A web feed is a data format used for serving frequently updated content to users.

A content provider makes feeds available and may publish the feed link on their site. Users can subscribe to the feed using an aggregator application (also called a 'feed reader' or a 'news reader') running on their computer. Some web browsers also have native options for feeds, such as Firefox.

FANDOM provides outgoing RSS and Atom feeds for some pages, and pages can display incoming RSS feeds from other sites.

Which pages provide feeds?Edit

RSS and Atom feeds are available for individual articles and for certain special pages. When you visit the page in question, you can append the page's URL with ?feed=rss or ?feed=atom to access the feed URL. If the URL already has elements that use the ? and = characters, you will need to include the & character in front of the feed elements, like &feed=rss or &feed=atom

Changes to any communityEdit

Use the URL for the community's Recent Changes page.

New pages added to any communityEdit

Use the URL for the community's New Pages page.

New pages added to a specific namespaceEdit

Use the URL for the community's New Pages page and append &namespace=namespaceid

Changes to any wiki articleEdit

Use the URL for the article's history page.

RSS watchlistEdit

Use MediaWiki API format for your's followed pages.

More information about this method can be found on API:Watchlist feed on

How do I show RSS content from another site?Edit

The basic syntax is <rss>URL goes here</rss>.

See Help:RSS for more details and options.

Social media feeds and widgetsEdit

For information about social media feeds, please see Help:Social media integration.

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