• TheMG

    I have way too much responsibility. I am an admin on 15 wikis. This is why I believe I must quit on many of them. I will still visit on occasions, but will no longer be an admin on those wikis. I will still be an admin on the following wikis and why:

    • Wikitroid: Where I started out
    • MarioWiki: Just got b'crat status
    • Pokemon Wiki: This wiki has A LOT of vandalism.
    • Chibi Robo Wiki: I founded this wiki.
    • Gaming Music Wiki: Same as Chibi Robo
    • Super Monkey Ball Wiki: Same as Chibi Robo and Gaming Music
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  • KyleH

    Introducing: Magazine Creator

    October 14, 2009 by KyleH

    • Use the magazine creator widget on the left to access the MagCloud toolbar. Just browse the wiki and add any articles you'd like in your magazine by clicking the “add” button.
    • Rearrange your articles in the perfect order - Klingon weapons, favorite NASCAR drivers, best COD weapons or whatever you like!
    • Design a cover, either by using our easy cover generator or uploading an image of your own.
    • Then, publish your magazine directly to MagCloud. From there you can order as many copies as you like for you and your friends!

    Magazine Creator is live for most English-language wikis that use the Monaco skin. As always, if you have any thoughts / questions, please leave a comment below!

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  • Lcawte

    Tehflare Fantasy World

    October 14, 2009 by Lcawte

    Today saw a brand new blog hit the web.


    Tehflare is a fantasy world inspired by the Constructed Fantasy Worlds wiki. It was set up by Lcawte, and the blog aims to have a picture a day posted with some information on the Subject. The blog and its content may reflect the way the writer is feeling and whats happened to him throughout his day. For example, if the writer has had a bad day, and he's upset, he may post about poverty or slavery in his world. On another day, if he's angry, he may post about torture chambers or battles that take place in Tehflare.

    Visit now!

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  • Cizagna

    Testing Blogs V2

    October 12, 2009 by Cizagna

    Lorem Itsum

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  • Cizagna

    Testing Blogs

    October 12, 2009 by Cizagna

    Lorem Itsum

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  • The tobi lover!

    Who likes emos?

    October 9, 2009 by The tobi lover!

    hey it's my first time on this and it's kinda strange but also kool! Emos are so kool i want to b one! maybe, kinda, probley not but still?

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  • KyleH

    Lucene Search launching soon

    October 5, 2009 by KyleH

    Hi everyone,

    This Wednesday, we are tentatively planning to release a new search for Wikia called Lucene Search. This is the search engine that Wikipedia has been using for quite some time, and provides a number of significant advantages:

    • Short words are properly indexed (the old search ignored words with fewer than 4 letters).
    • Numbers are indexed.
    • "Common words" are indexed (words such as "from", "with", and "what" were previously ignored).
    • Search is no longer case sensitive.
    • Relevance should be dramatically improved--results are ranked by how the search terms are used within the page, number of incoming links to the page, and a number of other factors to provide the best possible results.
    • Results display the rendered text of the pages rather …
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  • Kirkburn

    Good morning,

    Today we are improving three aspects of Wikia: blog articles, emails and article sharing.

    Blog comments and the watchlist
    The main change for blog articles is to improve the connection between the watchlist and blog comments.
    If you have "Add pages I edit to my watchlist" switched on, commenting will add the blog post to your watchlist.
    If you have "Add pages I create to my watchlist" set on, creating a new blog post will add it to your watchlist.
    This all leads up to: if you have a blog post watched, and you have watchlist emails on, new comments will send you an email! Find out immediately when people are discussing your post :)
    We have also condensed all blog comments into a single group on the enhanced recent changes list.
    HTML e…
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  • KyleH

    Hi everyone,

    Today we are making a small change to our privacy policy, and wanted to take a moment to explain the changes.

    Wikia, along with several of the ad networks that Wikia uses, uses cookies that are left on your computer to:

    1. Track how many times you have seen a given ad: Many advertisers specify that they only want you to see a given ad one or two times per 24 hours. Sometimes Wikia sets similar restrictions to improve user experience as well.
    2. Provide better-targeted ads: Some advertisers collect anonymous data to provide you with ads that might be more relevant to your interests. For example, I recently did a search on Google for "toshiba battery", and now I'm seeing more Google ads on Wikia for

    Neither Wikia nor any of it…

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  • Toughpigs

    We're launching a new feature on Wednesday -- My Home, a home base that helps contributors see what's happening on their wiki. My Home gives new contributors a way to get to know the community on the wiki, and it gives experienced contributors some new information that they haven't had access to before.

    My Home includes a lot of new elements:

    • Activity feed is a friendly version of Recent changes that shows the latest activity on the wiki. The Activity feed adds some new information that you can't get on Recent changes, including thumbnails for new pictures and videos added to a page. You can also see your Watchlist using the new Activity feed layout.
    • Hot Spots is a new way to see what's happening on the wiki, showing the articles that have been…
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