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World War II: The Last Frontier

A 2017 documentary about the World War II Space Race between the United Stated, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War.

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World War II: The Last Frontier Transcript

0:14 - The year was 1943 and World War II is raging across the globe.

0:24 - Hitler is in control of Germany and militant fascism expands its hold on Europe.

0:36 - France, Poland, and parts of the Soviet Union lay occupied.

0:45 - Japan and Italy are in an alliance with Hitler's Germany.

0:50 - England, While beaten down, still holds out on the western front.

0:57 - Church Hill Speech

1:12 - President John F. Kennedy rallies the American people.

1:16 - J.F.K. speech

1:48 - On the European eastern front, an unlikely US ally, the communist and revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, resists the Nazi blitz krieg invasion.

2:00 - Lenin Speech

2:05 - The Red Army is lead by comrade Trotski, who rose to power after the revolution that over threw the Imperial rule of the Russian Czars.

2:18 - What the Russians do not have in weapons and training, they make up for with raw number of people and cities that they are ready to sacrifice in a scorched earth campaign.

2:32 - Inside the Soviet seat of power in Moscow, Lenin is joined by his closest adviser Joseph Stalin who rose through the ranks after his early involvement in the revolution.

2:50 - Stalin AKA "Uncle Joe", while appearing as a friend and confidant of Lenin's, is a nefarious character who covets the Soviet seat of power for himself.

3:03 - Likewise, the alliance with America and the Soviet Union is a fragile one. Their ideologies of capitalism and communism clash. In many ways a war is also brewing between the two, a clod war.

3:18 - The players and stakes were set. The winners and losers of both wars will ultimately be determined by the space race.

3:29 - What most people do not realize is that World War II was not just the first war to use Nuclear weapons. It was the first war to be fought and won in outer space.

3:40 - As fall started giving way to winter, a large portion of the Red Army was under siege and surrounded by German forces in St. Petersburg.

3:52 - Trotski entrenched with his soldiers, sent an urgent telegram to Moscow. His forces were almost overtaken, they would not last long.

4:01 - Trotski would need reinforcements and heavy artillery to take back the city and to survive.

4:10 - Back in Moscow, Stalin intercepts the urgent message. In a plot to weaken Lenin and take control Stalin makes sure the message is never delivered.

4:23 - In Berlin Wernher von Braun, under the direct super vision of Adolf Hitler, was working on the V2 rocket which would bring a quick and decicive end to the war by making it possible to establish a moon base.

4:39 - JFK knew that the United States was falling behind in the space race but the stakes were too high, the fate of capitalism hung in the balance.

4:48 - JFK needed a visionary and a diplomat who could recruit one of Germany's top scientists.

4:57 - What he got was an imagineer.

4:59 - It was then that the president requested a summit with Walt Disney.

5:05 - Walt had been selected to go directly to war time Berlin and to obtain a scientist. The details were imagineeered that very night in the Oval office.

5:16 - The CIA put key assets in play and convinced the Germans that rogue elements of American corporations were interested in commercial trade.

5:28 - The Germans gladly invited the delegation to Berlin.

5:31 - Along with Walt came Coca Cola and IBM

5:35 - In order to mask their true mission real companies would conduct real trade with Nazi fascists.

5:41 - Once in Berlin Coca Cola distracted Germans with refreshing Fanta while IBM shifted the focus to better tech solutions for the death machine.

6:02 - Walt had his eye on von Braun, the greatest aerospace mind of all time.

6:07 - The last obstacle was Hitler who kept watch on Wernher day and night.

6:12 - The CIA urged Walt to shift his objective to a different scientist but Walt would not listen.

6:19 - Once the CIA saw that he could not be presuaded they approached the president to personally speak to Mr. Disney.

6:27 - JFK did in fact contact Walt with a secret line directly into Berlin.

6:31 - John urged Walt that he could achieve the impossible and reminded him that if America were to win, they would need the very best.

6:39 - They would need Braun.

6:43 - Walt in a stroke of genius informed Hitler that he was invited on an all paid vacation to Disney world so he could relax a bit from the war.

6:52 - Hitler was thrilled.

6:55 - Now with Hitler out of the picture it was easy to convince von Braun to leave the Nazi's.

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