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  • Ducksoup

    Howdy howdy howdy, Wikians!

    Today we’re (choo-choo!) hopping on the mobile train. We have mobile app news and features to share. And oh my goodness these apps are incredibly popular.

    Wikia released the first five Community Apps in November of 2013. Simple premise: Wikians produce high-quality, engaging content, and apps are a good way collect and organize content for viewers. Since then, we’ve released over 100 iOS apps and more than 80 Android apps, with no end in sight. Combined, these apps surpassed one million monthly active users a couple months ago. By any measure, those are incredible figures, and three cheers for our Mobile Apps team and their amazing products, as well as for you, the Wikians who create the amazing content featured in …

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  • Ducksoup

    Why Wikia Evolves

    June 18, 2015 by Ducksoup

    Wikia’s a big place with a big platform underpinning it. Have you ever seen a list of all the extensions that exist on Wikia? It is impressively long, and I’ll admit, somewhat confusing. I remember seeing it on my first day working here - I tried to parse it, but instead made a face and pouted.

    An easy explanation for this is that we want the community to have access to as many curation and development tools as reasonably possible, but there’s another reason, too: Wikia has been around for quite a while (in Internet Time, anyway) and the platform has never stopped expanding.

    Between new coding techniques, updated user interface standards, and flashier devices, sometimes we have to make decisions about how to proceed from a product perspectiv…

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  • BertH

    Hi Wikians!

    Many of you have created Facebook pages for your communities to help get news and updates to your readers and editors. Some of you also use your main page to promote the Facebook page of your community's topic. If you use the Like Box plugin/widget to show Facebook content on your wikia, you'll need to update to a newer plugin from Facebook.

    Next week (on June 23), Facebook will drop support for the Like Box, which used the tags |}

    Got questions? Let us know in the comments. Need help? Let us know via Special:Contact.

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  • Mira Laime

    Hey Wikians,

    I recently joined the Community Support Team at Wikia, and I’ll be helping you with your problems and answer any questions you might have.

    Just like Andrea, who takes care of the German Wikia community, I grew up in Germany and live in the US now. I'm here to help out all English-speaking users. Before joining Wikia, I worked for a career network called in Munich. There, it was my job to take care of the online forum and community, a group of about 50,000 students and graduates.

    Obviously, Wikia has a much larger number of users and many communities on different topics. Two of my personal favorites are the Game of Thrones and the Lord of the Rings communities – you see, I like dragons, swords and medieval stuff! Bac…

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  • Merrystar

    Adopting a wikia

    June 9, 2015 by Merrystar

    A little while ago, Sannse discussed all of the ways you can work on a wikia without admin rights. Today I want to talk about what happens when you've done that and you are ready to take the next step and become an admin. If there is an active admin then you will need to talk to that person (tips and hints for that found in another of Sannse's excellent blogs here). But what if there is no administrator currently working on the wikia? In that case, the solution is to adopt the wikia.

    What does "adopting a wikia" mean? It means that you volunteer to help take care of the wikia and build it into something better. You will get administrator and bureaucrat tools so you can customize the appearance, delete spam, block vandals, and promote other …

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  • ForestFairy

    Hello Wikians,

    My name is ForestFairy and I am the German Community Manager for Wikia. Some of you may know me a little bit, because I do answer some english support requests from time to time. I work closely with my english community colleagues, but you probably won’t see me around here very often. However, I am part of Wikia's social blog team and today I get to write a blog for both the English and the German community. As you can imagine, we have the same issues over there as you do over here. Today I am talking about a common nuisance: Trolls!

    A Troll is someone that you can meet everywhere on Wikia and in the internet. A troll’s purpose is to simply provoke you. When they comment or edit, it will usually not have anything to do with th…

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  • Sannse

    Before You Adopt

    May 14, 2015 by Sannse

    So here's the problem. You've found a fascinating wikia, just ripe for growth, and you're raring to go. But for some reason or other, it's not eligible for adoption. Maybe the admin is almost active and had edited in the last month. Or you haven't been on the wikia long enough to be eligible. Or maybe you just aren't ready to adopt yet.

    But even without being an admin, there are lots of things you can do to help the wikia, and maybe get ready for adoption.

    The first thing I would do is look to see who else is on the wikia. There are two good ways to do this. One is to go to Special:RecentChanges, your one-stop shop for wikia information. This is one of the most important pages on the wikia, and If you can master reading this, you will be a wik…

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  • Gcheung28

    Hello Wikians! This week you’ll start to see something new at the top of article pages — buttons for sharing your community’s work via social media.

    These options will make it easier for both editors and readers to get your wikia’s expertly-crafted content out into the wider fan universe for your topic. Comments, likes, reblogs, and retweets can indicate how useful and relevant a page is for others. Some of those readers might even come visit and make some contributions of their own!

    We’re especially excited to add sharing options for Reddit and Tumblr, and we’ll be adding language/region-specific buttons for non-English users in the coming weeks.

    A few notes about what’s changing with this update:

    • The Edit button and Comments/Talk button wil…

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  • Rupert Giles

    Some contents of this blog have been edited. Please read through to see what has changed!

    Hey everybody, in last year’s article layout prototype, we tested out a number of different things and we got a lot of feedback that has been instrumental in how we’re going to try and move forward. The prototype helped us learn some important things about what works and what doesn’t (for example, removing the right rail was fairly disruptive). We are still going to move forward with gradual enhancements to article layout, but our plan is to focus on specific aspects of the layout one by one. This process is similar to how we updated the global navigation in January, but it will take a longer time to get all the changes to article layout out there.


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  • Brandon Rhea

    Today, Wikia is excited to announce a brand new opportunity for our superfans. Wikians like you will be given the ultimate fan experience at major pop culture events throughout 2015, beginning with Wizard World events throughout the United States. We're calling this program the Wikia Superfan Crew, and fans will be able to attend Wizard World shows to represent Wikia, their communities, and their fandoms. Wikia won't have an official presence at these shows - the Superfan Crew are the Wikia ambassadors!

    Entering for a chance to become part of the Superfan Crew is easy! Simply visit our Superfan Crew page on Wikia Live and tell us which event(s) you want to attend and why. Anyone can enter, but we'll be looking for stellar candidates who are …

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