• FishTank

    "Hear ye, hear ye..." is a call that historically announced meetings in America's Town Halls. These days, such a herald is often an electronic one.

    At 2pm (US Eastern, 7pm UTC) on Saturday, November 19th, Fandom cordially invites all users to attend a very special "town hall" gathering of our own. "Portability: a Fandom Town Hall" is an event meant to educate, to inspire, and for us to listen and hear from you.

    Three presentations are scheduled for this two-hour portability festival, each followed by a session for questions and answers:

    • "Portability, Elements, and Articles" by Isaac Fischer (FishTank)
    • "Best Practices with Images" by CzechOut
    • "Looking Forward: Portability and Mobile…

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  • AnnWatson
    Ann Watson is the Vice-President of Human Resources at Fandom powered by Wikia. She joined the company in 2012.

    Four and a half years ago, I came to a company called Wikia in a similar frame of mind to most of us who started around that time: I was completely in awe of this undersized company supporting such a huge and vibrant community. Without a doubt, my role as the first Human Resources team member was to build infrastructure and do all the things HR people do to help tiny companies become right-sized ones.

    What I was most excited about, though, was this company's community-oriented culture and my role in caring for its future. This is a place where people take care of one another. This is a place where employees go out to get their lun…

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  • Brandon Rhea

    Every day, we see staff members walk through the door of Fandom offices eager to get to their desks. It's not because they want to get the day over with, and it's not because they're here for a paycheck. It's because they know they're here to help grow and support a community of millions of fans around the world. Those of us who are on the Community Team, like I am, get to work directly with the community each day, but not every Fandom Staff member has that opportunity. That's why, for the last several years, we've had an event called Wikia Day about twice a year, where every staff member takes an entire day to work on a wiki of their choosing.

    In recognition of our new name, yesterday marked the first-ever Fandom Day! What's even more exci…

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  • CzechOut

    Ensuring that your content and our product is compatible with any kind of device has become an important part of development here at Fandom powered by Wikia. Everything we build has device compatibility in mind. One of the most important tools we've developed is the portable infobox -- part of a larger effort to ensure that all of your wiki's infobox content displays well on anything from a phone to a refrigerator.

    We often get asked how much portable infoboxes can be customised. Lots of communities want extra functionality in their infoboxes, but many of those don't exist in the default infobox style. Even those of you who are more comfortable in the stylistic manipulation of portable infoboxes might have more questions about things like c…

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  • Asnow89

    For the last four years, we've had a huge presence at New York Comic Con, which is held every October in New York City. This year was our biggest event ever, as we brought Fandom powered by Wikia directly to the show floor! We hosted our Fantasy Food Truck for the third year in a row, partnered with BBC America's new series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency to create an interactive escape room, and we teamed up with Twitch to host a series of panels featuring a number of special guests.

    Not only did this let us showcase our new brand in a big way, but it also brought the power of your communities to a massive audience. The event was a blast! Here are some of the highlights.

    This year's Fantasy Food Bracket Tournament was bigger than ever…

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  • Jenburton

    Wikia, Inc. is built on a bedrock of collaboration. Everyday, fans work together on Fandom powered by Wikia to build communities and share what they love. Our new home for charitable giving,, is designed specifically to highlight another type of collaboration that is key to our values as a company: advocacy and charitable efforts. Wikia, Inc., the parent company of Fandom and, is committed to giving back to the global community through social awareness, volunteer work, and donations.

    As part of that commitment, we want to give our Fandom communities the chance to channel their passions for helping others by voting on causes that are important to them.

    We are proud to announce our first annual community selection…

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  • Craiglpalmer

    Wikia has grown a lot over the years. The site began as a simple wiki hosting service, but since then it has evolved into the web's best entertainment knowledge-sharing platform. Wikis are the core of that, and we've been working hard to attract even more fans to your communities while also building new ways to contribute to the site. That began earlier this year with the debut of Fandom news and stories in our first market, the United States, and continued with the global launch of Discussions to better facilitate passionate conversations.

    Today, we're excited to announce the next big step in our evolution. On October 4th, will officially become known as Fandom powered by Wikia. Wikia, Inc will continue to be our parent company, b…

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  • Ducksoup

    Hola, Wikians!

    Confession time: before I was ever a community manager, even I took part in flamewars. The internet is a strange place like that. I actually remember the first flamewar I ever got into. It was on, all the way back in the mid-1990s, and it was an argument with someone about the game Mortal Kombat II. For the record, I was right and they were wrong!

    The internet was a lot different then. Know anything about the wild west? Yeah, it was a lot like that. Not as much structure. Nowadays, on sites like Wikia, you have staff members like me to help make your time online be safe, fun, and productive. That means that when problems arise, you can report them to us. Depending on the issue you bring to us, we may choose to hel…

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  • Sannse

    Dealing with Bullying Online

    September 14, 2016 by Sannse

    Wikis are communities of people working together on a common project. It's almost inevitable that there will be disagreements and arguments as the community grows - that's just human nature. But when do disagreements become harassment or cyberbullying?

    Harassment and bullying are more than just a mean comment or a nasty argument. In both cases they involve repeated attacks over time. They might involve nasty texts, threats on social media and elsewhere, and even posting personal details and pictures. These are serious issues that may have "real-life" or even fatal consequences.

    Some examples of harassment or cyberbullying on Wikia might be:

    • Making repeated nasty comments, Chat messages, Wall messages, etc.
    • Following a user to other communitie…
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  • Cristina7

    For the last several years, we've worked to broaden the ways that fans can participate on Wikia. At the core of that experience is and continues to be wiki editing - creating and expanding deep fan knowledge resources. We also knew that there was more to the fan experience than editing, which meant there was lots of untapped potential on the site. For example, we saw that fans want to share their thoughts about what they love, leading to the launch of our Fandom editorial hub earlier this year.

    Editorial, however, is only one of the new parts of the Wikia experience. Late last year, we started working with communities on a new feature called Discussions. This new Discussions platform is the only way to seamlessly communicate with other fans…

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