• Joel Nuñez92


    June 28, 2017 by Joel Nuñez92
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  • BartoszC

    A New Wikia

    June 27, 2017 by BartoszC

    I have a new idea for a new wikia, it is about a stealth horror game, Goodbye, My King. To many people, it is called the medieval version of "Hello Neighbour", which already has a wikia and a wiki, but Goodbye, My King, doesn't have much of a wiki, and no wikia. So I have decided to start a wikia about it, I am currently looking for people who can help me run this wikia. I am looking for responsible people who will not abuse their admin. So what is "Goodbye, My King"? "Goodbye, My King" is a stealth horror game in which the goal is to sneak into your old castle and find fragments of a gem to win. At the beginning there is a cutscene where a sly man makes you, the current king, sign a document that crowns him king. Please consider helping m…

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  • Lesu17

    Some things you about wiki codes

    A code is a "trap" that is used in Magicite. By forming a certain pattern, you will unlock something. Enter a code Edit To enter a code, first press the letter "L" on the keyboard while it is in play. It will open the inventory and a new interface, with four buttons and a text bar. Above this, "Insert Code" is read. You can not write the direct code, but you have to press an appropriate sequence of the buttons. HexGUI.png Red = 1 Blue = 2 Green = 3 Yellow = 4 Only seven numbers from 1 to 4 can be entered. Valid Codes Edit The following list presents usable codes in the game: Cat Shape (1131313) 3): By entering the code, you will become a white cat. You can not use any item or weapon, you can only run and jum…

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    Here are the latest technical updates on FANDOM. Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Tuesday and Thursday - today's notes are for tomorrow's site update. Also note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights.

    • In Discussions, rapid clicks on "view older replies" will no longer load duplicate comments.
    • Also in Discussions, we will fix an issue that could prevent old posts from being edited.
    • We will fix a link in the 'three days after wiki creation' founder email that could point to the wrong URL for Discussions.

    Recent mobile app updates are listed on Apps Technical Updates, and detailed site CSS-related updates can be found at

    • When viewing 'reported posts' in Discuss…

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  • TheOneFootTallBrickWall

    Hey everyone! I am going to talk about a subject that is important for everyone to know, especially newer users. Say you have a problem and need to contact Staff, but you don't know how. I am going to tell you different ways to get in touch with them. There are many ways, and if I don't cover them all just tell me in the comments!

    By far, the easiest way to get in touch with staff. It's easy, private, and one-on-one. It is recommended that you use this if you need to get in touch with a staff member. Typically, it takes two to three business days, but in my experience it was way less than that. This is the best way to file bug reports. Additionally, this is the only way to do things such as, rename accounts, and activate custom things like …

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Hello everyone! I am FourSevensRiolu here on Fandom and I can't wait to tell you about myself!

    I am a fan of Pokemon (obviously, check my avatar), Steven Universe, Dragon Ball (all), Ben 10 (all), OK KO, Minecraft, Doctor Who, IO Games,, Prodigy Math Game, all anime, and SOO much more. I guess I consider myself a superfan! Since I like all of that, I hope to see you following by my side on their Fandom Wikis. 

    PS: Also I'm ok to be moved up to a Moderator or anything if you want me to (I'm always active!). 

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  • Valentin girl

    Roleplay Wikia's

    June 25, 2017 by Valentin girl

    Hy there, Valentin girl here.

    In these past days I have been searching for Roleplay Wikia's and found only little of them. But I think there are many more signed in, but they are not visiual on the internet like most normal Wikia's.

    And I was only thinking, if you guys know any of them, please write them on the comments bellow, and you also might give a link to it.

    Roleplay Wikia's I know of:

    • Rise of the Guardians Roleplay Wiki
    • Disneyvillain Roleplay Wiki
    • | The Disney Princess Roleplay Wiki
    • Once Upon a Time Roleplay Wiki
    • | Marvelheroroleplay Wiki
    • | Disney Sidekick Roleplay Wiki

    I really want to know and see how many Roleplay Wikia's there are (active or no).

    Thank you

    Valentin girl (talk) 15:13, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

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  • MarLShookz

    A Fresh Beginning

    June 25, 2017 by MarLShookz


    This is MaLShookz,

    This is completely new for me so I hope we can get along in my blog. I will be writing anything that I think would be interesting in this site.

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  • IiTrixi

    I was just randomly searching up things, since my relatives were watching that and that... and I wondered what they were about. And I looked through them almost everyday because I had no time to read them all in one day. Anyways, the problem is that when you go to the same wikia many times, it goes to your profile, saying it's one of your favorite wikias. That really bugs me, since that is not my favorite wikia... I log out when reading now, but when I want to add comments or chat, I have to login AGAIN. This is just a suggestion. In every wiki, what if you add a button that says "Favorite", so it'll go on your profile? I'm a bit new here, so I don't know if there is already a solution to that. It's a small problem, but thank you if you co…

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  • OniePatootie
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