• ZeroTigress

    Ragnarök Wiki

    January 26, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    Hi, I'm ZeroTigress, current admin of the Ragnarök Wiki. What is the Ragnarök Wiki, you ask?

    The Ragnarök Wiki is a wiki centered on archiving the entire Ragnarök franchise, which started with the Korean manhwa written by Lee Myung-Jin. The manhwa spawned 2 online games and a multitude of spin-offs and merchandise. What we need help most with the wiki are with information about the spin-offs and people to manage the German, Portuguese, and Japanese versions of the wiki. We welcome anyone to come join the community as long as they adhere to the wiki's editing policies and are respectful to their fellow contributors. If you are unable to write articles, that's fine! We could use translators to translate articles on the Ragnarök Wiki into Germ…

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  • Sannse

    Everyone is welcome to write about their community on Community Central's blogs, whether it's an old and established wiki, or one that's brand new.

    The two most important things in doing this are to provide a link to the wiki, and make sure you explain what the project is about.

    Blogs that are just a sentence or two long, and don't include a link or an explanation are not going to attract any attention, and may even be deleted. Remember, most people on Central will have very different interests to you. So you need to try and encourage them to come to see your project anyway.

    When you create your blog post, you need to think about what you want people to know. And what those people will want to know. The Community Central community might be inter…

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  • Shining-Armor

    In place of the Dik-dik of the day I have decided to create an introductory crash course on the wonderful world of wiki-text (wikitext?). Below are several of the most common things you will encounter while editing as well as sample code to show they are used.

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  • Monochromatic Bunny

    YouTube Wikia

    January 18, 2016 by Monochromatic Bunny

    Hey, I'm Elexorien, from the YouTube Wikia.

    I'm posting this to bring attention to the YouTube Wiki and gain more active contributors. Our Wiki contains a multitude of information on your favorite YouTubers and videos. We want people to update pages and create new pages for their favorite YouTubers. The Wiki can become a very great place if we gain more editors. Many people watch YouTube daily, and we would just like to expand your knowledge on your favorite YouTubers and learn about more along the way.

    We could use all the help we can get. Thanks for reading.

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  • 2Actimv

    Did you know I've already been making chat skins for more than one year? And did you know I've always published them here on Community Central first? You may know that because you've been here as well for more than a year. But now it's time to get bigger and therefore I've been making a new place for my chat skins.

    Chat Skins Wikia
    I've made a wiki for all my chat skins: Chat Skins Wikia. From now on I'll post new chat skins there first. Though I stay posting skins here, so don't worry. On the wiki you can easily find all skins I've made so far. You can test and use skins I haven't posted yet. Additionally you can find the details of the skins. Besides that you can also post chat skin ideas and requests and ask questions on the forum.

    On the w…

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  • Fargo84

    Helping the World War II Wiki

    December 23, 2015 by Fargo84

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I posted on Community Central for promotion, but I've finally come back once again. I am here to raise awareness of the World War II Wiki and its German expansion. Both are wikis that very much need your contributions and both suffer from the same problem of not being able to reach possible contributors. I know there are many people who are fans of World War II gaming or war movies for example, so I urge you that if you are a fan of either, please visit our site to see the history behind the genre.

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  • 2Actimv

    Best - Themes Years - Colors
    Post Chat Skin Ideas and Requests here
    Are you always searching for messages of your friends in the chat? Or do you miss a lot messages? Or do you never see your friends are already in the chat room? Then this script will help you a lot. It makes the messages of your friends better visible. It also highlights the names in the right rail.

    Just copy and paste what you need from the following boxes. You only need to add your or your friend's names on the place(s) of the (red) username.
    The following code highlights the messages of your friends.


    But what do I have to do now? I have the code but where to paste it? If you want the code to work on only this wiki, you need to paste it into .

    Like it? Found a bug? Comment and I'…

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  • Akamichi

    Hello, I am Akamichi, an international speaker of 3 different languages and English. So, I've edited many different Wikis, learned about some, their editing style, and all sorts of things. But today, or whatever day it is for you; I decided I would show some good things to do for helping out with editing and perfecting a good International Wiki. So, let's get started!

    So, the first thing everyone starts with when creating their international wiki is... where does this person start? If you're making your Wiki and let's say you were to create the German Community Central Wiki, it is all created but we're missing something. A design of course.

    You always want to start by creating a design for your wiki, some sort of layout that can grab the Wiki…

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  • Pinkgirl234

    It's about time, as the title suggests, that I share my wiki to everyone. I have been waiting for the moment to write this blog but I have been handling heck tons of stuff lately. So here you go.

    So yes, today I will be sharing my wiki to all of you, but allow me to tell you the overall layout of it so that you can have an idea or imagine what it would look like. A few people have seen it already but many haven't.

    The wiki's current background color is set to the hex color of #D50000. The hex color for the buttons and as well as the toolbar is #0BA200 and the main color of the hyperlinks is #FFF16B. The main background image in my wiki is a Christmas-themed one. What I mentioned earlier is the current color of the wiki for this month of December…

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  • Speedit

    Editing By Night!

    December 13, 2015 by Speedit

    I edit a lot at night rather than by day - its a nice way to get a good balance of less editing on the weekday and more on the weekend because we all love our sleep! Though sleep is for the weak, we're always a sucker for it - sadly. =D In any case, the Wikia community can be a great place to collaborate and have fun - but I think things come alive in the night as work for the day ends and people login to volunteer away the small hours writing content. So here's a few tips for better editing speed on that last late-night endeavour:

    Making a large quantity of mass edits?
    • open up the relevant category and use the "Pin" function in your browser to hold onto it.
    • launch 10 pages at a time and do each individual task on all the tabs (hitting the ed…
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