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  • Senjumaru Shutara

    The wikia's About page:

    The Library, as our site is so named, is an archival structure for various fiction stories, including but not limited to fanfiction, creepypasta, and works in the Public Domain. We seek to archive and hold many fiction works by various authors.

    Yes, provided it meets our Quality Standards, which you can read here. Works that don't meet our quality standards and not posted under one of the Library Archive categories (works that were created before 2013) will be deleted. Additionally, spam pages, ala "Horrible Troll Pastas", will also be deleted unless they are explicitly archived here by an administrator.

    As already explained, we seek to archive works of fiction that are both young and old. This is solely for the enjoym…

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  • AustinAndAllyFan

    I Really Need Users On The Austin And Ally Spinoff Wiki. It Is A Good Wiki With Lots Of Episodes, Crossovers, Hour Long Speicals, And Fun. We Work Really Hard To Make This Wiki Happen But Barely Anyone Edits. Besides When This A&A Is Over We'll All Need Another Wiki To Go To. Then I Suggest U Go To The A&A Spinoff Wiki. It Is Completely Different From The Real A&A. Joining And Contributing Can Also Mean AWESOME Parties And Events On Chat. It Will Be Be Fun, Creative, And Enjoyable But It Can't Be That Without Users. It's A Really Good Show With Really Good Ratings And We Would Love For More People To Contribute To This Wiki Please. Thanks. The Link Is

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  • CreepySeries


    Creepypasta (The Series) is a super natural suspense thriller short stories that written by Daryl Morales. Most of the stories are fiction with the only exception in the 5th episode that based on a true history. This series is airing in Facebook and Wattpad only.

    Creepypasta are essentially internet horror stories, passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers. The name "Creepypasta" comes from the word "copypasta", an internet slang term for a block of text that gets copied and pasted over and over again from website to website. Creepypastas are sometimes supplemented with pictures, audio and/or video footage related to the story, typically with gory, distorted, or otherwise shocking content.


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  • BeyonderGodOmnipotent

    Hello I just wanted to tell about my wiki as a promotion and to help people see it isn't a bad place.

    Fictional Battle Omniverse

    1. 1. Profiles are basically all about what's been shown or hasn't been shown we dont do things known as Power scaling because we view this fan made and very inaccurate as anyone can power scale anyone or anything.
    1. 2. Activity of the Wikia I'm right now 24/7 active to keep everything in order and to help people in what they need I'm not a rude or disrespectful person so if members have questions I would be right there to answer.
    1. 3. Sources are a huge difference maker so we like to give out official sources and such when people ask so that way we wont be wrong.
    1. 4. Websites are out their for our Wikia as its used a a ficti…

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  • Mario360PS

    Joining My Wik

    June 19, 2015 by Mario360PS

    Can you please join? ps5,neon,neon2 wiki? I need people to help and if you can be a part I'll be a part. ps5,neon,

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  • Hackey5

    At some point, I'm hoping to organise a Wikia Spotlight for the Geometry Dash Wiki. The problem is that it is automatically inelligible for a spotlight due to it being unable to fulfil the best practice of "at least 200 content pages", as seen on the spotlight page. This I disagree with.

    The fact these best practices exist is to filter spotlight requests of wikis which might not yet be suitable for widescale promotion, and to act as a guideline for wikis to use to improve in order to achieve that sought-after quality standard. Overall the best practices achieve that purpose and give well developed wikis the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience. However, the 200 article minimum is not a task that directly suggests positive development. C…

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  • Ponyo Fan

    A new wiki called Potato Knishes Fanon Wiki is looking for editors. Promises with your membership include being treated with respect and a free recipe for potato knishes. Join today!

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  • Ultimate Dark Carnage

    Greetings fellow Wikians, I would like to announce that I am now the president of HTML & CSS Wiki. That wiki is about the markup language called HTML & the style sheet language called CSS. The wiki was founded by User:SSgtGriffin, and he is now retired. Anyway, if you want to be a code editor, you must fulfill certain qualifications. You must have certain skills such as:

    • Knowledge of:
      • HTML,
      • CSS,
      • and/or JavaScript.

    If you want to apply to become a code editor for HTML & CSS Wiki, you must apply via w:c:htmlcss:Project:Code Editor Applications. More to be added.

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  • A Graalian

    Page moderator idea?

    April 2, 2015 by A Graalian

    Please read.

    So just like forum moderators, but the same thing for pages. There should be page moderators because:

    1. So they can protect and unprotect the pages for spam.

    2. Delete and restore previously deleted pages.

    3. Its part of admin but why would anyone abuse it? No one would abuse it and people can have rules before promoting a user to one.

    So is this a nice idea? Should we have it? Please leave a comment below of what you think.

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    i need some help here.

    March 8, 2015 by SWEGMUA5

    I need some help on my wiki (the Mann co Wiki). I am the only one on the Wiki and there is only 3 pages on the wiki. I need more people to help me on the wiki and i am also looking for some Admins, Bureaucrats, etc. my wiki is about TF2 (Team Fortress 2).

    If anyone is interested in helping me out click here to go to the Mann co wiki and meet me on the chat.

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