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  • Ducksoup

    Gooooood morning Wikiaaaaa!

    Ducksoup, checking in. Today - and for about a week - we're slowly rolling out updates to VisualEditor, trying to give as many Wikians as possible the chance to create, collaborate, and be original. And we're doing that by upgrading VisualEditor’s performance and introducing some really cool new features.

    Our biggest change - which will roll out locally in a week, around March 25th - is support for IME. Now our Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese communities will have access to VisualEditor. I know a couple of my international colleagues on the community team have given it a spin and really enjoyed the experience. It should be seamless and intuitive - if you're fluent in any of those languages, give it a shot…

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  • Kirkburn

    Greetings, Wikians!

    As many of you know, wikitext is the main building block of articles across Wikia, but it can often be hard to comprehend what you're seeing at a glance, especially on more complex pages. We're planning on introducing a feature called 'syntax highlighting', visible when editing the source code of an article, to help make this easier.

    Essentially, syntax highlighting takes what is written on the page and highlights the various types of code in different colours to help a reader identify what part does what. For example, links are highlighted with a blue background, and templates become yellow.

    We also plan to add a slightly different kind of highlighting to all CSS, JS and Lua module pages, much like you may already have se…

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  • Rappy 4187
    Hey everyone. It's Rappy from the Community Support Team bringing you an update on the Volunteer Spam Task Force (VSTF).

    As many of you may know, the VSTF is a volunteer group that helps keep Wikia free of spam and vandalism. They work behind the scenes to keep that annoying and pesky aspect of the internet under control on Wikia. The team is now 21 members strong with recent additions who speak several languages. Currently, the VSTF team covers Dutch, English, French, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish languages, and we are always working to add more to this growing list.

    Spam is an unfortunate and inevitable part of the internet, which is why Wikia is so fortunate to have a group of people like the VSTF. The…

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  • Ducksoup

    Hi Wikians! Ducksoup here!

    In 2012, we launched a feature called Special:Promote, which allowed admins to use text and images to promote their community on It quickly gained popularity - who doesn’t want to promote their community? - but as it became more widely used and its content was pulled into more features, it exceeded its original scale and experienced performance issues. What does that mean? Frankly, it actually became so popular that it couldn't handle usage anymore, which is a rather good problem to have.

    It got so stressful on the back end that we had to shut it down last August and start work on a replacement. This is still only a beta product, but say hello to the Hero image!

    While designing and building this - the offic…

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  • Hotsoup.6891

    Earlier this month, we revealed a very important fact about Wikia: approximately 50% of all page views across Wikia are coming from mobile devices. That number will continue to grow, so we've made mobile optimization a key focus in 2015.

    As we move forward with these mobile-friendly efforts, we're launching a series of "Best Practice" blogs and help pages to assist you in optimizing your communities for mobile devices. You can see a list of the best practice help pages that we currently have on our Mobile Help hub. Some of our big focuses are finding the best ways to optimize tables, stub templates, main pages, and more for mobile devices.

    To kick this off, we've posted a Main Page Optimization help guide for our first topic. Main pages are …

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  • Acardwell415

    Heads up, Bracket fans!

    Round Two is now live, including the four NEW couples from our commenters. GO VOTE !

    Happy Valentine's weekend, Wikians!

    For all you romantics out there, we've opened voting on our first ever cross-community Greatest Love of All Couples Bracket Tournament.

    Two weeks ago, we put out the call for fandoms to nominate their favorite on-canon couple. Marge and Homer, Han and Leia, Katniss and Peeta, Mario and Princess Peach, and so many more - they're all here, thanks to the nominations that came in from across our thousands of communities.

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  • Nmonterroso

    Hello everyone, this is Nelson. I’m a software engineer in the platform group at Wikia. Today I’m going to talk about our new thumbnailer, Vignette.

    Wikia recently started an effort to modernize the platform. Part of this effort includes retiring or replacing services that are difficult to maintain or written in languages that are no longer supported. One of our first targets for improvement was the image thumbnailer. MediaWiki’s default thumbnailer has previously proven effective and useful, but it was time to upgrade to something that matches Wikia’s needs, both in terms of scale and performance.

    Around the time that discussions started about replacing the old thumbnailer, Wikia acquired a company called Huddler. Huddler had developed thei…

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  • Hotsoup.6891

    Mobile Forward 2015

    February 3, 2015 by Hotsoup.6891

    Happy New Year, Wikians! Over the course of 2014, we saw a huge increase in the amount of people accessing Wikia communities through mobile devices. It was such a big increase, in fact, that this year we expect that approximately 50% of all traffic will come from mobile devices!

    With that in mind, we will be making mobile one of our main focuses of 2015. We'll be working on projects aimed at growing awareness about how important mobile is on Wikia, helping you create your content in a mobile-friendly way, improving the mobile experience, adding new apps and mobile features, and improving the visibility and support that you receive for mobile products.

    With mobile being a big focus in 2015, where can you go for information and help about Wikia …

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  • Rupert Giles

    Greetings Wikians! Rupert Giles here again to talk about global navigation. As many of you know, Wikia rolled out a new global nav back in December with the intention of gathering qualitative user feedback and quantitative engagement data. We mentioned in this post that we would be back in January to talk about next steps. Well, January is almost over and I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on our plans in the coming weeks.

    You provided us with a lot of pointed feedback on the nav experience and how it affected individual communities and users. While we received feedback on a variety of subjects, there was fairly universal sentiment around a couple things - the nav was too intrusive (a combination of height, fixed placement, and theming)…

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  • Cnoteboat

    Hi there! My name is Charlie Boatwright and I'm an analyst in the Analytics Team here at Wikia. Part of my role involves investigating research questions pertinent to Wikia using the data we have available to us. One of the first topics I was assigned to look at is the attributes of Wikia article pages that drive pageviews.

    One of the biggest drivers is what's known as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, which is the process used to make it easier for wikias to be discovered and indexed by search engines. That way, search engines can properly rank a wikia's "relevance" and "importance," based on that search engine's criteria, in order to show the best search results possible for a user's query. For example, when a user searches "Who is Walt…

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