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    Yes, the Beatles Wiki now has 666 pages! Appropriately enough, it achieved that status on April 1st.

    Sadly, a page deletion means that we are now back down to 665 pages, but this probably won't last.

    • Note: of course, I am not saying that Jesus is evil; I'm paraphrasing John Lennon's notorious (and badly misquoted) statement.
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    Hi, Y'all

    March 29, 2014 by Splinterhed

    Glad to be here, It would be nice to win the EQ2 prize instead of needing start a new game...

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    WLB: Word of the Week

    March 18, 2014 by Yatalu

    Hello all!

    Have you heard of the Wikia Language Brigade? We're a project of voluntary translation/correction of items for any wiki. Not long ago, our users have voted in support for a Word of the Week, a featured word that will appear on our main page for an entire week. This may be a common word or a less common word, an English word or a foreign word.

    We work with a rotating system that allows our members to nominate for 1 week, then all users to vote on a poll for 3 weeks. Every week, a word from a different language will be presented on our main page. That way, every language gets an equal share in presenting its words. Currently the languages with ongoing votes are English, German and French.

    This week is the last week we're allowing votes for the…

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    I know, some of you don't like Lalaloopsy, and that's fine, but on the link, please vote whether or not Dot and the boys should get more stuff. The sexism and racism needs to stop.,_Nuu_Kawaii_Wiki

    (I know, this blog post will probably get deleted. But if MGA reads this, then there will be more Dot stuff)

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    Ultimate Mario Gamer 2

    One great thing about wikia is that when there is an large active developed wiki that attracts many users and a smaller less active underdeveloped wiki that not many users knows about, wikia offers the ability to merge the wiki's into one. In order to do that, there is a feature that allows users to export pages from a wiki and import pages into another wiki. Whileerges is a good thing that benefits the community, there is one flaw in it that I discovered which made me discover a way to correct the flaw for he future benefit of wikia. The one flaw is that regardless of a merge or not, any user can export a page from one wiki, and if they are an admin of another wiki, they can import it to their wiki. That means that any admin on a fanon wi…

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    Albumpedia Wiki

    March 11, 2014 by Dragonknight86

    Hey there fellow d00ds of Wikia. Ny name is Dragonknight86, but you can call me Dragon or Jake. I'm from a wiki I founded by the name of Albumpedia Wiki (Shortened to Albumpedia). Albumpedia is a community site designed to be the #1 album source. We have large ambitions, but need support from the people of Wikia (like you) to make this wiki it's full potential.

    • Albumpedia takes albums of all genres.
    • All pictures have a license of somesort.
    • Some pages have audio files on them (Hopefully all will eventually).
    • Compilation Albumpedia is where compilation albums go, not Albumpedia.
    • Albumpedia's affiliates include Compilation Albumpedia, Bootlegpedia, EP-Pedia, and (Spanish) Albumpedia.

    So don't be hesitant to join Albumpedia in the quest to becoming the…

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    Yen-ui Chuang

    I have just created a new wiki, it is called natural wiki, if you are interested, here is the site, It is about natural things

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    My Wikis

    March 1, 2014 by InspiredAndNatural

    Hi everyone! I'm Kristi, and I just wanted to let everyone know about the wikis I founded.

    • Music Videos Wiki is a wiki for every cover and original song by a YouTuber. And there's a lot of them on YouTube. So if you listen to covers and are a fan of any YouTuber, join and add it on the wiki.
    • Television Fairytales Wiki is a wiki for every fairytale adaption, live and animated. This includes upcoming ones, like Maleficent.

    I haven't gotten the main page and rules page set up fully, and any advice would be great. Thanks!

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    Shipsandthings Wiki

    February 5, 2014 by Wedgeback

    Hey everybody, this is Wedgeback from the Redwall wikis. Back on October 28th 2011, I founded So far, I have 539 pages and right now, aside from User:Niko Banks , and User:WildloughRhulain plus 2 others, I have done all the work almost. I can't always be on, and I really want some people to share their knowledge about ships. Also, i really would like some more comments. My wiki is full of ships and is a small loving community. Are you willing to help? If so, leave a comment on what you can do to help, or contact me by message wall. 

    Thanks, and please consider helping,

    The Christian On The Chat 23:18, February 5, 2014 (UTC)Wedgeback

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    Sir Hawke

    Calling All Writers!

    November 29, 2013 by Sir Hawke

    Do you want to write stories and have them read by hundreds or thousands of people, without the hassles of publishing companies? Then post your story on the True Literature Wiki!

    The True Literature Wiki, is a growing community of both writers who post their stories for all visitors and other community members to read and enjoy. There are only a few guidelines to getting your story posted on the wiki, but these are only for the benifit of your story and for the enjoyment of our community. We have writing contests, movie reviews, and interesting current events from all around the world!

                                                                                                                                 Happy Holidays!


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