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Hi, my name is sorofin and I'm from the Resistance Wiki and the Deadliest Warrior Wiki.

Let's get on to my questions:

1. When I was searching around for a fun way to entertain my wiki I found Wiki Achievements, though JoePlay helped loads and was really supportive it looked much better on paper. My friends on the Resistance Wiki didn't like the idea and after testing it for a week and expiriencing millions of edits which just changed a word into a capital, we had enough and wonder if they're is any way you can wipe those achievements completely off our wiki, I'm sorry it didn't work it for us. (though if you have other entertaining ideas, please tell me.)

2. As an Admin on the Deadliest Warrior Wiki and a Mod on Resistance, I've found the new blog update extremely fustrating because I can't view it all, I have to click next page, next page, next page ect. and if there is someone not following the rules and spamming it's harder to find.

Please acknowledge this post and sort out the Achievements.

Wish you the best, (you guys and girls are great.) ~ sorofin

To disable the achievements you will probably need to contact wikia staff directly via Special Contact. ~~Ууp <talk> 22:52, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks very much :) ~ sorofin

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