• ImLuCaka

    I Play GrowTopia!

    September 3, 2017 by ImLuCaka

    So, this is me, Lucas.

    I am 13 Years old and i like to play games like Growtopia; GTA V etc!

    I like to jump on trampolines and do flips, be with friends and much more!

    A little information about me! Make sure to maybe share some of your information with me? :D

    Anyways, i hope you have a really awesome day and i will see you later!

    There is me 6-8 months ago :D

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  • Aldo The Fox

    Last week, a sad day came. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, that wonderful neon gamer-doctor of Justice, hung up his belt and made way for his successor. Yes, it is that time of year again, the changing of the guard as one Rider show bows out to give way to the new kid on the block for the fall season.

    Needless to say, this new kid is an interesting one. For starters, this series is according to Toei, going back to "the roots of Kamen Rider". Next is the main hero himself, as he is a genius physicist who mixes something organic with something inorganic to create his forms. His main form has the powers of a rabbit's speed and jumping crossed with...of all things, the durability and strength of a tank! Rockets with pandas, lightbulbs with octopi, hedgehog…

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  • Mendes2

    It may be quite clear that not every wiki is the same. They all have different topics, different layouts and different hierarchies, among many other things that separates a wiki from another. I wanted to look at two different kinds of wiki, those being a content-based wiki and a community-based wiki, to see how much they differ in the way they're visited, and to see how much they differ in local staff positions.

    Note: I use multiple wikis as examples. These wikis are (in my eyes) extreme cases of wikis where it is heavily relied on either the content on the pages or on the community. I do not include the forums and/or discussions, since on some wikis, the forums have been replaced by discussions, which is separated from the wiki itself. Thi…

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  • IncarnateParanoia

    I am not a viewer of Game of Thrones. I have just never found the time to get into it, and when a franchise becomes that big it can be very daunting to jump into because you have a lot of catching up to do.

    However, I am very sensitive to spoilers, and know some people who are only now beginning to watch the show. And so I think I can empathize with wikia-users who were only recently starting Game of Thrones and, while browsing wikia minding their own business, found a certain FANDOM article pertaining to a certain death in Game of Thrones' fourth season being advertised on the right of their monitor. I know it goes without saying, but DON'T CLICK THAT IMGUR LINK IF YOU AREN'T THROUGH SEASON FOUR.

    I have done my research into the matter, and am …

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  • TvShowsAreMyLife

    I know they ended like 4 years ago but Camaya was one of the best couples in Degrassi. They are and will always be one of my favourite ships on Degrassi. Campbell Saunders was Maya's first love and Maya Matlin was Cam's first and only love. They were so cute together, I wish he never comitted suicide since it ended their relationship and effected Maya in a really bad way. I miss this couple so much, I still get tears everytime i watch videos about Camaya or watch past episodes with Camaya scenes in it. I hated the love triangle with Cam, Maya and Zig since it effected their relationship but i also liked it since Maya still chose Cam over Zig. I also hated the love triangle since Tori, Tristan and Maya were best friends and Zig and Tori wer…

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  • Wizardglader


    July 25, 2017 by Wizardglader

    I haven't been on in a while (sorry about that!) And I just wanted to say thank you to all the tips I was given. Also, just wanted to ask a few more questions. (I know, I know, So many questions) Some of them are:

    1. How do you connect IRL's to words? (If that makes any sense)
    2. Can you follow other people Wiki's? And if you can, how?
    3. Can you indent, and if you can, how?

    These, were just a few of my questions. (Sorry if some of them are a little stupid...) Once again, thank you!  

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  • Pokermind

    Just created a duplicate file on the Gate thus the jsdf fought there Wiki.  I wrote the Admin thus: 

    Sorry for the duplicate pic the same image was posted by Tomtheman99 with little info here earlier.  The new Wiki controls are a bitch! and I couldn't use the existing photo, nor coud I erase the duplicate (I hope one of you admins has full Beaurocrat powers to remove inappropriate articles and pics) so I used my download in a post.

    By the way if you add a pic on the admin page you have more options and can add other Copyright opti…

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  • Occasional Geek

    Pokemon Go currently is a major part of my day to day. Its this Virtual Reality Linked to your Phone cum nostalgia Inducing game that can keep you hooked for days on end on account of ones childish desire of owning a Pokemon that you loved growing up.

    I’m one of them, right up there, wanting to fill my Pokedex, evolve My Pokemon, win at gyms (place where Pokemon Battle each other) and catch ’em all!!

    But the games taught me a couple of things too. One, don’t attach a sense of accomplishment with games. Two, be wise in your approach of collecting rewards and then using them to your advantage. And, Three, Just god Damn Read!! The games essentially survival of the fittest, you evolve the right Pokemon, put them out to war and reap the rewards. …

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  • Ultimate Dark Carnage

    Greetings fellow Wikians, I have decided to create a more modern look on the chat and make a few major modifications on there. This is in response to Wikia Inc. modernizing the FANDOM site. I do not want the Chat to be excluded from the modernization process as it is an intuitive feature. The skin was created using both CSS and JavaScript.


    • Rounded avatars.
    • A wider chat rail.
    • A more modern feel of the Chat.
    • No background on the rail wordmark.


    • Add the moderator badge next to the user's chat message.
    • A bottom toolbar that will allow the users to add menus on there.
    • Redesign the user stats menu.

    If you want to try the script, you can import it to your personal JS or site-wide JS (not recommended).

    The sources of the script are linked bel…

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  • OniePatootie
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