• Speedit

    The majority of Wikia wikis have strong character coverage. This is well shown by the prominent character portals with colorful little cards going to the popular or prominent characters or content of the wiki's subject. These character portals are usually done using a template many are familiar with despite its broken status in the mobile view. This makes the content inaccessible to half the wiki's readership who may not see the content or any content at all because it lacks portability. Why is the code flawed and how could it be done better so that it works for mobile readers too?

    This is (but not for long, hopefully) done usually using customised yet minimal variations of a table-based template commonly known as . This template has multipl…

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  • Princess Diva

    Check It Out! - Click the button to be redirected to the Gossip Girl Wiki spotted portal!

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  • DEmersonJMFM

    Customization is an integral part of a wiki community and such styling sets apart a boring wiki from one that delivers the wow factor. Despite its importance, not every Admin knows how to go about editing their MediaWiki CSS pages. This blog outlines a brief summary of how to go about finding and maintaining CSS styling.

    Perhaps the biggest hurdle to jump in wiki styling is determining the appropriate CSS classes and selectors for the element you wish to modify. Generally you can find such information through various browser tools.

    For example, for users using Google Chrome (like myself), right-clicking on the object you wish to modify reveals a menu containing 'Inspect' (Ctrl+Shift+I). Once 'Inspect' is clicked, your screen will appear simi…

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  • Sinthorion

    Editable Polls

    April 16, 2016 by Sinthorion

    This is another small wikicode trick, that can be very useful in some situations, but also allows poll result manipulation. It's a trick to make polls editable.

    Prerequisites for this guide are the knowledge of using and creating templates.

    If you don't know polls at all, here is a short introduction:

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  • RansomTime

    Hi everyone. This blog's going to be a short guide on how best to attribute other people's work that you're importing to your wiki.

    Most wikis on Wikia are licensed under a CC-BY-SA license. This means that any original work on the wiki is free to be shared and adapted on other places that also use that license.

    Wikia's licensing page states "If you import text under a compatible license which requires attribution, you must, in a reasonable fashion (including by one of the attribution methods described below), credit the author(s). Where such credit is commonly given through page histories (such as copying within Wikia), it is sufficient to give attribution in the edit summary, which is recorded in the page history, when importing the text.". …

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  • Zmario

    Policy Creation and You

    April 15, 2016 by Zmario

    Hey everyone, Zmario here. I wanted to bring your attention to an important aspect when managing a wiki: the creation of policies for your wiki. It is no doubt a challenging experiencing when starting a wiki from scratch, trying to get users to join, but at the same time, setting up everything and making things look in tip-top shape. I'll go over all those things in another blog. But right now, I'd like to go further in-depth into the world of policy creation.

    Starting a new wiki is always exciting and tiresome. So many things need to be changed and information needs to be added. But a very important step that can sometimes be overlooked is the creation and maintaining of policies.

    A new user joins your wiki. It's his first time editing, he …

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  • Bermuda

    Ever watched those futuristic-themed movies (not the post-apocalyptic world!) where the world is so simple and sleek? There is so little to look at, yet it is so much easier to see things. It's overwhelming to look at an image that has so much going on that it can be irritating to continue looking at it. You would probably have more chances of finding Waldo in a simple world than you would looking for him on a beach with hundreds of things that could be distracting or overwhelming.

    How does this relate to wiki editing? Simplicity is the new trend. Having a simple layout helps readers and editors read and interact with the content! With more people choosing mobile versus desktop, keeping it simple is a better approach in attracting viewers …

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  • DEmersonJMFM

    Wikis on Wikia are founded with the intent to not only build vast databases of knowledge, but help unite fans into a sense of community. As these wikis evolve and expand, the temptation to create similar or duplicate wikis grows. While users are very much able to copy most content under the CC-BY-SA license granted proper attribution is given, the question becomes whether or not one should actually do so.

    One of the best times to use content copied from another wiki is to help enhance areas of the wiki which are not the primary focus of that wiki. For example, a wiki dedicated to a film may recognize they are not experts about the background of the actors who portrayed the characters. Adding content created by a more specialized wiki may be…

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  • 2Actimv

    Blogs are a perfect way to introduce people to a piece of coding you've made. Presenting it on Community Central is usually a good idea. Many users will see the blog post and thus the coding and that means it'll be used maybe. But how do you write the perfect technical blog?

    Firstly it's important to write about what it is. Sounds very logic right? If you don't introduce to everybody what the coding is about it's likely nobody will even try it out. Think about what language the code is written in (css, js, wikitext), what the code will do, where people will find the things they can do with the code etc.

    Besides that pictures are also important to add to your post. People like to see what they're going to see when if they install it. This als…

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  • Princess Diva

    Hello Wikians! I'm Audrey, and I would love for everyone to know about Stitchers Wiki. It's a wiki about the new TV series that is currently in it's second season, called "Stitchers" airing on Freeform Tuesdays at 10/9c.

    Stitchers follows Kirsten, who has been recruited into a government agency to be "stitched" into the memories of people recently deceased to investigate murders and mysteries that otherwise would have gone unsolved. Cameron, a brilliant neuro-scientist, assists Kirsten in the secret program headed by Maggie, a skilled covert operator. The program also includes Linus, a bio-electrical engineer and communications technician. Camille, Kirsten's roommate and a computer science grad student, is also recruited to assist Kirsten a…

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