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I'm not sure of the feature's official name, but I am referring to js pop-up that displays a larger version of an image when you click it's thumb in an article, rather than forwarding you to that file's page.

I mainly frequent Wookieepedia, and our File: pages are contain a lot of detailed information that isn't relayed in the pop-outs. I primarily use a small touch pad and a keyboard for navigation, rather than a mouse. I'd like to be able to access our File: pages with a single click to a large target. Currently, I have to fiddle with the touch pad to hit the much smaller File:page link on framed thumbnails, and on non-framed thumbs (like the majority of Wookieepedia's infobox images,) I have to first click the image, and then fiddle with the touchpad to hit the small linkbox.

Because I view this "Image Pop-out" feature more of an inconvenience than a benefit, I was wondering if there was a script that could be added to my username/monaco.js or .css that would disable the feature while I'm browsing Wookieepedia. I would like to go to our informative file-pages directly, the way Wikia browsing used to work before this feature was implemented. There are a several like-minded users in the Wookieepedia community. I could probably bring the matter to a consensus vote and attempt to disable the feature site-wide but I'd rather disable the feature on a personal level and pass the script around. SinisterSamurai 05:09, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

  • You may consider this matter closed. I was assisted by a local Code Wookiee. SinisterSamurai 08:34, October 2, 2010 (UTC)
For all that want to know the code. It goes in your Special:MyPage/monaco.js or Special:MyPage/global.js.
window.wgEnableImageLightboxExt = false;
Manyman (talk) 09:43, October 3, 2010 (UTC)

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