• Bskr100

    The 100

    December 7, 2017 by Bskr100
    The 100 is a post-apocalyptic drama televion series.My favorite series.I think ıt's mysterious,different and interesting because ıt science fiction serious.My favorite character is CLARKE.She is clever,beautiful,merciful,protector.She has got yellow hair,blue eyes,long eyelash.My least favorite character Finn.He is very poussoir.Already he died.
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  • HorrorGameLover

    Hello People

    December 7, 2017 by HorrorGameLover

    I am new to Fandom and I just want to introduce myself to everyone! I love horror games like Five Nights At Freddy’s and Bendy And The Ink Machine. I also love playing any game that looks like Minecraft, including Minecraft itself! I am really nice to people and animals of all kinds. I don’t care that much about politics right now. I also play games like Animal Jam and Club Penguin. I play on Xbox, computer, and phone. I will post things like this as much as I can. I am starting to learn my way around Fandom. I will call this the Wiki site a lot!

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  • Savewolf the angel of death

    hi everyone my name is norma but you can call me savewolf i'm 29 years old i live in cherry hill west nj  i found this place while looking for people that love earth final conflict season 5  my faevorite characters are howlyn and renee palmer i wish they had been paired up i am looking for people to rolep lay in yahoo facebook imvu or even in any other place they might think of i would love to roleplay using my own made up character and pairing her with either juda ( fem slash) gren or howlyn i would like to make friends or  anything i am currently singel but looking im bisexual but i would like to meet that special someone weather male or female i write here to express myself without been judged or pytied i wish to make friends and more a…

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  • Swarmqueen

    my favorite songs

    December 7, 2017 by Swarmqueen

    my fav songs:

    and that is, it

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  • PurpleDino101

    Hello there, everyone!  My name is Donzelle Clemons, or Purple Dino101.  I'm a proud editor of Custombarney wiki and since there is no active administrator there, I wish to adopt it and become one.  

    I want to make sure people can edit that site without vandalizing it or adding any inappropriate, sexual, or violent content to it.  I've been a fan of both Barney and Dora for years and it's my dream to team them up...but before I do that I have to start off with making the episodes.  I'm sorry if it's a little plagarized but I don't have time to paraphrase EVERYTHING.

    So my simple request is to adopt Custombarney Wiki.

    Thank you.


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  • RedBomb1

    Generally, if you violate a wiki's policy, you will be issued a block, which prevents you from editing to the community until the length has elapsed. This may seem unfair and I'd understand why you'd be unhappy about being unable to contribute to a favored wiki of yours. However, if you want to be unblocked on a certain wiki, I will give you the following advice on how to negotiate with the blocking admin.

    There could be many reasons why. Common block reasons include vandalism, spam, inserting false information, inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages, abusing multiple accounts, or harassment/intimidating behavior. If your behavior on the wiki does not meet any of that criteria, it is likely that you violated another policy that the wiki ha…

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  • Edwin Shade

    As I was making this blog post I had to remove the links because with them this blog post was automatically marked as "harmful spam". (One wonders why something constructive is automatically labeled spam and yet the blog post area is filled with garbage. Computers aren't the way to reduce nonsense, people are.)

    Seeing as Community Central is a hub of Wiki activity meant to educate others about how to improve and start their own wikis, the blog posts on this Wiki should be of a correspondingly related nature. Instead though, I have found a vast majority of the blog posts here to be totally off-topic, and if they were made on other Wikis they would be promptly deleted. When I have to sift through dozens of these unrelated posts just to read wo…

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  • Nickelidiot


    December 5, 2017 by Nickelidiot

    Sorry if I kinda forgot about the last post I did. I will hire all whom responded.

    Anyways, this is kinda crucial.

    Due to the wildfires in CA, the intro I am planning to my cartoon, RIGHT at the final shot has to be edited.

    I guess that does it for this post.

    That's all guys.

    Again, sorry if I missed the post from last time.

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  • Sweethoneyfox

    Red short!

    December 5, 2017 by Sweethoneyfox

    Hi guys So yesterday I logged on to animal jam and I was shocked to find aj gave me an arctic fox which was my dream animal along with a snow leopard, arctic wolf, ice set, winter palace and a pet lynx but that's not all.... I put some items on trade a yellow arctic hood, beta arctic hood, magenta bow and arrrows, art easel (the den beta one) and a light blue fox hat, rare mouse, brown top hat, silver long, magenta spike ect and went to dance in jamma saying "one to ten items of my list for red long" eventually a cute nm bunny with a skunk tail and cat ears came to my den I quickly went after her and she had some short spikes on trade and a few long wrists she told me to pick one so I chose the red as that's my fav colour and it was her be…

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  • GamingMachines Xx

    "Whoa, didn't see that coming." Johnny's main catchphrase.

    Tier: 10-B - 6-B (Human to Continent Level).

    Base Abilities: 

    Super Speed: In the episode, "Rated J for Johnny", he and Dukey ran from the Game Galaxy back to his room in 4 seconds. Easily Hypersonic+

    Extreme Durability: Fell down a cliff and got right back up with no scratch. Survived over 10,000 experiments. Tanks explosions and free falls.

    4th Wall Awareness: As shown in the episode, "The Johnnyminster Dog Show", Johnny looks at the viewers and says that's how you end a story. He stopped a episode from ending twice, episode I mentioned right now is one of them. Second one was when he looks at the viewers and gives them a thumbs up and realizes he left the mower on and chased after it…

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