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  • TheFallenOneGOTH

    Recently, I have been hearing of attacks on Wikia through Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki's forums. First of all, I would like to hear from an administrator on Wikia or a first-hand witness of the supposed "hacks" and tell me if this is all true, and possibly give me reliable sources. I do not know whether or not this is true, because I've been very inactive lately. Here's a summary of what I heard on the FNAF Wiki about the hacks:

    1. A couple days ago, FNAF Wiki announced redirect attacks. (Source:
    2. A few days prior, Wikia was supposedly led to a porn site via a popup. (Source:

    If you haven't known already, I have 9 wikis. And wit…

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  • KCCreations

    (Please note: This blog is not meant to be treated as though a member of Wikia Staff or the VSTF wrote it. I am not an admin on any big wikis, so I may have some of my facts wrong.)

    I, KCCreations (aka KC, KCC, Rina Maximum Zaslavski, Spectrum Koma, Max III, etc...), have been on the Wikia network for almost a year. During my stay, I've learned a lot about the Wikia system(s)...and now I would like to share my thoughts on one thing many users get confused about a lot: adminship.

    From what I've learned and experienced, admins are an essential part of any Wikia community. Without them, all heck would break loose (vandals and trolls would vandalize and harass in much bigger numbers because nobody could block them except Staff) because the member…

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  • TK-999

    Wikia is currently working on a new portable infobox system, intended to streamline viewing experiences for desktop and mobile users alike. One significant caveat of this feature is that it is more complicated to customize than traditional infobox templates, which impacts user-defined customization. This blog post aims to guide admins on constructing a template–JS combination that will permit seamless application of user-defined options, such as color schemes.

    The principal issue to address is making the user's parameters available to Javascript; HTML 5 data- attributes are an excellent solution for this. On the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, we have the {{CustomInfoboxColors}} template for this purpose, which looks like this:

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  • BeyonderGodOmnipotent

    Alright here is a good blog everyone shoulder before starting and or joining a wikia so we start on what is Admin Abuse and how to solve and also avoid it. (Just to clarify this isn't a event that happened to me or is happening to me currently just wanting everyone to see if this happened to them and want to help make wikia a more friendly place.)

    When an administrator in online games, message boards, or servers, misuse their power. Often by becoming power hungry and causing trouble just for their own amusement.

    • Admin: "I locked this so and so page because i dont like the way people edit."
    • Person A: "I think so and so should be allowed to be unlocked because we already discussed this before."
    • Person B: "I have to agree on this subject with Person…

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  • Martin J Sallberg

    Just like literal trolls are mythical cryptids unsupported by empirical evidence, there is no actual support for the existence of Internet trolls as of the traditional description either. For instance, assuming that anyone expressing very unusual opinions outside the scope of traditional debate framing must do it for mere personal attention or to disturb is a fallacy from assumed motivation. What about the possibility, for example, that people are expressing unusual opinions simply because they consider it important that the opinions get known? Expressing the same opinion under different false usernames is the opposite of what would be most efficient for getting personal attention. False names, by definition, gives no personal attention. A…

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  • Nerfmaster8

    Thought it might be helpful to new administrators on getting some mentoring help beyond the blogs by Wikia staff and others. This is from my own experience here and essentially all of this works if applied correctly.

    Get familiar with the all of the following, keep in mind these are restricted to sysop/admin only:

    • Special:AdminDashboard
    • Special:Block
    • Special:Unblock
    • Special:UserRights

    you can also access block and userrights via the user's contribution page

    Make sure you know how to block someone (using special:Block, special:BlockList and from their contribution page), unblock someone (using special:Log/block, special:BlockList and from their contribution page), delete a page (blog, thread, comment, article, template, category, image or file), r…

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  • Gp75motorsports

    Over the past few years - and especially the past few months - I've been noticing that Wikia has a habit of instituting changes without a community's consensus.
    This has to stop.

    Wikia claims to pride itself on openness and individuality, and in many cases, it lives up to these claims. The tools Wikia gives users to collaborate on a specific topic are the best out there, bar none, and the multitude of ways in which users can customize themselves and their wikis is also unrivaled. And yet, Wikia has this strange habit of periodically trespassing on that by introducing a new feature that many communities don't need or want - something that either breaks the experience of browsing the wiki, screws up its styling, or just doesn't sit right with …

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  • Zebul

    Complete New

    March 17, 2015 by Zebul

    Well I have just created my wiki any help to get?

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  • JustSomeDude...

    Hey guys! I'm an admin over at The One Piece Encyclopedia, and I'm here to talk about a hot topic over at our wiki:

    We aren't even close to being ready for Venus Skin!

    And have no idea how to go about getting ready for it! We don't even know when it is going to come out, which is another source of stress for our community. Without any kind of timeline, we don't know how hard we should try to fix our own pages. Is it coming in two weeks or 6 months? We have no clue, as far as I know.

    And I've been looking around at other wikis to see if any others are ready, and I don't see any aside from the test wikis.

    Even Community Central looks bad with Venus!

    And unlike most people I talk to, I actually believe in the reasoning behind the Venus skin. I wan…

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  • TheV1ct0ri0u5

    Adopting a Wikia

    March 8, 2015 by TheV1ct0ri0u5

        We all know that a huge part of the Wikia community is reviving old Wikias. After all, that is the whole reason for the adoption process, is it not? Well, believe it or not, there is a correct way to file an adoption request, just like anything else on Wikia.

    Guidelines are there for a reason!

        You know what I see all too often in adoption requests? The adopter either has too little edits, or has been there too little of an amount of time. Don't you think there is a reason for the adoption guidelines to be RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE?! And they explicitly state that you must have been editing there every day - or close to it - for at least a week.
        Another often unfollowed guideline: the one that says "Admins must be inactive for 60…

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