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  • Cnoteboat

    Hi there! My name is Charlie Boatwright and I'm an analyst in the Analytics Team here at Wikia. Part of my role involves investigating research questions pertinent to Wikia using the data we have available to us. One of the first topics I was assigned to look at is the attributes of Wikia article pages that drive pageviews.

    One of the biggest drivers is what's known as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, which is the process used to make it easier for wikias to be discovered and indexed by search engines. That way, search engines can properly rank a wikia's "relevance" and "importance," based on that search engine's criteria, in order to show the best search results possible for a user's query. For example, when a user searches "Who is Walt…

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  • BertH

    Since the Forum feature was introduced, many communities have found that it's a great way to help fans connect with one another, make plans around editing projects or community events, and get questions answered. A common feature request, especially from very active communities, has been for a better way to moderate forum activity.

    We're pleased to announce that, with tomorrow's release, a new "moderator" user group will be available to all wikias. Along with this come some updates to what regular users can and can't do on Forum and Message Wall threads.

    These updates are relevant only to the Forum and Message Wall features. As with other user groups, admins can assign the moderator role to users if the community has the need for it. See below…

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  • Brandon Rhea

    It's almost hard to believe that we're just a little over a week away from a brand new year. 2014 has been huge for Wikia communities, and fans have been busy chronicling every moment. This year alone, fans made a whopping 85 million edits across all communities, from Movies to TV to Music and more. That type of dedication and passion is what sets Wikia's fans apart from other sites, and it's one of the reasons why you helped make 2014 a bigger, crazier year here at The Social Universe for Fans, by Fans. Let's look back on some of the amazing things 2014 brought!

    Wikia Fan Studio
    We couldn't have been more excited to launch Wikia Fan Studio, a program where community members interact directly with Wikia Staff and partner brands from the ent…

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  • Rupert Giles

    Greetings, Wikians. As we wrap up 2014, I want to talk about where we're headed in the next year with some design ideas for the article page. We're at the very early stages of testing out some updates to the article layout, with the help of some generous communities.

    Articles are by far the most common page type on all of Wikia and, for many users, the article is their “front door.” That is to say, these users arrive at Wikia via search, and their first experience with the site and that community is an article. Getting this experience right can be the difference between someone who becomes a regular Wikia user and someone who only visits one time.

    Over the last year, we’ve been analyzing metrics and looking at the overall experience on the s…

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  • Rupert Giles

    Greetings, Wikians. My name is Chris, aka Rupert Giles, and I’m a Product Manager at Wikia. I’ve previously written about global navigation, and I’m here to talk about our plans for a full rollout of this new design that’s happening tomorrow, December 3.

    We received some pretty clear feedback based on the last post, and we are currently running a site-wide experiment exploring options to address the issues that were raised. In short -- the size of the navigation, its fixed placement, and its Wikia branding was contributing to the sense that it was dominating the content, especially on darker colored communities.

    This experiment will have three versions of the navigation - version 1 is the new global nav exactly as we previously launched it,…

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  • Cooksey.michael

    We recently had the fabulous pleasure of hosting two community superstars here in our San Francisco office: MrBlonde267, and Tupka217, both from our DC Database community!

    During their visit, we spoke at length about what it's like to be a leader in such a large community, and we also had the opportunity to learn more about their own Wikia journeys -- how they got started themselves, and how their love of the DC universe led them to become superstar admins. They also shared some pointers about how new community members looking to get involved can dive in and help out (note: good advice for new members in the DC community or on any wikia).

    Luckily for you, dear readers, we recorded our conversation, so I invite you jump in and learn from the …

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  • Acardwell415

    This week is the official start of the holiday shopping season, and parents are beginning to look at what gifts to buy for their kids. Since Wikia is the home of the most knowledgeable superfans, we know that our communities have the ability to help parents who are looking for guidance on what's appropriate for their children.

    Last year, we created Parent Pages to formalize a space on each wikia that would tap into the collective knowledge and expertise on a community. These pages inform parents about age ratings, objectionable content, hidden costs, and more.

    Now, a year later, we have roughly 300 Parent Pages created across all of Wikia's categories. Today we're announcing new Parent Page portals under each Hub—Games, TV, Movies, Comics, M…

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  • BertH

    Greetings, Wikians! This is the first blog post in a new series where we’ll be highlighting interesting accomplishments and milestones specific to individual communities.

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Wiki celebrates 5 years this month! Congratulations (and looking forward to the start of season ten)!

    In late 2004, way back before Wikia was the network of fan communities it is today, many of our oldest communities had their official debut on our servers! Some of the specific founding dates are lost to the dark reaches of time (and server logs), but we can celebrate 10 year birthdays for:

    FFXIclopedia Alternate History Wiki
    WoWWiki Pokémon Wiki
    Religion Wiki Music Wiki
    Familypedia The Sims Wiki
    Doom Wiki Stargate Wiki

    Here's looking forward to …

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  • Cooksey.michael

    Confession time: I am a huge map nerd. Always have been! When I was a little kid, some of my favorite books were actually atlases. And even today, I still adore looking at maps.

    So naturally, I was so excited when we launched our new maps feature here at Wikia. There is so much you can do with maps, especially in our world of fandom. Of course, you can use the maps tool to create and annotate traditional, geographical maps, but you can *also* use the maps tool to annotate images and provide deep, creative insight into your favorite fandom, fictional worlds, details into video games, and more. You can even try annotating a "still," or image from a scene out of your favorite show. This is simply another great way to provide additional details…

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  • Sannse

    Hi, I'm Sannse, part of Wikia's Community Support Team. As part of supporting communities, I visit a lot of wikias. Here are a few of my favorites:

    The Protectors of the Plot Continuum wikia is a fascinating place. It's all about the world of a fictional society that finds bad fanfiction (badfic) and goes into those stories to fix them. So it's a wikia about fanfiction about fanfiction - I hope I've described that correctly!

    The wikia is well written, and documents an amazingly complex and thought out world. It's one of those rare places that take such a hold that you have to click one more link. Until you find yourself lost in stories featuring song lyrics and another hour has past! I can't recommend this wikia enough.

    Tardis, the Dr. Who wiki…

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