• SumWin123

    Here's a question I want to know the answer to: Why do bad things happen? I know it won't be easy, but let's just try it.

    So, is it just a coincidence? Has it been predicted? Is it just luck? I encourage you to give an answer to this, and other things like this that'll ask you something.

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  • Horselover22

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  • RogerRabbit15

    This fandom website explains the characters that I write about. If you're wondering where the pictures are, I'm afraid there aren't any pictures of my characters because I can't draw. To explore the website, here's the link 

    The character you can start with is 

    Please read the article and leave a friendly comment under it. 

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  • RedBomb1

    This was a bit of an overdue, since I started paying more attention to other wikis I forgot about this one.

    Anyways, to cut to the chase, a couple months ago I was blocked here for harassment and vandalism. Now I realize that I should not have done those two things no matter how angered I was at another user. That was a silly decision of me to make and I promise I will not do anything like that again in the future.

    Apologies to those who have been offended. From now on I will revert back to the clean and helpful contributor here at CC and not do any trouble.

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  • Elite answers

    One day there was Slenderman and he was married to Granny. Granny loved slender and her favorite slender was The Slender, he was not married yet. Granny loved to play with her daughter Slendrina, she was like slender but a face like granny. Now to the story. One day Slenderman was hanging out with Slendrina, she said she wants to go swimming with him. He said yes and also invited uncle TS (the slender) he liked swimming. TS swam for an hour before telling slender he was hungry and they should eat. Slender went and got what they asked for, he cam back and they ate. They went home after that. Slendrina hugged uncle TS and left with her dad. They got home and went to bed. That night Slendrina had a dream about an evil person killing her, she …

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  • MinionPigFan

    theres a glitch where Meow will eat nothing also when you feed Meow, sometimes the food will float

    also one where Meow will go on the new tab

    theres a glitch where Meow will dance with no song

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  • MechQueste

    Studio Ghibli Wiki welcomes new people!

    Currently, I am only active editor on the wiki and would welcome more editors to contribute more Ghibli knowledge to our home. We love taking trips to the to the Ghibli Museum, Howl's Moving Caslte and the fantastical world of the Spirit Realm from Spirited Away. However, we can't do it without you.

    There are a lot of things needing support and it can't be done without new people.

    Hayao Miyazaki is working on a new film titled “How Do You Live?" To answer this, to live is to come join us and share in the delight of the wonderful masterpieces we come to hold and dear known as Studio Ghibli. Please join us and Miyazaki in making Studio Ghibli Wiki worthy of attention.

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  • Herramientas web 2.0


    La Web 2.0 no es más que la evolución en la que los usuarios pueden dejar de ser usuarios pasivos para convertirse en usuarios activos que participan y la gente en el contenido de la red son capaces de crear, dar soporte y formar parte de las sociedades y / comunidades tanto a nivel local como global; que se informa, comunica y cobra conocimiento y contenido

    La Web 2.0 se caracteriza principalmente por la participación del usuario como contribuidor activo y no solo como espectador de los contenidos de la Web (usuario pasivo). Para compartir en la Web 2.0 se utiliza una serie de herramientas, entre las que se pueden destacar:

    1. wikis
    2. redes sociales
    3. podcast
    4. Youtube

    de esta manera tendremos acceso a muchas herramientas que nos of…

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  • Juan. e sanchez fi 10



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    обвиняю власти казахстана и его союзников из бизкого зарубежья Россию и дальн7его зарубежия заканчивая США и международного финансового олигархата в нарушений прав человека и личности исползуя выскоких технологий в прямом смысле чипизаций населения с помощью КНБ и секретных лабораторий и тюрем ЦРУ где пытает и преврещает из людей человекоподобных роботов и нарушая всех мыслимых и немыслимых физилогических психологических архитектуру человекак и личности проводя нечелечские эксперименты

    дополнения к вышестоящему комментарию
    вот что вам скажу чипизация в смысле использую воможности высокго технологий поставить в мозг так называемую нейиросеть который выполняет функцию ограничения мысленный деятельности и не дает нормально функциониро…

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