• TheOneFootTallBrickWall

    This blog was originally posted on the reputation wiki. This is blog one in a series of three. See the original post here.

    Hello! I talk a lot about my Reputation, and I decided to make a blog post about how to improve yours, and so you can be a good user, that is trustworthy! Your wiki reputation is the most important thing! I hope you like my first blog post in ages!

    Everyone on FANDOM starts with a neutral reputation. You decide who you want to be, a good user who helps the wiki thrive, or a user who will go on to be more of a distractor than an editor. Having fun is one thing, but when you don't help the wiki, then it does not help it in the long run. Your wiki reputation describes you. Are you blocked on 4 wikis? That follows you around…

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  • LittleJackk

    Promotion: Poppy Wiki

    November 9, 2017 by LittleJackk

    Hi. My name is LittleJackk and I'm bureaucrat of a community wiki called Poppy Wiki ( ) . 

    Someone named ThisIsFox originally founded the Wiki. Then they moved accounts, and after a few days became inactive. I was the only admin there so I decided to adopt it for Bcrat rights so I can help people get to know Poppy, a character and singer portrayed by Moriah Pereira mostly known for her EP, Bubblebath and her album, Poppy.Computer.

    "Poppy" is a character and singer portrayed by Moriah Pereira. Poppy began posting video blogs and covers of songs, her first cover was Animal by Miike Snow. In 2014 she starting working under the direction of director Titanic Sinclair  and ended up completely erasing her old content and reinvented …

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  • RedBomb1

    Hello my fellow wikians. This is RedBomb1 here today with my very first blog post. In this blog, I will be discussing a common infamous topic that has been a problem here ever since FANDOM (at that point known as Wikia) launched: harassment.

    Harassment is the act of saying deliberately offensive/inappropriate remarks toward users as a means to destroy their confidence and discourage them from being themselves. Such reasons people resort to it may include to use it as retaliation against a person, they want to give others the impression that they are better than anyone else and do so by putting themselves above everyone, or they are simply trolls or bullies.

    Harassment is unacceptable because it often destroys the confidence of a certain user, …

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  • TheReign

    Hello all. Welcome to another blog of mine. This is another blog, in which, I'll be promotin g the German Football Wiki . This is yet another football (soccer) wiki, but it has a twist to it. It is about German Football, whilst my other blog was about Football (see here)

    The German Football Wiki, is a wiki, founded by me, MReal. I founded this wiki so I can help people with understanding  more about German Football, which not many people know about. The Wiki so far, has 2 pages (the home page and another page). It is only me on the Wiki. Which is why i'm writing this blog promoting it.

    One edit means a lot. This wiki is pretty easy to just jump write into and get comfortable with. In this wiki I want to have some sort of a page structure to …

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  • Lady Aleena

    As the admin of a wiki and a writer of articles and lists, I am very aware of the image a wiki can get if their material is all copied and pasted from other sources. Fandom wikis may not be as tight with some rules, but there should be one at the top of every list of what a wiki is not, that wikis here are not thieves.

    I have made it a point to import templates from Community Central to my wiki, and I would import anything else needed. You might wonder why I do not copy and paste. The reason is, I want to make sure the editors of those templates get the proper credit for their work on my wiki too.

    I would do the same for anything else. If I find an article I want on my wiki, I will import it so the editors keep their credit.

    As an editor, I wou…

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  • TheReign

    Promotion: Football Wikia

    October 26, 2017 by TheReign

    Hello all. This is a blog promoting the Football Wiki . I will explain a bit about the Football Wiki, while not all giving out all the info in one paragraph (obviously). Now let's get started. Please sit back and enjoy!

    The Football Wiki, is a wiki founded by 2Actimv. It was originally merged with another wiki about the same topic. It is about (soccer). It has everything to do with football, from professional players, to Organizations like the UEFA and AFC. We, so far, have only two admins and no mods. and edits have been pretty good except for some certain users, who i'm not going to be mentioning in this blog for reasons.

    This is one of the wikis that is pretty easy to jump right in and edit. The pages look pretty clean with easy to read i…

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  • Wikikinetic

    Hi everyone! This blog post entails all of the progress that has been made on pushing forward the eight-way Chima wiki merger.

    • Notified all admins across all 8 wikis.
    • Notified all recent, non-admin users across all 8 wikis.
    • Posted notices in prominent places on the 8 wikis.
      • This was done in an attempt to inform all users of this proposal.
    • In progress Identified content that is on one or more of the other 7 wikis, but not on the LEGO Legends of Chima Wiki.
      • See this for more details.
    • In progress Took the content identified in the above step and copied it over to the LEGO Legends of Chima Wiki.
      • See this for more details.

    As part of the wiki merging process, I'm transferring content that is not on the LEGO Legends of Chima Wiki, but is on other wikis to …

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  • Kitsunes97

    Hello Wikians! I'm Kitsunes97, and I would love for everyone to know about The Nut Job Wiki It's a wiki about movie. They deserve more help like popular movies wiki: Hotel Transylvania Wiki, Ice Age Wiki, Kung Fu Panda Wiki, The Secret Life of Pets Wiki, Alpha and Omega Wiki.

    The Nut Job follows purple squirrel named Surly look for foods to survive winter.

    So far there is no admin, and 91 pages on the topic, but we're growing by each characters! The "The Nut Job" is one that won't die off easily, as fans everywhere love characters & Freeform is absolutely showing an interest in keeping it going.

    If you take an interest in The Nut Job, feel free to stop by!

    I hope you enjoy the wiki, maybe even check out the series (unless you watch it already)…

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  • Kitsunes97

    Hello Wikians! I'm Kitsunes97, and I would love for everyone to know about Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters. It's a wiki about anime with Japanese dub with no English dub.

    Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters follows Haru Shinkai, an everyday Junior High Student. One day, he discovers an Appmon lurking in his Smartphone, which reveals himself to be Gatchmon and the two become partners. Haru also learns from Gatchmon that the artificial intelligence Leviathan is creating viruses to turn all Appmons evil, and the two join forces to stop them.

    As the series progresses, Haru gains the help of the rookie idol Eri Karan, the famous AppTuber Torajirou Asuka, the prodigy hacker Rei Katsura, who is in search for his younger brother that was kidnapped by …

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  • Kitsunes97

    Hello Wikians! I'm Kitsunes97, and I would love for everyone to know about Bunnicula Wiki. It's a wiki about book series and it is different from Bunnicula TV Series.

    Bunnicula follows Bunnicula, a vampire rabbit who drinks vegetable juice instead of blood. Chester, a imaginative, prideful Orange tabby who loves good literature, milk and thinks that Bunnicula is vampire. Harold is a mixed breed dog and is part Russian wolfhound, and quietly proud of his bloodlines. He is old, scruffy and a loving dog under the Monroes' care. Howie is carefree and sometimes slightly dim Dachshund puppy who was adopted by the Monroes from Chateau Bow-Wow, making him the newest member of the family. Chester secretly suspects Howie is a werewolf.

    So far there is…

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