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    Wikia Maps

    July 22, 2014 by Nblonkenfeld

    Hello Wikians!

    Today marks the launch of a brand new product, Wikia Maps.

    With Wikia Maps, you and your community can create interactive maps to highlight your content in an even more visual and shareable way, offering a deep-dive into the places, characters, and things that you love.

    Wikia Maps is uniquely designed so that you can map both the fictional world and the real world, including anything from game play to concert posters, runway fashion to book covers.

    You can already see communities using Wikia Maps as an interactive storytelling tool. Check out Game of Thrones for a map of Westeros, including pins and links that connect to the community’s rich content. Star Wars Fanpedia mapped the Millennium Falcon, connecting the iconic image to…

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    Congratulations, Kharneus -- winner of our #Superfan Trivia Contest!

    Kharneus is a regular contributor on Brickipedia, and, as winner of the #Superfan Trivia Contest, has curated our homepage with his favorite wikia communities. Explore his picks!

    We asked Kharneus a few extra questions about what makes him a Superfan:

    • Q: Kharneus, what inspired you to become a regular contributor on Wikia?
    • A: I've been using Wikia and its communities for several years now, but few months ago I thought I could start giving something to the community. So I started with some little contributions like corrections and photos. It felt good and it was also fun, so I started contributing regularly.
    • Q: We know you're really active on Brickipedia, so what's your all-time …

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    How to Get Unblocked

    July 16, 2014 by Sannse

    Recently I talked about why staff don't change admin decisions to block. But that didn't answer the related question of how do you get a block removed on Wikia.

    Of course, the first way is to not get blocked in the first place! I've often heard people protest their block when they were clearly doing something wrong. So if you get blocked because you replaced the main page with "aasdkadkj" then my answer to you is "don't do that then".

    But even if you act perfectly, there are reasons that you might get blocked. There might be a misunderstanding, or you may have broken a rule that wasn't obvious, or you may have come across an unreasonable admin.

    So my first advice is to take an honest look at your actions. Is this really a bad block, or were you d…

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    Want to put your stealth skills to the test? Check out some of these awesome stealth game wikis on our network. These wikis can provide a large amount of information about these great games. Looking for a difficult stealth game, or perhaps an action/stealth game hybrid? Take a look at these great game series, you might find your next favorite game!


    Got a favorite stealth game that isn't listed here? Want to join in on the conversation? Leave a comment below!

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    Today we have another great guest blog post written by a regular contributor of Community Central. This one is by Master Ceadeus 27!

    Cead is generally to be found here on Community Central, as well as on Monster Hunter Fanon where he's admin and bureaucrat, and is working on his own fanfiction series. He is also admin/bureaucrat on World of Tanks Wikia, The Boondock Saints Wiki and others.

    In this blog post, he is going to talk about a question that staff often hear: "why won't you look at my chat screenshot? It shows someone misbehaving!" It can be hard to say no when this happens, because often we believe those showing us the screenshot. But we have to be fair and consistent, and Master Ceadeus explains why that means not accepting screens…

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    Hi everyone! Michael here, checking in with another dispatch from my Featured Wikias series. I realize it's been a while since we did one of these, but I think after you read all about my new friend Kim and her favorite Wikia communities, you'll forgive me :-)

    Kim (aka Pinkachu ) is a true superstar admin and believer in the power of collaborative communities. In addition to being a widely respected admin in the Wikia community, she's also an experienced PC/Network technician and an ex-police officer who happens to love gaming, painting ceramics, singing and, of course, editing on Wikia. There's no way I can write any sort of intro that will do Kim justice, so please enjoy reading about Kim and her fave communities in her own words!

    Hello. M…

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    Khoor Zlnldqv, dqg kdssb Iulgdb wr brx doo!

    Oh, what's that? You're not fluent in the Caesar cipher used in episodes 1 - 6 of Gravity Falls? I feel bad for you. Luckily, Wikia's Gravity Falls community admin YazzyDream can help! We recently had the good pleasure of hosting YazzyDream in our San Francisco offices as part of our Admin Visit program, and it's safe to say we're all Gravity Falls fans now. Yazzy is an artist, designer, music enthusiast, and now, we hope, a fan of our hometown of SF.

    We learned so much talking to Yazzy about the Wikia community. Check out the video below of her visit and be sure to say hi to Yazzy if you see her around the community!

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    The cronut (croissant donut hybrid) opened the door to the world of Frankenfood. What is a Frankenfood, you ask? A Frankenfood is two foods mashed up into one incredibly delicious, gluttonous, and mind-boggling creation. Check out some of these new creations in addition to our three contest-winning fictional Frankenfoods from the Wikia universe.

    Just in time for summer, we have some frozen hybrid foods that will cool you down and psyche you up. Let's start with the basics- who doesn't love pie with a big scoop of ice cream on top? Um, we do! We do! What if you blended both together until they became a smooth drinkable milkshake? Introducing... the Pie Shake.

    A new grown up version of the ice cream sandwich has arrived. It involves another ch…

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    Junior admin

    Hello Wikians! Since it's my first post, let me introduce myself: I'm Adam, and I work at Wikia on the Community Engineering team. Together with Grunny, I'm responsible for rolling-out Lua-based templates. I'd like to share some information on our first shared module—the InfoboxBuilder.

    The idea for InfoboxBuilder came from researching a number of wikias and their way of creating complex infoboxes. Not only is our goal to unify these templates and speed up the page loading times, but also to make the creation and maintenance of these templates easier for all Wikians. We also want you to benefit from the full power of Lua’s built in logical operators, making it easier to add conditional styling and code to your infoboxes.

    Once you have Lua an…

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    Calling all SUPERFANS!

    We’re thrilled to kick-off our new #Superfan Trivia Contest on Facebook and Twitter! The rules are simple:

    • Look for our trivia questions on Facebook every day and post your answers in the comments 
    • Watch for our trivia tweets throughout the day and tweet us your answers using hashtag #Superfan
    • Be awesome (That's a given, since you're already here.)

    We're going to post trivia questions on Facebook and Twitter every day for the next 2 weeks and choose a winner at random the following week.

    What is the Grand Prize?

    As the winner of the Superfan contest, YOU will be featured on Wikia's homepage, and you'll pick your favorite wikia page to spotlight for millions of people to see!

    How do you win the #Superfan Trivia Contest?

    Over th…

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