• Fredrick MI9

    Mi high wikia

    July 19, 2018 by Fredrick MI9

    It has been 2 years after you permanently blocked me in Totally Spies wiki to be "repeated spelling and grammar". Since then I left or ended up posting on that wiki because of it and after the sixth season was released. Everyone apologizes for their actions with just a single mistake and you actually ignore their message. Blocking other people with just little things should not be permanently blocked as you did with me before. The community is already disappointed with what you did even other administrators in different wiki know your terrible behavior. If you continue to ignore or continue your behavior by blocking someone then. You will be demoted as admin on this wiki. Everyone in society knows that your administration is disappointed a…

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  • Ozzy Heart6

    No one knows my side of the story and continues to worship this other account. Back when I was younger I used to own the FIRST Galerians wiki. I lost my password because I in elementary school when I created it. I thought to myself back in 2014, hey I wanna play on my old wikia. But then I realized I couldn't get back in my account. I tried so hard. I tried editing on my old wikia on another account of mine, but that Dosgamer00 got rude with me acting like I was a lair or something. I told him about Rion's age was 14, he got mad at me act like I didn't know the game. I have been playing this game since I was 7. Then my sister made a new one for me because of this and used to be the founder. The wikia used to be called Galerians ps1 (This w…

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  • Bophatcoplan14

    Carry Hardwood

    July 19, 2018 by Bophatcoplan14


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  • Bonnielover2000


    July 19, 2018 by Bonnielover2000

    jus wanted to say hi ^w^

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  • Ljohns

    Minecraft monster school

    July 19, 2018 by Ljohns

    baby zombie's father  ready to defend Zack and his little brother Marlyanic,his naughty brother

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  • Natalia Agudelo

    Qué es deporte

    July 18, 2018 by Natalia Agudelo

    El mundo del deporte

    Comenzando a ver los planteamientos de Popplow, (1960) Quien nos indica que el origen de la actividad deportiva, aunque de forma incipiente, se encuentra en el período Paleolítico medio (33.000 ac), desarrollada principalmente por las danzas rituales, las cazas organizadas y los primeros juegos de caza como iniciación a niveles de adultez por parte de los integrantes de las distintas colonias de hombres y mujeres. Popplow, cree que el ejercicio físico tenía un sentido netamente espiritual que le permitía al hombre acercarse a la unidad vital con sus dioses y la naturaleza. Principalmente la danza poseía características que apoyan esta teoría porque porque integra una actividad física que prepara para la lucha y la caza,…

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  • EinsteinBlllllllllll


    July 18, 2018 by EinsteinBlllllllllll

    Hi, I'm Einstein8P I'm the current WikiHorses owner. I want to write a blog post to make WikiHorses big so this is the history:

    During May 2007 someone named Swannie created the wiki, he was active at that time, he created the logo but i modified it a bit in 2016, in fall-2008 Swannie has been retired from wikia (now FANDOM) the wiki started to became inactive to burry down.

    Before discovering WikiHorses, i originally discovered another horse wiki named Horse Wiki. around 2015 i asked to an admin that was rarely active to be an Admin so he said yes, in early 2016 i discovered WikiHorses when someone named Horseranch edited in 2015 in WikiHorses. I started copping pages from Horses Wiki to WikiHorses between May and October in 2016, i forgot …

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  • LittleFluff


    July 18, 2018 by LittleFluff

    Let's do a Roleplay.

    These are the characters that you could choose from.

    • Blocky (BFDI)
    • Eraser (BFDI)
    • Leafy (BFDI)
    • Firey (BFDI)
    • Spongy (BFDI)
    • David (BFDI)
    • Four (BFDI)
    • X (BFDI)
    • Stapy (BFDI)
    • Foldy (BFDI)
    • Dora (BFDI)
    • Mario (Nintendo/Mario)
    • Luigi (Nintendo/Mario)
    • Princess Peach (Nintendo/Mario)
    • Sonic (Sonic)
    • Tails (Sonic)
    • Gumball (Gumball)
    • Darwin (Gumball)
    • Anais (Gumball)
    • Any Penguin (Club Penguin)
    • Any Puffle (Club Penguin)

    And the only ones that only admins can act like...

    • Bowser (Nintendo/Mario)
    • Knuckles (Sonic)
    • Isabelle (Nintendo/Animal Crossing)
    • Tom Nook (Nintendo/Animal Crossing)
    • Blathers (Nintendo/Animal Crossing)
    • MR. Resetti (Nintendo/Animal Crossing)
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  • Toji-san

    Shichisei no Subaru

    July 17, 2018 by Toji-san

    I hope this allowed, hey guys I wanted to tell you about this new anime that I recommend fans of AnoHana and Sword Art Online should watch. Also I recently adopted the wiki and it has a new design and it is nice, but I'm the only active user, heck I'm the only user and the anime is not really known but I hoped I could recruit active users. Thanks for your time.
    The link is w:c:subaru

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  • BertH

    Today, all communities have a new tool available to use: Announcements. This tool directs all recently active members of the community to a specific page or post via a notification.

    Announcements is a replacement for both Forum’s ‘highlight’ function and Community Messages. Those older features require a recipient to visit the community in order to see a notice. With Announcements, the notification is delivered to the recipient no matter where they are on FANDOM.

    Announcements notifications are sent to users on both the wiki and Discussions if they have contributed to either in the last 90 days. The notices are delivered via the notifications system currently used by Discussions, and will be displayed on mobile browsers. Very soon, Announceme…

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