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  • Myotragus

    Now, unless you've been sitting under a rock for the last month or so, you'll know that Wikia has introduced a few... less then appreciated features. Of course, I'm talking about the subject right now, the Global Navigation, and, moreso the New Article Layout.

    Now, of course, both of these have their own supporters, however they are both generally disliked by most of the community. But this has all happened before. Wikia is not going to change it back because a lot of it's editors dislike them. Giving reasons why we don't like them is additionally not going to help. Of course, we must point out these flaws, but it's become apparent why they're not going to change it back. We're not the audiance.

    For the sake of this discussion, there are three…

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  • Ysbert

    Game Guides tricks

    December 1, 2014 by Ysbert

    Some tips and tricks for editing for Game Guides.

    • Use simple wikitext or HTML instead of style. Game Guides does not read style.
    • Tables with more than 2 columns will not have borders.

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  • Myotragus

    Now, of course, there have been many blog posts, notably by local admins and wikia staff on what makes a good admin, and what criteria there are to chose a good one. However, this is of course in light of the usual encyclopedia wiki, which generally have topics with a limt; i. e. a wiki about a TV show can only have so many pages before building of the wiki is mostly done.

    Now, under these wikis, an admin is kind of like the person running the place. Check for or respond to reported vandilism, go through the Admin Dashboard to check everything every once and awhile, make sure discussions are controled. Of course, an Admin is an integrated part of the community, but still, they more watch over it. Note this paragraph is a very dumbed down on…

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  • IvyLover

    I see some admins on wikis, when a user is supposed to be infinitely blocked, instead giving out a 1 year block, or something else, because they don't know how to block users for INFINITE. Today, I will tell you guys how to give users infinite blocks.

    All you have to do is, on the block user screen, in the "Expiry:" section, choose "Other time:", and in the box, type infinite, or indefinite. Then, click "Block this user".

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  • Roranoa zoro

    Anime/Manga Hub

    October 11, 2014 by Roranoa zoro

    Hey everyone! I think we need an anime/manga hub or atleast a sub-hub on the updated global navigation considering there are hundreds numerous wikis(active ones) of this kind. If you agree with this,just post us which wiki(anime-manga obviously) are you from.

    Also w:c:onepiece is wrongly categorized as "Lifestyle" instead of "Entertainment",might've been a glitch/mistake.There might be other wikis wrongly categorized too.

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  • IvyLover

    If a bureaucrat is being disruptive on your wiki, you can block the bureaucrat. Basically, just take away the bureaucrat's admin powers, and block the bureaucrat for infinite, including IP block! From there, they won't be able to unblock themselves or re-admin themselves.

    Anyway, here's just some little advice. I tested this with Wikia user 452 on my wiki, and the test worked.

    If the disruptive bureaucrat uses this method, you can send a VSTF report or contact Wikia.

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  • Ozuzanna

    This blog will explain what COPPA is, along with other relevant details.

    COPPA, an acronym which means Child Online Privacy Protection Act, is a federal law of the United States. Wikia is based in San Fransisco, and as a result must adhere to COPPA.

    Wikia users are required to be 13 or over during signing up, in order to adhere to COPPA (and as per the Terms of Use). Therefore it is possible for Wikia staff to disable COPPA violating accounts, however this does not mean COPPA is a witch hunt for other users to enforce. This is mainly because other users are not allowed to request the age of other users, amongst other reasons.

    A relevant slice of the Wikia Terms of Use can be seen below: confirm that you are over the age of 13, and acknowledge tha…

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  • RandomUser24

    Custom Cursor Help

    August 29, 2014 by RandomUser24

    I need help for custom cursors. This is what I mean.

    Cursors that don't look like your operating system's cursor but look like different cursors.

    Tell me where to put the cursor code in on the comments below.

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  • Ultimate Dark Carnage

    Greetings fellow contributors, I am Ultimate Dark Carnage, and I am going to show you a tutorial on how to create a presentable main page. If you want to learn how to create a presentable main page, you are reading the right blog. Here are the tips on creating a good main page:

    This section shows you what content is recommended on the left column, and where should they be placed.

    This part of the tutorial shows you what item should be on the left column. Here are the following items:

    • Banner: The banner is the logo that goes on top of the main page. The image must be at least 200 × 200.
    • Welcome Section: The welcome section lets you know what the wiki is about, and welcomes you to the wiki.
      • Slider: The slider is a gallery that is used to navigate t…

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  • Aldo The Fox

    Hi, I'm Aldo The Fox of the Tokupedia Project, I am a weirdo American who likes superheroes from Japan in addition to the big names at Marvel and DC.

    This blog is for all you manga fans out there who might be having trouble with Parent Pages.

    It is a bit hard to do a page when you only have three options, especially when they don't always match up what your genre is. Fortunately, I tinkered with the Templates a bit and have a custom made one for you that I would like to share with the community! Now you can give information on your favorite Manga to the masses!

    General Information
    Title(s): }
    Publisher: }
    Original Run: } - }
    Length: }
    Description: }
    Similar Literature: }
    Genre(s): }
    Availability: }
    Content Information
    Content Labels: }
    Violence: }
    Language: }

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