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    chain snappers

    July 6, 2014 by Kulangat1

    the punk tabernacle of god punk gospel punk highest praise punk combo Chain Snappers perform in cuatro santos. with a swatch wristwatch and esprit wristwatch of the smiler. assorted softdrinks in a coke bottle

    walking to the venue. the vocal is smiling with right hand finger signoss -  mineral water river from a bukal  punk praise party concert with chicks ... in cuatro santos . ah 

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     Aw Sharks.

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    So, I am thinking about a TEMPORARY Avatar change and was wondering if anyone else thinks so too? This is my Facebook photo, and I have had it for a while now. Do YOU want ti see something different fir a while?

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    Autism is a decently rare mental disorder in which people who get it develop social and behavioral issues, learning differences, etc. Autism is starting to dwindle amongst society, and I am here to provide you guys a little information about the pros and cons of autism, and the experience I am going through in order to make it through this whole "life" thing.

    • Develop a serious taste for one or two interests at most
    • Do really good in school
    • Can spend hours on end on one interest or hobby

    • Difficult to make friends
    • Difficult to socially interact with other people
    • Learn a lot more differently than other people
    • Most importantly, they have to deal with bullying

    Most people don't know this about me until I actually tell them, but I have autism (more spec…

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    These days, security is main concern for everyone over internet. SEO industry is not out of this ring. Security is a prime concern for webmasters because their website may hack any time if it is not secure and protected. A big number of webmasters use HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) in the URL address of a website. It is primary technology protocol on the web that is used to linking and browsing. Some webmasters use HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol with Secure Sockets Layer). This technology is also used for communication between web servers and web users with security and for safe Internet transactions. HTTPS makes website secure for users and increase faith during sharing credential.

    Google is already serious for website security a…

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    Lightening McQueen

    There are several wikis for the Cars franchise that may have to be deleted since we already have World of Cars Wiki.

    • Pixar Cars Wiki (by McBoo-Blitzman and Lukwisnie)
    • Pixar World Of Cars Wiki by Cars4ever
    • Pixar Cars Wiki by Car9559
    • Disney Pixar Cars Wiki by Cars223412
    • Cars The Video Game Wiki
    • Cars: Mater National Wiki
    • Cars Race-o-Rama Wiki
    • Cars race o Rama game Wiki by Colindavis

    I'm not sure about these wikis:

    • World of Cars-The Cars Wiki by BashShinycap44, which it looks like it has pages on users on The World of Cars Online.
    • Cars 2 character Wiki by Alfiej09, which seems to have fanon names for minor characters who are unnamed.
    • Cars 2 The Video Game Wiki by Starasasaas
    • Cars & Planes wiki (Dutch) (though I so far haven't found any other Dutch wikis for …
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    Neo Bahamut


    Hi, there! I don't use this account much, but today I thought I'd try a little experiment. Basically, whenever I have an issue related to how a Wiki is handled that can't be resolved for whatever reason, I'm going to start opining about it here, & we're just going to see where that takes us. Hopefully farther than "You can't actually do this, stop." I eventually did find the blog policies, but they were a little vague.

    So, until I have a better idea of the limits, I'm going to keep the subjects of this topic anonymous. Of course you can find these quotes through Google, so it's not TRULY anonymous, but welcome to writing on public websites.

    I promise that I'll get to the point soon. First, to set up the background, I was browsing…

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    Yes, the Beatles Wiki now has 666 pages! Appropriately enough, it achieved that status on April 1st.

    Sadly, a page deletion means that we are now back down to 665 pages, but this probably won't last.

    • Note: of course, I am not saying that Jesus is evil; I'm paraphrasing John Lennon's notorious (and badly misquoted) statement.
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    I talked with EthanConquistador, he said something quite unknown, a user called "Dickbooger", could anyone give me details on this unusually named user? Any details are regarded amd checked, this user seems quite unknown to the Wikia community, if anyone has information about "Dickbooger" let me know as this is a most interesting development!

    He/She created a page regarding me on Encyclopedia Dramatica stating that I'm "Evil" and not a hero.

    Why would this user ruin my name?

    Is it...A new person?

    I need Opinions regarding this user and fast!

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    Hey! This is Thisismyrofl, an administrator of Community Central. I had an idea for a way we could help new users find pages on their wiki. "How do I find Special:Listusers on my wiki?" is a common question - it seems like such a simple thing to a pro, but for new users sometimes it'd just be easier to give a clickable link.

    This came to my mind when I was writing my earlier blog about infoboxes (you should totally check it out btw!). I can link to the page Template:Infobox on this wiki, Community Central, but if I'm instead discussing the equivalent page on the reader's wiki, which I don't universally know the URL of, I could only give a flimsy "Template:Infobox on your wiki |}

    I ended up doing this multiple times in one blog, which was kinda awk…

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