• Allisonval

    Mario and sonic wiki

    September 24, 2017 by Allisonval

    Hello everyone do u like mario and sonic do u love mario and sonic well if you are a big fan u should join mario and sonic wiki 

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  • Antoniomeza08


    September 24, 2017 by Antoniomeza08

    Hola a todos los usuarios,sean bienvenidos a un nuevo juego que tratará sobre deportes como futbol,basquetbol,voleibol,etc. Esto es un proyecto y me gusta la idea de tener la oportunidad de crear esto. Gracias por leer.

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  • Jessica797

    Introduction: Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, although it is very uncommon it is also very deadly is caught too late. Artificial intelligence can detect skin cancer in a patient by analyzing pictures of the patient’s skin and providing information of the biomarkers of melanoma which then the doctors can start a treatment and cure the cancer.

    Current Use: The artificial intelligence technology uses photo processing, there are different pictures of melanoma that the computer scans and remembers. When the computer scans these pictures, it is looking for certain biomarkers and characterizes of this cancer.

    Security Aspects: There is a special type of program that is place in the artificial intelligence so that there is no bre…

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  • Rogueforvogue

    Promotion:LPShannah WIki

    September 24, 2017 by Rogueforvogue

    Hi! SO. Um, I was going to promote LPShannah WIki to all LPSfans, LPStube fans, ALice LPS fans, LPSace fans, Jay Jay LPS fans, Hasbro fans, MLP fans, LPShannah fans, JulzLPSOfficial fans, and so many LPS fans and Hasbro fans of all sort across the fandom universe. So here is the link to the wiki LPShannah Wiki

    I am the bureacrat and founder of the wiki. We would also need help with home media and I need to attract viewers because I am the only user who has ever logged onto the wiki except the FandomBot Default and Rappy.

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  • Chaos Ruby

    =====HELLO! I have been playing Party Hard for a while now, and as all ways, TAT time! This is made after the level Neon Top Party. There actually is no vendor here, sooo... yeah...You actually can burn everyone on the dance floor. The good thing is every body diserngrates! You can pick up drunk peeps and throw them off of the building or throw them in the fan. You can also kill peeps by running them over with a golf cart! I find it rude that the bouncer will not let you in the VIP section, but if you kill him he will let you in cuz he dead. The DJ is actually a person you need to kill. You can also kill peeps with gumball machines. You can also form a conga line as well. I think that's it! If I missed anything, please tell me in the comment…

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  • Juanito1300

    proyecto de compu

    September 24, 2017 by Juanito1300
    • en este proyecto me e divrtido mucho haciendo esta wiki y espero con ancias lo siguiente

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  • Insanitypup


    September 24, 2017 by Insanitypup

    1. You must be online at least once everyday If your going to miss afew days let us know
    2. Members and Nonmembers are both accepted here no discrimination 
    3. You may not make comments about what genders people chose
    4.  Please be nice and keep fights within the roleplay.

    You have always had a calling to be in the wild. You have always dreamed of your first fresh kill and meeting friends and fight foes along the way. Today you swallow your pride and you went into the wild. It was nothign like you expected and you easyily get lost trying to catch a mouse. You waste time trying to find your way back and it grows dark. Two ghostly white eyes glow infront of you. You hiss and chrage at them but they swiftly dodged as you crashed into a tree knocking yourself…

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  • Rael Riquelme


    September 24, 2017 by Rael Riquelme

    Esta pagina wiki es para divertirse porque va a tener muchos juegos divertidos como chistes , juegos mentales , adivinansa,etc.  La recomendaria para menores y adultos porque no tiene nada de malo porque es para divertir niños y adultos.Algunas cosas que no me gustarian es que algunos chisteso juevos novan a ser inventados porque los sacariamos de internet poreso esas son algunas desentajas de esa pagina.Comvenensia: la comvenensia de esta pagina es que puedes echarte algunas risas con familiares o amigos porque los chistes estan muybuenos y los juegos tembien porque son chistes no tan conosidos pero si chistosos y los juegos es que puedes jugar de dos personas.

    Poreso esta pagina va hacer para todas las edades apartir de 4 años en adelante…

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  • BeggotenWarrior

    Ms.or Mr.or Mrs.or Gay What ever gender you are

    My Ipadress:2141946185812643216

    21 Aberdale,Apparently The Us 420Blaze It

    Dear Mods:

    Thank You For Banning Me (Not Really also if you see a wrong placement kys i dont like know it alls)

    Yeah So If You Read This i spent 1 hour googling this speach or literature idfk here let me do this so you can understand what im saying Me "Faze pr0_guy_feed" IS Mad af smh because "thevape-it2004"Rekt Me In discord and you need to f0k## understand me or ill get master chief and gordon ramsay to beat your a## up in my master chiefs rofl copter you might think im a bad guy because i have salt in my salt shaker probably everday and put it in my hair BUT NO SCIENCE TOLD ME ITS CALLED DANDRUF SO GO AWAY SMART A## 


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  • Theguyhelping

    even i like the games and the comics and more i am a 19 year old adult  and  you know about me huh i screwed up many times on snn  users and friends of snn  did you hear me   i live in iwoa   i lke the sonic boom tv and i am a military collector and i am a fan of 101st the u.s army  and  even i like  NASA and nascar  and NFL  and like to visit  MUSEUMS   even i live in a hou se  with my  farther  who works at the fire dep  and dont forget to fallow me on twitter 

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