quality content through teamwork. However, there are two primary things that get in the way of this—Vandalism and Spam. This blog attempts to explain what Vandalism and Spam are, who currently combats them, and how you can get involved. Let's jump in, shall we?

    Vandalism and Spam are two very different things, so it's best if we consider them separately.

    Additional information can be found here.

    Vandalism is the act of removing content from pages or inserting junk into pages. Both actions result in articles of much worse quality—after all, what good is a wiki with a bunch of blank pages?

    Additional information can be found…

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