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  • A Graalian

    Page moderator idea?

    April 2, 2015 by A Graalian

    Please read.

    So just like forum moderators, but the same thing for pages. There should be page moderators because:

    1. So they can protect and unprotect the pages for spam.

    2. Delete and restore previously deleted pages.

    3. Its part of admin but why would anyone abuse it? No one would abuse it and people can have rules before promoting a user to one.

    So is this a nice idea? Should we have it? Please leave a comment below of what you think.

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    i need some help here.

    March 8, 2015 by SWEGMUA5

    I need some help on my wiki (the Mann co Wiki). I am the only one on the Wiki and there is only 3 pages on the wiki. I need more people to help me on the wiki and i am also looking for some Admins, Bureaucrats, etc. my wiki is about TF2 (Team Fortress 2).

    If anyone is interested in helping me out click here to go to the Mann co wiki and meet me on the chat.

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  • KCCreations

    The Maximum Ride Wiki

    December 22, 2014 by KCCreations

    Hello, Community Central! I also want to promote another Wiki that I work on...the Maximum Ride Wiki!

    I'm going to bet that most of you have never heard of Maximum Ride, so I'll give an explanation. (I'm going to try not to spoil the series to the best of my abilities.)

    Basically, it's a novel series about six kids—who are known collectively as the Flock— that had their DNA altered at a young age by a lab known as the School. The genetic alterations not only scarred the Flock in physical, emotional, and psychological ways, but it also gave them 2% avian (bird) genes in addition to human DNA. As if being only 98% human wasn't bad enough for them, they also have one other thing to hide from normal humans: actual wings!

    Four years before, they'd e…

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  • KCCreations

    The Fan Creations Wiki

    December 22, 2014 by KCCreations

    Hello, Community Central! A user named Dragonleaf5678 and I have been working together on a new Wiki—a Wiki where you can create anything and (almost) everything!

    Ready for it? The Wiki is called...The Fan Creations Wiki!

    As we are fairly new, help is much appreciated!

    If you find that you have questions, contact Dragonleaf (AKA the founder), and they will help you get started!

    (Also credit to Dragonleaf for creating the above logo!)

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  • BraxtonTheScienceTeacherpup

    Hey guys, you may have met Ltc, well he is correct this wki is awesome. You will love every minute of it check out the wiki. You can create RP, dod whatever you want. imagaination runs wild at The fun middle School wiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Message Wall:BraxtonTheScienceTeacherpup - Fun middle school student Wiki. Meet me here and I can official give you a tour of the place. You will love it. And all that is required is maturity and not being in elementary school.

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  • Ax9000

    Awesome Inc. Wiki

    November 17, 2014 by Ax9000
    Awesome Inc. Wiki!

    The Awesome Inc Wiki  is about a new, unpopular comic/story company of the same name. We cover everything from heroes to villains to locations to items to groups. While we cover a lot of ground, we are currently understaffed, with only one admin active (me) and the occasional editor. We could definitely use the help of anyone willing to contribute! Just message me to get started!

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  • BraxtonTheScienceTeacherpup

    I want  you to check out my wiki, International rp Wiki, It is a wiki devoted to rping if you like to rp. You can mkae up your own characters to RP with or just use characters from your favorite TV show movie or book, check it out now

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  • ForeverFriendlyViolet

    Mia and Me Wiki is the free encyclopedia of Mia and Me. Join us to build a magical world of information on Mia and Me!



    It's about Mia and Me, the 2012 mostly-animated some-live-action television series. I am currently an admin and bureaucrat there. This wiki needs more users.

    The Wiki's goal is to become the best free encyclopedia of Mia and Me, and become a wiki with a good, helpful and friendly community, too.

    Are you confused because this show is animated and also live action?

    Or is it because of the Unicorns? Or Elves?

    Well that is all what Mia and Me contain! Mia and Me is a 2012 television series. Although it is mostly CGI-animated, this series also shows in live action.

    The show starts as a 12-year-old friendly …

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  • Zmario

    Encyclopedia Gamia is the general gaming wiki that has aspirations to grow into the biggest catalogue of gaming history ever! Despite being such a broad scope Wiki, we have very few active editors (only around 6-7). A couple years ago, one user imported over 16,000 pages into the Wiki, and caused a major mess with all broken templates, dead links, and non-existent images. We're trying to rebuild the Wiki, by updating templates, removing Wikipedia imported content, and expanding our database and we could use as many editors as we can! Even if you only know about one video game in particular, any help is better than none!

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  • Pacificus Viridis

    A few months ago, I discovered the Classical Music Wiki. The wiki seems to have been around for years, but had always had very little activity. There were only seven pages and a few photos when I first discovered the wiki. I've been trying to grow the wiki since I discovered it, but I'm basically the only one who goes there on a regular basis. I was wondering if there is anyone who would be interested in helping me out.

    Pacificus Viridis 05:14, June 22, 2014 (UTC)

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