• Slyst

    Helping out on Central

    February 25, 2016 by Slyst

    Community Central is Wikia's central help hub. Day in, day out, users come along seeking help with all sorts of things. Helping out can be a very strenuous work here at Wikia, especially if you don't know what you're doing. I have tried to explain how to tackle a help request in this blog.

    Footnote: the title can be a bit misleading as everything given here does not exclusively apply to Community Central.

    • Understand the question: One of the most basic and common mistakes you're prone to make when assisting other users is misunderstanding the question. Not everyone has a good English; not everyone knows how to express what they're thinking in a way the listener would understand. Always try to interpret what the other person is asking. You can a…

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  • Yatalu

    Asking help in CC chat

    February 21, 2016 by Yatalu

    (Just something I quickly scribbled together ^- ^ didn't plan on making it into a blog but posting it anyway. Enjoy!)

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  • BeyonderGodOmnipotent

    Hello! so people wanted to start this early before i forget so alot of people want to help rank Wikia higher than before and i will list a few different methods on how US wikia users can help! because we want wikia to be around the 13th maybe even the 10th highest ranked.

    First thing is the whole keeping the wikia active meaning having discussions and or answering/asking questions will get Alexa to see we are a very social media outlet for people to hangout.

    Adding pictures that is relevant in profiles,blogs, and or in the forums is key factor because google bots+alexa bots will start to handle the ranking of the images by name and the way we place it meaning to us we wikia users need to give it a good name instead of random numbers.

    Your pr…

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  • Josephyr

    Josephyr's Top 3

    February 16, 2016 by Josephyr

    Hello all!


I am Josephyr, and I am writing this because I’m addicted to Wikia going to share a couple of my favorite things about Wikia!


So, as a quick background overview, I first found Wikia after I Google-searched a game my brother was playing. Upon stumbling upon this thing called a “wiki”, I was instantly shocked at how organized and creatively it was set up. I quickly dove into editing, and every since then, it’s become one of my favorite pastimes. 

So since that is all clear, let me jump right into my favorite things about Wikia!

    1. The ability to create a wiki on any topic, and edit and grow it into a wonderful database.

    This was, and still is, my #1 favorite thing about Wikia. Battle Nations (the game I mentioned earlier) was s…

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  • Noreplyz

    Custom Admin Highlighting

    February 15, 2016 by Noreplyz

    This is the go to blog for highlighting admins in your wiki! If you feel like there is more to be covered, leave a message below!

    You will see that many wikis have admins that have bolded and coloured usernames, maybe with a picture or flashy text. It's important to highlight admins because they are often experienced with the wiki's topic and administration, so you can easily identify someone who can help you out. It's also helpful when reviewing WikiActivity or RecentChanges, because most admins will have trustworthy edits, and it's easier to spot them out! You can also change the theme of comments to better differentiate between moderators, admins and bureaucrats for larger wikis.

    This blog post will delve into several methods you can use …

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  • RansomTime

    Hey all. This blog is a quick FYI on unofficial Wikia community groups.

    For background, community central is an official wiki, it's ran by Wikia and Admins and Mods are chosen by staff. By contrast, the Wikia community channels I'm listing are unofficial, ran by Wikians according to their rules, but as general purpose hang out areas for the Wikia community. Most of them were made before chat was a feature on Wikia, and so there was a greater need to have a way of communication with Wikians. Some of them can be useful on mobile devices (where we can't get to chat), and they're also useful because you can send a message (public/private) to someone who's offline, and they'll get it later.

    IRC is a text-based chat platform. Way way back, Wikia u…

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  • BeyonderGodOmnipotent
    1. Wikia was once called Wikicities!
    2. Wikia was founded by Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley Starling
    3. Wikia was founded October 18 2004 (Only 8 days after my birthday lol) only 3 years AFTER Wikipedia was created on January 15th 2001
    4. Wikia has a estimated 8 Million DIFFERENT pages greater THAN wikipedia!
    5. Wikia has 360,000+ different communities!
    6. Wikia TOP active communities goes to the Marvel and DC Wikia's
    7. Wikia has 200 Employees!
    8. Wikia alexa rank is 98! and is slowly making its way up the ranks!
    9. Wikia is the only wiki source with the BEST known designing system!
    10. Wikia isnt the oldest but is one the most viewed sites to date!
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  • TheV1ct0ri0u5

    Wikia is a very interactive and fun place once you start getting involved. But, where do I start? Do you see that welcoming "Register" button on the top right side? That is where your Wikia Journey begins...

    You might be thinking "Alright, so I've got an account, what now?" Well, let's take a look at what Wikia is...

    Wikia is an open environment for you to share your knowledge and passions, whether it be informational, fan, or straight up entertainment for others. Looking for somewhere to share your knowledge on Star Wars? Wikia has it! Do you absolutely love Minecraft? Wikia is there for you! Do you happen to be a Brony or Pegasister? Check out the MLP Wiki! Wikia has it all.

    Wikia also has a program called Fandom.

    Wikia's Fandom encourages expr…

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  • Pinkgirl234

    Community Central Wiki is the main wiki in the entire Wikia. It is a wiki where users from different wikis gather together to collaborate and help one another depending on the help needed or a situation/issue that needs a good solution. Aside from the Rules and Guidelines set up for the Community Central Wiki, there are does and don’ts that you have to observe whenever you are in Community Central. Allow me to list down all the the things to do that will serve as your guide to the Community Central Wikia.

    Do try tune in or keep up-to-date for all the latest changes. Community Central is a place where you can found all the latest updates and news around Wikia. People often have questions to why this or that is occurring around Wikia at the …

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  • Bermuda

    Cities Skylines Wikia

    January 29, 2016 by Bermuda

    Hello, it's me.

    I read Sannse's blog and I thought #yolo.

    Skylines Wikia

    Home page • About us • The game

    Today, I am introducing a newly created wikia, established on September 2015, about a recent-release city-building video game called Cities: Skylines for the PC (and soon-to-be Xbox One), developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. Cities: Skylines is a simulation city builder that let's you take on the role of a mayor, city planner, modder, and more.

    Cities: Skylines has two expansion packs: one that has been released and one that was just recently announced a few days ago. With the recent announcement of an upcoming expansion pack, I thought about bringing in more contributors by promoting the wikia and building more page…

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