• MichaelAngeloAdanza123

    Earth, is the only life planet located in our solar system. Scientists haven't discovered any planet similar to Earth. It is, that we are special. 

    In many religions, some said that the world was once nothing but an endless void until a God had created them, while some says that the Holy Father 'Jehovah' created everything (Genesis).

    But, it is still unsolved. Many scientists says that the World was naturally created, formed by Space rocks and turned out to become a sphere or a round ball floating in space. But have you ever wonder 'Life on earth is complete.. Everyone lives peacefully and completely, but who created all this?' The sun, the waters, the trees, who created them ?

    I see that if you are a christian, then you probably believe that…

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  • Derpyunikitty

    Ok, so on the Baattle For Dream Island Wiki, someone created a vandalism account(MLG Doge V3), and vandalized over 100 of the pages there. Then a admin there (Phuocphuc46) comes there and says it's me; after i cleaned up some vandalism they made. And in defense, as i never did it, gave some facts. I said i had a Emergency Sockpuppet Account. Later, one of my fellow wiki friends (MrPokemonMeme) backstabs me and tries to copy the account, and vandalize pages; saying they're me. Later; the same admin says that i'm sockpuppeting. I Never used the emergency sockpuppet account on the wiki to attack it, and i never used it; until today to say that my "emergency sockuppet" is not me. Please back me if you can. Bracelety is love. Bracelety is life.…

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  • WhyAreDingleberriesBrown
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  • KurwaAntics


    April 22, 2017 by KurwaAntics

    I recently held a contest and it requires users to vote. What I found is so disturbing.

    The existing poll feature only provides very basic functions, which I didn't use for the contests. I used Poll Maker and recently PollDaddy for the voting, but I found users stuffing the ballot box. When they see their desired candidate is left behind, they vote the same candidate using their phones, tablets, etc. which could be worse as this.

    Even I set to block multiple votes by cookies and IP addresses, but since the ballot is tied to the device, it has no effect. You can view the results of the past contests here.

    Users on Polandball Wiki are also having the same problem. Admins hold election via blogs, which requires users to use templates in order to…

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  • ThePhoenixGhirl

    Many of you know that there are many articles on how to build and promote a community but, to my knowledge, there are very few that actually tell people the best way to run a wiki.

    I am no proffesional but have run a few short lived wikis. I have had to deal with vandalism, spam and people just being rude so I hope that the lessons I learnt from my mistakes will help others.

    This is the first of the weekly blogs I hope to put on Community Central to help others in all aspects of wikia life!

    When running a wiki you need to know that even though you have admin rights doesn't make you 'The Boss'. You can deal with problems, guide and create major things for the community but you need to remember it is a community. While at first you need to take…

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  • PyroNacht

    Loyalties to a Wiki

    March 26, 2017 by PyroNacht
    Hi everybody!
    Today, I wanted to bring up a topic that's been mentioned in passing in the Central chat-room- primarily because upon reflection, I think there's something that needs to be said. The topic is Loyalties to a Wiki versus Loyalties to Friends. I will be addressing in this blog the difference between serving as a friend and serving as a moderator/admin.. etc.
    Every chat-room on every Wiki I've ever been on since May 2012 has always had some conflict, whether it be an admin war or a conspiracy to demote a certain mod.. honestly, I think I've seen it all. However, there's something that always comes up in these situations, and it is the deciding factor that makes or breaks many communities: the friendships involved.
    I personally have …
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  • DEmersonJMFM

    Categories are more than simple tags placed at the bottom of an article; they organize a wiki's content and offer vast navigational potential between related articles. Ideally categories connect together like branches of a tree to form a solid foundation for a wiki to thrive. Wikis that misuse or neglect their categories miss out on the benefits a category tree provides for both readers and editors alike.

    The modernization of article headers may result in increased importance directed to categories and user practices regarding their creation and formatting.

    A category tree is a hierarchy of categories, or even more straightforward, a flow chart. It's a road map to the wiki's content. The tree has one base that branches out into primary branc…

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  • KurwaAntics

    Sometimes if you want to enable an extension, turn on site-wide scripts, or turn on discussions, you need to contact the staffs and this could be further simplified.

    These requests can be made into buttons. Requests can be revoked in any time. Once the requested feature is enabled, the button will disappear, and you will be notified via the notifications menu.

    The buttons are stored in a Special page.

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  • Zack1223344556666

    Hi Everybody!

    I am retrying to become a Councillor!

    You can check out all my edits here:

    I have many suggestions and ideas for Fandom!

    I have  about 3.8K Edits across all of Fandom!

    I have a lot of knowledge in coding and how to use Wikia.

    I have been on wikia for about 7 months now and I think i am ready.

    I am a Bureaucrat + Admin on this wiki.

    I have experience in editing articles and I am always happy to help the community.

    I know how to use about 85% of all the tools on Fandom and I stay Up-To Date on Technical updates&More.

    I Just wanna help!

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  • Ceratraya

    Creating a character

    February 23, 2017 by Ceratraya


    Hi, my name is Ceratraya and I'm a big Fairy Tail fan. I love it so much I created a character for it. I used to look online for some inspiration, but a lot of the characters other Fairy Tail fans have made aren't so good or creative so that's why I'm here. I've been doing this for a while and over time my skills have improved and I believe I know enough to give advice so here it goes.

    When it comes to creating a Fairy Tail character, people often make mistakes with the magic or past they write for the characters. I'm here to tell you what not to do and what to do. However, everything is up to you. You are the creater of the character. I will also be providing information when it comes to putting your character into a Fairy Tai…

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