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  • Noreplyz

    Affiliate Your Wiki

    June 1, 2016 by Noreplyz

    Wikia has a large collection of wikis on all topics, and it’s hard to capture the audience you want to find. Creating affiliates to similar projects that fall under the same category or type of content makes it easier to draw more users who may find your content interesting. Crafting a small section on a Home Page sidebar, or as a footer at the bottom of the page, will help each community grow and flourish.

    Whether you have a wiki about a unique sport, an epic sci-fi movie or a new mobile game (more about games later!) you will be able to find wikis similar and try to get on board and create or join an affiliation!

    While it isn’t something built into Wikia, several overarching wikis like the YouTube Wiki, the Horror Film Wiki and the Disney …

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  • BeyonderGodOmnipotent

    Hello! it's me BeyonderGod with another Wiki Advice for all those who are new or old to the Wikia life!

    • Observed Level Criticism: Observed criticism is basically a member who can sit down with the Administrator's and give positive/negative feedback about the community some administrator's would find this Disrespectful because some types of Admin don't like voiced opinions because they believe the person is trying to change the wikia which isn't always the case when its about how staff should improve on talking to members and fixing errors because thats what a wikia admin does and that's fixing problems made by users.
    • Biased Level Criticism: This level is basically the person being ignorant and personally belittling the wikia and the admin where…

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  • Andrew Cao

    Deletion Comments

    May 13, 2016 by Andrew Cao

    Hi. My name is Andrew from the Code Wiki. The reason I am writing this blog is because the mass use of deletion comments.

    Of course, the syntax is this


    Well, I hope this can be effective so we can be a more polite user. That's what I have for now, see you!

    12:37, May 13, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Nerfmaster8

    These are my own opinions backed up with facts referencing relevant discussions. Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm calling out specific Vanguard and Staff members for how they handled themselves unprofessionally that has since caused both sides to be "talking past each other" with legitimate concerns being met with deflection.

    Quote of the day: "Unfortunately, the business cannot divulge the reasons as to why PI is, for them, a necessary adoption" - TwoTailedFox

    So since the discussion regarding portable templates has generated quite some heated arguments by vocal users, vanguard and staff; thought I would provide pros and cons to both Wikitext and Portable. I have deliberately mentioned wikis of where concerns were brought up to prove with evide…

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  • CoolGamer23

    Here is a list of admin messages you can use for your wiki. If there is a message that you want on this post, feel free to add it.

    Your edit was marked as vandalism, so it was undone. Spam or vandalism of any kind is prohibited by the wiki's rules. Please read the rules for proper use of . Please edit your avatar from your profile masthead, and contact the banning admin on Community Central to lift the ban.

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  • EmeraldTulip

    Hi, everyone. I'm sure that a blog post is probably not the best way to get this problem noticed, but it's the only thing I can think of right now. The situation is dire.

    Let me tell you the backstory to this whole disaster:  a while back, my friend Stardust16, a loyal user on this site, made a mistake on the Lab Rats: Bionic Island wiki (months ago, mind you) that basically had a few administrators hating her. Basically, she became an admin there, and she gave a user a warning for repeatedly adding a category that didn't exist. Turns out it did exist, and Star just didn't know (I mean, 'Super Strong People'? I didn't even know that was a legitimate category!). So the staff blew up at her and demoted her. The works.

    Now, on the Lab Rats: Elite F…

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  • Andrew Cao


    April 27, 2016 by Andrew Cao

    I've seen floods of activity with blog comments. I'm here to do a quick blog to explain.

    This is a quick explanation for new users to learn the basics of blogs.

    Well, blogs are usually a person writes it and it is not a collaborative page. Right now you are looking at a blog.

    Step One: My way is to click your profile then click on Blog. Like this:

    Step Two: Click "Create blog post". Like this:

    Check Sannse's blog for writing information.

    When you write a good blog post, you can earn a Community Highlight! Here are some rosettes from Sannse.

    This course will help you in daily blogs.

    • Use good faith. Use kind words.
    • Pay attention to your comments.
    • Include images.
    • Give helpful tips.
    • Don't make it a spam blog.

    The next sections are for you.

    Please don't put de…

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  • Crazy Muzzarino

    If a community does not allow any votes to remove bureaucrats (like here on Community Central) and one of them is abusing power, there are many different ways to deal with bad bureaucrats. There's possible good reasons a community has restrictions on voting out bureaucrats such as to prevent hostile removals if things are enforced. it may also be set to protect their privileges from being removed in-case a vandal or someone else deliberately tries to get an admin demoted for a reason whereas having the vote thread canceled and/or completely deleted. When powers get abused, there are different ways to deal with it.

    Notify another active bureaucrat for help and have it notify Wikia about the issue if there's one or more available or an admin …

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    Hi guys, I am introducing myself to the community. 

    You have to stop cyberbullying.

    Today, we will learn what is cyberbullying.

    Cyberbullying is when you constantly bully people.


    No constant bullying.


    Constant name calling


    May end up in ban from school

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  • Maurice.136

    Hey guys, I am a user on Wikia and I am friends with Pretzel. Well here are some ideas on a way to be a good chat mod! To be honest, I hardly make any blogs... not sure why. Well I am just to lazy too, lol.

    1) This is number one be nice, users will like you if you are nice and helpful. Make users feel welcome and be friendly to newcomers.

    2) Don't be Boastful, yeah you're the chat moderator and you have rights and you can kick or/and ban users, but don't act like your higher than other user. Being like "I am a mod and I am a mod in chat" is just uncool.

    Don't also be like this: "I am the Chat Mod and I am in Charge!"

    3) Moderating chat Calmly warn a troublesome user of what they are doing wrong. Don't just kick them because they are new, everybod…

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