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  • Aprilstarrr


    February 7, 2016 by Aprilstarrr

    Hey people,

    i'm quite new to this website sooo i'm still trying to figure my way around this site. I've heard great things about the may wikias and blogs in this site and hope to hear more about the interesting fandom updates soon!

    PS: Imma big fan of Percy Jackson WOOHOOO hehe.


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  • MrBreada

    Alright, everyone. This is a very serious thread that I have been planning for weeks, and I would like for you all to be very serious while reading this. Thank you very much for your time.

    First of all, let me introduce myself.

    My username is MrBreada. People call me Breada for short. My real name is David. 

    I've been using Wikia since March 2013. There was a period of time where I was active on multiple wikias, such as...

    • Creepypasta Wikia - I was active here for a little while. It was one of my first active wikis.
    • Chatango Wikia - It was the first Wikia where I was an administrator. It was a major responsibility for me.
    • Sonic News Network - 
    • Le Miiverse Resource -

    Alright, let's get to the rest of the thread.

    When I first joined that Wikia, I was…

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  • AOtisCat


    January 12, 2016 by AOtisCat

    Hello! I am AOtisCat! I am frequently on wikia and I have been here since June 2015.

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  • Blyndblitz

    Ask Blyndblitz anything

    January 11, 2016 by Blyndblitz

    I doubt anyone would care, but ask me anything! 

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  • CoolGamer23

    This blog post will have all of the information for wiki owners to get their new wiki started. Your rules article will have all of the information that your readers should follow:

    On , our goal is to provide as much information to our readers as possible, and we have created a set of rules to help you maintain a fun and happy experience. If you decide not to follow these rules, a ban may be issued.

    1. Do not spam or vandalize the pages. Vandalism includes, but is not limited to content removal/page blanking, offensive information, false information, and gibberish. Spamming is basically typing large amounts of unwanted text/gibberish on pages, message walls, and comments. This can result in server lag, which is more annoying than vandalism. If you…

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  • SuperlyAttachedGlitch77

    Ey! I'm SuperlyAttachedGlitch77 a.k.a TheGlitch555. Just call me Gich instead. I've joined this wiki last year, the month of June.

    This is my... of course, first blog post.

    Anyway, as it is said in the title... It is almost Christmas! The total of days we should wait is 35 days left! Time sure is fast. So, Halloween is now pushed out of the way, Thanksgiving is currently in, let's now pull in Christmas in the way after Thanksgiving. So now this incoming time of the year is when we make Wish lists, planning out Christmas themes for the wiki, and planning out for the food, Christmas parties, choo choo choo... Planning ahead of time.

    I'm already hearing Christmas songs, a little bit of Christmas themes somewhere, and talking about Christmas vaca…

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  • AngrydroidForce99

    The Wikian Group

    October 11, 2015 by AngrydroidForce99

    I am establishing a group of wikia users that are... Just a group of wiki that do what wikians do.

    They should meet up at my wiki,CMCI Wiki,most will probably eventually become admins.

    Tell me if you want to be a members.

    • Angrydroideka10
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  • Jdtcreates108

    Arcane Realm Wikia

    October 3, 2015 by Jdtcreates108

    Hello, I've decided to create a wiki for my personal project: Arcane Realm. It's a fantasy world on another planet that also takes from other genres such as science fiction, steampunk, or folk tales depending on the era that stories take place. I do like creating characters and drawing them and also have written a lot of supplemental material on the world. I have written a few stories but I'm more comfortable writing about the world's information like that you would find on a wiki. As such I want to make this wiki and fill it with supplemental material so others can write stories that take place within the world, like that of fan-fiction. Either way I hope I can make an interesting wiki world here. Let me know if you want to contribute!   

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  • AngrydroidForce99

    I created an organization called CMCI (Craft Media Cast International),a company for creating Minecraft Fanon,it is now for creating all kinds of stuff. It was originally run by me myself,but then I recruited a person who hasent contributing to the wiki for a long time. He created a character named Wipeout,a minecraft wither skeleton. If you want to take a look at our main project go here. You can also request us to make something in the comment section,it does not have to be Minecraft and does not have to be fanon at all,you can ask us to make games,movies or TVs but not real ones but we can make real stories,like a Minecraft fanon.

    We now have a wiki hub,it's located here

    This blog has been translated to:

    • French

    Copy the thing below to your…

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  • Oliverwestern

    Blog One

    July 28, 2015 by Oliverwestern

    Hello, my name is OliverWestern, and I am from the UK. Most of my friends call me Wills. I also go by the name Krypton1986, after the fact that I was born in 1986, and that my favourite show, originally on ITV Granada, is called The Krypton Factor. On Wikipedia, I am also known as Kangaflora. In my spare time, I like to help out on Wikia to ensure no vandalism goes unpunished by fixing articles that have been vandalised, removing posts that are deemed offensive, remove categories that are deemed offensive, make them more Autistc-friendly for Wikia users with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome. This helped me earn Bureaucrat status on GoAnimate v2 and GoAnimate v3 wikis. I have Asperger's Syndrome, which makes it more difficult for me to sociali…

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