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  • Andreagrete2305

    Ved brug af denne introduction forbundet med web køb, er der i dag rigtig mange ting, der kan gøres via nettet.De mest kendte smykkefirmaer fra diverse lande har online foretning med kunder verden over. De mest kendte virksomheder på nettet promovere smykker såsom sølv øreringe , ringe, halskæde osv..på internettet. Det gør det lettere for den enkelte person, der ønsker at købe lidt smykker til enhver lejlighed samt dele med dem med andre der ikke har tid til at besøge de fysiske smykke butikker samt udvælge et par fine ting.

    Nu til dags er det blevet mere almindeligt at købe smykker på internettet. For det første kan det spare dig en masse tid. Du behøver blot at gå på nettet og søge på få hjemmesider under søgeordet smykker. Her får du ad…

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    May 27, 2017 by INSERTUSERNAMEHERE88


    Epithet ???
    Alignment ???
    Race ???
    Laterality ???
    Gender ???
    Age ???
    Birthday ???
    Blood Type ???
    Personal Data
    Birthplace ???
    Affiliation ???
    Occupation ???
    Base of Operations ???
    Family ???
    Favorite Food ???
    Hair Color ???
    Eye Color ???
    Height ???
    Weight ???
    Power Keep it brief
    Hobbies ???
    Forte in sports ???
    Weapon ???
    Fighting style ???

    Insert Character's name here

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  • CaiCai12


    May 27, 2017 by CaiCai12

    Wikia just turned from Fandom to FANDOM.


    See this for example: Help:FANDOM

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  • PureMaiden

    Trying Hard

    May 27, 2017 by PureMaiden

    Hi Guys! I really plan on trying hard. I am still hesitant whether I should make a facebook page for all recommendations I have for you guys, whether it be manga or anime. But since I am still adjusting to the blogger lifestyle I decided to put it on hold for a little while since I have a facebook page going onn right now. Although I will try my absolute best to do it. It may not be much but I also plan to insert some out-of-topic tips there too. In any case, I will still keep doing my best so that I can get the support of you readers. Have a nice day!

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  • Gatto3Luciana

    Hola a todos les cuento que habrá una gran sorpresa en #GatoenConcierto

    no se lo pierdan y no olviden adquirir el nuevo disco :)😀

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  • Linus Spacehead

    Hello, Fandomers and Gamers alike!

    I am Linus Spacehead, founder of the Days Gone Wiki, I founded the wiki on the 14th of June 2016, mere minutes after its reveal at E3. The wiki has risen from humble beginnings with users coming and going all the time, sadly, there are only two active editors on the wiki at this current time, myself and The Demon In Me. That's where you come in...

    About Days Gone

    Days Gone is an upcoming open world horror survival game set in the Pacific Northwestern region of America, developed by SIE Bend Studio for the PlayStation 4. The game was announced at E3 2016 and will likely be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2017.

    Players control Deacon St. John, a drifter, and former bounty hounter who would rather live a …

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  • Yuma10000

    I heard Justin bieber's fans might kidnapped him and so he won't make to his two concerts. Those fans might still protect him against terror attack.

    I know this a faked rumors!

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  • Michinelle Uzamaki

    Life hacks

    May 26, 2017 by Michinelle Uzamaki

    Rub deodorant it you get blisters from your shoes To get ink off clothes use milk Use coke to get rid off rust

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  • DareVibez

    Call Of Duty WW2

    May 25, 2017 by DareVibez

    We all love call of duty and of course we were all excited when we heard about the release of the trailer COD WW2, it was an amazing look especially that little sneak peak of a gameplay and on top of that a TEASE of the new multiplayer. Out of everything shown there we did not see any tease of Zombies, we all are a fan of zombies we did see a tease later on days later though. The face of a nazi zombie, i mean the way it was created a sight worth seeing it was pretty creepy and graphics were amazing that is what im talking about this is what we are mostly waiting for we hope the trailer of zombies will be released soon. A video ive seen where they speak to the creaters of COD Sledgehammer one fan in the audience sees the nazi zombie photo b…

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  • Lennon82

    Dear, little journal thingy Iggy got me. Iggy told be take take this with me. I'm walking in Dry Bones Park. Wow. A portal just opened a little guy that looks like me. Blue shell, 4 spikes, orange skin, and red belly. He said Laja. I will call him Laja. I feed him well I'm concerned about him I'm not even capaturing Peach! Now he can speak. I asked him if he wants his own castle. He said no I want to be with you so we may grow together I was amazed.

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