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I have to add a category to hundreds of articles, according to their infobox parameter. For example, if |Nationality= parameter has korean value, to add [[Category:Korean]].

I decided to use AWB because it has many useful UI for bot beginners, but I can't figure out which command I'm to run with it. I logged in first, make list of article to edit, go to 'More...' tab to choose a 'Category' task, ..and what should I do from here?

Also I'm wondering whether it is possible with AWB to put this category in the order I want. (as 3rd category, for example)  Cafeinlove msg 2012-05-08, 15:04 pm(UTC+9)

Although I think this is possible with AWB, you can do it on the template page with a switch statement that adds the required category - which will be easier when pages are added in the future -- RandomTime 06:12, May 8, 2012 (UTC)
You're right. I'm adding a line to my infobox template so that it puts automatically the right category.  Cafeinlove msg 2012-05-08, 15:21 pm(UTC+9)