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Forums: Index Support Requests Is there a way to get Special:Log to only display deleted files?
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I would like to monitor what files are removed via various WikiaImageReview accounts, but I can't see them listed on Special:ListUsers when they do since they never make any edits.

I would like to request that perhaps when WIR deletes files off a wiki that they automatically make an edit informing the founder or bureaucrat of the wiki of the files they removed. That allows users to see that content has been edited, and update red links or upload censored versions of files.

Barring this though, I am wondering if there is a way to have a more specific 'deletion' log.

The reason being, the admins on a wiki can use 'delete' to remove spam in the comment section at the bottom of pages, and this clutters the delete log function so we can't see files which are deleted easily.

Is there a way to take comments out of that search without disabling them?

I tried "File" and "File:" in the name but it didn't help.

Is there maybe some kind of SpecialPages function I'm overlooking which might do this?

I am wondering if maybe there would be a way to search for portions of usernames. Like if I could see all deletions by accounts that have WikiaImageReview in their name, since they operate so many accounts. +Yc 20:07, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

This isn't a real solution, but you can go to Special:Log, change it to Delete, and search the page (control-F or command-F) for WikiaImageReview. You could possibly use Page2RSS and to send you an email when the page changes, but it would notify you when anything is deleted. Iggyvolz (Message Wall) 20:19, July 27, 2012 (UTC)