• MechQueste

    Problems with this Wiki

    November 17, 2017 by MechQueste

    Point made

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  • Sergio tello


    El  fútbol  o  de futbol 2 (del  inglés Británico de fútbol , traducido Como  Balompié 3 ) Es Un  deporte  de equipo jugado Entre dos conjuntos de once Jugadores Cada Uno y algunos adj  Árbitros  Que se ocupan de Que las  Normas  se cumplan correctamente. Es lo más buscado el deporte más popular del mundo, pues lo practican unas 270 millones de personas. 4 Also se le conoce Como  Futbol Asociación  o  Fútbol Asociación , nombre Derivado de  la Asociación de Fútbol , primera federación oficial del mundo en este deporte y que usa ese nombre para identificar otros deportes que incluyen la palabra " fútbol " o " fútbol ". 5 En algunos países de habla inglesa también se conoce como  fútbol , abreviatura de  asociación , puesto que el nombre de  fútbol  en esos países se asoci…

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  • Lady Aleena

    Starter wiki problems

    November 16, 2017 by Lady Aleena

    Hello. I was shown the new infobox categorization scheme on Starter and was horrified by what I saw. It makes me glad I am not creating a new wiki right now. I would not want to clean up the start wiki's mess right at the start.

    The following categories are on WantedCategories on Starter.

    • Category:Templates/Infobox‏‎ (8 members)
    • Category:Quests‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Locations‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Items‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Events‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Episodes‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Characters‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Books‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Albums‏‎ (2 members)
    • Category:Templates/Quote‏‎ (1 member)
    • Category:Templates/Navbox‏‎ (1 member)
    • Category:Policy‏‎ (1 member)
    1. Why are category sub-pages being used to categorize anything?
    2. Why are inf…

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  • Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls

    Hi, I'm that guy with an incredibly long username that many of you use copy and paste to type out. It has come to my attention that trolling is still a big issue and I have noticed some people responding to it incorrectly so I will tell you how to deal with trolls.

    As a former troll (outside of Wikia), I know what trolls want: Your reaction. If you show them that you're angry, they have succeeded in their trolling as the point of it is to attack serious people to invoke a reaction because they have nothing better to do with their lives. A way to prevent them from winning is to ignore it completely, which seems hard in practice but it can be done when you think about how they are just doing stupid things for attention. Ignoring them could po…

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  • Sannse

    This is the sixth post in a series of six about admins on FANDOM, adapted from past posts written by Sannse.

    There's some skill in being a good admin, and some pitfalls too. So how can you avoid those pitfalls, along with the crocodiles that are likely in the pit! Here's some thoughts on how to navigate around them, and find your way safely across the wiki landscape.

    Wikis are accumulative. If things are working well, the smallest start can build into a beautiful article. All you need is for someone to make that first edit and then others to help build on that. Wikis are never finished, there's always something more to add, and even a little helps the wiki more forward. But sometimes admins insist that only complete articles are added to the…

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  • ItsAsIf

    Abandoning your Wiki

    November 15, 2017 by ItsAsIf

    I'm here to talk about abandoning a wiki. Sometimes you feel like you want to go to other wikis, and abandon a wiki, but you don't want anyone to adopt it. Here is how you balance your activity on FANDOM so you don't have to abandon your favorite wiki.

    You could switch, or promote a user to admin to keep watch while you are gone. You don't have to edit and be on a wiki constantly unless you want to make it prosper.

    Balance on wikis. I have had issues with this lately. Being afraid someone would adopt my wiki- but then I made someone admin and I trusted them. So whenever I was inactive on the wiki, the admin would help and did a lot I could not. Sometimes you just have to take a break from FANDOM. My big break lasted two days. I stayed at hom…

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  • EZodope

    Top 10 scariest creepypasta

    November 14, 2017 by EZodope
    1. Jeff the Killer
    2. The rake 
    3. The lost silver 
    4. Ben Drowed.
    5. Slenderman
    6. Rupcakes
    8. Rainbow factory
    9. Eyeless jack
    10. Sonic 
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  • EZodope

    pasta week

    November 14, 2017 by EZodope

    creepy pasta is soo cool to get into you have jeff the killer, ticci toby, eyeless jack, bendrowed , and sweet sally willams. so who loves creepy pasta and think they need to make a movie just commet below 

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    can somebody please tell me where's the button that sends the message on chat?? i go to chat and it's not there

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    i've been accused of spamming and i can't stand it. I'm already a threat to the Wikia.. I'm disabling my account for good

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