A "founder" is someone who created a community. Founders do not have special privileges or abilities, and they do not own the community that they founded. However, they do have administrator and bureaucrat rights and can set the early direction of the wiki, along with developing the staff team.

Founders are automatically given administrator and bureaucrat access to their community, but the purpose of this is to allow them to help get the community started through customization, not to give them control over the content. Any other regular editor can also become an administrator or bureaucrat. This can happen either by asking the founder, another bureaucrat, the user base of the community (if permitted on an active community) or by adopting it if the founder has since become inactive or if there are 0 bureaucrats and admins on the community.

Determining a community's founder

One way to determine who the founder is (and whether they are active) is to visit Special:ListAdmins. Oftentimes, admins with both Administrator and Bureaucrat user rights are the founder. On some communities, you may see a few users with both rights. This does not mean they are the founder, as only one user can establish a community.

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Founder badge

The best way to find the actual founder of a community is to check each admin's page. The founder will have the founder badge on their profile.

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