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Wikia International

Wikia is a multi-lingual company and we're hosting wikis in more than 100 languages. Besides our many visitors from the US or other English speaking countries, there is a huge amount of people who love to experience wikias in their mother tongue. To help and support them, we have an international team from all over the world.

Avatar-i18n Tim Bartel

Tim Bartel (Avatar) is responsible for Wikia International, with a focus on Wikia Germany. In the online world, people usually know him as Avatar, a nickname chosen from the famous Ultima roleplay game series which he first played on his Commodore 64. He considers himself to be an early adopter, especially since he entered the realm of cyberspace back in the late '80s with an acoustic coupler. He's been interested in wikis for more than 10 years. In his free time, he enjoys eating very spicy Thai food and he loves his two cats.

Bola-i18n Antonio

Antonio R. (Bola) is working for Wikia International with a focus on Spanish Wikis. He started editing wikis in Wikipedia and then started working on the Spanish Grand Theft Encyclopedia as bureaucrat. He has already been working for Wikia 3 years long as Spanish community helper and until he became a Wikia contractor in 2011. He loves push wikis about videogames and entertainment, and he's passionately in love with managing communities - including wiki-dramas!

The IVT (International Volunteering Team)

The International Volunteering Team is a group of super passionate users from all over the globe who love Wikia and like to help and support our communities in their local language. They are in close connection to users, inform about upcoming products, help in identifying new topics which aren't covered yet, and surface wikias by creating spotlights, sliders and more.

Members of the IVT usually have global powers similar to staff members to help out communities in ways similar to staff.

100px-826221.png.jpg MtaÄ

MtaÄ is supporting and coordinating the IVT. One main aspect of his work is to bring together language communities by finding helpers who work with him in order to build a language community. Every day more and more international users arrive at Wikia, and his second main effort is to increase their awareness of the availability of localized content and communities.

If you would like to work with him on international communities, check out for which languages we are currently searching volunteers on this page's talk page.

Cizagna-i18n Cizagna

Cizagna is a Spanish helper. He started editing at Dofus Wiki in fall 2005 as IP and signed up in 2006. At mid 2009 he joined the international team as a Wikia Helper for Spanish communities. He loves to analyze esoteric templates and he's happy to help you out. But you have to be clear and specific on what you want. If you have any question don't hesitate to ask him... but if you are looking for the meaning of life you have to go look somewhere else as his speciality is wiki-mechanics =P

Zeist-i18n Zeist Antilles
User:Zeist Antilles

Zeist Antilles is a Spanish helper. He's active in Wikia since 2006 and while most of his activity goes towards the Spanish Star Wars Wiki he's also interested in a lot of other topics.

100px-9753034.png.jpg Elseweyr

Elseweyr is a Finnish helper. A native speaker of both Finnish and Swedish, she has a keen interest in languages and hopes to one day become a linguist or language engineer. She joined Wikia in May 2013 to contribute to the Mass Effect Wiki, where she is now Chat Moderator, and founded its Finnish version in November the same year.

Leviathan-i18n leviathan
User:Leviathan 89

Leviathan 89 is an Italian helper. He started editing as One Piece fan, collaborating with both the English and the Italian wiki until he became admin of the latter. He likes messing around with wikicode, CSS and JavaScript, so he usually help out other fellow editors when asked to. He is a physic student hence he naturally likes science and technology.

100px-2213899.png.jpg Paolino Paperino
User:Paolino Paperino

Paolino is an Italian helper. He has joined to Wikia in July 2010 when he started his main wiki, PaperPedia, where he learns to love this project. He is Italian and he studies modern literature at university, he loves the free culture and the extraordinary sharing of ideas that underlie Wikia's world.

100px-770155.png.jpg Flightmare

Flightmare is a Dutch helper. He joined in 2010, but became more active in 2011 when Skyrim brought him to The Elder Scrolls Wiki. Alongside TESWiki he has helped much smaller wikis to get up and running. He loves working on complex templates and styles. In his free time he likes to watch TV shows, play video games or help people with their wikis.

Yattavatar Yatta

Yatalu, also known as Yatta or Kiwi, is a Dutch helper. She is Belgian and joined Wikia to create Hvetshran Wiki, which currently exists in more than a dozen languages. In July, she founded the Wikia Language Brigade, an officious project for wiki translation and language correction.

