Featured Videos are shown at the top of select wiki article pages on top FANDOM communities. This is an additional way to provide information to readers.

The player

How the player works

On desktop, Featured Videos display at the top of some article pages on top FANDOM communities. These videos are added by FANDOM staff via a backend process. When you view a Featured Video page, the video will automatically play without sound.

You can disable the autoplay option for two weeks at a time in the Settings menu on the video player. Note that disabling autoplay in one Featured Video will apply the same action to all other Featured Videos on all other wikis.

When you scroll down the page, the video minimizes into a smaller player in the lower right hand corner of the page. The video can be paused, and the minimized player can be dismissed at any time. Once you scroll back to top, the video will re-appear at the top of the page.

Wiki Video Mass Effect

A Featured Video on Mass Effect Wiki

On mobile web pages that have Portable Infoboxes, Featured Videos display within the infobox and remain fixed at the top once you begin to scroll. If the page has a non-Portable Infobox or no infobox at all, the video displays at the top of the page and remains fixed and minimized at the top of the page.

Mobile Featured Video

Featured Videos on mobile web

Player options

The Featured Video player provides the following options while viewing a video:

  • A Play/Pause button.
  • A volume bar.
  • A settings button that allows you to disable autoplay for 2 weeks at a time and to change the video quality.
  • A full screen button.

After a video has played for 5 seconds, viewers will also have the option to indicate whether they like ("thumbs up") or dislike ("thumbs down") the video they are watching.

Types of Featured Videos

FANDOM's Featured Video team continues to experiment with the types of Featured Videos that we produce. So far, there are four primary types of videos on FANDOM:

  • Voiceover Videos. These are custom videos that use voiceover by the Featured Video team, as well as video footage and/or still images.
  • On-Screen Text Videos. These are custom videos that use on-screen text instead of voiceover. They also use footage and/or still images.
  • Partner Videos. These are videos that FANDOM did not create but use as part of a licensing agreement with YouTubers. A prominent example is the YouTube channel Star Wars Explained, which has many videos on Wookieepedia.
  • Trailers and Other Official Videos. FANDOM frequently uses trailers and other official reference videos on pages about a movie, TV show/episode, or video game.

At the conclusion of a Featured Video, more Featured Videos will appear in a grid of recommended videos. The first video will autoplay after several seconds. These videos are chosen and curated by FANDOM's Programming team.

How do Featured Videos benefit communities?

Advertisements in front of Featured Videos have allowed us to reduce the number of advertisements across FANDOM wikis. By modernizing the site, we have slashed 30% of the ad units on your communities. This is because video ads are of such high value that many of the other smaller advertisements that were on the page could be removed from the site. This improves the overall design of your community, as well as the speed with which your pages load. That, in turn, leads to more satisfied readers.

Additionally, by 2020, 80% of web traffic is expected to come from videos. We live in an increasingly video-driven online world, and it is important for FANDOM to keep up with user expectations about how to consume content. In doing so, we can create compelling ways to draw more fans into your communities and consume your written content.

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