• TheV1ct0ri0u5

    Wikia is a very interactive and fun place once you start getting involved. But, where do I start? Do you see that welcoming "Register" button on the top right side? That is where your Wikia Journey begins...

    You might be thinking "Alright, so I've got an account, what now?" Well, let's take a look at what Wikia is...

    Wikia is an open environment for you to share your knowledge and passions, whether it be informational, fan, or straight up entertainment for others. Looking for somewhere to share your knowledge on Star Wars? Wikia has it! Do you absolutely love Minecraft? Wikia is there for you! Do you happen to be a Brony or Pegasister? Check out the MLP Wiki! Wikia has it all.

    Wikia also has a program called Fandom.

    Wikia's Fandom encourages expr…

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  • Pinkgirl234

    Community Central Wiki is the main wiki in the entire Wikia. It is a wiki where users from different wikis gather together to collaborate and help one another depending on the help needed or a situation/issue that needs a good solution. Aside from the Rules and Guidelines set up for the Community Central Wiki, there are does and don’ts that you have to observe whenever you are in Community Central. Allow me to list down all the the things to do that will serve as your guide to the Community Central Wikia.

    Do try tune in or keep up-to-date for all the latest changes. Community Central is a place where you can found all the latest updates and news around Wikia. People often have questions to why this or that is occurring around Wikia at the …

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  • Bermuda

    Cities Skylines Wikia

    January 29, 2016 by Bermuda

    Hello, it's me.

    I read Sannse's blog and I thought #yolo.

    Skylines Wikia

    Home page • About us • The game

    Today, I am introducing a newly created wikia, established on September 2015, about a recent-release city-building video game called Cities: Skylines for the PC (and soon-to-be Xbox One), developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. Cities: Skylines is a simulation city builder that let's you take on the role of a mayor, city planner, modder, and more.

    Cities: Skylines has two expansion packs: one that has been released and one that was just recently announced a few days ago. With the recent announcement of an upcoming expansion pack, I thought about bringing in more contributors by promoting the wikia and building more page…

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  • Noreplyz

    5 Tips for Adopting a Wiki

    January 27, 2016 by Noreplyz

    Hey again! Here are a few tips for you that will ensure you are able to adopt the inactive wiki you have been working on.

    between adoptions of contributions of useful, related content

    There's a few requirements for you to check, to make sure your adoption goes through without hassle.

    Make sure you have not adopted within the last month, that you're not currently blocked on another wiki in Wikia. Also check that you have contributed for at least a week and that you've created one useful page - the more the better, to show you are dedicated to the wiki.

    Make sure you write up a blog post, forum post or some other thread on the Forums at your Wiki. It should be a short and sweet notice that you want to adopt the wiki, and ask the active community what…

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  • ZeroTigress

    Ragnarök Wiki

    January 26, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    Hi, I'm ZeroTigress, current admin of the Ragnarök Wiki. What is the Ragnarök Wiki, you ask?

    The Ragnarök Wiki is a wiki centered on archiving the entire Ragnarök franchise, which started with the Korean manhwa written by Lee Myung-Jin. The manhwa spawned 2 online games and a multitude of spin-offs and merchandise. What we need help most with the wiki are with information about the spin-offs and people to manage the German, Portuguese, and Japanese versions of the wiki. We welcome anyone to come join the community as long as they adhere to the wiki's editing policies and are respectful to their fellow contributors. If you are unable to write articles, that's fine! We could use translators to translate articles on the Ragnarök Wiki into Germ…

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  • Sannse

    Everyone is welcome to write about their community on Community Central's blogs, whether it's an old and established wiki, or one that's brand new.

    The two most important things in doing this are to provide a link to the wiki, and make sure you explain what the project is about.

    Blogs that are just a sentence or two long, and don't include a link or an explanation are not going to attract any attention, and may even be deleted. Remember, most people on Central will have very different interests to you. So you need to try and encourage them to come to see your project anyway.

    When you create your blog post, you need to think about what you want people to know. And what those people will want to know. The Community Central community might be inter…

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  • Shining-Armor

    In place of the Dik-dik of the day I have decided to create an introductory crash course on the wonderful world of wiki-text (wikitext?). Below are several of the most common things you will encounter while editing as well as sample code to show they are used.

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  • Monochromatic Bunny

    YouTube Wikia

    January 18, 2016 by Monochromatic Bunny

    Hey, I'm Elexorien, from the YouTube Wikia.

    I'm posting this to bring attention to the YouTube Wiki and gain more active contributors. Our Wiki contains a multitude of information on your favorite YouTubers and videos. We want people to update pages and create new pages for their favorite YouTubers. The Wiki can become a very great place if we gain more editors. Many people watch YouTube daily, and we would just like to expand your knowledge on your favorite YouTubers and learn about more along the way.

    We could use all the help we can get. Thanks for reading.

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  • 2Actimv

    Did you know I've already been making chat skins for more than one year? And did you know I've always published them here on Community Central first? You may know that because you've been here as well for more than a year. But now it's time to get bigger and therefore I've been making a new place for my chat skins.

    Chat Skins Wikia
    I've made a wiki for all my chat skins: Chat Skins Wikia. From now on I'll post new chat skins there first. Though I stay posting skins here, so don't worry. On the wiki you can easily find all skins I've made so far. You can test and use skins I haven't posted yet. Additionally you can find the details of the skins. Besides that you can also post chat skin ideas and requests and ask questions on the forum.

    On the w…

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  • Fargo84

    Helping the World War II Wiki

    December 23, 2015 by Fargo84

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I posted on Community Central for promotion, but I've finally come back once again. I am here to raise awareness of the World War II Wiki and its German expansion. Both are wikis that very much need your contributions and both suffer from the same problem of not being able to reach possible contributors. I know there are many people who are fans of World War II gaming or war movies for example, so I urge you that if you are a fan of either, please visit our site to see the history behind the genre.

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