100px-2118454.png.jpg Baakamono

Baakamono is a Polish helper. He joined in August 2010, though he had been editing anonymously before that. As a Wikia helper, he helps Polish wikis with customizing design and adding content. He is now an admin at Bleach Wiki and Sword Art Online Wiki.

100px-1117661.png.jpg Nanaki

Nanaki is a Polish Helper. Started editing Polish Lostpedia in April 2008. He started helping Polish Community on February 2009 and became an admin of the wiki in July 2009. Has Helper rights since August 2012. Likes to keep wikis neat and organized by categorizing pages, adding custom CSS and JS, and weaving intricate webs of templates to make MediaWiki do all the work for him. He's currently an admin of Polish League of Legends Wiki. In free time he likes to watch a good TV show, read a book or play games, both of computer and tabletop kind.

100px-3133490.png.jpg Vuh

Vuh is a Polish helper. He likes everything that is related with technican aspects - CSS, JavaScript, Lua and extensions MediaWiki. He started editing at Polish Elder Scrolls Wiki in 2010. His hobby is mainly playing all kinds of games, and watching anime.

100px-4830013.png.jpg Jormun

Сергей (Jormun) is Russian helper. He started contributing in Wikia on Russian The Elder Scrolls Wiki, where he still editting. Currently, he also is an admin of Russian Mass Effect Wiki. On Wikia he deals with templates and and helping abandoned wikis with new pages. In real life he loves motorcycles, gaming (especially, online shooters), mountain skiing and dragons.

Kuzura-i18n Юрий

Юрий (Kuzura) is a Russian helper. In real life, he is a scientist who investigates corrosion of metals. He likes science fiction, fantasy and good animation films and serials. He began as simple user on the Russian Lostpedia. Then he became the first Russian admin of Russian Lostpedia. After the completion of the LOST series he began working on the Russian Avatar Wiki and the Russian Community Wiki.

100px-2006078.png.jpg Светлана

Светлана (Svetlana) is a Russian helper. She joined Wikia in 2010. In a real life she works in a bank, and after this quite not creative job she likes to spend free time editing on different wikis. Also she likes good TV-series, books and games for mobile devices. As a helper she focuses on Entertainment wikis. She is now an admin of Russian Angry Birds Wiki and Russian Game of Thrones Wiki.

Wildream-i18n Володимир

Володимир (Wildream) is a Ukrainian helper, but he works with the Russian Community, too. His path on Wikia started from the Avatar Wiki, where he quickly became an admin. On Wikia, he loves all kinds of activities - from simple editing to work on wiki design, but most of all - working with templates.

International Community Development

The members of Wikia's International Community Development Team are here to help you make your community rock. They optimize wikia front pages, design cool skins and logos, make wikias easier to navigate and can give you a lot of good advise how to further improve your community.

Spinelli-i18n Spinelli313

Spinelli313 is a member of the German Community Development Team with a focus on Entertainment topics. She has a huge passion for movies, tv-shows and useless trivia that makes our lives so much more fun.

Foppes-i18n Johannes

Foppes is a member of the German Community Development Team with a focus on Gaming topics. He is a gamer at heart and helps us to push Gaming in German wikis to the next level. Up1!

Elbosso-i18n Micha

ElBosso started as a content editor in October 2011 for German gaming and entertainment wikis. Since 2013 he is also "in charge" of the german lifestyle wikis. ElBosso takes care of the german social media channels, too. He loves to play videogames, make and listen to music and too much other stuff, that probably will not fit into this small box.

Hector Avatar Héctor Donís
User:CuBaN VeRcEttI

Héctor is a member of the Spanish Community Development Team, working as content editor for gaming and entertainment communities. He is bureaucrat on Metal Gear Wiki and Animuspedia, and continues to contribute in other ones. He is a fan of music and videogames, among other topics. Moreover, he is in charge of the Spanish corporate wikia and usually give a helping hand at the Catalan communities.

Wyz-i18n Wyz

Wyz started as a French Helper from 2010 till 2014. He wanted to be a computer scientifist since he was a kid and now he is one of them. He watches a lot of TV series and plays a lot of PS3 games (too much to tell here) but he still has time to help and inform French communities and improve French translations on Wikia. As a big fan of LOST, he joined the French Lostpedia wiki on September 2007 and became an admin there on February 2008. When LOST has came to an end in June 2010, he naturally turned to Wikia to share his knowledge and experience on all French wikis.

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