• Expresobogota123

    El día 18 de Noviembre se disputo la final entre las escuelas Expreso Bogotá y Sporting Kennedy en el Club Real Boyacá, un día soleado y en un lugar donde no solo se disputaba esta final, si no muchos más partidos, entre jóvenes de diferentes categorías.

    El encuentro fue bastante interesante, ambos equipos muy animados y ansiosos. Un primer tiempo con una predominancia del equipo Expreso Bogotá sobre su contrario con un resultado final en el primer tiempo de 2 – 0.

    Al finalizar el tiempo, después de una charla técnica entre el entrenador y los jugadores, el partido continuo, con los ánimos revitalizados para el equipo hasta ahora triunfante. Al finalizar la charla técnica fue muy emotivo ver como el equipo, junto con su entrenador juntaban s…

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  • Expresobogota123

    Expreso Bogotá es una escuela de formación deportiva ubicada en el sur de la ciudad de Bogotá, en el barrio Altamar en la localidad de Kennedy, conformada hace 4 años han ganado 7 titulos y 2 subcampeonatos. Su último torneo jugado es el Torneo de fútbol Base Bogotá Copa Oro, donde quedaron campeones, derrotando al equipo Spoting Kennedy.

    Está conformado por los siguientes jugadores:

  • Sebastian Salazar</li>
    • Diego Barrera</li>
    • Jeremy Mendez</li>
    • Andres Arias</li>
    • Josef Dominguez</li>
    • Deivid Rojas</li>
    • Ahimelec Manrique</li>
    • Jhon Daza</li>
    • Santiago Castro</li>
    • Andres Tapia</li>
    • Alejandro Velazques </li>
    • Y sus entrenadores: Cesar Gamboa y Wilson Calderón</li>

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    November 24, 2017 by OMAR CARRILLO
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  • Johan19

    Video Johan

    November 23, 2017 by Johan19

    Solo pude subir enlace, no archivo de vídeo.

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  • Briska32

    Best Golf Irons 2018

    November 23, 2017 by Briska32

    Golf is a tough sport and if you dont have proper equipment then there your game is just as ordinary as a beginner. It’s important for you to get the right Irons that suits your style of play. So, keeping that in mind, we spent some long hours selecting the 10 Best game Improvement Irons 2018, so that you have the luxury to choose the best from the best. 

    Tungsten weight at the lower region keeps the Center of Gravity low that advocates the nice feel and overall balance. Apart from that, it’s very tapered, sleek and just gets enough muscle behind the head that adds more stability and firmness.

    Z 565 Irons are forged and there are no such points that you will get the jumping shots from it. Pretty comfortable and soothing for any player in the…

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  • Chloe624

    MassKara Festival Blog

    November 23, 2017 by Chloe624

    Masskara Festival is one of the most exciting festivals in the world. T.he MassKara Festival Activities are not only limited to parades and street dancing. It’s a month-long celebrated the festival, and there are plenty more to offer for all of you.

    If you are a fitness geek and love to be the part of any physical contest like pole climbing, racing or even marathon, then MassKara festival is the best thing for you along with some other mind-blowing activities.

    Read More on Masskara Festival History.

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  • RealOne06

    Saç Ekim işlemleri

    November 23, 2017 by RealOne06

    Saç ekimi bir takım genetik ya da fizyolojik sebepler ile saç kaybı yaşamış kişilere uygulanan bir yöntemdir. Saçlar dökülme şeklinde, belirli bir bölgede eksilme şeklinde ya da kırılarak güçsüzleşme şeklinde kaybedilebilir. Bu kayıpların bazı nedenleri de kişilerin içinde bulunduğu ruhsal sıkıntılar ve sorunlardır. Aynı zamanda saça yapılan bazı yanlış uygulamalar ve saç derisi ile kıl köklerinin bu uygulamalardan zarar görmesi sonucu da saç kaybı yaşanabilmektedir. Saç kaybında önemli olan nokta geri döndürülebilir olması ya da olmamasıdır. Saç ekim işlemleri yapılırken öncelikli olarak bu işi yapan uzman kişilere danışmak gerekir. Yanlış kişiler tarafından yapılan uygulamalar saç köklerinin kaybedilmesine ve daha olumsuz durumlar yaşan…

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  • Paul Craig


    November 23, 2017 by Paul Craig

    This Is The Creepyest User Here.

    So If you dont know who this user is on 11-18-17 he Joined roblox but why did he say this here:"After Nicoles,Records these videos He bans the hacker accounts so we get revenge for everything he did..." It was creepy revenge Text

    For This youtuber Nicsterv After Day He Joined He Played this game This is Werid Game I found him and he was werid then

    Then I got this message. After I Followed him i did get message but

    then he was online at same time.Message was made today                                 The message ->

    Novemeber 23 2017 just on 14-56 time I couldnt log on he said refresh my page.and i logged out somehow .But it was werid why i wa…

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  • Anita's a is awesome

    It's 2:41 PM!!!

    November 23, 2017 by Anita's a is awesome

    Hi everyone I may ask you guys some questions for some things. Okay and I will give a shout out to as many people who would like to help. Okay:

    Question 1. would you like me to add an additional the to the bendy and the ink machine wiki?

    It may happen. I'm saying May because antasma is awesome and me got banned infinitely by KingAlex105x. So it probably won't happen such a bummer because I wrote basically an entire script I worked on from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM. So i can't throw it away because that means all those 4 hours were useless.

    Well guess I'll have to wait until I'm able to post again on the bendy and the ink machine wiki.

    Question 2. Tell me if you want to help with ideas or make the wiki pages grow more information.

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  • Tubbyman5

    New slendytubbies wiki page

    November 23, 2017 by Tubbyman5

    Just made a new wiki page called “white scythe” it is from slendytubbies 3 pt 2 and seems pretty cool

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