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  • The diva girls

    The Diva Girls.

    We are making videos, websites, and more. we also have a youtube channel, soon by chrismas their will be at least 100 videos to watch. we hope you'll like it!

    Girls should be happy who they are. this is a great girls place!

    What do  us diva girls like?

    for girls who likes dolls like moxiez bratz barbie monster high and more like liv dolls + polly pocket!

    we like bratz,they are the best. they have the new bratz now!

    we like barbie their very pretty

    we like monster high they are cool

    we like polly pocket they are fun to play with

    we like liv dolls their eyes look a little real1

    we like moxie girlz they are like bratz but look more younger.

    Hope all the girls be happy! thanks!

    diva girls! are you a diva girl?

    do you want know if you are a …

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  • SonicKnucklesFan92

    I need help

    September 2, 2015 by SonicKnucklesFan92

    Hi guys! Sonicknucklesfan92 here with needing some help. So I went to sign in on my phone to edit my wiki on the go and yet...I can't edit anything! Also, before I was out of town and tried to update but it said I was "blocked"! I went on my iPad and wasn't blocked, can anyone just explain to me what's going on?

    Also I need to know why can't I edit on my phone, i could before, now I can't.

    Please help.


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  • JaseyJasee

    Redesign Problem

    September 1, 2015 by JaseyJasee

    I recently Adopted the Soulcalibur Wiki and I am currently redesigning it (the theme, logo etc). The Wiki was previously on a white background, I have changed it to a dark blue, slightly transparent background.
    However, that change has caused some problems... I have a temporary fix for now but I need a permanent one.
    Text on Templates like this are showing up a really light grey colour, so obviously it becomes unreadable (I have since found a temporary fix for it as you can see, however I need a permanent one as every new table I make will have grey text) so does anyone know what I have to edit so the text doesn't show up grey all the time?

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  • Baesen

    Dear Readers,

    I don't really know how to rephrase this,but it's really boring but it also brings happiness.It gives me the urge to say "come on school bell,ring already" everytime in school and for the second time here at home.You don't have to wait for the school bell to ring,you won't have to wait for school to be over and your homework deadlines will be extended.Amazing kekeke.tbh im supposed to write this blog in Korean idek okay um so Thanks for reading and bye!

    Signing off;SEN

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  • Jbmorris289

    this Blog is too empty

    September 1, 2015 by Jbmorris289

    Yes the title...

    My blog is FAR too empty, so i'm just going to make a post...

    What else should go here? idk.

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  • Rappy 4187

    Here are the latest technical updates at Wikia. Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Tuesday and Thursday - today's notes are for tomorrow's site update. Also note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights.

    • The Theme Designer's preview option will work again.
    • Theme Designer will also regain the "no split" option for non-tiled background images wider than 2000px.
    • In the classic editor, ending up in the source editor via a 'complex code' fallback or via a URL parameter will no longer send your cursor to the very end of the page.

    Detailed CSS updates can be found at - the diffs show changes to .css, .scss, .tmpl.php, .html, .sass and .mustache files in Wikia's codebas…

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  • AnselaJonla

    The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a popular, but much-maligned breed in the UK. Over ten years 356,000 were microchipped here, making them the third most popular breed in that time period, behind Labrador Retrievers and Jack Russell Terriers, it is always the dog that gets the blame. Never the owner, never the other animal involved, never the child that may have been tormenting the dog (and as an adult who used to be that tormenting child, I can understand why a dog might have had enough one day). It is always and forever 100% the dog's fault, in both how the media reports it and in how many viewers and readers understand it.

    There is, of course, bias on the part of the media. Bites by larger dogs, especially the "devil breed" of the day (before …

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  • EternalFlame

    IP Block

    August 31, 2015 by EternalFlame

    I keep getting IP blocked from the WHOLE of Wikia, then getting the block taken off of me. This has been happening daily for a while, Almost as if one person is blocking me and another keeps unblocking me. I know why they are doing it, but one person gave me a two week block wikia-wide and that honestly has done the trick and I wont do what I did again, But does anyone know why I'm STILL getting blocked for it (and un-blocked) on a daily occurence? It's quite frustrating. Any help would be good, even if it results in my block being elongated, I just want it to stop!

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  • BeyonderGodOmnipotent

    I would highly recommend everyone try to stay claim and not try to spam the wikia community with the same problems the wikia staff will inform all of us about the problems when they figure it out they are the technical support here and so when they are ready they will explain the situation to us all.

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  • BeyonderGodOmnipotent

    Goku is semi-based off of Superman.

    Goku has limits he has to overcome ever new villian. Superman has no real limits he is naturally powerful.

    Superman will always win he has no limit on his powers.

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