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  • Crazy Muzzarino

    When it comes to banning people, some admin trolls on the communities may hide the block logs, RC entries and the blocklist to ensure no-one else knows what users they're blocking if their making the wikia private by blocking everyone from the wikia or using a very rude reason to ban people. There are ways to reveal what the admin is blocking when there are no viewable block entries and lists around.

    Here are some methods to find out what users the admin is blocking when you don't see any of those:

    If you see that the logs are hidden by the abusive administrator, use these methods below to reveal them.

    Add the ?usesitecss=0 at the end of the url address after Special:Log/block, Special:RecentChanges or Special:Blocklist.

    Install a "CSS Reloade…

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  • Nerfmaster8

    So you have unfortunately witnessed how bad chat could get without a chat moderator being present? Probably thinking "oh no, uh how can I deal with it?". Well there are a few things you can try while waiting on a chat moderator to join chat...

    A few things to always keep in mind whether you are in Community Central's chat room, another wiki's chat room on Wikia's network, IRC [internet relay channel] or other chat room:

    1. Ignore the troll, spammer or user flooding chat. Do not engage with them.
    2. Remain calm - Don't lose your temper or let your emotions show. All they want to see is your reaction so they get a chuckle and gain the encouragement to continue.
    3. Do not provoke them or re-provoke them if somebody else in chat has managed to calm them, o…
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  • BorgyDudeMan

    The 10 Wikimandments

    February 3, 2016 by BorgyDudeMan

    This is a parody of the 10 commandments, and this one is for wikia. Don`t blame me if offended, since this was made just for advice on all of Wikia.

    1. Thou shall thy not vandalize, nor blank pages, nor do Badge Farming.
    2. Thou shall thy not covet thy user`s userpage, nor his badges, his place on ye leaderboard, or his user rights.
    3. Thou shall thy not violate ye local or official policies, for they are official.
    4. Thou shall thy use Wikia everywhere, even at ye toilet.
    5. Thou shall thy not swear, nor post porn, for Wikia is for ye children.
    6. Thou shall thy not commit sockpuppetry.
    7. Thou shall thy worship ye Wikia Staff.
    8. Thou shall thy not post copyrighted images.
    9. Thou shall thy not be underage.
    10. Thou shall thy learn wikitext, for it is ye markup language of Wiki…
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  • Noreplyz

    5 Tips for Adopting a Wiki

    January 27, 2016 by Noreplyz

    Hey again! Here are a few tips for you that will ensure you are able to adopt the inactive wiki you have been working on.

    between adoptions of contributions of useful, related content

    There's a few requirements for you to check, to make sure your adoption goes through without hassle.

    Make sure you have not adopted within the last month, that you're not currently blocked on another wiki in Wikia. Also check that you have contributed for at least a week and that you've created one useful page - the more the better, to show you are dedicated to the wiki.

    Make sure you write up a blog post, forum post or some other thread on the Forums at your Wiki. It should be a short and sweet notice that you want to adopt the wiki, and ask the active community what…

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  • Speedit

    Editing By Night!

    December 13, 2015 by Speedit

    I edit a lot at night rather than by day - its a nice way to get a good balance of less editing on the weekday and more on the weekend because we all love our sleep! Though sleep is for the weak, we're always a sucker for it - sadly. =D In any case, the Wikia community can be a great place to collaborate and have fun - but I think things come alive in the night as work for the day ends and people login to volunteer away the small hours writing content. So here's a few tips for better editing speed on that last late-night endeavour:

    Making a large quantity of mass edits?
    • open up the relevant category and use the "Pin" function in your browser to hold onto it.
    • launch 10 pages at a time and do each individual task on all the tabs (hitting the ed…
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  • CoolGamer23

    This blog post will have all of the information for wiki owners to get their new wiki started. Your rules article will have all of the information that your readers should follow:

    On , our goal is to provide as much information to our readers as possible, and we have created a set of rules to help you maintain a fun and happy experience. If you decide not to follow these rules, a ban may be issued.

    1. Do not spam or vandalize the pages. Vandalism includes, but is not limited to content removal/page blanking, offensive information, false information, and gibberish. Spamming is basically typing large amounts of unwanted text/gibberish on pages, message walls, and comments. This can result in server lag, which is more annoying than vandalism. If you…

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  • Nerfmaster8


    November 29, 2015 by Nerfmaster8

    Please do try looking in the help pages before asking a question as most of the time you will either:

    • get the exact paragraph copied from the page
    • get a link to the help page

    that tends to answer a good vast majority of questions asked lately.

    As has been said many times, you need to check all templates that are transcluded in the one you want. This means that any that are in double { } need to also be transferred. Also check MediaWiki Common.js, Wikia.js, Common.css and Wikia.css to check if any js or css needs to also be ported as well.

    • RansomTime's Basic FAQ
    • Frequently Asked for Codes
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  • Noreplyz

    Making Awesome Home Pages

    November 24, 2015 by Noreplyz

    I took a look at loads of home pages in the pursuit of making a blog post about the best ones. Because your wiki’s Main Page is a central place for your community to look around and do research, you should take in mind some of these tips I’ve collated from various top wikis around!

    Get your users excited about your wiki by making a clean, beautiful welcome. Get your wiki's visitors happy that they've landed in the correct place! In my home wiki, we’re in the process of designing a seasonal welcome message.

    The Alternative History Wiki takes a more formal approach, by kindly welcoming visitors:

    If you don’t have the time or design, skills, placing a logo and a welcome text can still suffice, like in the Serbian Anime Characters Fight Wiki:


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  • Hotspot

    Quick Select for categories

    November 22, 2015 by Hotspot

    I think it would be cool and useful, if there was a way to add the same category to multiple articles, all at once. Say there are 50 articles that are all female characters, instead of going onto each page to add the "Females" category, there would be some kind of "quick select option" that just allows you to add the Females category to all the categories.

    I am an admin on the Suikoden wiki, and for those who don't know, Suikoden is a series of 8 games and each game has around 108 characters, and it took a while just to put all of the characters in the same category for each game. So I had thought, wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to add all of the characters into the same category with one edit?!  

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  • SuperlyAttachedGlitch77

    • Knowing more about Journalism
    • Grammar Skills
    • More Creativity
    • Better Communication
    • Advancement of Experience
    • Advancement in English
    • Knowledge of Publishing, and Communicating Tools

    All pro editors always start as an amateur editor from the very beginning when they joined here. So don't worry, and don't rush. Take time, and continue on by editing, because as you edit, you are already gaining experience. As you gain experience, in the future, you can be an experienced editor, and maybe even a pro.

    Based by my experience, all words are important building blocks, not junk & trash. You are the words' tool. So be careful when either fixing them or using them.

    It is really important to keep long sentences, shorter, but more muscular ones. Don't make the se…

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