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Hello Wikians, I need your help with this, I can find the way to end the infobox, I added |} but it doesn't work, please check it for me, here is the link: c:vi.inuyasha:Template:Hộp thông tin nhân vật. Thanks.

Because it is in Vietnamese language, I have some details:

  • iBox/mở: iBox/start
  • iBox/kết: iBox/end
  • iBox/mục: iBox/header
  • iBox/hàng: iBox/row

•♪•♪•♪• Xiao Qiao (☎ leave a message ) 14:53, February 4, 2012 (UTC)

You had the following near the end of the template:
	|Diễn viên lồng tiếng Anh
	|{{{lồng tiếng Anh|}}}}}<!--
The <!-- --> before Template:iBox/kết was not allowing the template to close properly, so I removed them. Your template should close now. --Dser (wall | email) 15:37, 2/4/2012
Thank you very much, Dser. I have another error about the caption image in infobox, please check for me c:vi.inuyasha:Template:Hộp thông tin nhân vật and c:vi.inuyasha:Template:iBox/mở (and this for example c:vi.inuyasha:Kikyo).
I cite a part from Template:iBox/mở
! style="background:#C5C5C5; text-align:center; padding:0" colspan="2" {{!}} 
[[File:{{{hình ảnh|}}}|{{{kích thước ảnh|}}}]]{{#if:{{{kanji|
{{{chú thích|}}}}}}{{{romaji|}}}{{{nghĩa|}}}{{!}}<nowiki/>
{{!}} style="background:#C5C5C5; text-align:center; padding:0.5" colspan="2" 
{{!}}{{{kanji|{{{chú thích|}}}}}}{{#if:{{{romaji|}}}| 
(''{{{romaji|}}}'')}}{{#if:{{{nghĩa|}}}|<br>mang nghĩa "''{{{nghĩa|}}}''"}}
| }}
The caption part are {{{kanji|}}}, {{{romaji|}}}, {{{nghĩa|}}}, when I input value for them, they won't show in the infobox. Please help! •♪•♪•♪• Xiao Qiao (☎ leave a message ) 03:52, February 5, 2012 (UTC)
Done. My fixes to the template can be seen here. --Dser (wall | email) 04:53, 2/5/2012

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