• Despicable Bear


    September 15, 2018 by Despicable Bear

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  • Bowlerpaul5435


    September 14, 2018 by Bowlerpaul5435

    Hello my name is Bowlerpaul2019 aka Paul Ahn I am a singer and bowler but I love to chat with people and love to play with the kids. The kids makes me feel joy and laughter.

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  • Niko-Giannis

    Hello everybody i the new admin of Fazbear's Fright Storage Wiki and i want to ask you if you want to help us to the wiki i will help you guys or girls if any of you need help and I would be glad if we work together and help here is the link of the wiki thank you for your time

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  • Creepy911

    This is my first wikia, please don't hate on this and hope you like it. If you feel like you are pretty the way you are then your good, but if you dont well you are. Dont do makeup it can make you look worse. Your pretty the way you are, please don't do anything to try to make you pretty. If it just makes you temporarily feel pretty its not the answer. If you don't feel good with your size then learn to. Your pretty no matter what size fat, skinny, short, or tall. Your still pretty no matter what size. Don't change your body, learn to love youself. If you don't feel good in you own body then learn to. You are pretty on the outside and the inside... your will get more in my next blog.

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  • Fan26

    Mario's Crowbar

    September 13, 2018 by Fan26

    This blog post was initially borne out of the idea that results in the creation of many blog posts here on CC-rustling up wiki contributions. However, there is another thing I am promoting. If you're not fan of both the Mario series and fanfiction, then you won't be interested in what follows.

    Mario's Crowbar is a dark AU Mario fic written by a User by the screenname of Magikoopa981. An 81-chapter epic that subtly delves into psychology, religion, and philosophy, I give it my highest recommendation. Being so long, there are many plot threads and elements to track and codify, and thus I have created a wiki for it. I highly suggest people check it out, and thanks in advance to anyone who happens to be interested enough to join th…

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  • Robertanderson040

    Hello everyone...

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  • Fanfictogirl


    September 13, 2018 by Fanfictogirl

    Hi Im a Youtuber my name is Fanfictogirl. I play roblox royale high, i love Descendants. I AM THE WICKED QUEEN!!!!!

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  • Jaora Var-El

    I'll put it to you straight, I honestly thought Cavill's performance in the DCEU movies was stunning. The biggest reason those movies 'failed' was because of the filming and poor attempt to copy the sparkle of the MCU. I'm sure if Cavill played Superman in a flim (flims hopefully) that weren't as dark and copycat as the DCEU, it would honestly be the best Superman movie to date.

    Just about every Superfan who has watched the original movies will wholeheartedly agree that they were amazing, excluding Quest for Peace. Why is this? Well, what do the movies all have in common that made them good? The answer is good actors. Christopher Reeve was an amazing Superman because he was Superman. That's the same with Cavill. He's a good Superman because…

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  • JackiiSekaiReborn

    I can't find Special:AchievementsCustomize on my wiki. Can anyone help?

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  • Meliascastro

    Contaminación Urbana

    September 11, 2018 by Meliascastro

    ¿Qué es la contaminación urbana? La contaminación del aire urbano es un serio problema en muchas grandes ciudades del planeta. El intenso e incesante tráfico, unido a fábricas que no controlan sus emisiones, convierte el aire de ciudades de todo el mundo en auténticas nubes de smog. Los niveles de partículas contaminantes sobrepasan en muchos casos el límite de seguridad para la salud humana marcado por la OMS. La contaminación del aire mató aproximadamente a 7 millones de personas en 2012, lo que la convierte en el gran problema de salud medioambiental mundial según la OMS. La cifra conlleva que una de cada ocho muertes mundiales en 2012 se vinculó con el aire contaminado. Si tenemos en cuenta que la población aumentará de los 7 mil millo…

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