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So i've had a bot for ages now called User:Original'sBot its not flagged yet thoe and i wanted to know how to control it i have AWB.But i don't know how to use it like tell it to send a message to everybodys talk page on my wikia or make it remove categories like That! Please help......  Original   Authority    ♪    email  

IMO it's much better to try out some things (remember, nothing gets saved until you press the save button) by launching the software and having a go.
As a quick start for Wikia wikis:
  1. Launch AWB, and go to Options --> Preferences --> Site. Change the project to "custom" and type the URL of the wiki (using Project as "Wikia" might work, but it's broken a couple of times to me, custom always works).
  2. Press File --> Log in, and log in using the "Quick Login" box
  3. You now need to make a list of pages that you want to edit (in the bottom left box) you can add the pages manually, or use the "Source" box to add a group of pages (such as a category) manually.
  4. The bottom middle box is the options, this is what you're doing to those pages. These are mostly self-explanatory. Check or uncheck the boxes you want, and make sure you look at every page.
  5. Press the start button, the bot will look at the first page in the list. If you've set any changes, then it will tell you what the changes are - if it meets any of the skip conditions, it will skip and move on until it finds a page that does not skip. You need to hit "save" to save these changes
  6. That's it. If you have a bot flag, or an admin flag on the account, there will also be a "bot" menu that allows you to run the bot automatically once you've set it up. If you set this up, you don't need to press "save".
-- RandomTime 22:15, June 14, 2012 (UTC)
You should take a look at the user manual for more information. -- 22:17, June 14, 2012 (UTC)
That text doesn't deserve the title "manual". All it does is translate the cryptic button and checkbox titles into plain English. It does not tell you what you can or cannot do with AWB. It does not walk you through the most common tasks or give any examples for that matter. It's a reference at best.
 pecoes  00:48, June 15, 2012 (UTC)