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Wikia Staff are employees or contractors of Wikia, Inc.. Wikia's headquarters are in San Francisco, but many staff work remotely, located around the world so that we can provide support to the communities around the clock.

Community Team

The Community Team are Wikia staff members who can help with any issues on any Wikia site.

Contact us using Special:Contact and let us know how we can help you with your wiki and community.

Jen Burton is Wikia's VP, Community Support and will help our Community Support team as we work to support all of Wikia’s community members -- editors, founders, admins, readers, and visitors. She occasionally posts amazing photos of her dog Falkor at
Sannse Carter is the longest-standing member of the Community Support Team at Wikia. One of her passions (aside from wikis, of course) is making jewelry. She's collected hundreds of different beads, with lava stone among her favorites. You can find her hanging out on Community Central and visiting the amazing variety of wikis across Wikia. Feel free to say hello, and let her know what your favorite type of jewelry is -- she loves seeing new designs!
User:Sarah Manley
Before becoming a Community Manager, Sarah Manley was an Environmental Educator in NYC (yes, there's nature in New York!). She now lives in the Bay Area, where she loves being outdoors, riding her bike, hiking, and exploring the city. She spends a lot of time on Community Central, the staff blog, and welcoming users across the site. Feel free to stop by her talk page to say hello.
Dopp has been building websites and managing online communities since the late '90s. (Remember Geocities? Blink tags? Yeah, she was part of that scene.) She also loves to write -- she blogs, writes stories, and performs spoken word poetry at open mics. At Wikia, she helps keep our users up to date about technical changes, hang out on the staff blog, and help wherever support is needed. Feel free to swing by and say hi!
TimQKatahdinTim Quievryn
Tim Quievryn, commonly known as "Q", has been editing wikis since 2004 and been working here at Wikia since mid-2009. Stock car racing, photography, and hiking are his main hobbies, but he loves staying to learn a little bit about the topic of each wiki he helps out. Seek him out via email support, talk page, or Community Central Chat. He'll be glad to talk to you!
AvatarTim Bartel
Tim Bartel is responsible for Wikia International, with a focus on Wikia Germany. In the online world, people usually know him as Avatar, a nickname chosen from the famous Ultima roleplay game series which he first played on his Commodore 64. He considers himself to be an early adopter, especially since he entered the realm of cyberspace back in the late '80s with an acoustic coupler. He's been interested in wikis for more than 10 years. In his free time, he enjoys eating very spicy Thai food and he loves his two cats.
Trella recently moved to the Bay Area from New Jersey, and is an avid gamer and a recovering WoW addict. She currently dedicates most of her gaming time to Team Fortress 2 as an aspiring Medic and feverish hat collector. At Wikia she frequently stops by newly created wikis to say hello and engage new users. She can also be found on Founder & Admin Central or editing on the My Little Pony Wiki. Be sure to drop by her talk page and say hi!
User:Brandon Rhea
Brandon spends most of his time at Wikia helping users through community support, as well as working with adoption requests and other issues users need help with. In his free time, he is a Bureaucrat on the Star Wars Fanon wiki, an awesome repository for fan-made Star Wars stories, and he's also building the Alternative Star Wars Saga wiki to chronicle his own fan fiction. He's also involved with the Boy Scouts of America. If you need any help, feel free to let him know!
Grunny likes to tackle technical issues as well as chronicle the epicness of Star Wars on Wookieepedia. For the past nine years, he's been playing guitar and collecting as many guitars as his bank account allows. Who's his favorite guitar player? It's a toss up between Eddie Van Halen, Ritchie Blackmore, and John Petrucci. If you like one over the other, or have a technical question, feel free to get in touch.
Wendy 001Wendy
Wendy loves gardening, particularly flowers and vegetables, although she seems to be growing an ever-increasing number of fruit bushes and trees as well! She lived in the Netherlands for a few years, and tulips have been her favorite flower ever since -- she as as many in my yard as the bunnies let her grow. At Wikia, you'll find her on Community Central or the Muppet Wiki, which she's been editing since 2005. Feel free to drop by with any questions or just to say hello!
Bola-comicAntonio R.
Antonio is focused in the Spanish communities. He's from Spain, and loves contributing to our Spanish Gaming and Entertainment wikis -- especially GTA wiki. If you need help in Spanish, he's your guy. He helps new wikis grow, and you can find him on Spanish Wikia Central, or on any Spanish wiki. Stop by and say hola!
Wikia SelfSean
Sean comes to Wikia from the world of video game publishing, where he has applied his legal background in ways carefully calculated to let him have as much fun as possible. He loves all things geeky, including but not limited to, video games, comic books, movies, books, and gadgets. He also enjoys writing either at his blog Semantic Drift, brewing beer, or traveling.
Bert0717 Bert
Bert has past experience helping online communities use web-based software. He's been a longtime reader and sometime contributor on several Wikia wikis and is excited to be part of the team. Favorite interests and activities include comics, science fiction, horror, comedy, pop music, life sciences, astronomy and cryptozoology.
Rappy Rappy
User:Rappy 4187
Rappy has been editing Wikia since 2008, and joined the VSTF in March 2012 and later hired on as a Community Support team member. You can find him playing Aion and editing at the Aion Wiki in his spare time.
Sactage is an intern with the Community Team. In addition to that role, he's a member of the VSTF and a chat moderator on Community Central. You can often find him doing admin work on the Call of Duty Wiki or programming and learning to design websites. If you have any questions for him, don't hesitate to ask!

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