• Zzznoked


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  • MiiFan2004

    My favorite wikias are being shut down, and my Atrocious YouTubers Wikia is soon to be shut down. I'm not doing this anymore.

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  • Eford34

    Hi i'm eford34 and i am spreading word about my new page on my wiki it's a book about a story ark of a movie that hasn't come out yet. The book is called "The lion king 4 kiara's reign: a new ruler" i'm improving the book everyday feel free to leave comment's saying how much you like my book and how you think what should happen next in the story, i'm open to suggestions.                               

    Here is a slide show of what the characters in my book look like although i don't have written down a lot of describing of what each character looks like since i made this wiki for lion king fans. 

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  • Kalej1127

    Activity one

    September 10, 2018 by Kalej1127


    • ==They are going to see the next video and do the activities ==

    • Link and color the next dinosaur

    Answer the follow questios


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  • KiiChan28

    Sky Verte

    September 9, 2018 by KiiChan28

    Kii/Sky Veste is a student in 2-C Seiko High. She is also the 4th main character of the series. She is the bestfriend of Iuko Toroyo,Nicho Tsabaki,& Nate Orota. She is also Justin's Partner in every school project & a mission their into.


    Kii Has A Medium light pink and light blue fading color hair, wih a tiny ponytail in the other side of her hair,she also had a pink neko ears. Kii's casual clothes is a light green sleeves jacket with a tanish light brown shirt. She wears a short dark midnight pants,and a midnight long stockings with a light torquiose fade color. She has a 2 cat tails on the back.


    Kii was born in New Vetter City & Comes from a wealthy Neko family. Her Father was a half Japanese person,while her mother is a Vet…

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  • Cheybooo


    September 9, 2018 by Cheybooo

    hi im cheyenne and i am here to talk about kids education inn school and how they have a weird way of detention and other stuff so just here me out!!!!!!  watch this made me soo mad omg. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK/OR WOULD DO??   

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  • Zwarts

    Oorlogsverhalen wiki

    September 8, 2018 by Zwarts


    I made a Dutch Wikia community. It's about the two World Wars. But i need help because we only have 3 people. To create a big wiki need you some writers not? So if you like it to helping, you can go to

    But remember it is a Dutch community. 

    So bye! And maby, seen you than!

    Greetings, Zwarts

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  • O175HayStacksO

    Hi, I'm 175HayStacks and i need your help. You see, The internet is about to come to an end because of ARTICLE 13. But, what is article 13 anyways? Welp, Article 13 is a EU law which requires all content uploaded to a website to be monitored. If it is copyrighted, it will be deleted. WE NEED YOUR HELP. You may be thinking "I don't live in the EU!" if you don't. But, websites don't know where their users come from and that will make the law apply to EVERYONE. So, this means the WHOLE internet will be destroyed.

    Take action NOW.

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  • EarthlingnAkumi

    Hello everyone! My name is EarthlingnAkumi here on FANDOM, but you may know me as AkumiNari, EarthlingAtmosphere, or other aliases on other sites. I'm here today to talk about the new EU internet law, Article 13. You may have already seen TOR's blog about it, but I wanted to explain Article 13 in more depth and answer some FAQ I saw in the comments.

    Without further ado, let's get started.

    Article 13 is a new European Union internet law in which users can not use any information without it being verified first on any site. This is bad for many reasons - this means sites like the one you're on RIGHT NOW, Wikipedia, among others, will forced to be censored.

    On FANDOM, for example, Staff members will have to verify every single edit made on the p…

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  • TheSuperKoopaBros11

    I know this is not an Introduction post or Wiki advice or opinions or Wiki promotions or Admin Topic but still...  am I only Touhou fan that likes Touhou a lot in Wikia network (or Fandom Network if you want to call it)? 

    • Sigh* i guess you don't know about it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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