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  • Andrew Cao


    April 27, 2016 by Andrew Cao

    I've seen floods of activity with blog comments. I'm here to do a quick blog to explain.

    This is a quick explanation for new users to learn the basics of blogs.

    Well, blogs are usually a person writes it and it is not a collaborative page. Right now you are looking at a blog.

    Step One: My way is to click your profile then click on Blog. Like this:

    Step Two: Click "Create blog post". Like this:

    Check Sannse's blog for writing information.

    When you write a good blog post, you can earn a Community Highlight! Here are some rosettes from Sannse.

    This course will help you in daily blogs.

    • Use good faith. Use kind words.
    • Pay attention to your comments.
    • Include images.
    • Give helpful tips.
    • Don't make it a spam blog.

    The next sections are for you.

    Please don't put de…

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  • Crazy Muzzarino

    If a community does not allow any votes to remove bureaucrats (like here on Community Central) and one of them is abusing power, there are many different ways to deal with bad bureaucrats. There's possible good reasons a community has restrictions on voting out bureaucrats such as to prevent hostile removals if things are enforced. it may also be set to protect their privileges from being removed in-case a vandal or someone else deliberately tries to get an admin demoted for a reason whereas having the vote thread canceled and/or completely deleted. When powers get abused, there are different ways to deal with it.

    Notify another active bureaucrat for help and have it notify Wikia about the issue if there's one or more available or an admin …

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    Hi guys, I am introducing myself to the community. 

    You have to stop cyberbullying.

    Today, we will learn what is cyberbullying.

    Cyberbullying is when you constantly bully people.


    No constant bullying.


    Constant name calling


    May end up in ban from school

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  • Maurice.136

    Hey guys, I am a user on Wikia and I am friends with Pretzel. Well here are some ideas on a way to be a good chat mod! To be honest, I hardly make any blogs... not sure why. Well I am just to lazy too, lol.

    1) This is number one be nice, users will like you if you are nice and helpful. Make users feel welcome and be friendly to newcomers.

    2) Don't be Boastful, yeah you're the chat moderator and you have rights and you can kick or/and ban users, but don't act like your higher than other user. Being like "I am a mod and I am a mod in chat" is just uncool.

    Don't also be like this: "I am the Chat Mod and I am in Charge!"

    3) Moderating chat Calmly warn a troublesome user of what they are doing wrong. Don't just kick them because they are new, everybod…

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  • SpongeFreddy777

    This blog will explain everything about a message wall greeting.

    A message wall greeting is supposed to greet the user to your wall and encourage them to leave a message if they need help. But what if they are a troll and they leave a spam message? This blog will show you how to prevent that.

    Be sure to have rules to posting messages on your wall to prevent spam. Also state that you do not tolerate spam, This way, people know that they will have a consequence if they post spam on your wall. Do the same for any other rule. See here for some more examples.

    People live in different time zones and everyone needs sleep. But lets say you live in Canada and a wikian from the Philippines is trying to get assistance. Well, Canada is 15/16 hours behind…

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  • Cheeseskates

    The title says it all.

    I have planned to clean out all the unpatrolled edits on the Undertale wikia (they stretched down to February 16th). I have succeeded in that task. However, there are some unpatrolled edits which I cannot mark as patrolled, and those are called redirect edits. An example of a redirect edit is this one, which has no "mark as patrolled" button, yet this image shows it has the exclamation mark, meaning unpatrolled edit.

    I have tried URL methods, like action=markpatrolled, and it says "session failure ." I even tried hovering over "mark as patrolled," copied the URL link for the token id, and added it there. It still shows "Session failure," even when the URL text is in the correct spots.

    Is this fixable? If yes, do you exp…

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  • SuperlyAttachedGlitch77

    Ey! I'm SuperlyAttachedGlitch77 a.k.a. TheGlitch555! 

    Welcome to my 3rd blog post. This is all going to be about better communication in the wiki community. There are some things you should know to know how to handle a wiki community in a better manner. 

    Social Dynamics focuses on the way a group or society or a community behaves that results from the interactions of the individual members in a group/community/society.

    This is to help you know on what to improve on when it comes to their behavior either positive or negative. Their behavioral condition matters to the wiki, because this was made to be collaborative, not solo style. A good community in a wiki results in a more possible chance for it to grow into a bigger community to help out in…

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  • PhilippL

    Skyscraper Wiki

    February 29, 2016 by PhilippL

    Hello! Is anyone interested in skyscrapers and the highest buildings on earth? If yes, please check Skyscraper Wiki! Feel free to edit and create pages!

    Skyscraper Wiki doesn't really need very long pages, it is more like a wiki showing the most important information about the building or tower. But maybe you can help the wiki build up the pages!

    The wiki shows skyscrapers, buildings and towers in these categories: Built skyscrapers, Under Construction skyscrapers, On-hold skyscrapers, Proposed skyscrapers, Stale Proposal skyscrapers and Cancelled skyscrapers.

    Buildings that are 250 m high or higher will be added there. That means skyscrapers under 250 m are not allowed!

    A skyscraper is a very tall building, usually more than 150 meters (500 fe…

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  • Nerfmaster8

    Design Tips

    February 15, 2016 by Nerfmaster8

    This blog is to help people who want to create their own appearance for their wiki, basically design tips. This is in no way intended to undermine what a wonderful job JoePlay does.

    Thought I would add a quick note about background and text color. When you choose the hexadecimal or just regular colors, make sure the text is easily readable. A common trap people fall into is that "they know what it says" but then incorrectly assume everyone else can as well thus ending up with a poor text to background color that strains the eye. This can cause headaches and also drive readers & editors away from the wiki.


    • Pink text on Red background - Valentines Day
      • a light color displayed on a darker shade of the same color
    • Yellow text on Red or Oran…

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  • Noreplyz

    Custom Admin Highlighting

    February 15, 2016 by Noreplyz

    This is the go to blog for highlighting admins in your wiki! If you feel like there is more to be covered, leave a message below!

    You will see that many wikis have admins that have bolded and coloured usernames, maybe with a picture or flashy text. It's important to highlight admins because they are often experienced with the wiki's topic and administration, so you can easily identify someone who can help you out. It's also helpful when reviewing WikiActivity or RecentChanges, because most admins will have trustworthy edits, and it's easier to spot them out! You can also change the theme of comments to better differentiate between moderators, admins and bureaucrats for larger wikis.

    This blog post will delve into several methods you can use …

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