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Administrators and Chat moderators are volunteers who help maintain Community Central. You'll often find them in blog, forum, and wall discussions, as well as in Chat. Administrators and chat moderators are appointed by Wikia Staff as needed.

Administrators are here to help you with non-Staff related questions, so be sure to leave them a note if you need their help!


100px-24376429.png.jpg Lil' Miss Rarity
Lil' Miss Rarity
Lil' Miss Rarity is the head of Turtles United. She is also knowledgeable when it comes to common scripting languages. She likes to develop bots and automated software for use on Wikia and can generally be of assistance. You may find her in chat.
100px-1997905.png Monchoman45
Monchoman45 is a technical admin on various wikis. When he isn't hacking or chatting, he's staring intently at RecentChanges.
100px-303594.png RansomTime
RansomTime is an admin at central, and a member of the VSTF. In his spare time he enjoys playing video games, and accusing others of witchcraft.
100px-1513734.png Sactage
Sactage is an admin on the Call of Duty Wiki, and a member of the VSTF. When not chatting, he's probably programming some new tool, learning a new language, or playing video games. Aside from his native tongue of English, he can hold conversations in both intermediate Italian and Spanish.
100px-1330470.png Thisismyrofl
Thisismyrofl is an admin on Community Central, as well as Wolfenstein Wiki where he can be found killin' Nazzies, and Kraftwerk Wiki.
100px-2200849.png TK-999
TK-999 is an admin on Community Central with a wide range of technical knowledge. He's also an admin and fan fiction writer on Star Wars Fanon, and can also be found helping users on Chat.

Chat moderators

100px-1142365.png Callofduty4
Callofduty4 is an admin of the Call of Duty Wiki. He enjoys spending time in various wikis' chats, as well as editing the wikis themselves. He is also a member of the VSTF.
100px-1724320.png Cook Me Plox
Cook Me Plox
Cook Me Plox is an administrator on the RuneScape Wiki. He is also a member of the Pony Hunting Brigade.
100px-1845073.png Lucan07
Lucan07 is an admin on the Just Cause Wiki, and a regular editor at the Assassin's Creed Wiki.
100px-4705324.png.jpg Spongebob456
Spongebob456 is an admin on the SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki and a chat moderator on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki. He can be found editing across Wikia and loves to chat.
100px-1929113.png TyA
TyA is an admin on the RuneScape Wiki and a member of the VSTF. They have been found lurking in various chats at various times and knows a few things about wikis.
100px-4142476.png Yatalu
Yatalu is an admin on the Hvetshran, Language Brigade and Role Play Wikis, and a Dutch helper. She loves chatting, translating and editing.

Contact them

Need to get into contact with an administrator or chat moderator? They'd be happy to help with whatever you need here on Community Central! To contact them, you can click one of their usernames that you can find earlier in the page, and then click "Message Wall" once on their user profile page to leave them a message.

If you have a concern about an administrator or chat moderator, please contact the Community Support Team at Special:Contact.

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