• Susanolivia

    Experience the new Wikia

    September 23, 2010 by Susanolivia

    Up until now we’ve been giving you a few “sneak peeks” and screenshots of the new Wikia, but we’ve reached the moment you’ve all been waiting for -- a chance to experience the new look for yourself!

    Introducing the new Wikia in public beta, now live on Glee, Twilight, Red Dead Wiki, Muppet Wiki, and Healthy Recipes.

    You can now explore a working version of the new look on five totally different wikis. We are very enthusiastic for the community to see the new Wikia on a living, breathing wiki and we hope you are just as excited to test it out! If you have an existing Wikia account you'll need to login and go to Preferences -> Skin and check "The new look" in order to see the beta wikis with the new design. This will not affect how you view oth…

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  • Rsmall1413

    Not Fair Banning

    September 23, 2010 by Rsmall1413

    I am Rsmall and I created an account to work on Microwiki in July. Microwiki is a wiki for micronations or non-recognized countries that were created by citizens of other countries. After my first micronation was persecuted into destruction I created a new micronation. Now that is being persecuted and the Admin, Cajak, blocked my account. The account was blocked because they said I had more then one account when I do not. My friends created there accounts at my house because that is where I showed them Microwiki. I do not think this is fair. The Admin is a jerk and he says that he can be a jerk because he is an admin. I think he blocked me because he does not like my pages. I think you should have him un-block me. You do not understand how…

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  • DarthCookie

    Sims Wikia

    September 21, 2010 by DarthCookie

    I am a member of the Sims wiki, so I will be over there for sometime; but it won't be continuous. I'll still come over here and monitor some things. So just talk to me anytime.

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  • Sannse

    You’ve already seen one version of Wikia’s new look, but it can be hard to visualize how it will work with your own wiki and color scheme. So we asked our designers to come up with some examples of the sort of themes and effects you will be able to create once the new look is ready.

    You’ll be able to go dark or light; put images in the side areas, or create an awesome new background pattern -- all with our new theme designer which will allow you to quickly and easily create a skin that matches your wiki topic and community.

    In the past, you either had to learn complicated CSS, or were limited to a very basic theme. Now you’ll be able to create professional-looking designs with just a few clicks. Of course, if you prefer, you can use the pre-…

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  • InquisitiveSpouse

    Inexperienced User

    September 15, 2010 by InquisitiveSpouse

    Well, hurray. Today is September 15, 2010. I've been reading and reading and rereading under the Community Central. I'm an inexperienced user. When I edit the wiki I'm most familiar with, I look for a code in the page I want to edit, copy the code, change/add the information that is missing/incorrect, preview, correct if necessary, sign then save/post my changes. It seems that everything I've been reading in the Community Central is from Experienced Users. Is there somewhere I can look, for users like myself, that doesn't involve building my own wiki, and on a different note, to make sure that the most used searches remain on the "New Look" for the wiki I'm familiar with? InquisitiveSpouse 16:01, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Sarah Manley

    September Contests

    September 13, 2010 by Sarah Manley

    As we have mentioned here a couple of times in the past, across Wikia we are often leading initiatives, events and contests to help build community and wiki excitement. This week we wanted to update community central on some of the latest fun that is going on.

    True Blood Wiki ran a True Blood Tagline Contest last week in honor of the Season 3 finale on Sunday night. To enter, Truebies had to create a tagline for a pretend True Blood promo poster featuring Crystal the shape-shifting werepanther, and oh my Godric there were some great one-liners! Some of our favorites included, 'PILF', 'Some girls always know what to were', and 'The Night Shift.' The True Blood Wiki staff narrowed submissions down from over 200 fangtastic taglines to the top t…

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  • Sarah Manley

    Spotlight Your Wiki

    September 9, 2010 by Sarah Manley

    If you are looking for a way to promote your wiki, why not apply for a Community Spotlight? Spotlights are images that appear on the bottom of each wiki page. They're a great way to advertise your wiki to the entire Wikia community, and because they're directly linked, they often bring a ton of new traffic and new editors to your wiki.

    So how do get your own wiki featured? Apply here! (For spotlights on non-English wikis please see here)

    To be eligible for a wiki spotlight, your wiki should match the following criteria:

    • The wiki should have at least 200 content pages, not counting stubs, and a clear category structure to help readers navigate around the site.
    • The main page of the wiki should have at least one picture and contain clear links to…
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  • Sarah Manley

    As we've mentioned in the past, every couple of months we set aside some extra time to clean up and squash some of the technical bugs that pop up on Wikia as well as complete some small tasks we would like completed. Last week our awesome engineering team focused on fixing over 120 bugs and tasks. Many of these bug reports came from emails sent by the active community here, so thanks for your help!

    A sampling of the fixes:

    • Improved image resizing in photo galleries
    • Adjusted the layout for achievements and leaderboards on Monobook and mobile skins
    • The Welcome tool was activated for 15 more languages (including Polish, Finnish and Russian).
    • Added the blog namespace to the default wiki search
    • Users who sign up with Facebook Connect will no longer s…

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  • Jake R


    September 7, 2010 by Jake R

    How do you ban users. I`m an admin on a wiki

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  • Sistemx


    September 5, 2010 by Sistemx

    how i create a badge!!just me sistemx 18:36, September 5, 2010 (UTC)

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