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This is a list of accounts on Twitter or similar services that are related to Wikia wikis.

These are usually not official accounts and not run by Wikia. One exception is @Wikia which is Wikia's official Twitter account and @Wikia_Community which is run by the Community Support Team.

This page is just for listing accounts associated with wikis hosted on You can find accounts for external wikis using a Twitter people search such as Twellow.

Latest posts from @wikiaEdit

Active wikis on TwitterEdit

account wiki/function operated by
@AforAthlete AforAthlete wiki
@ATWikia Adventure Time Wiki
@AllBirdsWiki All Birds StaraptorEmpoleon
@Alternativesaga Alternative Star Wars Saga Brandon Rhea
@AoGG_Wiki Anne of Green Gables Wiki SusannahWithAnH
@AvatarWiki Avatar Wiki The 888th Avatar, Thailog
@TheBFWiki Battlefield Wiki awyman13
@Beerwiki Beer Wiki Wikia owned
@Biblicalapedia Biblicalapedia currently being looked at
@BleachWikia Bleach Wiki Yyp
@BlueBloodsWiki Blue Bloods Universe Wiki SecretCircleMegaFan
@Ben10Planet Ben 10 Planet Superbike10
@BrickCritics Brick Critics
@Bookswiki Children's Books Wiki Bethel23
@Brickipedia Brickipedia Lcawte
@Call0fDutyWiki Call of Duty Wiki N7
@Halfblood_wiki Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki BachLynn23
@CHBWiki Camp Half-Blood Wiki Hermione Chase
@caniscanemwiki Canis Canem Wiki GTAAAF and ClaudeGTA3
@Cocktailswiki Cocktails Wiki Wikia owned
@Coffeewiki Coffee Wiki Wikia owned
@Craftwiki Easy Crafts Wiki Wikia owned
@Currency_Wiki Currency Wiki Dser
@dak47922 Minecraft Creations Wiki Dak47922
@DC Database DC Database Hatebunny, MrBlonde267, Kyletheobald, Jamie
@DeadmanWiki Deadman Wonderland Wiki Bereisgreat
@DisneyMickyWiki Disney Mickey Mouse Wiki DJSponge
@DQWiki Deltora Quest Wiki Belt of Deltora
@DWAnswers Doctor Who Answers Imamadmad
@EarthriseWiki Earthrise Wiki Sunspots
@EuWiki Eushully Wiki (EuWiki)
@FairyTWiki Fairy Tail Wiki IamJakuhoRaikoben
@TheFerryWiki Ferry Wiki Erlopez
@FFWiki Final Fantasy Wiki Jeppo, ScatheMote, Catuse167, and Tia-Lewise
@flashfwdwiki Flash Forward Wiki Sam McPherson
@frikipaideia Frikipaideia JimmyX
@fringewiki Fringe Wiki Balistic Pve
@Gasopedia Gasopedia – Bristol Rovers Wiki Gasheadsteve
@gleewiki Glee Wiki Wikia owned
@GravityWiki Gravity Falls Wiki Tuckyd
@gtaencyclopedia Grand Theft Encyclopedia GTAAAF and Smoke1996
@GLTASWiki Green Lantern The Animated Series Wiki Regular Guy
@Official_HPWiki Harry Potter Wiki Cavalier One in collaboration with Wikia
@HogwartsrpgWiki Hogwarts Roleplay Wiki The wiki admins.
@HoAWikia House of Anubis All the Admins
@HIMYM_wiki How I Met Your Mother Wiki JediRogue (looking for replacement/assistant)
@Hvetshran Hvetshran Wiki Yatalu
@IbanezWiki Ibanez Guitar Wiki Brambram
@ja_entamewikia Japanese Entertainment Wikia Wikia owned
@ja_ffxi_news Japanese FFXI wiki Tommy6
@ja_wikia_feed a feed of new pages on some of Wikia's top Japanese language wikis Yukichi
@KappaWiki Kappa Mikey Wiki TyA
@Kirby_Wiki German Kirby-Wiki MtaÄ
@KFPWikiOfficial Kung Fu Panda Wiki Spottedstar
@KnBWiki Kuroko no Basuke Wiki Bereisgreat
@lawandorderwiki German Law & Order Wiki MtaÄ
@LaytonWiki Professor Layton Wiki Tjcool007
@LoLWikia League of Legends Wiki D3Reap3R
@LoHWiki The Legend of Heroes Wiki TheUnseelieCourt
@Lcwiki logo creation wiki Rswfan, Deathgleaner and Swannie
@LPTVG_Wikia Lego Pirates, The Video Game Wiki Tama63 and Jzfredskins
@LittleMixWiki The Little Mix Wiki Fleur
@Lostpedia Lostpedia
@LuckyFredWiki Lucky Fred Wiki RGL Victor The Great
