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  • InspiredAndNatural

    My Wikis

    March 1, 2014 by InspiredAndNatural

    Hi everyone! I'm Kristi, and I just wanted to let everyone know about the wikis I founded.

    • Music Videos Wiki is a wiki for every cover and original song by a YouTuber. And there's a lot of them on YouTube. So if you listen to covers and are a fan of any YouTuber, join and add it on the wiki.
    • Television Fairytales Wiki is a wiki for every fairytale adaption, live and animated. This includes upcoming ones, like Maleficent.

    I haven't gotten the main page and rules page set up fully, and any advice would be great. Thanks!

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  • Thisismyrofl

    Hey y'all, this is Thisismyrofl, admin of Community Central. I wanted to take a bit of time to show off a wiki I recently adopted and have been fixing up: c:forrestgump.

    Let's start with a few things you might not have known about old Forrest. Did you know...

    • ... that Forrest Gump was sent into space on a training mission to Mars due to his amazing abilities in math?
    • ... that Forrest befriended a chimpanzee named Sue who was also present on the above flight?
    • ... that Forrest starred in a remake of The Creature from the Black Lagoon?
    • ... that Forrest enjoyed success in professional wrestling as a persona named "The Dunce"?
    • ... that Forrest won an international tournament in chess?
    • ... that Forrest was given a harmonica by Bubba and found he had a …

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  • Wedgeback

    Shipsandthings Wiki

    February 5, 2014 by Wedgeback

    Hey everybody, this is Wedgeback from the Redwall wikis. Back on October 28th 2011, I founded So far, I have 539 pages and right now, aside from User:Niko Banks , and User:WildloughRhulain plus 2 others, I have done all the work almost. I can't always be on, and I really want some people to share their knowledge about ships. Also, i really would like some more comments. My wiki is full of ships and is a small loving community. Are you willing to help? If so, leave a comment on what you can do to help, or contact me by message wall. 

    Thanks, and please consider helping,

    The Christian On The Chat 23:18, February 5, 2014 (UTC)Wedgeback

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  • Sir Hawke

    Calling All Writers!

    November 29, 2013 by Sir Hawke

    Do you want to write stories and have them read by hundreds or thousands of people, without the hassles of publishing companies? Then post your story on the True Literature Wiki!

    The True Literature Wiki, is a growing community of both writers who post their stories for all visitors and other community members to read and enjoy. There are only a few guidelines to getting your story posted on the wiki, but these are only for the benifit of your story and for the enjoyment of our community. We have writing contests, movie reviews, and interesting current events from all around the world!

                                                                                                                                 Happy Holidays!


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  • Torquil

    Shokugeki no SOMA Wikipedia!

    November 28, 2013 by Torquil

    Shokugeki-no Soma (食戟のソーマ, Shokugeki-no Soma) is a Japanese manga about cooking and culinary skills serialized in  Weekly Shōnen Jump ! from November 2012, written by Tsukuda Yuto and illustrated by Shun Saeki/ TOSH in collaboration with famous chef Morisaki Yuki. 

    Shokugeki no Soma tells the story of a boy named Yukihira Soma , whose dream is to become a full time chef in his father's restaurant and surpass his father's culinary skills. But just as Soma graduates from middle school, his father, Yukihira Jouichiro , closes down the restaurant to cook in Europe. Although downtrodden, Soma's fighting spirit is rekindled by a challenge from Jouichiro which is to survive in an elite culinary school where only 10% of the students graduate. Can S…

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  • ChaoticShadow

    PixelJunk Monsters Wiki

    November 16, 2013 by ChaoticShadow

    Hello all! I am ChaoticShadow, and I would like to ask if anyone here plays PixelJunk Monsters, since it is a quite small wiki. PixelJunk Monsters Wiki
    *Note: This was not intended to "advertise" the wiki, but to inform wikians of this wiki.

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  • BlazingLeopard

    Borderlands Fanon Wiki

    November 15, 2013 by BlazingLeopard

    The Borderlands Fanon Wiki is a wiki that has not had it's founder contributing to it since February 2011 (excluding the one conversation we had about me getting Adminship). There are people on the wiki that are willing to edit it and there is one in particular that I wish to also award Adminship to. However, I cannot do this and as the founder no longer edits the wiki, he cannot promote me to bureaucrat so that I can award this user with Adminship.

    Therefore, I wish to adopt the wiki and I have already made an adoption request stating this. I want to be able to make people admins so that they can help new users edit the wiki and also manage these users if things get out of hand.

    Thanks, Leopard.

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  • Byzantinefire

    Lucasfilm Wiki

    November 14, 2013 by Byzantinefire
    Workmark.]]Founded by George Lucas in 1971, and later sold to The Walt Disney Company in 2012, Lucasfilm has dominated as one of the world's leading film and entertainment companies for decades. Whether through the movies, the merchandising, the video games, or the many companies associated with Lucasfilm, Lucasfilm has affected the lives of millions.

    And now, we would like to welcome those millions of lives to contribute and share their knowledge of Lucasfilm on the Lucasfilm Wiki, a Wiki devoted to the works of George Lucas, where all things relating to Lucasfilm ltd. can be found. Such as things relating Star Wars, Indiana Jones, American Graffiti, Willow and Labyrinth.

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  • Puddingskinmcgee

    Hello everybody, I'm just here to inform you of an event that's happening at my wiki. In light of the recent events in the Philippines, I've kicked up a wiki-wide event in hopes of bringing together a stronger relief effort. If anybody's interested in checking it out and giving a helping hand, it's really appreciated. Just letting everybody know that such a great group of communities that come from wikis could surely do something great if we go in it togther!

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  • Julianthewiki

    My Business Wiki

    October 27, 2013 by Julianthewiki

    Hi everyone, I just stopped by to say hello, and I want to promote a wiki. Here is the link:

    My Business Wiki

    Please visit it. It also includes some pages to know first before creating a business. My Business Wiki's nickname is MBW District, so just name the "district" that name.

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