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    Hello Wikians!

    My name is Nick Friedland, and I am the newest member of the Wikia Community Support team. I am from Northern California originally, so living and working in SF comes naturally. I am interested in a lot of outdoors and lifestyles activities including, camping, cooking, diving, and skiing. I am also a big sports fanatic, including soccer, baseball and football. Finally, I am a voracious reader, and an amateur writer, and I regularly volunteer my time around the Bay Area to improve our local community.

    I have actually been with Wikia for the last 16 months, working on the Community Development team with the Spanish Community, but as of today I am now dedicated to improving your user experience in English. So don't be shy! Feel f…

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    Hello once again, everyone! Or, should I say, g'day mates! (Sorry, I realize no one in Australia actually says that, but I just couldn't resist).

    This week we're proving once again just how international we are and introducing you to Nicole, from Australia! Nicole will probably never talk to me again after my "G'day mates" greeting above, but I'm delighted to be able to introduce you all to her. Not only does Nicole have thousands and thousands of edits to her name, but judging by the communities she has curated for you this week, she has excellent taste in Anime series, as well. Of course, as a power user on Wikia, Nicole also loves collaborating with Wikia's international community and helping out where she can. So, if you were ever inter…

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    One year ago this week, Wikia announced WAM (Wikia Activity Monitor), a unique way to track the health and well-being of Wikia communities. It gives each community a score between 0 and 100, based on a variety of measurements, including page views, contributions, and level of user activity.

    Since WAM’s inception, it’s been incredible to see how many wikias not only appear in the WAM ranking but how many community members notice and track their own WAM scores. Over 10,000 wikias have cracked the ranking, from some of our oldest, most established communities to ones that were created just a few days ago.

    As we mark the one year anniversary of unveiling WAM, we wanted to particularly celebrate the handful of wikias that have managed to climb atop…

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    Hello, Wikians!

    April 15, 2014 by Ducksoup

    Hi Wikia community!

    I'm Andrew. I just joined Community Support as your new Technical Community Manager.

    My last role was at, also located here in San Francisco. I started in community but my role eventually evolved into being a QA Engineer. I truly missed working with the community after a couple years on the back end, though, so I came back to my roots.

    In my off time, my favorite thing to do is bike the hills of San Francisco in pursuit of cheap, delicious food. I'm also a sports junkie (GO DODGERS!), a Memory Alpha consumer, and the world's number one consumer of Sierra Nevada Summerfest.

    I have "technical" in my title because I'll be the one communicating with you about under-the-hood changes we make. I've gotten a little peek i…

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    Hey everybody! Michael here, checking in from Wikia's Community Development team with another edition of my new Featured Wikias program!

    The Featured Wikias program was designed to introduce you, the Community, to members whom you may not have met before, as well as wikias you may not have seen before or visited. Today's community member, AwesomeOrange89, is a great example of the type of user this program was designed for - someone who is active on many different wikias, and who clearly loves community collaboration! AwesomeOrange89 has curated a list of his favorite wikias for you, and I hope you enjoy reading all about them, below!

    Hello fellow wikians! Today, I get the privilege to blog in the “Featured Wikias” blog. Well let’s get start…

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    Hi there, everyone! Hope this finds you well today, wherever you may be in the world. It's Tuesday evening here in San Francisco, but maybe it's already Wednesday morning in your part of the world? I say that, because sometimes it's easy to forget just how international the Wikia community is, with community members in practically every time zone in the world, and from all corners of the earth! I absolutely adore "meeting" community members from different places, and learning about what they love on Wikia, because it's such a great way to learn about new communities. So today, it's a special treat to be able to introduce you to Miyanlove, from Malaysia! 

    Miyanlove is an Admin in the Natsume Yuujinchou community, and is on her way to becomin…

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    A few weeks ago I talked about why staff don't remove bad admins. But that's only half the story. Bad admins still sometimes need to be removed, and that's what we will look at next.

    Young wikias tend to be run almost completely by the Founder. They set up the wikia, make the decisions of its content and scope, and choose who else should have admin and bureaucrat rights. At this stage, it's generally best for unhappy people to vote with their feet. If they don't like how the wikia is being run, then it's a good time for them to move on and find or start a better one! It's a form of survival of the fittest, or in this case, survival of the best managed wikia.

    More mature wikias tend to be run by admins selected by the community and will often h…

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    Happy Monday, Wikians! Michael here, checking in with another edition of the Admin Showcase -- this time, featuring two very special admins from The Marvel Database , Jamie and Peteparker!

    We recently had the good fortune of hosting Jamie and Nathan (who goes by Peteparker in the Wikia community) in our San Francisco office for a couple of days. In addition to learning a lot from these two community superheroes, I think it's safe to say we also now have two new best friends after getting to spend some time with them. It's clear that Jamie and Nathan love being a part of the Wikia family and that they believe in the power of community collaboration. Just take a look at their stats for evidence of that amazing collaboration in action: 122,000…

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    Want to learn more about Metroidvanias? All of our experts provided a number of links to help you dip your toes into their world. They also recommend you reach out to them via their message wall, wiki chat, or talk page if you have any questions. Here's the syllabus:


    Got any questions about Metroidvanias or a favorite Metroidvania to recommend? Leave a comment below!

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    This year we are taken a turn from egg-white cocktails, fresh herbs in drinks, and fruity syrups to a whole new world of cocktail trends. From umami cocktails to beer ice cream popsicles, we have a few fun cocktail trends in store for you. With the help of Wikia's resident drink experts, we present the next "it" cocktails of 2014.

    We're not talking Long Islands here. We are exploring the new world of tea mixology. Keep your eye out for "tea-tails" because they are the next big thing on the drink scene.

    The Lemon Tea Fizz has freshly brewed Black Darjeeling tea, ginger syrup, gin, and sparkling water. Our favorite part of this recipe is the homemade tea ice cubes (recipe included). Another fun "teatail" is the Dutch Green Tea cocktail, which …

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