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    Bass playing is an art that needs to be mastered, like any other music form. Be it an acoustic guitar, an electric one, a classical guitar or the bass itself, everything demands you to get acquainted with it. The bass guitar is designed keeping two things as the primary motive:

    a)    The desired tone

    b)    The shape of the human body

    Is your way the correct way?

    If you as a bass player wanted to earn through your skills, it is vital to distinguish here that there is no standard way of playing a bass guitar. Instead, a standard result is definitely present and a pro bass player is marked against the sound quality his/her chords are able to produce.

    You can conduct a research on some of the most successful bass players of the music industry.

    What yo…

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    Brandon Rhea

    Did you know that the majority of Wikia's views come from readers, meaning people who don't click the edit button or even have a Wikia account? Clicking that edit button for the first time can be daunting—your contribution will immediately be available to the entire world—but there are ways that we all can help break the barrier between reader and editor.

    One of those ways is the recently-launched Wikia University, a quickly digestible source of how-to information for Wikia—including how to make your first contribution. Wikia is also always hard at work making sure our interface is the best it can be, by finding how people interact with Wikia and lowering barriers for entry. But there’s a great deal that local communities can do as well in …

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    My Wikis

    March 1, 2014 by InspiredAndNatural

    Hi everyone! I'm Kristi, and I just wanted to let everyone know about the wikis I founded.

    • Music Videos Wiki is a wiki for every cover and original song by a YouTuber. And there's a lot of them on YouTube. So if you listen to covers and are a fan of any YouTuber, join and add it on the wiki.
    • Television Fairytales Wiki is a wiki for every fairytale adaption, live and animated. This includes upcoming ones, like Maleficent.

    I haven't gotten the main page and rules page set up fully, and any advice would be great. Thanks!

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    Kung fu frogz


    In december of 2013 at the TMNT 2012 Wiki it started...snowing. The screen was SNOWING!

    I have NO idea where it came from! But i thought it was just a thing Wikis did during Christmas time. 

    It is now 2014 and it is still there! I have no idea how to get rid of it! 


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    Welcome to part 2 of The Ultimate Wikia Guide. Today, we will talk about the main page of your wiki, and how to improve it and use it to your best abilities and advantages.

    The main page is the page all Wikians will get directed to when they go to your Wiki. When you first start a Wiki, your main page URL will be the name of your wiki (e.g for my Wikicommons Wiki, the URL is

    There are tons and tons of ways to spruce up your main page. The best way is described below, but whatever method floats your boat is the method you should stick with, especially when your like me and have multiple wikis.

    All main pages should have some form of introduction! On my Reference 365 Wiki, I included a welcome m…

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    Roranoa zoro

    Main Page Suggestions

    January 25, 2014 by Roranoa zoro

    While I was thinking of ideas to make a cool mainpage for this wiki,I thought of posting a blog post here about the wikia mainpages.

    I've made a couple of mainpages myself;(this one being the latest)

    From my observation,almost every wiki mainpage runs on the same principle:2 columns with some box templates containing text.A few might have widgets/gadgets.

    Post if you've any ideas for a new layout for the wikia-mainpages.

    Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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    Looking back on it, helping TheSitcomLover out of getting blocked, I've learned very many valuable editing tips and tricks to maintain your admin status, and not seem like the biggest nerd on wikia.

    Okay, links are good (Very, Very Good). They help show off the wikia you are proud to edit. But don't sit there, go through the page, and go "Oh. Gee.. I want that to be a link. I'll do it."


    Links, as I said, are good, but just one or two to the same page are all that are really needed. For example:

    My favorite page is Help:Color. I like Help:Color. Help:Color is cool. we should all read Help:Color.

    My favorite page is

    Help:Color I like that page. It's cool. we should all read Help:Color.

    The first sentence looked very …

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    Hello guys and gals. I have a lot of suggestions for Project Darwin and Wikia. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below. Also, don't be rude if some of these features are already included or have alternatives. I just want to make Wikia a better place (that's the way I feel about Wikimedia projects as well).

    • Add a digital clock widget to the Wikia toolbar (the one with the "Start a wiki" button) (Reason: Dev Wiki has a clock gadget code)
    • Add Vector and Modern skins from Wikimedia projects (Pending: Mixed reception)
    • Customize the search box to include other wikis (Reason: Abandoned)
    • Add a sandbox page to all userspaces (Reason: An alternative was found)
    • Create templates and blog posts via the "Edit" button (Reason: Makes no sense)
    • Add some gadget…

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    External Blogs?

    December 28, 2013 by Julianthewiki

    Hello everyone, I just want to talk about blogs that are out of the wiki, or external blogs.

    We all know that we have internal blogs, or the ones we can see in our own wikis, right? Now, when I talk about external blogs, not external links, this is so that we can invite more and more users with the same interest, like if you have a wiki regarding games, some more people that play that kind of game can join your wiki. This will increase traffic for your wikis.

    When I tried this yesterday in Prime Numbers Wiki, before that I thought of that, I researched about some specific primes, and saw that there was a blog about prime numbers. And I thought, "Oh, maybe I will make the external blog for my wiki". So, I gave it a try. I also posted it in ou…

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    I'm new

    December 21, 2013 by Sophiesadorablepet

    Hi every Wiki I just wanna let you all know that I'm new and could use some pointers to help me get use to Wikia. Thanks -Sophie.

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