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How the signature looked.

I was on the Dragon Ball Wiki, and I saw this user with this fancy signature that had a picture on it. How do I make a sig like that? —This unsigned comment is by Crazyguy56 (wallcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

You might want to ask the user himself, or try studying the template a bit. Hope this helps a little.  Technology Wizard  Talk  Contribs  06:57, May 26, 2012 (UTC)
I've also seen something like that before. We use that on a wiki I'm an admin of, although it's for a different purpose in our wiki, actually. I suggest you to ask the user who created that template if you could copy all of the codes in it and paste them on a wiki you want to use it, unless you're gonna use it on the Dragon Ball Wiki, which is where the template is already created. Fill in the parameters and you can use them:
|image = ExampleImage.jpg
|imagesize = Image Size (defaults to 60px if left blank)
|border = Border Color
|color = Color
|top-section = (apparently optional)
|name = Username
|namecolor = Username link color
|textcolor = Text color
|namefonttype = Username link font
|fonttype = Main font
|nick = Nickname
|sig = Signature (apparently optional)
|time = ~~~~~
|border2 = Border color 2
|color2 = Color 2
|line = Line color
|textcolor2 = Text color 2
|text = What you want to say
|color3 = Color 3
|border3 = Border color3
|line2 = Line color 2}}
I've tried filling some parameters (top-section and sig). The top-section one removes the link to the user page and replaces it with whatever you type in there. I have no idea with the sig one but it just adds whatever you type in there. I hope this helps in any way.
 Pretty pink123 Darkness...08:11,5/26/2012