• Mead8-1

    I need to adopt a new admin of The Brady's of Hamilton Wiki, but a staff has told me to adopted a page.

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  • Lateyummylord

    So I've made a wiki on the 20 6 2018 and I need people to join please email me why you want to join if you have had previously made a wiki or other things at we aim to provide ideas to devs it's called the Terrarian idea sadly I can't past the link so it is in my profile

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  • Seriously A legit Admin seriously

    Now not all admins are bullies, just like not all people who make spelling mistake/take offence to offensive things/argue back are trolls or vandals. But some admins do like to use their power! Have you been unfairly banned? or supspected of being a troll and banned without evidence? perhaps you applied logic to something an admin said and it humiliated him, so he banned you and claimed it was trollish behaviour?

    I cant revoke your ban, or punish the admins at fault, but I can offer you a place to vent, to name and shame said admin, an internet version of a shoulder to cry on. Its a new wiki, I need content, feel free to make a whole page dedicated to your rival if you wish, call them what you wish, post their pictures if you wish. Lets ma…

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  • Titan emperor1


    June 20, 2018 by Titan emperor1

    Kronos wiki

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  • Orangecatranger


    June 20, 2018 by Orangecatranger
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  • Vincent Palmiero

    The world

    June 20, 2018 by Vincent Palmiero

    Has anyone ever gotten bullied? Has anyone ever gotten abused? Yeah, I did too, and it’s time I say that we all should put this abusive and just cruel stuff to an end. God (or whichever way you believe in) made you for a reason. And that reason wasn’t having to go through this every single day of your life. It’s not right. That’s why I believe we can conquer this wrong doing and put it to an end, I love you all. I really do. And I feel all of your pain. I went through that stuff as well as you. You are not alone. I feel you. That’s why if anyone ever wants to talk to someone, they can talk to me. We can make this world a better place. We truly can.

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  • LucasTheReviewKing

    Fortnite battle Royale is a 100 player battle Royale which is available on PS4, Xbox 1 range, Nintendo Switch and IOS. In order to win the game you have to drop in and load up, by getting weapons materials and healables/shields. This a very fun and good game if you can get good at it. Each season which is every 50-70 days each have a free pass and a battle pass. The free pass contains some time a dance, a few emoticons, an emote and maybe a pick axe. The battle pass however has much more rewards to earn, you get one reward per tier, a tier requires 10 battle stars which you get from doing battle pass and daily challenges. In the battle pass you can earn a few skins, pick axes, dances and emotes. I recommend this game to those of you who li…

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  • Micjan2003 (2)

    Alright, so who is actually ready for summer, because summer starts (at June 20th, which is today.)?

    This will begin until September 22, then fall will actually start!


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  • ShadowKnight364

    (to all that are going to read this, i got these ideas from my brother, which also has a account on here. He goes by Gobble943, he is going through a bad case of writers block so i will be take up for him. now let the story began, and a quick note.. this will start from third person view to first person after a few sentences)

    Shadow trains with his brother Mist which is 1000 years older then him but in shadow spirit years he is only a year older, Shadow grunts as he skids backwards and stabs his sword into the ground, "no fair brother you said you wouldnt use your sonicwave to push me back" shadow says as he straightens up, "your enemy wont be so easy on you.. you need to toughen up little brother or you will be dust again, and who knows ma…

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  • Mitchell20


    June 19, 2018 by Mitchell20

    Otherarrow,I hope you are reading this,Im sorry for my blog post that harassed nauibotics.In truth im a kind individual and I should not have made that blog.I hope you can forgive me and please delete that blog.

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