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    Ranking in major search engines and traffic is the main parameter of success in online business. Traffic is known as visitor number of a website. If you have a website involved in online business then you will be well familiar with these two terms. Ranking is the actual position of website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing on specific keyword or search phrase. As high rank your website get in SERP as traffic increase. This is the main thought that made important to ranking for online business entrepreneurs.

    Each search engine has made its own rules to rank a website in SERP. These SEs have disclosed some parameters on the basis of that you can get high rank in particular search engine. Google, Yahoo and Bing give importanc…

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    Yes, the Beatles Wiki now has 666 pages! Appropriately enough, it achieved that status on April 1st.

    Sadly, a page deletion means that we are now back down to 665 pages, but this probably won't last.

    • Note: of course, I am not saying that Jesus is evil; I'm paraphrasing John Lennon's notorious (and badly misquoted) statement.
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    I talked with EthanConquistador, he said something quite unknown, a user called "Dickbooger", could anyone give me details on this unusually named user? Any details are regarded amd checked, this user seems quite unknown to the Wikia community, if anyone has information about "Dickbooger" let me know as this is a most interesting development!

    He/She created a page regarding me on Encyclopedia Dramatica stating that I'm "Evil" and not a hero.

    Why would this user ruin my name?

    Is it...A new person?

    I need Opinions regarding this user and fast!

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    Hey! This is Thisismyrofl, an administrator of Community Central. I had an idea for a way we could help new users find pages on their wiki. "How do I find Special:Listusers on my wiki?" is a common question - it seems like such a simple thing to a pro, but for new users sometimes it'd just be easier to give a clickable link.

    This came to my mind when I was writing my earlier blog about infoboxes (you should totally check it out btw!). I can link to the page Template:Infobox on this wiki, Community Central, but if I'm instead discussing the equivalent page on the reader's wiki, which I don't universally know the URL of, I could only give a flimsy "Template:Infobox on your wiki |}

    I ended up doing this multiple times in one blog, which was kinda awk…

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    Inquiry about the new Surveys

    February 15, 2014 by Sijfer

    I see that when you edit something on a wiki, an optional survey would come out asking about ones' experience in editting and/or asking why one didn't save their edits. In my opinion, it's nice that they want to know more about the contributors, but I've been seeing that same survey everyday even though I already filled out (2) two entries (one for each category). How can I make it stop?

    Here it is again. And I'm pretty sure I properly saved.

    Sijfer (talk) 09:51, February 15, 2014 (UTC)

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    Just ignore this...Its starting to anger people here, So its better to stop it than just leaving it here.

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    Hello Wikians, thank you for clicking this blog! My name is Sci100, and I am an administrator on Ben 10 Fan Fiction wiki. Now, as part of the job of being an administrator, I actively try to seek new ways to improve my home wiki. One of these ways was the newest program my Wiki is going through, 2014 - A Year of Change, the latest push to clean up the wiki, update different pages, help new users, and make things in general, a better experience for all users. As decided by the wiki, we decided to test Project Darwin's new Visual Editor for one week. During this week (and after), users gave their opinion on Visual Editor. For the sake of privacy, I have named them by User-# instead of their actual usernames. Here are some of the things they h…

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    Antoinette Jones-Juin
    Since I think no one did it, I wanted to know; what's your favorite Cartoon Network Wiki?

    The rules are, you can pick any CN show wiki, as long as it has 100 pages as usual. And of course, they can't have more than ONE vandalized page.

    Contest end's on 2/12/2014 (next month)! Let the best wiki win!

    Coming Soon!

    • What's Your Favorite Nickelodeon Wiki?
    • What's Your Favorite Nick Cartoon Wiki?
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    Hello guys and gals. I have a lot of suggestions for Project Darwin and Wikia. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below. Also, don't be rude if some of these features are already included or have alternatives. I just want to make Wikia a better place (that's the way I feel about Wikimedia projects as well).

    • Add a digital clock widget to the Wikia toolbar (the one with the "Start a wiki" button) (Reason: Dev Wiki has a clock gadget code)
    • Add Vector and Modern skins from Wikimedia projects (Pending: Mixed reception)
    • Customize the search box to include other wikis (Reason: Abandoned)
    • Add a sandbox page to all userspaces (Reason: An alternative was found)
    • Create templates and blog posts via the "Edit" button (Reason: Makes no sense)
    • Add some gadget…

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    We shall propose a new policy for Deletion Warring. Deletion Warring is when a user restores anything, (i.e. Message Wall threads, Files, etc.) and the admin deletes it again, and the user repeats the same action over and over again. That's a sign of abusing admin rights. This is just like Edit Warring. They shall be revoked by Staff and blocked from editing. What are your responses to this post?

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