@LyricWiki LyricWiki Wikia owned
@TheMacrossWiki The Macross Wiki FortressMaximus
@MadAsHellWiki Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell Wiki Jsteel7
@MadMenWiki Mad Men Wiki Wikia owned
@manhuntwiki Manhunt Wiki GTAAAF
@MarvelDatabase Marvel Database Jamie
@maxpaynewiki Max Payne Wiki Bola and GTAAAF
@MBWikia Medaka Box Wiki Whistle9
@Mccwiki1 Minecraft Computer Wiki Wiki Owned
@MeerUndMehrWiki German Creative Writing (MeerUndMehr) MtaÄ
@monsunowiki Monsuno wiki Abce2
@MySimsFanon MySims Fanon Animal Crossing Leader
@MuppetWiki Muppet wiki Danny Horn
@NinjaGaidenWiki Ninja Gaiden wiki Godisme
@NintendoWikia Nintendo wiki Benjamin Miller
@NSWTrainsWiki NSW Trains Wiki Jsteel7
@NLRuneScapeWiki Dutch RuneScape Darth Stefan
@nogooglewiki Norwegian Google wiki
@Nukapedia Fallout Wiki Agent c
@OfficialCPWikia Creepypasta Wiki Princess Platinum
@OnePieceWiki One Piece Encyclopedia
@OnePieceWiki_it One Piece Wiki Italia Leviathan_89
@OgreLair User:HooperBandP|Hooper
@peqi a bot which creates content for peqipedia directly from Twitter! PaulY
@Phineas and Ferb Phineas and Ferb Wiki from Twitter! Roger Rabbit 42
@PokemonWiki Pokémon Wiki Jäzzi
@PoptropicaWiki Poptropica Wiki
@PPlayersWiki POTCO Players Tama63,Captain Crimson
@PrimevalWiki Primeval Wiki ZEM
@RainoftheGhosts Rain of the Ghosts Wiki Thailog
@Rappelz_Wiki Rappelz Wiki Drennan
@RatchetWiki Ratchet & Clank wiki Administrators; created by Hunterj.
@RecipesWiki Japanese Recipes Wiki & Family Recipes Wiki Wikia owned
@reddeadwiki Red Dead Wiki CuBaN VeRcEttI
@redwallwiki Redwall Wiki
@reviewswiki Reviews Wiki Jewntansoath
@RSWiki RuneScape Wiki Flaysian; Gaz Lloyd
@RSCWiki RuneScape Classic Wiki
@RubiconWiki Rubicon Wiki
@Sardapedia Sardapedia ScatheMote, Jeppo, Master Conjurer, and Chocolancer
@segawiki Sega wiki
@SimCityWiki SimCity Wiki Sgt Frogman
@SoftwareWiki Software Wiki Ose
@SpiceGirlsWiki Spice Girls Wiki DoctorStrange
@SporeWiki SporeWiki Ose
@SRMTHFGWiki Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! Wiki Eoghan Christie
@SuperSajuuk Skyrim Falskaar Wiki Speysider
@TardisWiki Tardis Index File wiki CzechOut and Tangerineduel
@tekkenwiki Tekken wiki
@The_WLB Language Brigade Wiki Yatalu and Jr Mime
@TheExpanseWiki The Expanse Wiki Tobiasvl
@TheFloorsland The Floorsland Wiki Telinc1 and Thesupremedony
@TheRevengerists The Revengerists Consortium of Stuff
@TESWikiJp The Elder Scrolls Wiki Japanese Version Gurgate
@thesimswiki The Sims Wiki Beds, LostInRiverview, Lost Labyrinth, and Woganhemlock
@twtwfy They Want to Work for You wiki Paul Youlten
@THPWiki Touhou Project Wiki
@TrackersWiki Trackers Interface Wiki Iggyvolz
@TrueBloodWiki True Blood Wiki Wikia owned
@TwilightersWiki Twilight Saga Wiki Wikia owned
@UnchartedWiki Uncharted Wiki Klock101
@WatchDogsWiki Watch Dogs Wiki JBanton,Regular Guy
@WookieeNewsNet Wookieepedia
@wikia Wikia Wikia owned
@WikiaAnime Anime hub Wikia owned & Bereisgreat
@WikiaGaming Wikia Gaming Wikia owned
@wikia_de German Wikia

Avatar and MtaÄ

@wikia_nl Centrale Wikia community (Dutch Community Central) Yatalu
@WikiSein WikiSein DaRanger
@WikiShrek WikiShrek Airhogs777
@wikitroid Wikitroid Owned by FastLizard4, operated by all users with access to a specially-designed API-based interface (the list of authorized users can be found here)
@winewikia Wine Wiki Wikia owned
@WoWWiki WoWWiki Fandyllic, Raylan13
@Yogscast Wiki Yogscast Wiki Soldier Elite
@YJWiki Young Justice Wiki Rassilon of Old, Thailog
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