• Charliemymonkey

    What's up Wiki World? This is my first blog post on Wikia and I've got to admit, I amazed by the fans of fandom! Am I right? Anyway this is a advice/opinion blog so watch out, I might mention your wiki.

    Anyway this is just my first post so I'm going to tell you this, I want YOU to ask for advice or tell me your opinion. I'm always open about this stuff.

    Charliemymonkey (talk) 00:20, January 23, 2018 (UTC)Charliemymonkey

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    Signatures are used to signify who posted a comment and when they posted it on Talk pages. This blog details the best signature practices.

    Signatures can take many forms; some might look like "~TheGoldenPatrik1 (Talk) 19:51, January 22, 2018 (UTC)" while others include formatting, styling, and images. But before we get into making a customized signature, we need to establish the concept of making your signature wiki-specifc.

    You see, you can customize you signature in the "My Info" tab of Preferences. But let's say that you want your signature to be very dark, perhaps a black box with light gray letters. Now perhaps this looks great on your main wikis, which use light backgrounds. But if you ever leave your signature on a wiki with a dark th…

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  • Wandering Guru

    Just Arrived

    January 22, 2018 by Wandering Guru

    First ever day/time on Fandom, hope in time I help out some wikis, do some things, and just be around the place to help out.

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  • Cleo Hollister

     "People think depression is sadness, crying or dressing in black. But people are wrong. Depression is the constant feeling of being numb. You wake up in the morning just to go back to bed again."

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  • StarrySpark

    Hey guys! I'm StarrySpark (The Poster of this Blog)! I am a Undertale fan (And I'm a fan of alot of other things)! okay.. that's all I got :/ bai!

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  • Scrappy The Wolf

    Who is lefty?

    January 20, 2018 by Scrappy The Wolf

    i think that the reson of you salvigeing Lefty is that the puppet found a spare lefty suit,and hid in it,but who is the REAL Lefty

    well if you look closely some animatronics have what i call "a power box" and than rockstar freddy,bonnie,chica,foxy,that bever dude,The music man,funtime chica,and lefty dont have "a power box" so why is that? well i think rockstar freddy,bonnie,chica,and foxy are STILL possesed after so long! they must of found them after the fire in "Freddy Faz bear's horror attrastion" and PG (Purpple guy) must of stuck them in there suits agan,and when the guys upgraded there suits they where still in there! but idk about funtime chica,the music man,that bever dude.But i do have a theory about Lefty he/ might be nightmare i…

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  • Misteriamagic

    its me i am new i need help so can ppl help me i am trying to fit in become popular maybe you can never know never be afraid of anything the only thing to fear is fear itself you create fear make it go u have that power. never et people tell u what to do or what you cant you are your own life take car of it. its what you do that makes the world change show the world you like yourself in you own way. till next time bye

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  • IsaiahV17

    Community Portal

    January 19, 2018 by IsaiahV17

    How do I create a community portal page for my wiki?

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  • BrainDeadZero

    Hello there! I'm BrainDeadZero, and I'm here to promote the New Game! Wikia.

    So, it's a gaming related wiki? Unfortunately, it's not a wiki about new upcoming games. You'll have to search elsewhere for those. This wiki is dedicated to the anime/manga series New Game! by Shotaro Tokuno. Ah, but don't worry. The series does explore some topics on game development.

    New Game! is a slice of life/comedy series that mainly focuses on the character team, the team responsible for making in-game characters, monsters, and NPC's. Our main character is Suzukaze Aoba, who joins a gaming company to become the very best character designer like no one ever was. Oh, by the way, pretty much every character in the series is a female.

    Sounds cool. What exactly happ…

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  • Stacy54

    Do you want to go to this wiki? w:c:whatmighthavebeen-hurricanes

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