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Admin Dashboard is a contained, centralized space that highlights the most important tools used by admins. The special pages are built into it to make Admin Dashboard the go-to place for admins and founders to easily tweak and monitor their wikia.

Accessing the dashboardEdit

The Admin Dashboard is a feature on all wikias you have founded or are an admin (sysop) on. It can be found by clicking on 'Admin' in the universal Toolbar at the bottom of your screen, or by visiting Special:AdminDashboard.

How It WorksEdit

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Admin Dashboard General Tab

Important admin tools that are often used live on the "General" tab. The following links point to the help pages for each function.
  • Content: All Categories, Add a Page, Add a Photo, Add a Blog Post, Multiple Photo Upload.

The "Advanced" tab is home to the rest of the special pages on the wikia, normally found on Special:SpecialPages.

  • If you visit a wikia that you are not an admin of you will see Special:SpecialPages in a more basic format.

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