Administrators and Chat moderators are volunteers who help maintain Community Central. You'll often find them in blog, forum, and wall discussions, as well as in Chat. Administrators and chat moderators are appointed by FANDOM Staff as needed.

Administrators are here to help you with non-Staff related questions, so be sure to leave them a note if you need their help!


100#.jpg Aiihuan
Aiihuan is a Vanguard member and currently contributes mostly on Community Central. She loves to chat and help users out.
100#.jpg Cörey
Cörey is an admin at Community Central as well as on a bunch of book related wikis. When he's not usually playing games of League of Legends, obsessing over penguins or on a Netflix binge, he's on Fandom wasting his life away helping young penguins find their way around.
100#.jpg Jr Mime
Jr Mime first edited on January 24th 2012, joined the Community Central mod team on April 24 2015 and moved to the admin team on February 16 2016. You can regularly see him at the RuneScape Wiki and Community Central. Jr Mime is one of the two existing Narwhals on FANDOM.
Usernoreplyz.png Noreplyz
Noreplyz is a blue whale and is a member of the VSTF. He enjoys editing around the place, keeping things up to date and organized, and teasing Jr Mime and his group of walruses.
100#.png PyroNacht
PyroNacht is a veteran FANDOM member from Alaska. She spends a lot of her time writing blogs, but is also a fairly active chatter. Despite her amount of time on chat, she spends her time gaming or working on her novel. In addition to that, Pyro is capable of holding a conversation in German, besides her native English language.
100#.png SayuriDarling
SayuriDarling is an admin on the Riordan Wiki. She spends most of her time editing, chatting about k-pop or anime, or reading.
100#.jpg Veralann
Veralann is a frequent CC user who regularly pops into video game-related wikis to make a few edits before going back to lurking. He spends his free time writing, playing video games, or talking to his fellow Wikians.

Chat moderators

100#.jpg 2Actimv
2Actimv is an admin on several wikis. Other than chatting and helping people on Community Central he’s usually busy on Football Wiki or Wiki. In addition he regularly posts new chat skins and coding on Chat Skins Wikia which you can freely use.
100#.png Slyst
Slyst can be usually found editing the Parks and Recreation Wiki. He loves to edit and chat. When not on Fandom, he can be found contemplating life with a coffee mug in hand.
100#.jpg Spongebob456
Spongebob456 is an admin and bureaucrat on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia and a chat moderator on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki. He can be found editing across FANDOM and loves to chat.
TyA_userpage_image.png TyA
TyA is an admin on the RuneScape Wiki and a member of the VSTF. They have been found lurking in various chats at various times and know a few things about wikis.
100#.png Yatalu
Yatalu is an admin on the Hvetshran, Language Brigade and Role Play Wikis, and a Dutch helper. She loves chatting, translating and editing.

Contact them

Need to get into contact with an administrator or chat moderator? They'd be happy to help with whatever you need here on Community Central! To contact them, you can click one of their usernames that you can find earlier in the page, and then click "Message Wall" once on their user profile page to leave them a message.

If you have a concern about an administrator or chat moderator, please contact the Community Support Team at Special:Contact.