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  • Toothless2000


    5 March 2015 by Toothless2000
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  • Inews2day
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  • Furby furring

    how to make furby burp 8 times:

    • Feed furby by putting your pointer finger in its mouth
    • Feed furby again
    • Feed furby one more time
    • Pet furby once

    How to make furby say its name:

    • Tickle it on its tummy, wait for it to stop talking
    • Tickle it again
    • Tickle it one more time
    • Pet once
    • It should say "Me____". The blank is the name it says

    How to make furby sing:

    • Clap loudly once wait till he stops talking
    • Clap again
    • Clap one more time
    • Pet once
    • It should him twink twinkle little star
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  • Theterrortales


    4 March 2015 by Theterrortales
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  • Kirkburn

    Here are the latest technical updates at Wikia. Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Wednesday, so we're posting this on a Tuesday to give you advance notice. Also note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights.

    • The classic editor will be updated with clear links to the mobile and desktop previews, in an effort to help editors easily see how their articles will be seen by users on different devices. This tweak will also see the return of edit summaries that can autocomplete (as it is now a single line input).

    • When on the mobile skin, tapping the 'Full site' link will work properly again.
    • We will fix a situation that could cause a confusing break in the process when starting a new wikia …

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  • Munchvtec

    Favorite wiki

    3 March 2015 by Munchvtec

    Why was this wiki set as my fav wiki if i only ever joined the chat one time and have made no edits?

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  • Keshav124

    As well as proceed to a brand new location having your complete house possessions? As well as altered from location completely to another with all your residential possessions? In the event that without a doubt then you definately might knowledgeable having complications, problems in addition to difficult responsibilities linked to the means of house switching. There are many worries along with problems with relocating household into a fresh location specially taking, running, transporting, unloading, unpacking in addition to puting in order of all your housing items. Nevertheless along with proper arranging as well as selecting the best packers and also movers companies you possibly can change the procedure associated with residence shift…

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  • Yhynerson1

    Last time I tested the Google custom search and contacted Wikia staffs. They told me this is a violation of ToU, so now I have scrapped it. I would like to tell you that I encountered some problems on using the WIkia built-in search engine. For example, I search for the sentence "not appeared in agk parodies yet", and I get the following result.

    Wikia built-in search engine:

    Google custom search engine:

    See the difference? I got what I wanted to find in Google's engine, but not Wikia. Please improve the Wikia search engine in…

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  • Grereg759


    3 March 2015 by Grereg759

    Grereg759 (talk)

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  • Stevoawesome

    Hi. I'm just here to say that a certain wikia, The George Lopez wikia, is being vandalized. There are no active admins and no one there to stop the vandals. I was just wandering what you guys could all do to help out since it is pretty hard to keep on undoing greifed pages and even user pages with stupid and offensive imagery all by myself.

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