• Nely82


    November 6, 2009 by Nely82

    Una computadora es una máquina electrónica usada para procesar todo tipo de información. Podemos hacer trabajos de oficina con ella, guardar datos, imagenes, escribir cartas, leer el periodico, comunicarnos con familiares o amigos a través de correos electrónicos, ver videos, dibujar, hacer informes, crear programas de computadoras que llevan a cabo diversas funciones e incluso nos permite hacer presentaciones que pueden ver otros usuarios de computadoras alrededor del mundo

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  • Najevi

    In no particular order:

    Let the redirect be "opt in" rather than "opt out" 
    The feedback on this has clearly been divided - some love it some hate it. The way it was rolled out smacks of some idea monger with a "God complex" paranoid that nobody would notice this new feature. It is hubris how Danny has reported on the vote counting but I seriously doubt that any sincere criticism is being listened to. (Danny if you are only the messenger and not the architect then please deflect the criticism to the architect.) If the My Home page popularity wanes under an opt-in system then that means that it simply is not (yet) delivering what users want even if it is delivering what Wikia management want.
    At the very least let an opt-out checkbox for this…
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  • Sannse

    New css customization

    November 5, 2009 by Sannse

    Hi All,

    Those of you using custom skins on your wikis may have noticed the blue tint on the header of the new "Latest Activity" box, and the gray footer. These work well with the basic "Monaco Sapphire" scheme, but not so well with some custom looks. This blue is also used for the user page masthead, and will be used for future skin elements as well.

    What we forgot to do, was update the help files to tell you how to change this color, and to send out a message to let you know of the adjustment. Some wikis have made the change already, and are looking great! But some of you may want to update your css pages to match the "tint" and "neutral" classes to your overall color scheme.

    If you use one of the pre-set schemes, then you don't need to …

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  • Najevi

    In no particular priority order:

    Delete your own blog post
    A user needs to be able to delete their own blog post (the entire thread from original post to last comment) without having to wait for a sysop to intercede.
    I tried the &action=delete approach but ... no joy! viz.
    • You do not have permission to do that, for the following reason:
      You are not allowed to execute the actio…
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  • Najevi

    With regard to the newest obligatory content in the Monaco sidebar (i.e. the Latest activity box):

    • Hoorah! for the demise of the Community box - it's value-add was questionable (just as Kirkburn acknowledges here) and it was never able to be dismissed, just relocated.
    • Suggestions to improve the new Latest activity box
    1. Add an X sprite at top right to allow users to dismiss this box from their side-bar
    2. Label the (more) link My Home i.e. truth in advertising
      • workaround: sysops can edit MediaWiki:Widget-community-more ack. Joeyaa
    3. Allow admins (and users) the easy option to
      • hide the various icons/sprites - they only consume vertical and horizontal screen space which remains a precious commodity
      • hide the page count - what is this pre-occupation with size/count/volume/w…

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  • Kirkburn

    Good morning!

    Today we are launching two new products on Wikia. We've been studying what users click on around the site, and consistently the highest clicked links on the skin and My Home are recently changed articles. To surface that info more prominently to everyone, we have been working on two changes:

    The first is a new section in the sidebar called "Latest Activity".
    This is a streamlined version of the Activity Feed that displays only changes to content namespace articles, and replaces the "Community" box on the sidebar.

    The second is a form of the Activity Feed that can be embedded in any article using the tag <activityfeed/> .
    We believe that the ideal place for the activity feed is on a wiki's homepage so that new visitors will see that yo…

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  • Crucially

    This past Sunday at around 6:00 pm PST (GMT -8), Wikia suffered the worst kind of outage. Our network completely died in San Jose and we stopped being able to serve pages -- kind of. First some background;

    Wikia has four data centers. Three data centers are currently involved in serving traffic: Our primary in San Jose (SJC), our backup in Iowa, and a cache node in London (LON). We use a DNS service from Dynect for our Global Load Balancing (GLB). The GLB will return the IP of the closest data center when you lookup This is used for failover if a data center goes down, and for performance, routing users to the closest data center. London makes anonymous page access in Europe about three to six times faster than fetching the…

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  • MtaÄ

    Hi an alle deutschen Benutzer hier im englischen Central Wiki - es gibt was neues.

    Endlich ist es soweit - das Recipes Wiki startet nun auch in Deutsch! Wir hoffen auf die Mithilfe von Euch, der deutschsprachigen Community!

    Entdecke den Gourmet in Dir!
    Schreibe Rezepte und veröffentliche Blogs - Deine Rezepte und Deine Meinung.

    Gib Dein Wissen weiter
    Ergänze mit Deinem Wissen alles über Gemüse, Obst, Fleisch, Getreide und weiteren Produkten, die Du zum Kochen verwendest.

    Also, worauf wartest Du noch! Fang gleich mit Deinem Rezept an!

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  • Sarah Manley

    If you happen to stop by Wikia's office today, don't be surprised if you are welcomed by Lady Gaga's smile, Darth Vader's light saber, or Twilight's Team Edward's fangs. Wikia's staff have embraced the Halloween spirit, and are sporting their favorite wiki-themed costumes. Among the ranks, are a WOW warrior, Uncyclopedia's Oscar Wilde, Sailor Moon's Usagi Tsukino, and Pulp Fiction's Vincent Vega. You can also spot some sweet threads, crafted from Vintage Sewing Patterns wiki, Jaws and his latest victim, as well as the never ending nuisance of Spam. Looking for your own last minute ideas? Search through Wikia's wikis for inspiration. A great place to start is our ghoulishly themed Entertainment section.

    If any other wikis have spooked out t…

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  • Surf Penguin

    Many Music Tributes

    October 18, 2009 by Surf Penguin

    • Roger Daltrey+: Lead Singer
    • Pete Townshend+: Guitarist
    • John Entwistle+ (deceased): Bassist
    • Keith Moon+ (deceased): Drummer
    • Kenny Jones (no longer part of the group): Drummer after Keith Moon's death
    • Replacement Bassist (there is no official member)after John Entwistle
    • Zak Starkey: Drummer who replaced Kenny Jones

    += original member

    • Cody as Roger Daltrey
    • Trent: Pete Townshend
    • Ezekiel: John Entwistle
    • Tyler: Keith Moon
    • Owen as Kenny Jones
    • Harold as Replacement bassist
    • Geoff as Zak Starkey

    • Arnold (Magic School Bus) as Roger
    • T.J. (Recess0 as Pete
    • Sam (Time Warp Trio) as John
    • Fred (Time Warp Trio) as Keith
    • Gus (Recess) as Kenny
    • ? as RB
    • Joe (TWT) as Zak

    • Micky Dolenz: Drummer and main lead vocalist
    • Peter Tork: Bassist, Piano, banjo etc
    • Davy Jones: percusion, vocals
    • Mike N…

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