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Untitled (story)

Untitled (actual title pending) is a an upcoming fictional online novel work that focuses on the events of a world called Terra (Latin fo Earth) in which characters from several video game franchises appear to settle any problems they had, some who have either been teleported, or simply came by choice in search of something particular. The planet's inhabitants do consist of humans, but however, the majority of the population actually consists of a race called Anthropes (furries, if you will), which are creatures based on Earth's animals, but carry humanoid traits. The story usually revovles around the main protaganist, Kai Chronaius, who is a hybrid of a bat and a tanuki, but because of his heritage, he was considered an outcast as much typical anthro novels would have it. The story may also shift to events concerning other characters such as the anti-hero, Raylon Chronaius (lycanthrope/tanuki), etc.


The stort starts off as Kai finishes his training session in Spara, still mourning over his mother's death. He still tries to restrain the darkness within his, and to an alterior, use it to help, rather than destroy. That is when his best friend, Kyra shouts him in his large ear. She reveals that she has found a way to control his power to an extent where he can fight his fullest without losing control. This came in the form of a white pendant that would put a hold on his instability, but the merchant who gave him this reveals that his yoki (demon energy) is too powerful to hold in sucessfully, so it is only temporary till he can find a replacement. That was when a quake struck the earth. Kai and Kyra quickly investigated the situation, only to encounter a bright light emnating from a distance. Kai recognized that area anywhere:it was Spara Academy in that light.

When the duo arrived, they encountered an azure knight emerging from the light which lay waste to the academy. This knight was in fact Nightmare, and apparently wanted the two demons' souls, since they had much power as well as the mortals residing near. Kai bodly objected and rushed after at Nightmare, resulting a duel between hanyou and youkai. Kai is soon assisted by a dark blue 'Shadow Anthrope' resembling a feline. He warned Kai to back off, but he simply rejected, and in a desperation attempt to prove so, he launched a wave of lightning energy at Nightmare, while the knight responded in kind with a Soul Blazer attack (an attack seen in Soul Calibur III)... Kai then finds himself in a shelter, bruised and cut, covered in bandages, The feline reveals himself as a 'project' named Faust and explains to him and Kyra about the tale of Soul Edge.

The story then moves to the perspective of Raylon, who reveals that he desires 'balance' in Terra whilst fighting Nightmare, as Aretha is Terra's only dark side. To prove such, he displays an incredible amount of power rivaling Nightmare's, seemingly toying with him until he defeated the knight and scattered the shattered pieces of Soul Edge far away. Kai finally recovers and decides to spend some time with Faust, to at least have time to do something else before tomorrow's journey

The story finally moves onto the other characters, a lynx-dragon challenges a a Jolteon anthrope who apparently know each other, with his fellow Flareon and Vaporeon watching from the sidelines...

(to be updated soon)


Kai Chronaius (Baccoon) - The lead male protaganist of the story who has quite a bi-polar defect. In his childhood, his body became the host of a Raiju's spirit. As a result, he gains the powers of thunder, as well as other other abilities that a Raiju possesses, yet he actually doesn't know much about this. Because of his bi-polar effect, he is quite dangerous to be around withm because the slightest strong insult sets him off, and may cause him to transform, and as a result. can tend to be melancholy. He is depicted having dark gray fur, long bat ears, a fluffly, beige ringed tail and right bat wing, with a left, black demon wing and has black, unkempt hair, save for his three white bangs drooping over his head and a slim build while an attire similar to Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children with the exclusion of shoes and a marine muscle shirt. His primary weapon is a double-edged zweihander.

Kyra Hero (Nekomata) - The lead female protaganist of the story. She is clearly aware of Kai's predicament and tries to cheer him up as well as help him. She possesses most powers that a nekomata would possess except having necromancy, due to her lack of training from her parents. She is depicted as has having plum fur with magneta eyes and black, unkempt hair and wearing a magneta tubetop and a fine build with a blue right sleeve and black left sleeves and blue slacks. Her main weapon differs as she can form several weapons through shamanism, but is profiecent with a zanbotou.

Faust (Feline) - A supporting character in the series. Not much is known about him at the moment, but seems to have good intentions. He reveals himself as a 'Shadow Anthrope' and his special ability revealed so far was taking on a black, omnious form that attacks opponents at high speed and delivers great damage. He is depicted as having dark blue fur with silver markings and hair and wears an open jacket and slacks with cloth shoes. He hasn't used his weapon yet

Raylon Chronaius (Lycanthrope/tanuki) - The anti-hero of the series. He has only done one good deed so far, and that was the elimnation of Nightmare. He claims that he wants to keep 'equal balance' in Terra. What he means by this is unknown. He seems to possess abilities paralelling Kai's as to having fire at his control. He is depicted as having dark gray fur, gold eyes and black demon marking on his face and wears a sleeveless shirt and black sleeves with black slacks. His main weapon is also a zweihander that looks much like Siegfried Schtauffen's extra weapon, Glam

Joelle Blue (Fox) - The story's only 'androgynous' character. Not much is known about her, but she makes a debut in the next chapter


Aretha - The metropolis that serves as the 'dark side' of Terra. Only a handful born in this city are ever pure, while the majority are corrupted, as stated by Nightmare. Kai hails from this city

Athair - A very peaceful vllage that has ever yet to see war. Not much is known about this

Spara - A town housing many great warriors here. People born here are trained to become great fighters in which they will later compete in duel tournaments. One of Spara's most important figures is a black tiger named Seto (referred to as Seto-sama by Kai and Raylon) who is considered a legend, due to the success of his students. Raylon hails from this city

Untitled (RP)

Based on the novel of the same names, this RP story takes place years after the end of the story. The new characters are supplemented by memebers who have joined the site. As of now, the story is rendered in active until the story is finished.

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