• Sarah Manley

    Not sure if it's the fresh air, longer days, or simply a change in the season, but something is just a bit off on Wikia. Wowwiki seems turned around, Club Penguin has gone Russian, Runescape now has a bug eyed over-lord, and Uncyclopedia has gotten a bit boring.

    It's pretty freakin' weird. Ideas on what may be going on?

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  • Sarah Manley

    Wikians love to customize their wiki's look to match the feel of their community. One of the most frequent questions founders ask on the Community wiki is how to personalize their wiki's look to be more like the designs found on Percy Jackson, Wowwiki, Avatar and others. Well today our jobs got a little easier as our super talented designers have developed 6 new themes with a variety of colors and backrounds.

    You can preview and select these skins under the Skin tab in your user Preferences, and they include:

    With the addition of these new themes, we have unfortunately stopped offering support for 4 former themes, including Smoke, Slate, Gaming and Brick. Any wiki or user who is currently using one of these can continue to do so, but any sw…

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  • Kirkburn

    Photo gallery launch

    March 25, 2010 by Kirkburn

    Good morning!

    As part of our commitment to making wikis easier to use, we're introducing a new way to add photos to your wiki, Photo Galleries.

    Photo galleries allow you to collect and display multiple images together anywhere on a page. You can add captions, define destination links and adjust the sizes to fit any page type.

    Photo galleries have existed on Wikia for a while, but we have now created a wizard to allow you to quickly create them from the editor without knowing any advanced wiki code. However, we have made some improvements to how they work.

    Add a new gallery - there is a new toolbar button in the "Insert" section: - click this to add a new gallery! From here, you can go through the steps on the wizard to upload or choose existin…

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  • Sarah Manley

    New hubs

    March 22, 2010 by Sarah Manley

    In a continuing effort to make it easier for people to find all the amazing communities and interesting content across the whole of Wikia, we have built a set of new category homepages. These are live today, and will be linked from the top navigation menus on Wikia's home page, . They are designed to automatically show the largest wikis, the most popular blog posts, heavily edited articles and most active users in each category, which include topics such as Xbox Games, Anime, TV, Horror and much more.

    The great part about these pages is they highlight some of the best community activity across Wikia. Did you know that:

    • Dragon Age, The Vault, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy and Borderlands wikis are all competing for the top spots on the PS3 Game…

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  • Shahid

    You can now create your own specialized Answers site on Wikia. An Answers site allows you to ask and answer questions on a topic you're passionate about. You might want to create a site as a companion to your wiki, or share knowledge on any other topic - find out more, or become known as the expert!

    Check out these examples:


    These sites use the same software as other sites on Wikia, but are customized for this specific use. This means that the extensions, tools and features you see on Wikia wikis might not be available on Answers sites.

    We have added a new feedback tab, which you can see on the right h…

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  • Sannse


    March 12, 2010 by Sannse

    Over the last few weeks we have been working on improving the speed of the site. A major part of this is improvements to Wikia's current Monaco skin.

    The new version will use 'sprites' (combined images) or CSS to replace some individual images. This will cut down the number of images your browser needs to load and make pages faster. There are also changes to the ways Javascript and CSS are processed for the skin, with some stylesheets being combined to further speed up loading.

    So, what should you see on your wikis? For most, the only change should be faster loading times. For a few wikis with heavily customized skins, you may find that some icons are reset to the defaults. Examples of this are the external link icon and the "more" button in…

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  • Sarah Manley

    Communities with a Cause

    February 18, 2010 by Sarah Manley

    Wikis on Wikia exist for many different reasons. Some are collections of information such as recipes or sewing patterns, some are chronicles of books, TV shows or movies and others are tips on how to play the latest popluar video game. There are also wikis though that exist to serve and support a particular social cause. This blog post will highlight some of these advocacy wikis that can be found here on Wikia.

    The Sustainable Community Action (SCA) wiki is a wiki for anyone interested in sustainability, with a strong focus on connecting people with resources in their local community. The wiki aims to promote the idea that "Sustainability isn't just something for experts. It's about everyone's quality of life and we all have a part to play.…
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  • KyleH

    Malware warnings on Wikia

    February 5, 2010 by KyleH

    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday, a number of users encountered warnings indicating that an ad provider we use was attempting to load malware on their computers. These warnings were triggered because the ad network was listed as suspicious by Google Safe Browsing. When Google lists a site, it causes certain browsers (especially Chrome) to show a big red warning message that the site is trying to load malware.

    While we do have reports from users of Chrome, Firefox, or Kaspersky Antivirus that some ads were trying to load content from a potentially unscrupulous source, we have no reports of actual virus infection. For this reason, we believe that very few, if any, users were actually exposed to malware.

    Upon receiving the first reports of these proble…

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  • Toughpigs

    We're updating a feature on Wikia next week, making the "Create a new article" process a little easier for new contributors.

    The hardest thing about writing is staring at a blank page -- anyone who uses wikis knows that it's a lot easier to revise an existing page than to start one from scratch! That's especially true for new contributors, who aren't quite sure how to put their first wiki pages together.

    When the update launches next week, clicking on the "Create a new article" link in the sidebar will open a dialog box that asks for the title of the new article. The box also offers a "standard layout" for new pages, which includes an image placeholder and two section headings. If a contributor wants to start with a blank page instead, then …

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  • Sannse

    Hi All,

    As you’ve seen we are using the staff blog regularly now. And many more people are visiting to find out what’s happening on Wikia. But one big problem with the blog feature so far is that there's no easy way to know about a new blog post (although you can watch individual posts once they have been written and be notified of new comments.)

    There seem to be two possible solutions to this: we could add a RSS feed to the blogs, which would let you see new posts in your RSS reader, or we could add a watchlist function to blog listings. This would mean new posts would show on Special:Watchlist and trigger an email to those that have that option set.

    So the question is, which would you prefer? Which would you use most? All feedback appreciat…

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