• Cheetawolfnitrotyper

    CMIMC Wiki

    January 8, 2018 by Cheetawolfnitrotyper

    I recently created a new wiki (called CMIMC Wiki). You can find the wiki here. I'll answer a few of your questions that you probably have right now.

    1. What is CMIMC? CMIMC stands for Carnegie Mellon Informatics and Mathematics Competition. It is an annual high school math and science competition held each January for various teams across the United States. Teams consist of 4-6 people, can come from a single high school or from a whole state, and travel to Carnegie Mellon University for the main competition. Teams are responsible for their own travel.

    2. How long will it take to build CMIMC Wiki? It probably shouldn't take that long to build it, mainly because the competition was founded very recently. The first CMIMC Competition was held in …

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  • Los got7

    los fan de got7

    January 8, 2018 by Los got7

    hello my friends how are fans of got7 I would be able to talk like you but I am from venesuela nece if you know this country my name is iraylis and I love got7 and my faboritos are bam bam matr y jackson y


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  • MrFlamerBoy

    I need help on my wiki

    January 8, 2018 by MrFlamerBoy

    So um if anyone wants to help tell me and i might make you admin on it

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  • Heckdirect

    (Spoiler Alert) Lots of people are denouncing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The Force Awakens had us all so excited for Luke Skywalker's return to the Star Wars story and how he may assist the resistance in defeating Snoke an The First Order. Of course, we get a completely different Luke Skywalker than we expected in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We get a Luke Skywalker that not even Mark Hamil agreed with - he's downtrodden, guilt-ridden, and a failure. It's a shock to all of us for sure. He's our hero - we grew up with him. The worst part about it is that we don't see him bounce back, necessarily. We simply (or perhaps awesomely is a better way to put it) see him expend his physical body and deceive Kylo Ren with a projection in order to give Th…

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  • Deliciate

    What's this about?

    January 7, 2018 by Deliciate

    Hello! It seems you've somehow weaved your way into the little corner of mine I like to call home. This is a personal blog that will be about several websites I play, and I'd recommend you'd join them if you haven't already! Some sites I will be talking about are:

    Ichumon, Club Penguin Rewritten, Dragon Cave, and more!

    There's not really anything else to this useless blog, but sometimes I like to jot down my thoughts and look back on them in the future.

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  • LPS Liberty


    January 7, 2018 by LPS Liberty
    The car honking frightened her from that day. 
    The long, outrageous honking started up behind Ashley and her Mom. "Who's honking Ma'?" Ashley turned around to look out of the back window. Diana looked out of the car mirror out of the window. "Oh My God" She gasped. "What?!" Ashley breathed out with struggle. "There is this complete frightening wreck behind us!" Diana spit the words out with dread. Ashley rolled down the window of the car, poked her head out of the window. "That's so sad! We need to call 911!" She took her head out of the window, her mom screamed at her and pulled her away from the door. 
    Diana put her whole body in front of her daughter. The car smashed into Diana's car. Instantly killing her from the impact. The quaking of…
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  • JustLeafy

    Oasis vs. Monobook

    January 7, 2018 by JustLeafy

    Hello everybody, JustLeafy here. Today, I'm going to list the advantages and disadvantages of Oasis and Monobook.

    Note: This is my opinion about my skins. Also, I know Mercury as a mobile skin exists, but I would rather talk about Oasis and Monobook.

    Oasis is known to be the default skin in Wikia, and basically the skin that users focus on.

    • Clean and user-friendly interface in general.
    • Doesn't lack any features whatsoever.

    • Limited to customize anything for site-wide use.
    • The article width is only a maximum of 720px.
    • Loks absolutely messed up in older browsers.

    Monobook is basically an alternative skin, in which I intend to improve in my wiki.

    • No customization policy.
    • Has a better width.
    • Is still perfectly fine for all browsers.

    • Lacks features.
    • The UI s…

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  • Catsdogsandkitts

    tv and ads ep1

    January 7, 2018 by Catsdogsandkitts

    well hello if you have a white artic fox in animal jam and dont no what to do with it first pick a pink colur next pick a female  /.eyes then put on a holly hair bow next you what to put on double spiked coller then put on a jammaliday sweater  then put on pink snow boots then put on ice tail armor thats it ad time ya so you need gems go to sol arcade then play eat em up first you what to eat  the small red and yellow fish on level to you what to eat the blue angery fish next you eat the black and blue and yellow fish and now to our daily show do you what a pet i think you should go tttto the pet shop its a tree you get to pick out a pet just for 400 gems thats not alot in animal jam but if you find a pet you like but  then you can just cl…

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  • Americhino




    Simply comment below! Thanks everyone!

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  • Lazari22

    How you can tell if you are a creepypasta or not is just 3 simple steps, Step 1: If you have either 1, lost a loved one, 2, You are bullied, 3, people make you feel left out, or 4, you just have an urge to hurt people.  Step 2: You kill your family and, Step 3: you get recognized by slenderman.

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