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    November 21, 2014 by Wing22

    走出象牙塔充滿了瀰漫性幻想,居然感到如此孤獨。他們已經失去了那種天真少年狂,但沒有得到一個成熟的社會需要;很多朋友去他們在日常生活中各路,但沒有找到他真正的朋友和親人在一個複雜的社會。 我有嗎?或許還擁有蘇軾說,江風,水明月;或許也有朋友和親戚的前一夜,千里共嬋娟,共鏡子1天;或許還能夠幻想美好的未來,畢竟很少有年輕人能夠利用手中的浪費。 有人說,即使你什麼都沒有,至少也有你自己的。但我們何曾真的有我自己。短短幾十年,多少時間做我們想做的事?多少時間做我們必須做的事,但不想? 我們的生存奔的時間花在了大半生,但生存是為了什麼?但我也知道,沒有回答這個問題,如果是一些崇高的理想生活,那麼什麼是它生豬,花草樹木,動物,什麼?也許我們為什麼不把所有的這個世界刷只動物增添了一抹色彩。我們所有的努力,也許讓這觸控顏顏一些比其他的更生動,一些罷了惹關注。 天地間的生命,突然間,如旅客出行,我們提出了一個短暫的瞬間在這個世界上,我們不能帶走什麼,也不會留下任何東西。我們自以為是世界上最聰明的動物,在造物主的眼中,我們也許羊,豬,狗,花草樹木和岩石沒什麼區別。無情的世界,看到了太多的悲歡離合,甚至是一種心臟,然後會變得麻木。也許人生苦短倉給了我們長期麻木的禮物,也許他已經死了,我們是它的孩子,它不具有的心臟給我們,因為它是一樣的,所以只給我們有限的生命,也讓我們沒在匆匆離開享福。

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    Encountage Wiki

    November 20, 2014 by ArmeNemra9

    If anyone wished for having characters from different franchises to fight, then you're welcomed to Encountage Wiki! This is a place where you can edit every character from every franchise face to face to fight and then vote in forums of battles, post comments in round pages. If you wanna have someone to change his vote, please invite him to chat and debate there.

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    Collecting the Creatures

    November 20, 2014 by Wolfgang23

    Hey everyone, Wolf here with a question for you all.

    Can you guys help me collect 50 creatures, cryptids, ghosts or some like that?

    Here an idea from what types of creatures/cryptids/ghosts/etc. we need:

    1. Mythical

    2. Fantasical 

    3. Legendary

    4. Cryptozoological

    5. Mysterious

    6. Folkore

    7. Etc. 

    Now you can choose one or more, but please have a picture or video of what information you give me, so it's easier to record and I'll mention you in the Special Special Special Thanks section of when I complete it.

    But if add a video or picture, you'll get a even bigger chance to get in the Special Special Special Special Thanks, a containment of wikia users (that are logged in) that helped even more.

    On my message wall or in the comments here, of course. =D

    You …

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    Yitayal brehanu

    my video

    November 20, 2014 by Yitayal brehanu
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    Speed and Lash

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 20, 2014 by Speed and Lash

    I love the feeling of Thanksgiving. I love the taste of thanksgiving - it is a meaty delight that overwhelms by body. Coconut milk does the same thing to me. It soothes me. It surrounds me in its wings, and protects me from the storm. It changes my clothing to celestial cowboy gear. 

    "Heeee Yawwwww I'm huntin' dem turkeys buckeroo!" 

    Turkey gives me a very special feeling. I don't know what to call this feeling. It's as if I'm nervous - nervous to the point that I start sweating. Blushing. Shaking. It makes my heart race. Chocolate, strawberries and watermelon tend to give me that same rush! I asked my friend what this feeling was. I couldn't quite tell. He told me to talk to a girl and figure it out. 

    Maybe I should put some cranberry sauce …

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    November 20, 2014 by Fwg





    Created date:  01/04/2009                               


    Version:   1.12                               

    Depends on:                                        

    Called by:                                 

    Frequency called:  Low                                

    Can Be Cached:                                


    Version History                            

    v1.00 01/04/2009 {name} Initial Build                            

    v1.01 10/12/2009 {name} description of change

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    Timmy fenton

    Rail Rush wiki

    November 20, 2014 by Timmy fenton

    Hi everyone,

    A wiki that has only one recurring user, with is me. A wiki that has six users and hasn't been edited for a week, except perhaps me. A wiki that has been gathering dust. Call it the Rail Rush wiki.

    I took over this wiki some time ago, and overall my time as bureaucrat of it has been disappointing. I created pages for all the heroes and all the worlds. I created a new survivor-style contest. I worked to spread publicity of it, mentioning it in chat to the point of cracking jokes comparing the wiki to ghost towns. Still no regular contributors. It isn't even in the top 5000 wikis by WAM score.

    Could it be that Rail Rush is simply past its experation date? Could it be that this wiki is simply ignored due to the game it is tied with …

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    Elliott and Associates Energy Review Europe Tokyo Paris Asia: L'Australie a dit il Devrait Viser Pour 40% Coupé en Gaz à effet de Serre d'ici à 2025

    Le Climate Institute a également dit que le monde a besoin de savoir comment l'Australie calculera sa cible.

    Australie doit dire au monde comment il calculera sa serre à moyen terme cible pour la libération en début d'année prochaine et devrait se pencher sur une réduction de 40 % d'ici 2025, le Climate Institute, think tank dit.

    Tel que révélé par le Guardian Australie, négociateurs américains et l'Union européenne ont également fait en vain pression Australie vers l'arrière un engagement par les dirigeants du G20 que leurs objectifs de réduction des émissions à effet de serre après 2020 sera dé…

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