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Forum:Is there a way to search Wikia for wikis on the basis of number of characters in the URL?


Is there a way to search Wikia for wikis on the basis of number of characters in the URL?

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Forums: Index Support Requests Is there a way to search Wikia for wikis on the basis of number of characters in the URL?
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For example, I know of w:c:DC (DC Comics) and w:c:PW (Picture Wars) as being rare two-character URLs. This is because now, the policy for creating Wikis is that they must have a 3-character minimum.

I'm not sure why these two have 2, perhaps they might've been made prior to Wikia choosing to instate the 3-char min policy or something?

Anyway I was wondering if there was some kind of search function where I could search to find other wikis which also have two characters in the URL? Or ones that have 3 characters?

I guess I just have an interest in acronyms/initialisms and conciseness and out of curiosity would love to know of them all on this basis as opposed to other forms of organization like genre. +Yc 02:38, August 6, 2012 (UTC)

I don't know of such a pre-existing convenient feature, but I do know that you can query the API to retrieve this kind of information. This requires a tiny bit of technical expertise though. For example, I went to
to retrieve a list of the first 1000 wikis. Then, I copy/pasted all of that into Notepad++, and did a regex search for >..\.wikia\.com (find all occurances of >** -- these will be wikis that have 2-char urls). I found 8 wikis out of 1000: w:c:cm, w:c:pc, w:c:ib, w:c:qb, w:c:24, w:c:vb, w:c:hh, w:c:zb. With some JavaScript knowledge, you could write a user script to more or less automate this process I suppose. Not that I personally have the time or desire to build such a tool, I'm just saying that you could do so if you want to. 20px_Rin_Tohsaka_Avatar.png Mathmagician ƒ(♫) 03:20 UTC, Mon, 06 August 2012
I believe the full list of all wikis that only consist of 2 names (not counting the ones that have a different language prefix) are c:cm, c:pc, c:ib, c:qb, c:24, c:vb, c:hh, c:pr, c:u2, c:oc, c:oz, c:ei, c:fx, c:dj, c:xm, c:dc, c:sy, c:mu, c:ck, c:f1, c:ed, c:nt, c:p2, c:fi, c:ja, c:es, c:d8, c:zh, c:30, c:ai, c:rv, c:pt, c:fa, c:ca, c:go, c:ps, c:oi, c:wa, c:qi, c:ev, c:ec, c:pw, c:vs, c:bi, c:ek, c:er, c:ko, c:im, c:fb, c:no, c:et, c:cp, c:hu, c:os, c:bg, c:3d, c:ro, c:ar, c:de, c:fr, c:lt, c:on, and c:vi. 22px-Logo.svg.pngTyA_userpage_image.png 03:34, August 6, 2012 (UTC)

Notepad ++ sounds pretty interesting. Awesome list TyA, I am wondering how you got it, are they listed in order of creation? Also I am only now realizing that the "w:" is unnecessary in links, did not know you could just use "c:" with the same effect as "w:c:", this will make editing more efficient in the future :) Since I'm bored, gonna alphabetize too, thanks for your help guys! Having done this, it appears there are many permutations remaining which some communities might utilize. Checking a list like this could be a fast way of knowing, it just makes me wonder if there's a way to apply for them based on the 3 char min. Anyone know when it was instituted? +Yc 13:45, August 7, 2012 (UTC)