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  • Zytxyf001

    In contrast

    December 6, 2014 by Zytxyf001

    In contrast, tasks demanding focused harm on only one focus on at some factor, those in the World of Pain where opponents duplicate when low on lifestyle, would benefit from a different, more melee-based collection. A group of 3 consisting of a Soldier, Dervish, and Killer cause the cost here. Their primary job is to Runescape Gold strike together, losing key objectives such as Elementalists and Priests first. This group of 3 strikes one focus on after another with focused melee raise harm. They should always keep an eye on their own wheels and have someone prepared to come back to the backline to ward off opponents when necessary.

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  • Lumoshi
    1. Make it about ten pixels smaller on both ends and thin out the search bar.
    2. Compress the Start a Wiki button to allow a separate box for notifications right between it and your profile button.
    3. Make avatars square.
    4. Don't make the Notification menu so freaking huge. Scale it down by a scale factor of .5 or .4
    5. Resize the hubs menu by about a scale factor of .8
    6. Add an option to customize the color to match the wiki's theme, preferably in the theme designer.
    7. Resize the logo and Search and Start buttons by a scale factor of .9
    8. Take off the little borders between sections
    9. Add a little button on the very right side that lets you choose how you want the nav bar displayed: not at all, as it is now, appearing when you scroll up, and appearing at the top.

    I'll …

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  • Bonnie and company

    Hey FNAF fans! :D

    Just to you all know i'm not such good at english and I will try to write something to you all understand!

    Then you all can find me on instagram as name - bonnie_and_company ! ;)

    My favourite character from Five Nights at Freddy's is Bonnie you all know :3

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  • Wing22


    December 5, 2014 by Wing22

    時間如流水匆匆死去,我能趕上嗎?一方面,20多年過去了,並沒有什麼捕魚維持,但該死的刻骨回憶困擾著我像一個永無止境的。更多的人去歲月的車輪,越重的回憶我的呼吸。算,多少年我都沒有見過你?我說的話都像昨天一樣開放,但他們立即感受到遠,離我很遠...... GDB派出三名清洗和打蠟汽車(我不是廣告,只是解釋事物的開始),即將結束在三月底,我不能錯過。有了這個目的,我去到指定的汽車用品店,百無聊賴坐在椅子上等待。迅捷紫色吸引,突然我的眼睛,“怎麼有人噴車這個顏色,難看死了!這車是一看就知道這是顏色很老很老的機型嘗試是大勢所趨。”是不是我有些勢力,但它不是錢,而他喜歡的第一個產品就好了。車上下來一個人,我無意中喵了他一眼,心臟突地抖了一下,這人怎麼這麼熟悉,我看著他:短發,有點中年發,肚子大,臉小,但比的影響胖的中年人,但也感覺有點起來。我不應該知道這個人,我閃過大腦,一個中年男子,年齡和我差不多什麼都沒有。他也注意到我,同樣是漫不經心地看了一下,它會被轉移到視線與實體店的步伐。我結束了信用卡號碼,他也去了老闆那裡,隨時準備承擔多少,他也是一個分佈廣泛的用戶,也是洗車用二維碼信息。這一次,我們是緊密聯繫起來,我可以清楚地看到他的個人資料,一看什麼都沒有,看看那裡的人們似乎認為?看到他,我的心臟和動了一下,這個驚人的震撼!他也清楚地看到了我,他也震了一下,很快就冷靜下來,他用手機刷二維碼,老闆遞給他一個小單簽名。 “是的,看他的名字。”我的心臟冥想。他很聰明,他明明一大早就知道,這是很自然掩蓋他的手準備簽署自己的名字。我承認我是不傻,我等著看他的簽名的姿態,他開始簽署的第一個字是一樣的姓,我忘我;他繼續簽署的第二個字,你就知道什麼位置是一個'黎明'字;第三個單詞一遍,看著光滑的行程啊…

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  • GamerboyTURBO3455

    I have no idea!

    December 4, 2014 by GamerboyTURBO3455

    On Mixels Wiki, I kept telling the FOUNDER Green Ninja to stop going against me and just listen to me (I'm not ruining his Wiki.) He just wouldn't listen, I just kept telling him over and over, but he just blocked me, I just told him I learned my lesson and we'll stop making pointless edits, this is unacceptable! I wish I had some respect for once in a while.

    Sincerely, --GamerboyTURBO3455 (talk) 23:24, December 4, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Anime MZKI

    Here are some wikia tips!


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  • Jeremiahdiskint

    Jeremy's powers

    December 4, 2014 by Jeremiahdiskint

    Jeremy's powers


    Absorb heat through objects: Pipes.

    Immune: Cold 

    Memory skills 


    Techniques of Intelligence

    • Mathematical Problems (sometimes)
    • Human/Animal Anatomy (sometimes)
    • Calculation skills 
    • Music: Singers,bands,groups, artists, and genres
    • Lyrics of all Movies/Broadway/Musicals
    • Movie: Name of the titles, Name of Actors and Actresses. 
    • Learning/creativity
    • Cooking/baking 
    • Alphabetical order/organization 
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  • AndrewCollins0026

    Anyone ever played this game? Do you still remember how it feels like?

    This game is very simple, played it for a couple of months before and honestly, I was addicted to it. I cannot imagine how this game made me so engrossed, at first glance, you will probably say that it has no difference from any other android game you might ever play.

    However, the moment you are playing into it, you cannot just say it is enough because you will keep trying to beat your score and you cannot even notice the time you spent while playing. Oh By the way, the objective  of this game is to survive as long as possible on the open road. Along the way you’ll gonna encounter a bunch of traffic jam and vehicle switching lanes to make it tougher for you to pass, win a…

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  • Tanhamman

    This is beyond simple to fix.

    Instead of keeping it generic, fix it. 

    By this, let me get right to the point. 

    Let users have the OPTION in their user preferences if they prefer the new or old navigation bars. 

    They can choose whichever, and never have it get in the way of others. Plus, it would make everyone happy.

    Alongside this, Wikia should make these modifications, along with size and color, for every individual user. Not just by wiki, but by every single user.

    You give us the option to block ads. Give us the option to block the new nav bar.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Zeb84

    today where discusing the jedi who fell during the geonsian war.

    first he have a pacithhip named raja nollsag he was gun downed by droidekas.

    next is a klatoonian named zeb ni-oggle he was stabbed by genral greviuos while he was still secret.

    next is a givin named morison merritt he was blown up to smitharines by a droid canon.

    next is a arconan named zane buzz he was force chocked by count dooku.

    next is a sullustan  named froggyt yoggle he was shot by the newly invinted[at that time] b3 series battle droid.

    next is a snivvian named boggy tester he was killed by jango fett.

    next is a kallidhin named poggle roster he was shot by a b2 series droid.

    next was a gungan named froh namde.

    next is a quarren named fot-gy baslld.

    next a chagrian named f hogs…

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