• Wuzh

    Hello everyone. I am an administrator of the Counter-Strike Wiki. Counter-Strike is a competitive First-Person Shooter series from Valve with over 15 years of history. Beginning as a Half-Life modification, its tight and tactical gameplay made it a popular choice for competitive gaming, becoming a major eSports title and one of the most popular video game series in the world. Its most recent title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is one of the most actively played video games on Steam.

    The Counter-Strike Wiki was created in 2005. We primarily focuses on games in the main Counter-Strike series. A related wiki, the Counter-Strike Online Wiki, focuses on the spin-off Counter-Strike Online games by Nexon.

    The Counter-Strike Wiki wants to create an encyclo…

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  • Faolanmacduncan33

    My account was blocked by a control freak that was threatening me for no reason

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  • ArtisticLoner


    June 16, 2018 by ArtisticLoner

    I was blocked a month ago permanently. At one point, I made edits that were against the rules, but they were not established. And I was blocked until I talked to an admin about it. They let me on again, but one problem I had about people not explaining why they reversed an edit bothered me. So I wrote a blog post about it. Apparently, the same admin thought it was an attempt at harrassment, which got me off there forever. I never once indicated a specific person and it was a legitamite criticism on the wiki. I wanted to be safe than sorry, so I took down the blog post. But it was too late before said admin saw it. I tried to reason with them, but they wouldn't listen. They keep of thinking I have an attitude and I don't listen, even though…

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  • MrFlamerBoy

    Please recommend characters and vote [1]

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  • Kevin Blakes

    Reality Gaming

    June 15, 2018 by Kevin Blakes

    Reality Gaming is a gaming network that is not limited to any specific timezone / geographical location. Its a place were all gamers come on and share their experiences with each other, Reality Gaming Currently offers a GTA V Roleplay community powered by FiveM, a modification for Grand Theft Auto V. Reality Gaming is currently in the works of expanding into more games.

    Provide a good environment for all gamers to play on and have fun with friends and family. Also, give the possibility of making new friends to play your favorite games with.

    Reality Gaming was founded on the 27 of April 2018. Reality Gaming was first launched as a newer version of another community called Simple Roleplay which had to shut down for a while due to some staff pr…

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  • ZOUAUI 1


    June 14, 2018 by ZOUAUI 1
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  • RogerRabbit15

    This fandom website explains the characters that I write about. If you're wondering where the pictures are, I'm afraid there aren't any pictures of my characters because I can't draw. To explore the website, here's the link 

    The character you can start with is 

    Please read the article and leave a friendly comment under it. 

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  • CreationBeTheWorld23

    On , we have some policies. Follow them or there will be severe punishments.

    Please respect every user here, because it may hurt their feelings if you don't. Do not talk trash about other users. It is also extremely disrespectful to suddenly leave the chatroom after a user has begged you to.

    Swearing is allowed. It doesn't need to be censored, but you can censor it if you want. However, swearing directly targeted at someone is not allowed. The N-word, other F-word, other B-word and R-word are not allowed under any circumstances and the punishment for using them will be the same if they are censored. Profanity is not allowed in article titles, since some users may have age restrictions turned on and will not be able to access the page.

    Writing abo…

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  • MariTsia
    Hi guys!Today's article has theme "Harry Potter facts about the second movie(Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)"

    1. During the scene where Harry and Draco chase for the snitch we can hear the music from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. This is because John Williams was composer in both movies!

    2. The opal necklace, which plays an important role in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, can briefly be glimpsed inside a display case in Borgin and Burkes’ shop in Knockturn Alley when Harry first enters.

    3. 14 Ford Anglias were destroyed in order to make the scene where Ron and Harry crash in the Whomping Willow.

    4. The actor who plays Ronald Weasly (Rupert Grint) is really afraid of spiders.

    5. When Draco Malfoy says “I didn’t know you coul…

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  • MariTsia
    Hi guys! Today's blog has theme "Harry Potter Facts about the first movie(Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)".

    1. Harry does not successfully cast a single spell during his first year at Hogwarts

    2. The platform attendant who answers Harry's question about the platform 9 3/4 works actually there as a train manager.

    3. Because the movie is known as "Philosopher's stone", all the scenes that actors say "Sorcerer's stone" were filmed twice so actors would say "Philosopher's stone".

    4. The inscription on the mirror of Erized means "I show not your head, nut your heart's desire"

    5.Rowling was offfered the role of Lilly Potter in the mirror of Erized.

    MariTsia (talk) 08:58, June 13, 2018 (UTC)MarinaT

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