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This extension is not normally active but may be available on request.

The Community Page feature, found at Special:Community, is a launching point for editors on a community, bringing together information about recent activity and suggestions for pages to improve. In particular it can help new editors become familiar with the community they're joining.


As seen on Kung Fu Panda Wiki

What it containsEdit

The Community Page contains:

  • A large banner image to show off your community's topic
  • Many suggestions for pages to edit and improve on the left side, including several lists picked from Special:Insights and an area for admins to provide their own suggestions and advice.
  • Community information on the right side, including recently active admins, top contributors and recent arrivals.
  • A location to link to your community policies, plus links to important help pages.

To reach it, you can either navigate to Special:Community or click the button that appears at the top of the right rail on article pages.

How it worksEdit

Banner image and text
From the community
  • This is an area where admins can provide a wide range of suggestions and pointers for new contributors. For example, it could:
    • Point visitors to pages of particular importance, such as an upcoming release
    • Link categories of pages in need of updating, like Category:Stubs
    • Direct users to the best place to ask questions
    • Request comments on a current topic of discussion, such as new Chat guidelines
    • Examples: The Elder Scrolls Wiki, League of Legends Wiki, Destiny Wiki
  • Normal article wikitext can be used here, and can be any length.
  • The contents can be edited by admins via the "Edit list" link, or at MediaWiki:Community-to-do-list.
Top contributors this week
  • This list resets on Sunday night / Monday morning - specifically, around 00:00 UTC on Monday.
  • Uploading an image/video and adding it to a page are counted separately.
  • Note: rankings are not tracked over the long term, and there are no awards for being high in the list.
Help links
Got feedback?

If you have feedback or suggestions for this feature, please let us know via Special:Contact/feedback!

Further help and feedbackEdit

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