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  • Sonic2007

    Go to my wikia!

    May 1, 2016 by Sonic2007

    Please go to the CLG Wiki Dream Logos wikia I made for the CLG. I have done kickstarter pages for you.

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  • Alpharious Omegron

    Hello everyone, You may know my because of my activity on Community chat or through my Storm Verse wiki, Another wiki has been made and one that I wish to share with you all. The flame thrower marine wiki is a newly founded wiki wher you can come to and be random and chat with all kinds of people. We do have rules and guidelines but they are more lax, but again it's a random wiki you can post and make what ever you feel like as long as it is not offensive, racist or threatening in anyway or manner, so come everyone and have a good time :)

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  • Alpharious Omegron

    Hello everyone, My name is Alpharious Omegron and I recently founded a wikia known as the Storm verse wikia. This is a Sci-Fi universe wiki that I have created. Now you ask what is this wikia about? Well this wiki is my science fiction universe thati have been working on for a while. This at the moment is a fan based science fiction universe but in the future it will be closed off to only a few people making the lore and history . So when anyone gets a chance please come by and look at it :) give me feed back either on this page or on my wikia message wall :) I hope to see you guys around.

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  • The Necromancer0

    The Edain Mod is mod for the EA RTS game The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2: Rise of the Witch-King (longest game title, I think, also will be abriviated to ROTWK) It expands on every possible aspect of the game and includes some of most accurate interpretations of Tolkien's work. ROTWK, by the way, is a RTS game based on Lord of the Rings where you command the armies of the people of Middle-Earth in deadly battles. It is often credited as the best mod for ROTWK ever created.

    But for too long has its lore been just a loose collection of pages which is why I created the Edain Mod Wiki. The official discussion thread can be found here , but you can always discuss on the wikia's forums. The wiki is a quickly growing community whe…

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  • Dak47922

    The Escape from Tarkov wikis are gearing up for the games release and we need editors!

    Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and story-driven walkthrough. Think DayZ without the zombies and focusing on extreme realism and ultra accurate gun-play.

    The game already has a diverse fanbase and Im doing my best to manage the 3 non English communities already created! So far I have the German, Russian, and French wikis up. We are looking for capable admins to help out on those as I can really only do CSS coding on those.

    We're expecting tremendous growth as the beta comes out and every edit will help!

    Dak47922 Talk 22:19, March 28, 2016 (UTC)

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  • GreenGalaxy2


    I am GreenGalaxy2, and in this post, I am writing on the account of a new Meteos Wiki, Metamo Ark Wikia!

    Here's the link;

    In any case, this wiki is dedicated to the Meteos Franchise, as the title suggests. We are trying to find new users to help us build up our wiki.

    As you might guess, I am a big fan of this wiki, and joined it a few weeks ago, and I must say it's pretty nice so far. Though we do need help with putting othether the last of the canonical content, we also are looking for some fan content as well!

    In the future, we plan on writing stories and creating fanon planets and races to help extend the Meteos universe, and try to address any gaps formed in the story that weren't eve…

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  • Sassmaster15

    Hello everyone!

    In this blog post I am writing to inform the community that I am currently wanting users on the Wikia I founded at the end of February - the Hypothetical Roller Coasters Wiki!

    Since I am a huge fan of roller coasters and amusement parks, I have decided to create this wiki for anyone interested in creating some of the craziest rides and theme parks around!  Feel free to create a roller coaster 1,000 feet high and have it traverse miles of loops, or be tame and create the kiddie coaster of your dreams - everything and anything is possible here!  

    I have had a few of my friends from other wikis join, and they love it.  Now, I would like to attract some more users who share the same love for roller coasters as me, and will want to…

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  • Hank412

    Hello people who read and edit stuff! My name hank412, or Hank412. I would like to shamelessly promo- I mean share with you a project slash wikia that's only about a month old. The Wikia is known as Nurdpedia. What exactly does Nurdpedia cover? Many things! Dc, Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, IDW, Dark Horse, and many other topics. The catch? We are casual and in some cases incompetant. We get names and some facts completely wrong in the name of satire and good fun.

    Think this: Like if Tvtropes, wikia, and hipsters had a baby (that didn't look like a mutated abomination.....for the most part.)

    Some wiki's take themselves too seriously and that's a shame (not mentioning names), but not this wiki. I wa…

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  • Stardust16

    Alright, so this is my first blog post and I'm trying to get some users and promote this awesome, new wiki called the Everson House Wiki. It's a wiki about a fictional series and it's a great place to create characters and such. You can let your imagination run wild and just have fun.

    We are also in need of admins and rollbacks, so if anyone is interested in applying or has any questions, please go to the head admin and beaurecrat, CanBoy67 or feel free to ask me, Stardust16 any questions you may have.

    If anyone is interested in applying for admin, please go here. There is only 1 spot left!

    If anyone is interested in becoming a rollback, please go here. There are only 3 spots remaining!

    Thanks, and we hope to see some users on the Everson Hous…

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  • CanBoy67

    In need of more users on my wikia Everson House Wiki. In need of admins and rollbacks. 3 2 1 admin spot remaining and 3 rollback spots remaining. Apply now admin spots going quickly.

    To apply for admin go here.

    To apply for rollback go here

    I would like for more users to come to my semi-new wiki Everson House Wiki. This wiki is about a fictional series and is a place to create fictional new characters and such. I want other users to ignite there creativity.

    On the wiki you can create wild and crazy characters. I may also somehow implement some type of battle scenerio and maybe even possibly guilds (if i can figure out how to do it). Weather your creative or not very much Everson House Wiki is the place for you.

    I've always had a profound interest …

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