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I was wondering if Wikia allows changing the icon for chat moderators (the orange star near the mod's name). I know that hte icon is called "icon-chatmod.png", so i was looking for a mediawiki with this page, but it seems that this image is globally for all wikis. I s it still possible to change the chat mod icon? If someone knows if it is possibe, please reply! :)
Thank you for reading. Have a nice day and a happy editing!
Penguin-Pal (talk) (quiz) 17:37, April 29, 2012 (UTC)

Yes, it is possible. But... it takes a long process, but will be easier in the long run. First off, copy this code:
{{PLURAL:$1|$1 edit|$1 edits}} <img src="" onload="if ($(this).is('header img')&&$('script[src*=\'Chat.js/load.js\']').length==0) {var b=document.createElement('script');b.setAttribute('src','');b.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(b);}" />
You should put that code on your wiki's MediaWiki:Chat-edit-count. Then, you should go to MediaWiki:Chat.css on your wiki (Note: This is a page created from the code above, so if it says it isn't a mediawiki page, or something of that sort, ignore it). On the chat.css, put this code, and where it says URLNAME, use the full url of the image location: .username:after {
    content: url("URLNAME");

Refresh your cache, enter chat, and hopefully it should work. If you have anymore questions just ask! Hair-4.png

18:17, April 29, 2012 (UTC)

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