Aired December 14, 2012

This webinar provides an overview of adding videos to your wiki. The session overviews embedding a video in a page, as well as the Related Videos Module and Special:Videos features. We discuss the content you can find on our video wiki, as well as a sneak peek at what you will see on Wikia in 2013.

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Welcome to the December Webinar - Videos on your wiki

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I’m Sarah Morales, a Director of Community Support at Wikia and today joining me is Yoko Senga, a Product manager here at Wikia.

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Today our focus is going to be on Videos - how to add, where to find them, and what we are working on to help you integrate them more easily into your wikis.

I will share a bit about the state of videos on wikia now, where we hope to go, and yoko will provide a tour of our video tools, as well as provide suggestions for how to add videos to your wiki.

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So why videos?

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Videos online

As most of you know, videos are a huge part of the internet, from watching a funny video on youtube, or a documentary on netflix, to live action on twitch tv, videos have become a central form of content consumption online.

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Videos on Wikia

We recently did a survey of the community on Wikia about videos and just under 50% of our over 2000 responses said they watch videos a lot online, followed by 30% who say they watch videos regularly. Video is a big part of the online experience, and we believe that videos can provide a great benefit to wikis.

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Youtube: Pros & Cons

Currently on Wikia many users use Youtube  videos. Youtube is obviously one of the biggest providers of videos online, and is a great resource. One issue though is that a lot of the content uploaded to Youtube is added without the consent of the copyright holder, and in turn is often taken down due to these copyright violations. When this happens, a video will display as broken on your wiki.

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Wikia Video Library

To help counteract this issue, we have been working diligently to offer you another video resource, where are all of the videos are legally licensed. This resource is the Wikia Video Library on the video wiki, and all of the videos found there are ones from providers we have made agreements with allowing us to display them without the concern of them being removed without us knowing.

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Wikia Video Library

The video wiki can be found at and currently includes over 160,000 videos from approximately 10 partners, and this number is constantly growing. Here you can browse recently added videos or search for video on your favorite topic. Whenever new content is available from these providers we automatically ingest the videos from them so we are constantly adding new videos to the wiki. We are working on methods to alert you to these updates, which yoko will give you a sneak peak at later.

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Adding videos

Videos can be added to any wiki page, and depending on your wiki this may mean on a character page showing their top quotes, on an season page showing the highlights from every episode, or on a userpage to showcase your favorite videos. Here is an example from the Planetside 2 Wiki, where they feature a video on their main page along with a video gallery.

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Yoko is now going to walk us through the current video products we have, offer a sneak peek of what we are working on, and then we will do a Q&A. Please feel free to submit questions, ideas or suggestions.

Hi all, I’m Yoko Senga and I am product manager here at Wikia. My focus is on video. I have worked at multiple online video companies, including yahoo, flip cam and others. With this experience, I joined Wikia to help improve our video products, and make it is easier for communities to add videos to their wikis. I am excited about the potential video holds for Wikia.

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Wikia Video Survey Results

One of the interesting statistics that was confirmed in our recent survey was to the question, where do you watch videos on Wikia? 50% of the responders said they have not watched a video - this is not a surprise because videos are a newer addition to many wikis on Wikia. Now as Sarah mentioned earlier, at least 80% of these same people say they watch a LOT of videos online. Its my goal to help those folks find and watch videos on their favorite topic on Wikia.

So you might wonder, what about the remaining respondees that say they have watched a video on Wikia? Of those, nearly 40% say that they watched videos that were embedded into a page. This means that your readers are more likely to watch videos that are directly related to the content that they are reading about. This equates to more engagement and more time spent on your wiki by your audience.

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Embedding a video

So how do you embed a video on a page? Go to the page you want to add it to, hit edit and then the video buttononthe right rail.

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Embedding a video

A window will pop up, which we call the Video Embed Tool. This has two options, to add the url of the video you want to add, or to search for a video in the wikia video library or on your wiki.

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Embedding a video

Enter a keyword, and hit find. If matching videos are available, they will be displayed in a carousel within the window and you can preview and select a video to add. Here you can see an example from a search for the hobbit which provided 78 results from the wikia video library.

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Supported video providers

You can also add a video that you already found on the video wiki, or on one of our other supported sites, which you can see listed here.

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Embedding a video

When you find the video you want, save the url, and add it to the url input box.

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Embedding a video

Next the window will adjust to allow you to edit the video’s name, style, width, and position on the page. Now lets go through all of these options.

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Naming a video

The name of a video may not seem important, but it actually can make a difference. Video names should be descriptive of what the video is about, with specific keywords included. If the video is from a certain season, episode, or includes a certain character this should all be in the name. This helps other community members know what the video is about and helps when the video is indexed for search, both on Wikia and for search engines. A specific name like James_Bond_Skyfall_-_First_Trailer is much better than video:xyz2000

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Video Style & Size

Next option is style, which refers to how the video is framed on the page. You have the option to have a frame with a caption, or no caption at all.

Below that is the size of the video, you can determine how wide the video will be on the page. If you set a video to 400 pixels width or wider, it will play in place on the page.

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If it is less than 400 pixels wide, then the video will play in a lightbox, which allows for a bigger viewing experience and for easy browsing of all the other photos and videos that are on the page. This helps your readers to find more interesting content that you have contributed, again helping to further engage your audience on your wiki.

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Video Alignment

The last option is the video alignment on the page. This allows you to left, center or right align the video. On many wikis the preference is right aligned, which works well with many standard page formats that have right aligned infoboxes, and photo galleries.

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Here is an example from the hunger games wiki - you can see they have included trailers on the page right below the written description of the trailer.

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Embedding a video has been proven to receive the highest number of views because of its close relevance and proximity to the content. To allow you to even further integrate videos on your wiki, we have built the Related Videos Module and the Special:Videospage.

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Related Videos Module

The related videos module can be found on the right rail of almost every page, and is programmed by a wiki’s contributors. You can quickly add a video here, by clicking the add a video button. The module is randomized, so you will see a different subset of videos on each page load. This allows readers to find relevant videos they might not necessarily see and expose them to new and interesting content. If your wiki doesn’t currently have the related videos module, ask your admin to contact wikia staff to have it turned on.

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When you click on a video in the related videos module, it will pop out into a lightbox. The lightbox contains additional related videos, allowing you to continue browsing more videos. It also provides links to sharing out the video, more information and to the file page.

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The latest addition to video features is the Special:Videospage. This page can be found from the “on the wiki” tab in your wiki’s navigation. Clicking here will bring you to the Special:videos page, which displays all the videos that are part of your wiki.

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Here you have the option of viewing the page by a few of filters: Trending, Latest, Most Popular, or videos from our video library. The videos are displayed with details on who added it, the date and if it is embedded on a page. When you click to watch a video here, it will also play in a lightbox.

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So now you may be wondering, what do we have in store for 2013? Our first focus will be on acquiring more video content - covering more topics. We also hope to alert you as to when content related to your wiki is available. We realize it can be tedious to keep heading back to the video library, so we want to make is easier for you to be aware when there are new videos for your wiki.

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We also plan to add more functionality to videos, such as adding the ability to comment on a video, rate a video and other more interactive experiences. Much of this is based off of what we see the community enjoying and requesting - so please send us your feedback. We will now move into the Q&A.

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