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Hello! I've been having a problem with my userpage where it looks like it's cut off or something. I think it has something to do with the size of the picture in the background, but I've already tried making it smaller. Could anyone help me with this?
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The problem is the table width. The jagged edge is generated by some script in the page when it detects the contents of the "article" area are spilling over the edge. The easiest thing to do is just get rid of the table entirely. You can copy and paste this code into your page, it should fix most of the problems I can see.

Replacement User Page code
<div style="position:fixed; right:60px; bottom:30px; overflow:visible;"><!--
-->[[File:9234 - artist-Stinkehund cloud rainbow dash.png|45px]]
<div style="border: 4px solid black; padding: .5em 1em; border-radius:2em; background: black; position:relative;">
<div style="position:absolute; top:2em;">[[File:UNSC-LOGO.jpg|625px|link=]]</div>

<div style="text-align:center; color:white; font-family: Century Gothic; margin-bottom:2.5em;">[[User:Vidmas7er|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Vidmas7er</span>]] | [[User_talk:Vidmas7er|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Contact</span>]] | [[User:Vidmas7er/Userboxes|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Userboxes</span>]] | [[Special:Editcount/Vidmas7er|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Edits</span>]] | {{CURRENTDAYNAME}}, {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTDAY}}, {{CURRENTYEAR}}</div>



<div style="padding:10px; text-align:center; border-radius: 0.5em; font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;" class="opacity70">
My name is Chris (A.K.A. Vidmas7er, Vid, Victor One One, or Chris-B151). I'm 14 years old (Born March 11, 1998). I live in New Jersey, United States. My favorite video games are; Halo, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Sonic, and Battlefield. I don't watch TV often, but my favorite TV show is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Yes, I'm a brony). Most people think I'm nice... I think. And if you want to talk to me, you could find me in the Halo Nation chat most of the time.


<div style="padding:10px; text-align:left; border-radius: 0.5em; font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;" class="opacity70">

<span style="font-size: 130%;">Friends</span>

''Sorry if I missed anyone, I must have forgotten at the time.''

• [[User:SheerAvenger777|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">SheerAvenger777</span>]] - (Detective Sheerlock Holmes)

• [[User:Halo4master|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Halo4master</span>]] - (Ham)

• [[User:Sgt D Grif|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Sgt D Grif</span>]] - (My partner in crime.)

• [[User:T3CHNOCIDE|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">T3CHNOCIDE</span>]] - (Big Mac; the mastermind of [[Halo Nation:Re-Categorisation|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Project: Re-Categorisation</span>]])

• [[User:Лорд-Эдвард-Гром-брюки|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Лорд-Эдвард-Гром-брюки</span>]] - (The General of the [[w:c:u.s.s.r:USSR Wiki|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">USSR Wiki</span>]])

• [[User:Evodvi|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Evodvi</span>]] - (My daughter.)

• [[User:Commander Church|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Commander Church</span>]] - (My son; Bronzy.)

• [[User:Helenna A-114|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Helenna A-114</span>]] - (My other daughter.)

• [[User:Karl-591|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Karl-591</span>]] - (A very nice guy.)

• [[User:Oneforseven|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Oneforseven</span>]] - (147)


<div style="padding:10px; text-align:left; border-radius: 0.5em; font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;" class="opacity70">

<span style="font-size: 130%;">[[File:Twitter-Icon.png|55px]] Twitter Updates</span>

<twitteruser username=Vidmas7er limit=4 />

<div style="padding:10px; text-align:left; border-radius: 0.5em; font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;" class="opacity70">

<span style="font-size: 130%;">Latest Video</span>

[[File:Halo 4 Music from "Making Halo 4 First Look" Remastered|thumb|center|200px]]

<div style="padding:10px; text-align:left; border-radius: 0.5em; font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;" class="opacity70">

<span style="font-size: 130%;">External Links</span>

[ <span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Vidmas7er's YouTube</span>]

[ <span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Vidmas7er @ Rooster Teeth</span>]

[[w:c:mlp:User:Vidmas7er|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Vidmas7er @ MLP Wiki</span>]]

[[w:c:u.s.s.r:User:Vidmas7er|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Vidmas7er @ U.S.S.R Wiki</span>]]

[[w:c:halohub:User:Vidmas7er|<span style="font-family:Century Gothic; color:#ffffff;">Vidmas7er @ Halo Hub</span>]]</div>

<mainpage-endcolumn />


==<span style="color:white; font-family: Century Gothic; font-size: 100%;">Guestbook</span>==
<div style="color:white; font-family: Century Gothic; font-size: 100%;">
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