Featured Videos are reference and explainer videos that entertain and inform users in a way that compliments text-based content. Featured Videos, displayed at the top of select wiki pages, provide a high level explanation of a topic. With 80% of web traffic expected to come from videos by 2020, Featured Videos are a way to reach a whole new audience.

Types of Videos

Featured Videos are original, factual, and engaging content created by FANDOM's Featured Video team. We have a number of different Featured Video content types.

For gaming, types of videos include:

  • Walkthrough Videos for explanations on how to complete quests, missions, and levels in a visually-engaging way to compliment their game play.
  • Tips & Tricks Videos that showcase helpful information that players might not otherwise be aware of, such as where to find rare items, how to combat certain enemies, and more.
  • Build Guide Videos that visually show players how to make the most out of their characters, stats, and equipment.
  • Tactics Videos that walk players through different scenarios within a game, such as how to defeat a boss, what items to use in a fight, and what powers to avoid against certain enemies.
  • Lore Videos that dig deep into a topic, such as characters, backstories, myths, and legends, to present viewers with as much relevant information as possible.

For movies and TV, types of videos include:

  • Biography Videos that recap the most important parts of a character's life, from the beginning of their story to the most recent information we have about them.
  • Analysis Videos that dig deeper into a topic but remain factual, rather than speculative, to look at who a character is, what makes them who they are, and why they are unique and interesting.
  • Recap Videos that give an overview of a movie or TV series, season, or episode.

Pages are chosen for video based on traffic, as well as the following questions:

  • Does the subject have an interesting angle that we can apply to a video?
  • Does the page have the potential for long-term viewership, as opposed to a brief trend?
  • Do we know enough about the subject to produce a video?
  • Does the subject have a visual element that can be used in a video?

If those criteria are met, a video will be produced.

How Communities Can Get Involved

Communities are welcome and encouraged to become involved in Featured Video production! There are two ways that community members can currently contribute.

  • Script Review allows wiki admins and editors to fact-check FANDOM-written scripts before voiceover is recorded and footage is edited. Communities are the authoritative experts on their topics, and this helps ensure videos are the best they can be.
  • Script Submission allows wiki contributors to write their own scripts. Script contributors are encouraged to follow the content types seen earlier on this page. Even more so than script review, script submission allows the voice of community experts to shine through in a new way. Community submitted scripts are credited to their authors on the Featured Video player.

Communities interested in script review can email us at Special:Contact or Scripts can be submitted at

The Featured Video Player

The Featured Video player provides the following options while viewing a video:

  • A Play/Pause button.
  • A volume bar.
  • A settings button that allows you to disable autoplay for 2 weeks at a time and to change the video quality.
  • A full screen button (the user can also go full screen by pressing F on their keyboard).

When you scroll down the page on desktop, the video minimizes into a smaller player in the lower right hand corner of the page. On mobile web, the video remains fixed at the top of the page while scrolling. The scrolling player can be dismissed at any time on desktop and mobile.

Wiki Video Mass Effect

A Featured Video on Mass Effect Wiki, as seen on desktop.

Before a Featured Video begins, the player may first display a video advertisement. These high-value advertisements, along with some other updates to the look of FANDOM, allowed for the removal of 30% of advertisements on every wiki page from the beginning to the end of 2017. As a result, in that same period of time, average desktop page load times decreased by 46%.

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