Facebook Connect is a tool used to both create an account and log into FANDOM using your existing Facebook account. It helps speed up the account creation process by allowing you to use your Facebook account, and you will not need to remember separate login credentials for FANDOM.


Creating a new account

  • Click on the Connect with Facebook button on the signup screen:
Sign up link
  • A pop-up window will appear, requesting that you enter your email address and select a username and password. Choose a username you like and a secure password, then click Register.
Fb connect create account
  • Your account is now created and connected to Facebook!
  • For all future logins to FANDOM:
    • If you are already logged into Facebook, you can simply click on the Facebook Connect button and be automatically logged into FANDOM.
    • If you are not logged into Facebook, when you click on Facebook Connect, you will be prompted to log into your Facebook account. You will not need to enter your FANDOM username or password. Once you enter your Facebook login information, it will automatically load your FANDOM account.

Connecting your existing FANDOM account

  • If you already have a FANDOM account, log in and visit your preferences (available in the menu under your username, at the top right of the screen). Choose the Facebook Connect tab, then click the Facebook Connect button, as shown:
Fb connect preferences tab
  • Your FANDOM account will now be connected to your Facebook account.

Disconnecting from Facebook

  • You can disconnect your FANDOM account from your Facebook account at any time in your preferences by simply clicking on the button labeled "Disconnect from Facebook".
    • You will continue to use the password you previously set for your FANDOM account.
    • If you never previously had a password on FANDOM, we'll automatically send you an email with instructions on how to set one.
Fb disconnect

Account settings and privacy

  • Facebook account passwords are stored with Facebook, not on FANDOM. If you lose or alter your password, please contact Facebook.
  • If you had a FANDOM account prior to connecting with Facebook, you can still use that account information to log in at any time.

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