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The RSS extension allows you to embed RSS feeds from any site onto a page. This could be used to display news feeds with timely information on your subject, to show entries from a related blog, or to show recent changes from another wiki.

How do I add the RSS feed to a wiki page?Edit

Locate the URL for a feed you would like to include, usually by clicking an "RSS" button or link on the page providing the feed. Copy the URL from the address bar.

The basic code to add an RSS feed to a page is:

<rss>URL goes here</rss>

How can I customize the feed?Edit

There are a number of parameters you can add after the URL for the RSS feed to customize the display output. Each is separated by a pipe ("|") (as in links and templates). The available parameters are:

Parameter Result
short Shows only the headline for each news item, not the description text.
date Shows the date/time stamp for each news item
max=x Allows you to choose the maximum number of items to show.
highlight=term1 term2 The terms added here (separated by a space) are highlighted.
filter=term1 term2 Only RSS items containing at least one of the listed terms are shown.
filterout=term1 term2 No RSS items containing the listed terms are shown.
reverse The RSS items are displayed in reverse order
charset= The charset used by the feed. For example, you may need to use UTF-8 to view some characters.

See below for an example of how the URL should look with parameters added.

Note: If your feed is not appearing on the page after adding the <rss> tags and the feed URL, your next step should be adding the charset=UTF-8 parameter. Sometimes this may be required for the feed to work.


To add some headlines from Google News inside a box, you might use:

<div class="toc" style="width:80%; margin:auto;">
'''Today's Headlines:'''


This would give you:

Today's Headlines:

Loading RSS data...

Can I embed feeds from my own wiki?Edit

Yes, MediaWiki provides feeds in both RSS and Atom formats for all history pages and many special pages, including Special:RecentChanges, Special:NewPages, and Special:WantedPages.

You can use the RSS URL, in combination with this extension, to display portions of these lists on other pages on your community. See Help:Feeds for more information.

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