• MichaelAngeloAdanza123

    Earth, is the only life planet located in our solar system. Scientists haven't discovered any planet similar to Earth. It is, that we are special. 

    In many religions, some said that the world was once nothing but an endless void until a God had created them, while some says that the Holy Father 'Jehovah' created everything (Genesis).

    But, it is still unsolved. Many scientists says that the World was naturally created, formed by Space rocks and turned out to become a sphere or a round ball floating in space. But have you ever wonder 'Life on earth is complete.. Everyone lives peacefully and completely, but who created all this?' The sun, the waters, the trees, who created them ?

    I see that if you are a christian, then you probably believe that…

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  • Pokermind

    Just created a duplicate file on the Gate thus the jsdf fought there Wiki.  I wrote the Admin thus: 

    Sorry for the duplicate pic the same image was posted by Tomtheman99 with little info here earlier.  The new Wiki controls are a bitch! and I couldn't use the existing photo, nor coud I erase the duplicate (I hope one of you admins has full Beaurocrat powers to remove inappropriate articles and pics) so I used my download in a post.

    By the way if you add a pic on the admin page you have more options and can add other Copyright opti…

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  • Occasional Geek

    Pokemon Go currently is a major part of my day to day. Its this Virtual Reality Linked to your Phone cum nostalgia Inducing game that can keep you hooked for days on end on account of ones childish desire of owning a Pokemon that you loved growing up.

    I’m one of them, right up there, wanting to fill my Pokedex, evolve My Pokemon, win at gyms (place where Pokemon Battle each other) and catch ’em all!!

    But the games taught me a couple of things too. One, don’t attach a sense of accomplishment with games. Two, be wise in your approach of collecting rewards and then using them to your advantage. And, Three, Just god Damn Read!! The games essentially survival of the fittest, you evolve the right Pokemon, put them out to war and reap the rewards. …

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  • Ultimate Dark Carnage

    Greetings fellow Wikians, I have decided to create a more modern look on the chat and make a few major modifications on there. This is in response to Wikia Inc. modernizing the FANDOM site. I do not want the Chat to be excluded from the modernization process as it is an intuitive feature. The skin was created using both CSS and JavaScript.


    • Rounded avatars.
    • A wider chat rail.
    • A more modern feel of the Chat.
    • No background on the rail wordmark.


    • Add the moderator badge next to the user's chat message.
    • A bottom toolbar that will allow the users to add menus on there.
    • Redesign the user stats menu.

    If you want to try the script, you can import it to your personal JS or site-wide JS (not recommended).

    The sources of the script are linked bel…

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  • OniePatootie
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  • Anabilhasmi

    Bioware is one of the best game developers of all time. The Mass Effect franchise and the Dragon Age franchise are loved universally. But where are they headed?

    Let's take a look at the journey so far starting with Mass Effect. This is entirely my opinion and I understand that yours may vary.

    Huge spoilers ahead for the entire ME & DA series.

    Mass Effect : This game was the foundation on which the entire franchise has been built. So, I don't need to say what a solid game it was. Opinions may vary but I feel the Mass Effect trilogy can be compared to Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy - Mass Effect being Batman Begins. It was a Bioware narrative so powerful that you could potentially lose two squad mates in one mission and they're not killed by the e…

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  • Pyranoses

    Are you a fan of Rise of the Robots? It has some new features in this wikia. Please visit it here:

    It is also a novel published by roc based on the video game released on 2nd February 1995.

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  • Zensalin

    Greetings, Ladies and Gents!

    My humble self got this very interesting pop-up which advises me to disable my adblocker. This pop-up had me thinking for a while, as I didn't understand where it came from, because I don't use an adblocker.

    But then I remembered!
    I don't have Adobe Flash installed (and no one can blame me for that ;)), on which all the ads are based on, it seems!
    I also don't use Internet Explorer (where Flash would be included).

    So, if there's a way to make sure this pop-up only appears when someone really uses an adblocker, then I guess that would be a neat thing to implement. ;)

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  • KurwaAntics


    April 22, 2017 by KurwaAntics

    I recently held a contest and it requires users to vote. What I found is so disturbing.

    The existing poll feature only provides very basic functions, which I didn't use for the contests. I used Poll Maker and recently PollDaddy for the voting, but I found users stuffing the ballot box. When they see their desired candidate is left behind, they vote the same candidate using their phones, tablets, etc. which could be worse as this.

    Even I set to block multiple votes by cookies and IP addresses, but since the ballot is tied to the device, it has no effect. You can view the results of the past contests here.

    Users on Polandball Wiki are also having the same problem. Admins hold election via blogs, which requires users to use templates in order to…

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  • Domitron3

    Help with a Wikia.

    March 26, 2017 by Domitron3


    There's a wiki that doesn't have a lot of users and needs help to grow. It is "The Telltale Wiki."

    It's about everything Telltale-Games-related. There's a lot to be done and I need help from users.

    Wanting to know where to find it? Go on my profile and see "my favorite wikis."

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