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This is a favicon

A favicon (short for 'favorites icon') is a small graphic shown in the browser's address bar. It is next to the site's name and shows up in bookmarks and in tabbed browsers. Uploading your own customized icon can give your wiki a unique touch.

How do I replace the default favicon?Edit

Wikia Theme Designer

Favicon uploader in Theme Designer

Create an icon (16 × 16 pixels) from an image file using an online favicon generator or image editing software.

(Note: This file must be saved in ICON format, using software designed for generating .ico files -- simply renaming a .jpg/.gif/.png file with an .ico extension will not work.)

To upload the favicon, go to Admin Dashboard — click on Theme Designer → Wordmark → Favicon. In the favicon section you can upload the .ico file and FANDOM will do the rest for you!


A collage of favicons by staff member Sannse

You may need to append the url with ?action=purge to see the favicon appear right away.

Should I protect the favicon?Edit

Although favicon vandalism is very rare, it is recommended that an admin protect the logo and favicon so that only admins can re-upload it. Admins can click the "protect" link/tab on the image description page to protect these files, in the same way as any other page on the wiki.

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